Millennials think socialism would create a safe safe space study finds

its funny because what millenials want more than anything is to fill ditches with the rich boomer fucks that ruined our planet and our futures

hardly a safe space, good choice of image tho

The north korean media is less biased than foxnews

More clickbait for boomers and self-hating cucks on Holla Forums.

How can we convince these people that there is NOTHING safe about the revolution they desire?

Why? There is literally nothing wrong about exploiting them. Only the vanguard has to know.

All of these millenials are socdems that fell for cold war lies.

I don't care either way, they will learn.

user you help make this life bearable

Get fucked.

A safe space where Родина слышит, Родина знает

Oh I know of a very safe space in socialism, it was called Gulag.

There are too many people on the left that like leftism for the authoritarianism needed to create x safe space yes.

But there are also many people on the left (not so much online) that like leftism for more basic economic or social reasons.

Look pal call it whatever the fuck you want. What i don't want is to live in a country where Hillary or Trump will become the next president.
Build gulags and send those fucking people to die as soon as their sociopathic nature starts to show up. That's what i fucking want.



Obviously, there wasn’t enough “victims”

If socialism creates a space safe, does capitalism create a danger zone?

That's a false dichotomy. Read a book!

I want to create a dangerous space tho