I would inb4 namefagging but no one seems to even give a shit about that anymore, so I'll launch into my main point.
After contra's video on rebranding the left and the graphics general thread, I wanted to see if a couple of anons wanted to make a video on how to do left aesthetics correctly. (i.e. non idpol, appealing to the normies etc.).

First off: Replace the hammer and sickle with the red fist. Yes, the h&s is THAT appalling to normies, and nothing spooks them faster than USSR symbolism.

Hello HLR love your vids mate, thought you were dead.
Are you planning in continuing your series on economic planning??

Gonna also come in for anarchists, DO NOT USE THE BLACK FIST, the black fist has basically become side by side with black nationalists so unless you're black it won't do you any good

Indeed, I should've added that to the post. I also think the red star is fine to use.

I'd say this only works fro America and Anglo countries mate

disagreed, the hammer and sickle is badass and using it shows youre not scared of liberal normatives

even the fucking Democratic Cops of America isnt afraid to use it sometimes

Are you planning in continuing your series on economic planning??
I am, but atm school is kicking my ass So i'm trying to make an interview/stream style video rather than the economic planning ones which take way more script writing/research/editing

even the red fist is pretty triggering to normies TBH

Good symbols to use:
Red flag
Read Star

Normies find the fist too intimidating.

Red star is best symbol for propaganda. It's traditionally socialist and normies won't think of gulags every time the see one.

Rose is also good as a gateway symbol.

If you want to rebrand the left then the ideal is to purge all this crusty fuckers vegan, transexual, yoga fags.


they do if they're 🍔burger🍔

something like this maybe

1. Co-opt national/patriotic symbols. No LARPing as 20th century revolutionaries
2. Distill platforms/theory into simple, popular socialist goals (medicare 4 all, ending outsourcing, punishing tax evaders, banning big money from politics, placing sensible controls on immigration) for the proles

Red fist is even worse than hammer and sickle

I C what u did there

Of couse succdems are socialfascists confirmed again and again

What do you boys think of these?

needs better color scheme

That flag would be cool for an union IMO.

IF anyone wants to do a discord conversation/video sometime today reach out to me on twitter @HILeftReview

on the topic of left aesthetics

Good shit. Needs more symbolism to denote its underlying message though. I suggest a star in the background behind the anvil and hammer, maybe even make it slightly transparent.

Start memeing your will in existence.