Wait, Was Karl Marx A Racist?

Reading about the relationship between Ferdinand Lasalle and Karl Marx has made me very concerned, but unfortunately, I can't find any more info on it outside of a few quotes and Holla Forums or lolbert clickbait

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But seriously, literally everyone in the socialist scene hated Lasalle it seems, it was just banter.

Marx wanted slavery to be abolished. Also, Lasalle was a Jewish nigger so it made sense.

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Lasalle tried to start an internationale, he's alright

Apparently he claimed paternity of the theory of Iron Law of wages but some authors formulated it before him.
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Marx famously called Lassalle a Jewish nigger in a letter to Engels. Just look at the guy:

also everyone hated lassalle

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yes, dumbass. Race realism is essential for the communist cause

Lassalle is a Jewish nigger. That's why

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Well shit I knew, that, Just confused if this is just everyone throwing up their hands saying
"Yeah Karl was kind of an asshole that way"
Or Is Leftypol Full Nazbol Gang?

No, but who cares? What will Capital go under some metamorphosis isn't Men Kampf.

That's so not true. He was very well-known in the Socialist movement and, without a doubt, more popular than Marx throughout his entire life.

Lassalle was a proto-reformist, his Socialism was very moderate and his personal ambitions were very self-centered, but even Engels spoke fondly of him and said he gave life to the german socialist movement after 1848, so give the chosen nigger some credit.

[citation needed]

Not saying he's a racialist, fuck no, even Hitler couldn't keep that bullshit going

nazbol is not race realism.

You think they banned race research because it was flawed?

We will never reach a communist state if we allow race to be a non-topic.

You are yet another brainwashed liberal wannabe communist.

I think Marx was just in the 'it's okay to be racist to assholes' camp, which I can get

Oh yeah of course, because Racial Research is totally a dimension to economic theory

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so from what i could get from wikipedia, the dispute was the classic reform/revolution clash.
With Lassalle trying to negociate with Bismarck the universal vote.
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You think we can plan massive movments of people without the racial aspect?

You are aware of the huge costs to the system if we allow horror shows to breed indiscriminantly? Theres serious flaws with mixed raced offspring.

Keep thinking like that and you will never achive a well functiong society.

Its not about hierachies you dumb fucks. Its about cost per capita. Equal service to each citizen. Not giving people more because they want to fuck whatever moves.

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Okay I guess I'll just ignore the fact that Communism lies in its appeal to broad spectrums of the working class and International solidarity
Are you some kind of third position convert from Holla Forums?
Only someone whose never been in a social situation outside his comfort zone would say something that retarded.

Race isn't what determines the degree to which a person contributes to society, brainlet. There's loads of highly intelligent people who never contribute anything to society due to their class position. Fix this shit then maybe we can start worrying about race's effect on society.
Lmao, you clearly don't understand communism if this is what you're worried about. Post-scarcity is one of the preconditions for communism, fam. Stop being retarded, post-scarcity is achievable even at current levels of technological advancement.

Most likely yes, like everyone of his time. Why does it matter? IDPOL GET OUT

Its not Idpol to criticize his comments on race but still accept a class based view of communist ideology


Its a fact. Its not something you can brush off with idpol fantazies.

How they contribute and what they will require from the community is two diffrent aspects.

Post-scarcity is a meme. Will you produce more doctors with current tech? Not to mention certain race mixing increases the likelyhood of needing rare blood types and bone marrow transplants.

The cost is in the one resource which is the hardest. GOOD OLD FASHIONED SKILLED LABOURE

The utopia you brainlets are discussing is a meme.

Do I need the stefan molyneux image here?

Its pretty telling you had that picture on hand for your shit argument, here's a picture of a white mongoloid
Also the notion that rare blood types and bone marrow transplants will spiral out of control from race breeding is some Laura southern grade fear-mongering stupidity


it is thats why I said
But I guess your misquote really got me there

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Have you considered giving up on Communism and we can both kill all the Jewish niggers off and have nationalist socialism?

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If idpol is superficial then why you care so much about Marx being a racist or not? Only Holla Forums or some liberal who calls himself a socialist would care about this.

I really just wanted context for the quote, I don't much care what his opinions for race are if I can take his economic theory in a vacuum

No shit retard.

Just because your generic *insert scaremongerer* spouts concerns about the same issues is irrelevant. Especially because we live in a FREE SOCIETY.

You just seem like a commie hipster who will become a neo-liberal at age 35.

How so? In the short term (i.e. 10-30 years) almost all unskilled jobs are going to be eliminated due to automation, and plenty of skilled jobs will be eliminated too. Labor augmented with automation causes productivity to be boosted tremendously, and as a result people's labor power will be tremendously devalued. Capitalism will fail because of this, so embracing post-scarcity seems to be the only option we've got.
Lmao, who the fuck cares? This conversation was about social organization, not medicine you fucking retard.
Skilled labor isn't some magical force that will keep an economy alive in the face of massive unemployment, moron.


The fact that you think race is more important than political-economy shows how much of a brainlet you are.

Says who? You?

"all people are equal"

Good luck maintaing a populus smart enough for this scenario.

I do not. But to IGNORE it is fucking ridicilous.

Race theory is just Autistic Idpol for cringey self identifying anti-sjws instead of Idpol cringey sjws themselves.

Maybe you'd feel better on Holla Forums circlejerking some shitty crime stats and outdated research if Political-economy takes a back seat to your aspergers riddled race concerns

Name calling because he cant into maintaing a healthy society because "muh controversy"

Ok, thanks for confirming you do care. If it makes the inner liberal in you feel better he used """"racist"""" terms as insults, like anyone would in the 19th centenary.

I never said anything even remotely to this effect you fucking retard.
Even if you buy into race "realism" (which is a load of shit), you'd still have to show that capitalism is less dysgenic than communism for your argument to hold any water.
Good thing I'm not ignoring it then, right? To really get racial science right you have to eliminate social factors across a large sampling across multiple societies. The only way I could ever foresee this level actually happening is under communism.


Yeah this is shit tier. Crime statistics and general knowledge on race is something you dont want to touch? Why is that? I fully understand why the subject is irrelevant in many regards in a capitalist free society. But in a society managed by the state it certinly is not.

What the fuck is this shit?

What gave you that impression? I engaged with the poster I replied to. I'm more than willing to discuss race science with you, if you're willing to not be autistic about it, user.
Lmao, good thing Communism entails the abolition of the state then, right?

Assuming a healthy society has any basis in racial cohesion is sketchy at best, just because an Idea is a touchy subject, does not make it good, maybe most people don't address it because its a moronic basis for modern society?

No shh, lets ignore that part for the sake of an argument on Racial statistics that largely ignores the majority of contributing socio-economic factors on this leftist board

Eh, even if this is a conversation that gets had every single day on this board I still think it's worthwhile to try to discuss this topic. Racial science being taboo led to it seeming transgressive, and I think that's not great. So if Holla Forums wants to come here to talk about race and political economy I think that's a good thing.

I think accepting the fact that largely disproven sciences get put to bed the way of ancient alchemy is more healthy.

But whatever man, you do you

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The only we we, as communists, can appeal to the modern day working class is if we use the exact same language Karl Marx used in his banter in our speeches.


While I ultimately think that race is not a very scientific division (since it's based on morphology rather than on genetics), but it's not like race tells you nothing either. Ancient alchemy died by itself because alchemy has no basis in reality. Race "realism" is a bit harder to get rid of since race is real to an extent (even if it's not a scientifically useful category)

True, race is a real aspect to society, I disagree with the notion that there are scientifically absolute statements about people's dispositions and inclinations that you can derive from race however

It's not something that shouldn't be touched, but it's something used to put the blame on people rather than the system (this pleases porky). It's why Holla Forums can never explain why crimes happen to begin with and never acknowledge socioeconomics. They'll usually resort to muh' niggers or jews

Except your free capitalist society requires a state to enforce private property laws. How do you think capitalists managed the enclosure acts during the industrial revolution? Not to mention the corporatism you people love to complain about is a result of capitalism.

Socialism isn't welfare ancapie, stop posting here until you read this: imgur.com/gallery/G09Z4

I don't like 19th century ideologies but when I do I like them 19th century ideologies


Stop conflating all my arguments for the "Idpol liberals REEE" meme

I said I don't much care for Idpol, But I was curious as to the context behind Marx's writings on Lesalle, but I guess seeking any knowledge on the topic is equivalent to masquerading as a liberal Idpol

Stick to shitposting and memes if even addressing a quote with racial connotations is gonna trigger you

I'm not conflating your arguments, I'm just pointing out why you care so much about him being racist or not. Your OP even says it out for me:

and then you have the nerve to say:

Even I give you the benefit of the doubt, you could had just chosen to ignore my post instead of getting triggered by it. Just admit it, if Marx was a racist it would had hurt your fee fees.

Marx was just a shitposter
His actual politics were pretty anti racist (see his writing on the US civil war)

Most intellectuals before the year 1950 were somewhat racist.

Okay why did she get THAT mad at an obvious joke?

it's edited


his comments about jews were pretty anti semitic

Marx the antisemitic jew

'on the jewish question' was very antisemitic


Lasalle was scum, read Critique of the Gotha Programme, you'll see.

he was proving the JQ as stupid tho, while maintaining an anti-religious attitude.

in what manner? i don't think this is true at all.

No, he just wasn't American, who actually invented political correctness, puritanism and moral crusades long before Marx invented Marxism.

In the manner that bitching about jews is just idpol and that jews, like any religion, is just nonmaterialistic and absolutely retarded to base your worldview on, pro or anti

We have this thread every week, and every week we find out it’s a retard from Holla Forums

have you even read it? that isn't what he says in the slightest not once is any concept or critique of idpol mentioned in the book. he describes jews as being hypermaterialistic.
but please, post some citations that support your argument, i would love to see them.

Not the person (You) are replying to, and I haven't read the essay, but it would kinda make sense to "describe jews as being hypermaterialistic" since they were forbidden to do all kind of jobs except commerce in Europe at the time, and it would make them see the world in a certain way as a result, maybe.
It doesn't really matter anyway, not like he spergs constantly about the Jews in Das Kapital or something. I don't care, it is just a nice meme to convert Holla Forumsyps.

that's not true either, there were some localized instances of jews being forbidden to work in certain fields by certain townships etc but no widescale nation or continent wide bans on any jews working in any specific fiends.
what is the meme and how to convert them with it?

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