Galactic feel

this feel is too much to handle for me lads…

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Soon comrade, we just need to go through a little nuclear proletarian revolution first.



Where's the money in it user?
This is what our species is reduced to.

You're not alone, comrade.

Communism is for faggots though. Capitalism is where it's at.


This is unironically why I am a leftist: it is mankind's destiny to gaze upon all creation, to view its infinite wonders and to attempt to decipher them the best we can with art and science.

I see the word, and see I one built around profit: not progress, art and science. I only think that with social means of production and the abolition of the profit motive that we can ascend to our true calling.

No contradiciton. Keep in mind that private space business was illegal in the US until 1998. No private space corporation would have dicked around with the abominations of space shuttles. (The cargo bay was supposed to steal soviet sattelites with.)

I demand a source.

Wow, you sure got us. How will leftypol recover?

wrong, fascism is literally "faggot"ism

oh yeah sure, I cannot wait to live "The Expanse" in real life.
If you think private space exploration will bring anything more innovative than an expensive way of exploiting the mineral riches of the solar system you are out of your mind.
You really think private space exploration would have remained illegal if there was enough money to be done with it? Of course not, what changed now is that technology born out of government investment allows for private interests to cash in on the last frontier.

I would see the human reace dead before having porkies colonize the galaxy on the back of the workers. Get back to Reddit and stay there.

I wish so bad there was like a Star Trek game, but, you know, like actual (good) Star Trek where the goal is to make friends with everyone and tackle difficult moral decisions while growing the safety of the Federation green zone.

Actually that reminds me of one of my most wanted game ideas, if you guys have ever played Fate of the World it would be kinda like that, a simulator where you take various actions around the world, except instead of climate change you're playing as an alien race that has traveled to near Earth in secret, your goal is to establish peaceful contact and a positive relationship as you get closer and eventually orbit/land, you can choose to favour certain governments/organisations, what to offer to the Earthlings, and so on. But you need to balance the needs of the various groups in Earth and your own race to avoid a devastating outcome (IE give super power generation tech to one country and it uses it to create ultrabombs to invade a hated neighbor). Games would be different through random change and choices you make at the start ie. Play as a sexy space babes race (easy) or a horrific flesh blob alien (hard). And so on.



Fuck me man if the future is The Expanse I will become an anprim just to stop that.
Also TE is Maoist, prove me wrong


space travel is bourgeoisie. after the revolution we will commit fully to geocentrism.


Space is a dead end. The distances are too vast.

Fun game. Wish I had it

The fall of the Soviet Union was not the victory of capitalism over communism. It was the victory of short-sighted, short-term-thinking, profit-seeking bureaucrats over bureaucrats who hadn't forgotten how to dream big(even if most of their ideas never got off the planning board).

Today, everything is subordained to capitalist logic. No grand projects are embarked upon unless they will benefit the rich, so we have oil wars and massive skyscrapers while people starve and can't get a proper roof over their heads. More time is spent filing grant requests and other paperwork than is spent doing actual ground-breaking research - it's much easier to get funding to develop something minor, because not all research is successful and that might mean porky loses the money they invested in it(the horror!). Most modern advances have been in infotech(so porky knows what the proles are doing) and medicine(so porky can live longer). Would climate change still be a problem under communism? Probably, but much less than it is today.

Too big. SU never transitioned from war economy to consumer economy.

This legit put a smile on my face.

liberals get the bullet too

It's funny, the allegory of Procrustes has long been a mainstay of anti-communist pundits (in no small part because they inevitably know absolutely nothing about pre-European Medieval history other than Graeco-Roman culture and the Bible), invoking that old canard of socialism reducing every man to the same thing and harming them all. In the end, of course, it was capitalism which did it because one-size-fits-all is the holy grail of any commodity or service. Capitalism won the race to the bottom. Procrustes' victims were turned into cripples, we are turned into manchildren, conditioned to produce, consume and reproduce, and nothing else. Try not to fail but don't try to excel; risks of disaster are plentiful, opportunities for rousing success nil. Unless you're a sociopath, willing to do anything for your personal gain, you have absolutely no way to go but down. Only those lacking empathy can climb the social ladder, and the capitalist class gets even worse with time. Our modern Procrustes will do whatever he has to in order to fit us on his bed, including kill us, so long as his precious bed isn't damaged. People are cheap and disposable, an iron bed is not.

there's a wall especially for red liberals too