Who are you in the Russian Revolution?




Left SR





You're on the wrong board, nigger.
Bolsh, reporting in.



why does that picture feature a gun-wielding underage jewish superhero


I'm a wuzard


Here's mine



Left SR is closest


Normally I'm almost at the bottom left edge.

hello, fellow centrist. At what point do we get purged

I bet you retards supported continuing the war

Is it bad if I got Bolshevik But I agree with the left SR platform more?

Don't worry, we (social) radical centrists are too smart to be purged.

Left SR master race

Bolsheviks dont kill me

Can't get that image, but I was just lightly below the bolsheviks and a bit to the left.

Hello fellow leftists


Landed directly on the anarchist dot lmao


Why did you reply to me? Get away you stinky Capitalist.
Whole lot of anarchists here. I really don't understand the appeal and I don't want to read anything of proudhons. I need a reason to read anarchist shit.

Jesus, look at the fucking Kadets. And the SRs and Mensheviks were gagging to hand all power to them. Bolsheviks really were the only sane faction.

How did any of you end up on the right? Did you answer "no" to "our end goal is socialism"

Guess where you're going

What happens when you land on Left SR but self identify as an anarchist?


I'm satisfied with my result.

I think they are pretty similar.