You fucking losers got btfoed today. Your such big pussies that not only did you not participate in your revolution, but you also are now denying that you even thought of it.

This shit goes way back in the archives you morons. Take a look for it your selves before you continue to lie to your fat faces.

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We've been fucking with you this whole time retard

here's your (you). How may of you clowns actually showed up anyway? How'd they manage to hurt themselves this time?

Checks out perfectly.

Anyways some of you at least are in favor or part of antifa, besides nobody else is waving around Red flags anywhere else.

Holla Forums this is by far one of the most pathetic things you have ever done. Like seriously I feel kind of bad for you.

We're not antifa you retard.

Yep, your totally not antifa. Or have any ties to them.

Exactly, glad you understand.

do you enjoy embarrassing yourself?


2013 Holla Forums would never have fallen for this boomer-tier "conspiracy." You are pathetic.


But we didn't. A conservative started the whole meme


I know, but believe me, it's funnier this way.

Oh im sorry does this special kind of "Communist Rioter that is not antifa" fit you better.

Daily reminder that Holla Forums literally believed that antifa was gong to try and start a coup today. Never forget that. These people are fucking retarded virgins and boomers

I don't know who The Scam Man Bob is and why the left disowned him literally over a decade ago thread #4274


Holy shit you guys are retarded. Go find a liberal forum if you want to btfo libtards.

Wtf? no we didnt it was a bunch of Holla Forums users and some twitter cons


We do not associate with Bob Avakian

What the fuck is a nerf battle axe



if this your reply then pls don't reply. if you ignore his thread of simply drop an empty sage he'll go away faster.

Then why did people riot anyway. You people are acting like nothing happened today.

Oh your right because there is a major difference between a social marxist and a highly educated communist.

Then we wouldn't know what a nerf battle axe was would we

Except I didn't say or imbly that, all I said was it's been common knowledge here for months that it was a ruse and that you dumbasses still bought into it. Remind me to talk to you later about this bank transfer deal I'm brokering for the King on Nigeria, I think you might be able to help some with that, though.

Before november 4
After november 4

The incel community might be right about the whole virginity causing brain damage thing.

Opinion discarded
"Cultural marxism" dosent exist

There's little difference between Bob Avakian and you. You both lie and fall for your own lies, organize protests that don't happen but make liberals angry, and will end up committing suicide because you've ruined your life

Liberals do those stupid anti-Trump riots all the time.

The "happening" was supposed to be a coup? Did anti-fa stage a coup or even attempt one? no. So yes, nothing happened.

Have you read OP's statement, user?

Cultural Marxism doesn't exist, user, no matter how many Holla Forums infographs tell you otherwise.

lmao this guy is fairly known in some left circles for being a huge LARPer who leads a small cult, he was never going to do anything, most people don't associate with him or his groups like "RefuseFascism"

that's not what riot means, it was a rally, people weren't even covering their faces, all the flags were plain red, not even maoist larp. this was women's march-tier.

Then why do people try to look for social inequalities everywhere. I mean hell, the whole field of sociology has turned into that.

Damn, dude thats deep bro.

please, for the love of all that is holy, go outside. talk to another human being.

The real alpha move is being cool w/ her hooking up with other guys while texting her about your struggles with depression & mental illness

But I already did that today. I had a nice day, got a ton of exercises, went hot tubing. And I feel great.

What better way to celebrate my good day, and your failures by rubbing your failures in your face, just like a dog who shat in the house, so that way you and the dog learn to stop making such a mess.

Again, we're not liberals. Or even SJWs for that matter. If you actually read the FAQ (and i know that reading is hard for Holla Forums) you'd already know this. We look for class inequalities.
Marxists and Anarchists are fully aware that not everyone is equal. There's always going to be someone who is taller, shorter, faster, slower etc. and both Anarchists and Marxists have addressed this.

this seems more like projection on your part.

talk to Reginald about eating poo


Daily reminder that this is what 8/pol/tards look like.


lurk moar fagtron

You think they're just jealous of that battle axe?

Well you see here, these fine young men are having fun, they are out representing a more free, happier, and ambitious society. If your using these boys to strawman me, go ahead, I would be proud if these boys where my children.

screencaps or back to choking down cock

Oh yeah, i forgot liberalism meant "not wanting to put niggers in graves and women in kitchen" in Holla Forumsspeak

You will never have children because you are a virgin Holla Forums.

Because we arent
We dont
Lurk more

Yes because we TOTALLY voted for Hillary Clinton and we're all democrats.


Holla Forums is SJW-tier on this front. It's just like how SJWs accuse us of being fascists for not caring about idpol. Culture warriors are stupid and deserve to be tortured and then executed publicly.

That level of revisionism.

they did the same thing on election day despite the fact that we were literally having a stream and probably have screencaps. the only move should've been a quick anchor and ban but Holla Forums can't stop taking the bait.

No in Holla Forumsspeak that is anything but nutsac. Which is not the ideology I subscribe to. If you guys really are not the same ideology as liberals, then why do so many Bernie supporters advocate for total socialism and socialist policies.

I have been off and on lurking and posting here for about 8 months. And boy have I learned alot about marxism in that time.

Maybe this would be true I where on half and 8 chan allway, but I unlike you wage cucks, I have some important things to do.

My oh my, user-kun. Why are you so pathetic?


You're telling me you've learned nothing in 8 months? Holla Forums confirmed mentally deficient.

election day shitshow was fun though, at least a few of them acknowledged a grudging respect for us when they saw us mining Shrillery shills' salt

You guys make me laugh, come on, keep making me feel great. Its almost better than ASMR.


Let me slow you down there and just say three words.

Does sanders advocate workers owning the MoP? No? then hes not a socialist simple as that

Socialist policies such as?

Now THAT is damage control, that kid was an embarrasment and you know it, hell the Holla Forumstards in that thread were aware of it and so the guy was rightfully bullied for being a huge faggot.


He's a social democrat, not a socialist. There is a difference.
Watch this video and you may understand. Mind you, the people talking here are actually socialists and have an understanding of socialism.
If you were actually here for 8 months, which you so claim, you'd know that ☭TANKIE☭s and anarchists have been at eachothers throats. If you were telling the truth you would know that we're not anti-fa or liberals

See above post

Their entire point is that this one rally/riot whatever that was supposed to happen ended up being weak sauce therefore "uh-uh lol u btfo pussies"

Let's remember the g20 riots and the mayday riots. Let's remember that the left has days of action, protests, shut downs every other week.

Holla Forumstards are only chimping out because of the trauma they have received from being beaten and shut down at past protests.


Good misuse of the nts fallacy. You could at least read the wikipedia article before embarrassing yourself

Since you only seems to understand jpgs


Socialist Like

"socialism is when taxes are higher and healthcare is free within a capitalist mode of production" -Karl Marx

When did Holla Forums become infested with boomers? This november 4 shit is something only my stereotypical republican uncle would be concerned about.


Literally no true strawman. And frankly you guys put in so many reclassifications every so many years that to you most democracies hardly count as socialism.

Yep, and your both violent communists.

Holla Forums we both know about "the day of the rope." Whining about violence doesn't work here.

I don't understand what you are trying to say here.

Ahh of course Otto von bismark FAMOUS socialist
Eww keep that lib shit away from me
"Muh taxes" has got nothing to do with socialism

brain.exe stopped working Window is looking for a solution

What does this even mean???

Socialist Like

Rightards are the biggest pussies in the world. One second they're flexing their muscles over leftist beta cucks and the next they're shitting their pants over antifa super soldiers. Watch this dude is so predictable he's going to post a picture of a weird looking leftist person as an argument.

Gee no wonder people say the left can't meme, you guys have no sense of humor. Sense when have people actually planned out violent protests and mass murders on Holla Forums.

Mods deleting threads with just an OP post do not count.

Right because vouchers set out from the collective will be used in the place of money, like what happened in the Catalonia Commune.

lmao don't backpedal now, pussy.

Meanwhile Holla Forumstards have literally killed people IRL over memes. You virgins are the only joke here. Irony is just a shield. Lack of sex really messes with the male mind I guess.

gulags and firing squads are super ironic funnies too, we both know humanity will go extinct before any substantial political change can happen.

Holla Forumsyps don't plan attacks. They drive cars into crowds or shoot at people lone wolf jihadi style.

Gimme the scoop, Holla Forums: How many whites died today?


not enough tbh

Was it a meme when that idiot rammed his car into a crowd?
Was it a meme when that idiot killed his own dad for "being to leftist"?
Was it a meme when those three spencer retards shot at a bus in florida?

Fuck sake Holla Forums at least stand by the shit you talk about

Ask Holla Forums. They're great at killing whites whether it be their own parents or random white people at a protest.

Except the statement BTFO of your no true scotsman.

So America is socialist because it has a """democracy"""? Or Australia for that matter?
Oh wait, they still utilise money for profit, the MOP is still dictated by either the state or capitalists, and you still have a state consisting of liberals, and conservatives.

Son, we've seen the day of the rope and "kill niggers" on Holla Forums as well as you threatening to chuck us out of helicopters. For you to accuse us of violence is hypocritical to say the least.

And if you knew the difference between Anarchists and ☭TANKIE☭s you'd know that one want to smash the state immediately while the other one wants to prolong it and see that it acts as a centralised form of governance to achieve communism.

Honestly don't call them "idiots." They are virgins first and foremost. That's the best description for them. Use it.

Globally leftist activists do more in one week than the entire supposedly grassroots right does in 10 years. Just skim through this and see.

It's no contest the level of organization, passion and vigor displayed by the left compared to the right. Today being the nothing 🍔burger🍔 everyone with a brain knew it would be doesn't mean shit.

There is no grassroots right. It's all astroturf funded by billionaires.

This fella in video related works for the daily stormer and fired a gun into a group of protestors.

But wait let me guess, it was ""JUST A PRANK""?
I guess the fuckwit who shot his father over a video game and the person who drove into Heather Haywood was just doing it because it was "just a meme"?

Vouchers aren't money. They don't circulate or accumulate. Once they're used, they're used. And even then they're only used temporarily, to the point where they no longer need to be used. In areas within Catalonia, such as Aragon, they made this feasible.

Far right reactionaries tend to be self-funded petite bourgeoisie. But in general I would say that you are right. Very few people unironically care enough about right wing policies to put their own lives on the line without receiving payment.

8 months of lurking he says and this is what he has learned
pls donate your brain to science, as fast as you can

not all virgins are Holla Forums-tier retards
even if just about all Holla Forums-tier retards are virgins
bullying social outcasts isn't the way to go tbh, even if incels and their like are the most fucking insufferable posters around

You know as well as I do that causing a massive amount of violence and collateral damage was not even the purpose of Charlottesville. It was hardly hyped and never encouraged as some kind of coup or war zone. Actually it was fine until antifa showed up, after they showed up, all hell broke loose.

No it backs up my no true scotsman. Why do you guys need to constantly refer to anything as not true communism.
Mao's China
Eastern Europe

I mean, what kind of system will make you guys happy, and will anything ever or could exist?

Has anyone other than a handful of psycopaths actually said "Yeah lets go out into the streets and kill every black person we see". No of course not, because the majority of those people are joking (poes law applies so there is bound to be a small handful who actually will commit atrocities and they have happened).

Now I have seen antifa and lefty memes that do advocate for violence and terror. And jee what do you know, it is not just a small handful of people breaking windows, starting fights, or killing people its entire mobs.

I too don't care about human beings

It's tough winning so much.

gg no re guyz


Are right-wingers even human? Not even an ape is capable of mental gymnastics and stupidity of this magnitude.


Chris Cantwell, the crying nazi who you probably sympathise with made a similar claim. This is what he said PRIOR to his arrest. Go to 7:00 you retard.

State controls the MOP, surplus is extracted from the workers, and the state still remains there.
Social Democracies aren't socialist. The workers don't control the MOP, and it still functions as a liberal democracy.
70 percent of the property is privately owned.……
Mao's China
Eastern Europe
Going to have to be a bit more specific user, you just mentioned the USSR.

I too win by doing nothing. Does god love me or something?


i want to live in your fantasy world where current scandinavia is communist
even if I have to be a brainlet and a schizophrenic

*state isn't disolved

Wow Im litterally hitler now.
Whats new, but again the whole unite the right thing was made to defend the confederate statues, your gonna get the entire right wing spectrum showing up.

It's the opposite actually.

Just because you're a brainlet that doesn't know the meaning of words doesn't mean that the rest of the world is.

Again, out side of leftypol. People believe communism and socialism to mean the same thing. It was a typo.

And frankly communism never occurs in any revolution, so why is it so important to even distinguish a socialist from a communist anyway?

He didnt do that once
Lets have a look at the groups involved then mate

This is how you know communism is truly at the outside of mainstream politics. Most people don't even know what the fuck it means.

Wait fuck he did
Dont use that as an excuse to ignore the rest

Look up the definition of socialism one more time, just google it and read the wikipedia article or whatever and then explain how that relates to the scandinavian economy in any way.

The proud patriots are doing this:



just curious, do you happen do be a 🍔burger🍔, from the land of the free?
because over here in europooristan people somehow can differentiate between social democracy and communism
must be all the rapefugees that give us these unbelievable cognitive powers here in the old world

meant *Rojava. Xir is a ☭TANKIE☭.

More like land of the REEEEEEEEE

No, obviously those where actual nazis. But I am talking about the entire group who showed up. As you will get multiple people across multiple ideologies who care about either those statues or the white nationalist crap going on.

Your right. It made china x10 better.

Nope, I just get those terms mixed up. I car very little about using them correctly when I frequently see people in IRL use them incorrectly. Actually I have read a bit into Marxist literature and have studied economics for about a year and a half now.

pic related

"We're going to have a day of resistance"
That was a good try sweetie

I'd like to buy my own private battle axe. it looks fucking sick.

Where's Bob?

we were laughing at you
still laughing at you


Why the fuck would you warn your enemies by taking an ad out in the paper? You lose the advantage. No discussion of an actual revolution would be held out in the open.