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Anyone got any news on what actually happened?

Literally nothing. This is how bad antifa is at organizing in 🍔burger🍔land.

"Antifa" wasn't involved. It was just one event sponsored by one org in one city. Holla Forums boomers blew it completely out of proportion in order to generate a "win" for themselves since they have been losing for over a year.


I bet they're patting themselves on the back since nothing happened, even though they were the only ones hyping it up and falseflagging in the first place.

Holla Forums on suicide watch.

All this commie salt. Keep it coming.




They have to believe it, since they can only win against strawmen.

I finally have a chance to use this image!

welcome to part of the reason why I gave up on that board

Oh sweetie. You're so adorable.

jesus christ, soros really did spend millions on this and it fucking flopped massively. i almost feel bad for him. what kind of trick will he have to put on college kids now that this antifa stuff doesnt work?

"Antifa" doesn't stage demonstrations.


there aren't enough reaction images in the world to accurately describe how funny this is

show us the fucking ad Holla Forums. and while your at it show us conclusive proof that the ad (which probably doesn't exist) was paid for by a leftist organization.

what have they been done at colleges for the past 2 years every time a conservative speaker shows up then?


It's in the OP retard. God you commies are dumb.

There's something surreal about our time. Everyone hates it here, or at least there is a longing for disaster, people are anxious for the coming of a great cataclysm which hasn't quite gotten here yet. The desperate resort to half backed DIY apocalypses like Y2K, mayan calendars, trump pizzagate, and lately, muh antifa moral panic, which to be fair, seems to be fizzling out faster than we could have expected, leaving only the formless ennui of daily life behind. Holla Forumslacks recurr to these fantasies as an escape from their shitty lives. I don't blame them, not for that, at least. It's exasperating really. Trump is president, the end is night, dark omens everywhere, and yet things insist in going on as usual, as if nothing had happened.

look at the organization on the signs in the op pic and then look at this dailycaller.com/2017/02/03/look-who-funds-the-group-behind-the-call-to-arms-at-milos-berkeley-event/

inb4 not a valid source because its not media matters or huffpost


Wanna be in on the joke finally? The rally was formed by some no one maoist group that peddles their leader Bob Avakian's shit rumations on stuff. You fell for ironic shitposting, or who knows some serious people who thought shit was going down. But since the beginning people have been shitposting because they knew nothing was going to happen, that's why there's so many bob avakian memes all the sudden.

which other antifa or communist group gets more money from billionaires or from soros than them?

Soros is anti-communism you retard.

That's not true!
The underground leftists at #FoxNewsResistance called it the "Antifa apocalypse!" We have to admit that /ourguys/ took this really seriously!

You would assume that if Soros is funding all these leftist organizations there would be some kind of paper trail, or maybe a right winger could go undercover and pretend to be leftist to get soros money himself.
Polniggers are literally incapable of looking past their own ideology.


refer to

There's no valid documentation, I checked, just rumors from rightwing media outlets. Can you provide any actual documentation?

there is a paper trail, didnt you see the link? look up the defintion of money laundering.

What is project Veritas?

you mean the daily caller article that provides no concrete proof of anything?
you still haven't addressed either

You mean that thing from known propagandist James O'Keefe?

But it's not Sunday and not on the front page either. Where are you getting this $100,000 metric?

i never said soros was pro-communist. i said hes funding communists. america funds muslims such as in syria, that doesnt mean america is pro-muslim does it? theyre just useful at the moment for their current objective.

This shit is so funny. Holla Forums has now finished transforming from the "cool" nazi uncle to the annoying boomer conservative uncle.

And what exactly do you think is soros’ Objective

So does that invalidate everyone with a political bias? Does the fact that John Oliver uses more subtle propaganda make him a valid source of information?


Which again you haven't given any proof of. Also if he loves communism so much, why did he fund anti-communism groups after the fall of the USSR?

Of course the propagandists on MSM aren't trustworthy either.

It's kinda hard to put a spin on raw footage but keep reaching.

Are you really so retarded that you think we like John oviler


Less than a week ago right wingers did that exact thing where they sent fake activists to hold up a pro pedo sign

The reporter says:

but if you actually look at the tax form there are many donations that are larger than $50,000 and not from the Tides Foundation. If you google what the Tides Foundation, it's literally just a charity. Do you know what philanthropy is why porkies do it?

kys Holla Forums

He apparently thinks we like David Brock's Media Matters
, so it seems he is that retarded. Probably thinks we like Hillary too.

it's the first time he's gotten out of his bubble, be gentle user

Not to mention $50,000 is a long shot from "millions" lol.

So when Robert Creamer is openly admitting to voter fraud on video and is forced to resign you guys can just write it off as "right-wing propaganda" right?

jesus fucking christ go back to reddit. we don't give a shit about democrats

I literally have no idea who that is
This isn’t /liberalpol/ no one here cares about bourgeois elections

Dude Holla Forums was never cool.
You're thinking of the rad individuals that used to post at 4/tg/

the reason nobody cares about your voter fraud here is that it's been going on forever, anyone who actually has enough power will try to shift things into their ideological favor. not only that but representative governments are a fucking sham, practically a front for capital interests