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Read Bordiga.

Yes, the american 'left'

damn you memed on me


What are you talking about?

Only libs give a shit about Russia.

Hello fellow leftists!

The general sense that I get is that most people here disliked Trump and Hillary roughly equally - because they're both obscenely wealthy oligarchs that don't represent working people. It's just a different flavor of cyanide pill if those two are your only options.

Aside from that - If Russia was able to compromise the US presidency simply by buying a some shitty 4chan tier meme ads (seriously, have you seen some of the shit people are saying was bought by Russian agents? It's seriously shit-tier memes I'm not even joking) it kinda' reveals something pretty sick within the American political system, doesn't it?

To put it more simply - the American 'left' is not really all that left. It's roughly where Reagan was like 40 years ago. I get that these things are to some degree relative, but there's not really anything about either the Republican or Democratic platforms that smacks of having a leftward bend. Honestly Trump pulling out of TPP so early into his presidency was probably the most 'left' thing that either of these shit-candidates could/would have done.

Who? literally all of us see past the whole russia thing

Sargon pls leave.

Trump's crew is putting all the TPP shit into the new NAFTA agreements.

liberal "left" is pretty much moderate republican at this point. dem party has to either be invaded by socialists or driven to the ground to make place for the real left

Our main enemy isn't President Trump, but Neoliberalism, of which he's but a small part. Destroying the democratic party is a serious blow to it, even if Republican party remains unscathed.

honeslty every single person who believes the democrats are left wing should be fucking castrated. Waste of oxygen.

Read, Holla Forumsreddit.

As someone who lives here, I intend to stay out of the fray and watch this country come apart at the seams. I'm glad Trump won, because he's going to accelerate the demise of this con of a country. Death to America!

Time to send some transgenders to fight the coming way against the DPRK




Neither should it. Trump's personality is a smokescreen to distract from the larger failing of US liberal democracy. Friendly reminder that the worst policies of Trump were also enacted under Obama and Bush, and the worst policies of bush were expaned under Obama.



Hilarious case of projection when liberals complain about a state-run news network called Russia Today delivering fake news based out of Russia when the State department spend billions on fake news dissemination in countries targeted for Spreading Democracy through liberal foundations. Liberal projection - many such cases!

Not only that, the CIA has actively rigged elections.

yes, the "private" foundations are just another arm of the State.


trump was and remains unironically revolutionary. anti trump reeeing is bourgie media talking points

Except Bernie Sanders gang

If you mean that the election of Trump increases the chance of a successful revolution, then I agree with you.

It's pretty disgusting that some people here are trying unironically give Trump a pass because of 'b-but muh neoliberalism'. Just because he might be symptom rather than a cause doesn't devalue how the fact that Trump is probably the worst president the US has ever had. This kind of false-consciousness equivalency propaganda needs to stop right now.

Perfect. What's bad for America is bad for capitalism, and good for communism. Death to America!

Trump is literally better than Reagan and Nixon. Trump is insignificantly worse than Obama and Clinton. Tump is about the same as Bush. Trump is much, much better than Hilldawg would've been.

Maybe in terms of policy, but in terms of competence, and ability to lead the nation? No way.

trump has been far better than bush.

you are a fucking moron eyeballs deep in ideology. did you vote for hillary clinton? gtfo

I actively campaigned against Hillary, and I voted for Johnson bc I was hoping to get the Libertarian Party public financing in the next election. I'm glad Trump won for the same reason Zizek is: he means the accelerated downfall of America and the West. Death to America!