Is participatory economics a viable alternative to labour vouchers?

Is participatory economics a viable alternative to labour vouchers?

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What is participatory economics?


That description is pretty much communism via cybercommunalism, yet I can't help but feel a streak of feelgood, liberal reformism because it seems to mostly decouple economics from politics.

That's what labour vouchers are about. I fail to see how this is an alternative.

Parecon is labor vouchers in a sense

it uses digital credits/points rather than physical slips of paper

So OP's question was wether digital record is a viable alternative to paper record?


Isn't that what Cockshott already proposed in the early 90s?


Labor vouchers don't refer to actual paper vouchers.

AFAIK Parecon basically works by everyone at the beginning of the period writing down how much they plan on working and how many goods they plan on consuming, with the goods being worth certain values based upon their supply and demand as would the certain jobs. So if you want X numbers of goods, which are worth Y value, you'd have to work Z amount of labor, with Z being based upon time and job type. This list would be sent to a planner along with everyone else's lists and the planner would actually use the lists to predict the supply and demand of the goods and labors, then the people would be returned the new values of the goods and jobs and send in a revised list of future consumption and production.

That sounds like a viable version of labour vouchers…

… but that sounds like a non-viable version of capitalism.

How are you supposed to know how many goods you'll consume?

You can make prévisions.

I don't see how it's a version of Capitalism. It's just price signaling based upon everyone's future preferences for production and consumption.

I don't know. I'm just describing parecon how I read it elsewhere.

You work for a wage and then use it to buy stuff?

There is no such thing as "price signalling".

What if a bunch of ambitious social climbers dominate the bullshit meetings nobody actually wants to go to and run things for their own benefit?

Other people say "wtf?!" and go to the fucking meetings.,4303

Check out the second half of this article. It mentions parecon and some others. Don't all these awkward contrived systems basically fall into the category of market socialism? Why do they bother? Are they trying to sneakily redpill people?

That's what labor vouchers are. But no, there's no wages in parecon, it's effectively Communistic, they just use the lists to plan production and consumption.


Ah ok.