What's the correct repsonse to this

Holla Forumstards want people to say "NO IT'S NOT OK TO BE WHITE REEE" and get normies to rally against left-wing media that has been inundated with idpol crap

What's the right way to combat this

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shame all those who claim "i am this and i am that"

You put "it's okay to be communist" on it.

Something broad like "it's ok to be me."

ignore it, let the liberal infiltrators out themselves

Or better yet it's ok to be _, but I figure that'd be abused.

It's not okay to be white or any racial identity though. They all have to be abolished under Communism.


the correct response is no response.

This, their leaflet psyop fell on its face. They got about half a dozen msm articles. Most journos were apparently warned ahead of time by some people from Holla Forums and spun the story as nazi trolls from 4chan acting up again

take it down without any fuss to minimize a liberal sees it an spergs out to give Holla Forums what they want

Just ignore it. They made an obvious dogwhistle in an attempt to say "gotcha!" to anyone who complains. The only winning move is to not play.


Don't bother wasting your time. If you're pressured to respond, say both sides are idpol and thus distract attention away from real issues like economics. Finish them off with

There is already a good solution for this, do the exactly same thing (even the same text font) and replace the "white" for whatever thing you want, doing simply this you will delegitimize everything with much less effort.
But I think people here are too lazy to make something (I would do myself but I don't live in 🍔burger🍔land or any country that have this "culture" of posting things on the streets)

why not both?

lefty: "It's ok to be communist"
pol: "No it isn't"
normie: *nods*

pol: "It's ok to be white"
lefty: "No it isn't"
normie: "Oi, hold up m8 wtf did you say?"

I don't have any idea why the hell did this emojis show up on the word 🍔burger🍔.
Just to clarify that I am retarded.


Look the other way user


agree, saying that it isnt okay to be a race is a little silly, its idpol, and it will win you no friends

everyone is interpellated though.

Oi oi, you sum finna antiwhite RACIST? Nazbol gang doesn't take kindly to ye.

Lol is that the guy from Boston? Fuck that guy, he don’t represent us

Not a lefty but this guy sent me here: boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/148016299#p148025513

Post about "phase 2" of IOTBW on Holla Forums (making posters that are intentionally racist and stay stuff like "it's not okay to be black, niggers are violent" etc) because it's hilarious mad they get.



lurking here is okay but posting isn't?

by the way you're posting here right now.


i'm not him, never been on reddit or 4/pol/ (for extended ammounts of time)

hes a nyc union representative


Either one is pure cancer lol

Back to reddit.

you can't make me.

I liked this persons take on the subject

By pointing out that it is being astroturfed by white supremacists, not poor persecuted white bois trying to stop themselves from going from 70% of the population to 60% (aka GENOCIDE).

that person deserves to be shot.

Those are literally the same people though.

No, they're not. Back to reddit with you, shill.

Well to be fair, white people have done a lot of horrible things over the years, plus they by default have more power others via being born into a middle or upper class and generally society sees them as superior.

what of those groups does richard spencer fit into and why? does it take having a swastika tatoo in order to become a white supremacist?

im still not sure why its not okay to be white
i get that im supposed to feel guilty about being white
but im not really sure why people want me to feel bad about something i was born as and had no say in

fuck off

intellectual giant i see

I like this.

On a similar line of thought I was thinking, "It's OK to be whatever you are". But this is a lot shorter and concise.

so have other people, and white people are far from the worst by that metric
Jews and Asians have more societal power in general, and all minority groups are given advantages in many instances such as affirmative action and informal bias.
No it doesn't. If society saw them as superior then this poster wouldn't be controversial.

Richard Spencer is a larping faggot who is giving us a bad name. Cville was fucking meme-tier awful.

The brainwashedness is palpable, faggot.

Back to Reddit, every single white family I personally know is working class


Some pollocks have found their way to our board

We've never had a president that was either. And the US is still by far the richest most powerful nation

It is always okay to be yourself, regardless of race

You get what I mean though. They're trying to play the victim card like they always do, pretending to be regular white people trying to not be genocided by da j00s and niggers. When in fact they're esoteric Hitler worshipers and white supremacists. All you really need to do to shoot them down is get a screenshot of a Holla Forums thread linking the posters to their race autism.

user.. its okay to be white.. these people you speak of are obviously racist.


One of the wonders of phone posting is that gore like this doesn't even work if I accidentally click on it. Praise be to phones not being able to handle webms

I've seen the exact opposite claimed and well argued on 8/pol/, lurk more.
The jews fight nature and the truth, they don't control them.
At least he has the balls to put his face where his heart is instead of posting memefrogs anonimously.
Cville was amazing for the right because it got cuckservatives to sympathise with crowd-mowing gamergaters, it also got several states to legalise running over protestors.
So much for the fringe persecuted aut-right

t. woke 14 y.o classical liberal
fucking end yourself


But jews and asians are oppressed because they are not the majority. There are still people who go "Jew Hunting" and asians still get shit for vietnam.

Come on I thought we where supposed to be smart on Holla Forums

And we've never had one who was a woman either but they make up the majority of the electorate. Look at the people in cabinets. Look at the lobbyists and committees and senators and representatives and business owners. Look at the bankers who by the politicians out. Are they white? No. They're Jewish and Asian. Look at income and education. Who's at the top? Jews and Asians.

Regardless of intent, the only people outraged by the posters are ones who disagree with the message.

Don't give a shit. Argue it here or go back to reddit.
Petty attempt to get us to namefag and lose our jobs.
See above.
I'm 14 and a half so suck my dick nigger.

Back to reddit with you.

Seriously bro

You're joking right? So a minority group can't oppress a majority group? I guess that totally invalidates /faggotpol/'s anti-capitalist arguments then huh?

wat she do 2 u m8

Jokes can hurt. You've been to Holla Forums How many times have you seen nigger hate, anti-semetic, and china hate threads.

People will take this shit seriously and one day hurt people, and we are seeing it happen now.

Ask them why they feel the need to state this
It's also ok to be awake. It's ok to be hungry.
It's kind of embarrassing that they're so insecure.


Ok? But everyone knows the intent, everyone is on to your dumbasses or else it wouldn't be controversial. There is only one side of politics retarded enough to do shit like this and we know their intent. If this statement was in such dire need to be said it would have been said already, but it's not because white people are fine, everyone likes white people, everyone respects white people, everyone agrees that it's ok to be white, so all that is left is intent. Really these posters are only revealing your petty, spiteful racist intent.

Call them out on their bullshit. Point out that they're being manipulative and make fun of their myopic obsession with racial identity.

This proves my point of anything
The richest wealthiest families are anglos. Look at Trump. Also there's more Asians on earth period so if course just by the law of average there would be more of them in positions of power

Jews and asians can be oppressed in one dimension in terms of being in the minority, and the opposite of oppressed in another dimension in terms of having higher incomes than white people.

White people can be oppressed in one dimension if they're working class and the opposite of oppressed in another dimension in terms of not being a minority.

Basic intersectionality y'all. I have my criticisms of it but its a good starting point.

or they have an autism level above room temperature and can easily figure out who is behind it, because I know it seems like a masterful plan to you, but most people will be able to figure out that pasty internet white supremacists are trying to psyop them.

And yet Holla Forums gets mad whenever somebody makes fun of a white person.

You're memeing right?

Not anymore.
Trump isn't Anglo, he's of German descent.
I'm talking about within the U.S. They make up a small percentage of the population here and yet a very large number of the rich. also, your law of averages thing supports my point on the Jews being severely over represented in positions of power. There are very few Jews on the planet, relatively-speaking.

Then why is it working so well?

Back to reddit with you.

Actually isn't this the whole point of the it's ok to be white thing? You're trying to do some counter-propaganda against what you think are anti-white cultural attitudes (I.E. jokes) which have been internalized by whites and has created a generation of self-hating whites?

This is literally exactly what that dude you're replying to is saying. Racial minorities are socialized to be self-hating, demoralized citizens through cultural attitudes (I.E jokes).

Maybe white people should fucking grow a pair then?

Let's be honest, how much of aut-right politics comes from young boys not feeling loved. Go hug your mom, dude.

this thread is hilarious and depressing at the same time

Asians and Jews have a very high Autism Level. Also they form tight-knit communities and help each other out. White people could give a fuck about other white people for the most part.

I was going to point that out, but you beat me to it.

Very true regarding Jews, not true regarding Asians. They have little influence in Western society relative to their wealth or by almost any other metric.

Because they immigrate here. The richest Asians immigrate here because the US is the richest country in earth.
Poor asians don't immigrate like Mexicans because of the ocean. So we don't get as many poor Asians to balance out the rich ones. Also I guess you don't consider Philipinos asians cause theyre all poor

"nobody is saying otherwise"

Just ignore.

For specific purposes of trolling Holla Forums
-respond in kind with it's OK to be Jew/Black etc.
-Put some Swastikas, German eagles and KKK on "It's OK to be white" and and post "Hello my fellow nutsacs, r8 my cool custom IOTBW poster I posted in 300 copies!"

We should focus in taking down Neoliberals, and White nationalism is a natural reaction to Idpol. Take it down, and it'll disappear.


they see you from a mile away
every time you post one of those you get 50 immediate responses calling you leftypol
you just have to admit you've been utterly overplayed on this one, and hope it goes away soon
IOTBW is a masterfully played meme, rendering impressive returns with almost zero effortz and you haven't come up with anything remotely as effective in ages, if ever

oh please, it's exactly the same as "black lives matter". You're not original or masterful, you stole a black people thing out of spite and think you're a genius for it.

It's OK to be NazBol, that's all, everything else should be illegal.

No, they're not. What we're doing is pointing out that anything that is pro-white, even if it does not denounce other groups, it met with cries of racism. It is the equivalent of when Sargon did not threaten to rape an MP and people said he threatened to rape an MP. Proof of concept.

So you agree. Welcome to Holla Forums.

Filipinos are a mix of Asian, Islander, and Spanish.

You are absolutely right user. That's where the alt-right came from. I don't know that I'd call myself alt-right, because I reject joining parties and groups because then you have to defend everything they do, but I think that a lot of other people would label me as such. And I know that the alt-right came about in precisely the opposite way that traditional conservatives did. The traditional right was taught to be conservative by their family and peers. The alt-right was taught by their teachers and bosses and television and the internet and in some cases their families that you are bad for being white, you are bad for being male, you are bad for being straight, you are bad for being cis. Everything is your fault, you are the problem. And we just got sick of it.
There was a time when I was perfectly content to just live and let live. Everyone coexist, differences don't matter, etc. Then the left started this identitarian shit, talking about whiteness and blackness and gayness and transness. Blaming my traits that I can't control for everything wrong with the world. An incessant tirade of bullshit making me and mine a pariah. So I thought you know what? You want a white identitarian, you've got one motherfucker. We're gonna elect Trump and pass anti-immigration laws and ban trannies from bathrooms, and you brought this on yourself. I hope you enjoy this. You have made this bed, now it's time for you to sleep in it faggot

No, we're too self-loathing. We think it's hilarious though.

and yet you feel compelled to derail it…

woa dud. EVIC potoshop. how will those idpol fragile facists eber recober??????????????? :fist:

Okay, Glenn Beck.

on top of that, it's specially hilarious that the same people that have invented western.democracy, the foundation for free speech, separation of powers, the greater prosperity in the history of man, and everything that allows us to be posting here, now, are shunned as The Greatest Devil

If white people helping each other looks like electing Trump and getting classcucked, then no.

I personally feel zero guilt for being white, while at the same time acknowledging that whiteness is all levels of fucked. White people are aliens yo. Just be normal and don't reeeeee when the basic history of white oppression is pointed out to you.

You ought to read Stirner then. Despook yourself and become YOU.
So you got triggered by a bunch of idpolling liberals and decided to go Nazi because of it, despite a majority of people already seeing that these people were dickheads. They've been satirised to death, even before you were born. Hell, Monty Python and the Simpson have a field day with it, and they're both considered pretty mainstream as well as being cultural icons.

Stop posting

Fuck off

what exactly is photoshopped? his hair? it looks fucked. the quote is an easy Poe's.




Could you be so kind to list all the returns of everything you did?
Because we, although didn't come up with anything at all, managed to prop up an actual socialist and cryptocommunist in America (unlike Nazis shabbosgoying for an actual Zionist), and normalize socialism to the point it overcame capitalism in youth in America alone.

Yes they are. This is exactly the point you are making in this sentence
That is literally exactly what BLM and "sjws" are talking about when they talk about racist jokes, words and so on. You didn't mention one actual concrete thing happening to white people other than words and jokes. And I'm not saying "durr hurr ur just liek sjws". I'm saying stop being a disingenuous, contrived dumbass and stick to one point. The "internalized racism" thing is your argument.

For a fucking reason dumbass. There's precedent for "pro-white" bullshit being used for racist causes. Maybe you should stop being a cry baby and do something anti-racist, progressive and egalitarian as you talk about the plight of the white man or whatever. History is telling you that it's your responsibility, don't bitch out on it.
I don't even know what the fuck any of that is.

Uhuh you experienced maybe 5 years of what none-whites have experienced for hundreds. You made your bed and slept in it.

as long as you acknowledge that every race has behaved equally, or worse, throughout history, which then renders focusing on whites doing it as a hypocritical move

re-think your life.

If I were to call you a faggot enough times, would you be out sucking dick at your local rest stop?

a bunch of larpers posting an almost white sheet of paper has provoked the left, generated multitude hypocritical tweets, and even making the wapo talk about it, even triggering people to say
all of this with zero MSM or liberal money backing

Well yeah fucking Mongols and Genghis Khan. I don't think white people are some kind of unique evil. But in the context of the last couple hundred years they have had the most power and for the most part it has been white people oppressing brown people. And other white people. We get the term "slavery" from slavs, white people enslaving other white people. That's how fucked up white people are.

Retards are actually proud that their stunt got reported in place that report about missing goats.
The road to white liberation is paved in tweets

No because we're still living in a white civilization , the same in which said "oppression" happened, with currently living people benefiting from it indirectly and directly.

you sure like to cherry pick
and not only mongols
african slaves were sold by africans
african kings made fortunes of selling black people
jew merchants transported them
humanity was darker 200 yo, sure
keep focusing and blaming whites
the strategy is surely working

I didn't get triggered, I saw a societal problem and decided to take steps to act against it. idpolling liberals don't concern me when all they do is shitpost, but when they turn schools into liberal indoctrination machines that is quite another matter.

and the road to 2024 by snarky smug leftypol comments

over ninety percent of the posts in this thread were made by one individual


Wow, I bet when you build your commune in Detroit, the local blacks will think you're cool! You're like this preacher.

Because the brainless Stirner memes here are inspiring?

This thread shows that you're wrong. If this was of no interest to you, then this thread wouldn't exist.

Now you're being delusional if you're claiming that it was Holla Forums's hand on the lever.

not likely at all
but it's on us to see if this will be an overcrowded shithole or not

How are they indoctrinating little white kids? By prying their eyes open like A Clock Work Orange? No it's with words and jokes, the same words and jokes that were used against blacks and browns just 5 years ago or something. You don't have shit.
pic related
They're doing more actually. Posting dumb shit on walls will only get you so far. If white people are so oppressed start bombing government buildings and killing cops. That's real action. If even a fraction of you mongs would get up from your computer chairs and acted out some of the bullshit you meme about white people would be free. But you don't and you won't.
Who cares about the other 450 then right dumb ass?
There's no proper reply to spiteful loser but a spiteful post. You think others deserve "the bed they made" then so do you pussy.

I ask for arguments. Please provide me a concrete and quantifiable evidence of advancement of white supremacy politics in America.

Here are the results of left wing radical politics in America:

So let's see, enslave black people for 200 years, keep them as second class citizens for 100 years, never do anything to apologize or rectify past wrongs, still imprison millions of black people and oh yeah, still killing brown people in imperialistic wars of aggression. But oh no, white people may be portrayed in a negative light by media. Muh feels.

Yeah it was actaully /marx/, although Holla Forums likes taking credit. Ismail met Bernie in person bi-weekly during the campaign.

Nah the human race is fucked

cool numbers

Slavery goes back at least to the early days of the Neolithic. The only groups that deserve credit here are ones like the San who refuse to be slaves.

But if we're talking about the creation of words in English, one word reflecting innovation from black Africans was necklacing. A tire soaked in gasoline is set alight after it is placed over the victim's head.

you're overthinking it
you've problaby raided pol these days, you must have read it: it's all about simplicity
simple message, simple delivery

of course it's ok, isn't it? who would say otherwise? no one would be so blatantly racist, would they?

last time I checked bernie had been cheated by the DNC and Trump was in office

still young enough they haven't been hammered by taxes. give them a chance to grow
and generation z looks promising counter millenial

I don't know if that's true, but it's fascinating how white Sanders supporters were. Even with all of Clinton's machinations with the DNC and media, it is doubtful that she could have won the nomination without the overwhelming support of blacks.

Take a look at this Bernie Sanders rally.

sure m8
I hope at least you get laid with the emo vibe

"10 year olds look processing" but millennials will switch sides when they grow up.

literally every male there will raise a black baby.

You won't raise any.

no need to switch sides, just tone down the delusion
to grow, and come to realize socialism is payed with taxes

As I said, it's by turning schools into indoctrination mills.
What is anecdotal evidence.
White people aren't oppressed in the U.S. yet. They're popularly demonized. They're pariahs. They're discriminated against in some contexts. But they're not oppressed yet. That won't happen for another few decades unless the tide is stemmed.
We're not stupid enough to do that. That way lies normie rejection. We mean to win over the normies. You don't do that by beating them up. Ask the I.R.A. why they had to stop bombing to death English schoolchildren.
Yes, precisely. It's not happening anymore so who gives a shit?

Civil Rights act, affirmative action, L.B.J.'s housing quotas, welfare, muh black history month, etc.
Because they commit crimes. Equal treatment is a bitch.
Muh imperialism. Yeah imperialistic wars of aggression don't really happen anymore. Although, I'm sure your definition of imperialism is *quite* different from mine, so we'll likely have to agree to disagree here.
Consistently as part of a targeted effort, as well as in schools, consistently as part of a targeted effort.
Also nice digits.

socialism is actually paid with expropriation and labour camps, social democracy is paid by taxes on the very wealthy.

I know that's the joke, but liberals have nothing on conservative Christian evangelicals adopting black babies from Africa.

Since Holla Forums now embraces the standard SJW narratives of white supremacy, it would be nice if they realized how much they have in common with conservative Christians.


Maybe they could work on some joint projects with /christian/.


Don't combat it. Rise to it. Meet it.

It is okay to be white. Everyone needs to understand that, weither Alt-Reich or Nazbol. Doing anything other than agreeing is playing into the trap. Let the liberal idpol faggots get racially butt hurt by it whilst exposing themselves.
Just sit back and watch.

jesus christ tell me you're trolling me
the very wealthy don't pay taxes
it's all middle class burden
user, you've paid income tax, haven't you? enough to touch 2 or 3 brackets…
please tell me I'm not answering in vain


All of which the right fought against tooth and nail.

Surprisingly, a people who have been subjected to 300 years of slavery and oppression don't turn out to be perfect virtuous citizens. Also, a racist drug war gives 100x harsher punishment for black people smoking crack as opposed to white people snorting cocaine, when the former is just a less pure version of the latter.

Iraq war? Is your memory that short?

Targeted or not, get over it and find some real issues to be mad about.

do you feel bad using the word sheeple now that it gets used by normalfags?

actual, measured changes, for the better, in literacy, mortality rates, HDI, number and extension of conflicts
in the mean time
liberalism is truly a mental disease

That's not a Holla Forumsack you're talking to, it's a 4chonner that loves trannies.

Its also okay to have 2 arms and I don't go touting and proudly proclaiming "LOOK AT THESE TWO ARMS!" I just love life

The only true answer to this.
It's okay to be white, you can't say anything against that, sit and watch.
Don't sperg over it, like in this awful thread.

Holla Forums please read the FaQ

Ok let me correct
WILL cause
Its basically confirmed that large amounts of currently arable land that is good today will be either a desert or underwater

Is this place all Redditors now? A couple of years ago, everyone on Holla Forums would have understood what you are saying.

Look at the thread, man.

Then imagine your surprise when you learn that Asians, who weren't even granted full citizenship status until after WWII and faced numerous barriers with language and at different times strong discrimination would go on to become financially successful and commit no more crime than the white population.

And all of which passed regardless.
Their oppression stopped 50 years ago. Their moral decadence should have also stopped 50 years ago. In fact, they have gotten worse despite the fact that their treatment has improved to an elevated status.
As I said, we have different definitions of imperialism.
Education of the young isn't a real issue? Wew.

in rome, do as romans do

worry not, won't come back
debate is weak AF, and this truly inhabited by people that haven't paid taxes ever
but feel free to come to /pol anytime you want, we're a welcoming community

So they're indoctrinating kids by turning schools into indoctrination mills? Fucking Einstein over here.
The question is how are they indoctrinating little white kids? "Indoctrination mills" isn't an answer. Are they using words or physical violence?
It's whatever bullshit you can pull out of your ass to prove white people are demonized in movies when every other movie is "white people save the world".
What are the chances you believe this shit because YOU personally are demonized and YOU personally are a social pariah? I don't and most white people don't feel that way, only anti-social losers with nothing to lose feel that way.
We all know it's going to take a greedy corporate zionist shill to stem the tide of white oppression.
As if your petty ass wouldn't love to exact justice against mythical white oppressors of the past if you could. They made their bed after all didn't they?
No argument makes you any less of a spiteful nerd. It's amazing you're not even having the same argument. I'm saying you deserve the bed you made just like you did. How you turned that into a lawgical, reeeeeson argument is beyond me.

No one is doing anything but agreeing with it. Look around at the comments being made. Everyone is saying "yeah, and?"

lurk more.

They're indoctrinating them either way. If they were indoctrinating them to be Nazis with "words" then I'm sure you'd have something to say about it. So would I for that matter. I am against radical political indoctrination. This is why schools need to be controlled by the families of the children who attend them, and why common core is shit.
Show me statistics.
I act based on what I experience and based on what I observe is being experienced by other people. I don't give a shit that YOU are lucky enough to have avoided this.
I actually dislike Trump intensely. I just think he was slightly better than Hillary. He said he would drain the swamp and then he filled his cabinet with bankers and CEO's. He's a fucking hypocrite.
With the possible exception of the Turks, simply because they locked my grandmother's family in a barn and burned it to the ground, I don't bear enmity towards any group of people for their far past actions. Even in the case of the Turks I would only want those genociders who were still living to be punished. Their descendants played no part in that.

I would disagree with you as well. I think you're using a definition of imperialism from centuries ago that was in some ways more overt, but also would offer some reward to the dominant nation's poor and working class who had an option to join colonies with the promise of a better life.

What are the chances that you are projecting a lot of venom at someone because you can't sustain your argument? Your posts are little more than insults. Do you think that will convince anyone?

That's why I really just agreed to disagree on that particular point. People have stretched the definition of "imperialism" so much that we'd need to have an entirely separate discussion about that to accurately encompass it.

Ok, cuck.