Why does israel back nationalists in ukraine despite the fact that a large amount of the ukrainian nationalists are...

why does israel back nationalists in ukraine despite the fact that a large amount of the ukrainian nationalists are nazis ?

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Because Israel is an american puppet that does whatever America asks it to do.

Because Israel is a Jewish supremacist ethnocracy and wants more Jews to come to Israel to help kill arabs

I think it’s the other way around tbh

Nazis are /theirgoys/

Ukrainian nationalists are mixed bag. I have talked with folks who were even in Lwow and said that even banderas are pro Russian and not antisemitic.

Then you are wrong. Israel needs America, we dont need them.

Because "Nazi" is a meaningless buzzword.

Dysfunctional Slavs who run around with 70 year old German emblems while supporting a Jewish leadership caste =/= a serious threat to Israel or international Jewry.


Yes this is true, but unfortunately, overseas Israelis control the flow of information in America, so the American public believes that America desperately needs Israel, rather than the reality that Israel is a major liability which drains American resources, manipulates American foreign policy and foments hatred against America in the Islamic world.

Surely this will be a great thread and not at all be filled with anti-Semites

Oy vey, Chaya…

Because Putin is their real threat and retarded Ukranian "nazis" who hilariously want to join the EU are a huge benefit.

why is it bad to be antisemite?
I despise both israelis, jews and palestinians. They are both trash. They both deserve to be gassed.

Oh right.. that good guy Söros, which is our greatest ally in leftypol..

Why did Malcom X form an alliance with George Lincoln Rockwell?

Becaus Israel is part of the western political bloc/deep state that opposes Russian attempts to restore its power.

Because Zionists before WWII were supported and funded by fascists and 🍔nutsacs🍔 because they shared the same views on ethnonationalism

Because Zionism has nothing to do with actually supporting Judaism outside of using it as gimmick to support the imperialist and nationalist ambitions of a ruling class of political and economic elites. Israel and Zionists are more willing to come to an agreement with literal nazi's than they would Jews who simply disagree with their nationalist backwards vision.

Nice maymay! Despite everything it's western Europe that's plauged by semi-nazi parties. Not Ukraine.

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Why does Israel back Donald trump when he has support from Nazis? Why do Nazis back Donald trump when he has support from Israel? The mysteries of life


Absolutely nothing.

I find that hard to believe

Jews play both sides.


Likud would be considered an outright fascist party in any other part of the world.


America's foreign policy re: Israel makes absolutely no sense. There are a few million Jews in the world and over a billion Muslims. America's support for Israel infuriates Muslims worldwide. It makes no fucking sense to support Israel from an imperialist power standpoint. There's no good way to explain it other than Zionist influence over the levers of power.

Zog is real

Read Mearshimer and Walt.

yes, because everyone knows being born with 23 chromossomes means you have real power, influence and respect, and places with the most pairs of unique chromossomes are obviously also uniquely the most powerful and capable of arbitrary action.
property, knowledge, wealth, military prowess and diplomacy have a negligible effect on world affairs.

I don't even know what you're trying to argue here. Are you arguing against the Israel lobby being a major force in American foriegn policy, or…?


Not pissing off the Muslim world would seem to have more value and generate more soft power than sucking up to Israel.

Talmudic chess.

breaking news: america backs a state full of jews

…on a completely unrelated note america is run by jews


Well you are free to go to Ukraine and ask.

does pro russian mean

So much for the counter-semitic right

No, they are quite content with the middle east being pissed. I bet the american government even staged an attack on two towers because the middle east wasn't pissed enough to do it themselves.