MUKE streaming with contrapints at 8:00pm eastcoast usa time

a discussion onRevolution, Marxism, Identity Politics: A Discussion With Xexizy
will this boards mascot whipping boy get close to fucking up a discussion once again
will the chat be ashitshow?
lets find out

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forgot link

are they going to sex

I'd rather watch Hoochie and Afroplasm.

id pay for this tbh


It's starting in like two minutes


Already in bed, so no, sorry.

remind contra gender is a spook

I'm trying to get Zizek on.

Literally, who?

Chat is the most retarded shit I've ever seen

what did you except? stream chats are always trash

Man, Contras voice has gotten way more feminine. I dont remember them (her?) sounding like that on the Zero Books podcast.

this would be more interesting if muke read books

She started taking hormones


contra is a maoist third worldist confirmed

putting aside that they're ecelebs it's very boring, tbh

contra: muke, the book that I gave you…
muke: mmhmhm
contra: the book, let's talk about it now
muke: errm eh
contra: you haven't…
muke: mnmnmm
contra: well, let's talk about the article I sent you
muke: uhm
contra: the article that… muke?
muke: ehm
contra: okay, let's talk about that tweet I sent you, you surely have read that one
muke: the WHOLE tweet?
I didn't watch it, actually.

Trash. They talk about irrelevant shit like cultural appropriations like "problematic" Halloween costumes. Muke at this point aus surrendered ideologically, has no praxis and regressed into the stereotypical armchair, but talks big about getting the leftists out of their ivory tower but represents every reason why they are in there. He later says "history should be completely discarded", which is funny since he hasn't read a single book abut history and sucks Contrapoints dick so hard I felt seriously uncomfortable ("I actually bought a poster with your face on it! It's my favorite poster!").

I liked Contrapoints when he was just a man who dressed like a woman and was ok with that.
I mean, he still is precisely that, but he bought into the gender spook.

I know right? I liked him because I always felt that the proper response to the gender vs sex question was to accept dudes that wanted to dress like women and vice versa. So that there wouldn't be a need for the hormones and surgeries.

Doing something that makes you feel more comfortable, even as a "spook", is fine to do.

Yeah nah.
I'm not even going to dignify that with a response any longer than that. You should read your own words and think about all the situations they apply to.

Why is twitter full of these 30 year old misfits filling the minds of impressionable teens with sexually deviant thoughts?

lmao too late buddy
2 bucks says you've never actually read ego and his own since you sound like basically every pseud who wants to talk about spooks without having read it

Yeah, its been obvious for while that chaos6000 wants to go reddit friendly. He's been sucking up the the twitter troon brigade for ages. In it for the patreonbux.

I'm not gonna watch that Tranny lover.

What's up with muke and trannies?

he's going to become one

Why is this place so fucking transphobic?
Can't we just fucking live and let live?

Go back to reddit you fucking faggot

I'll go and make sure you don't recruit any more people, you biggoted swines.

This is a weird stream. I feel like muke is trying to distance himself from us with psuedo leftist talk about critical theory and history. He's more and more entering the mainstream leftist crowd.

Good. Go there and stay there. You guys are not welcome here

Muke is homosexual.

if you're actually being ironic, you should be careful because you might get banned



Literally doesn't even know what fascism is and conflates fascism with the (also at least quasi-fascist but considerably more specific) alt-right.

This is me

That's not me
I'm not a redditor, I've used the chans for years
What exactly is wrong with live and let live

Stop impersonating me you lying cuntflap

It's hippie reasoning. It's americanism

I always chortle when people who never understood the 20th century theory, let alone the 19th century theory, say we need to 'update it'

Contrapoints with the left is doing something similar to Sargon with the alt-right. Look at her older videos and they're mostly mocking weirdos (like Sargon). Then at some point each of them got a following and they started catering to their new audience - an audience that was attracted by the "pwnage" kind of video against people they disagree with but who bring certain ideology with them. Then suddenly the content creator starts catering to this new audience and saying what s/he thinks they want to hear (about their opponents mostly). S/he avoids saying anything positive (in the sense of praise or a "positive claim") about that ideology and will deny subscribing to it if pressed.

Not to say this is unique, not by a long shot. This is pretty much the nature of the beast when you make content for money online. You attract the audience you attract (intentional or not) and you start having to cater to their interests. I think muke is aware of this and it's probably why he's trying so hard to distance himself from us.

Is this the stream where Muke finally pounds Contra's tight boipussy?

Why are people who argue about theory such fags?
This isn't even exclusive to leftism, I have a christfag friend who constantly argues with people about stupid details of Christianity that nobody gives a shit about beyond them.
Is it for the same reason I thought the kids in debate club at school were knob gobblers?

How to tell who's an ex Holla Forumsyp leftist who still hasn't completely gotten over Holla Forums yet: they still give a shit enough about idpol to act reactionary towards trans people

The idea that a person's treatment of trans people is a litmus test for being leftwing is so fucking dumb. The only question should be if someone supports international proletarian revolution or not. That's the only criteria for being leftwing, not if you're cool with eunuchs.

No Utilitarianism is Americanism. What I'm suggesting is Universalism (which is more complex than looking at what it's called and assuming the content of its philosophy). What I'm saying is not some hippie 'can't we all get along', I despise hippies and utopians. It's just that if someone is living their life how they want to why do we have to demonise them if they're not hurting anyone? HOW is Contra hurting anyone by being trans? How is she negatively affecting your life by existing as she wants to exist? Do you think she just chose to be "spooked" and is playing a dress up game? Or is it more likely that being trans and living in a body that disgusts and traumatises you so much that you're willing to undergo expensive surgery that alienates you from close minded friends and family is the only way she could live without being constantly depressed and hating herself? Have some fucking compassion for another human being before you treat them like nothing for making different life choices to you

In all seriousness, who cares if someone chops their dick off and starts pumping themselves with hormones? It ain't my dick.
Just legalize steroids so Bobby Virgin can start juicing and going to the gym like he always wanted to, that should shut them up.


dude wtf are you doing lmao

That's not what they said. Why are you strawmanning them?

I dunno I've deluded myself into thinking I can change people's minds via the Internet and failing miserably

Writing paragraphs berating anons isn't gonna do anything except make you look like a fool, user.

Idk m8 but if you're accusing someone of not having gotten entirely over Holla Forums it sounds like they're not your comrade. I'm saying that anyone who is for international proletarian revolution is mine.

Being leftwing or right wing to me is more based on economic beliefs than anything. I'm not saying you aren't left wing If you still hold Holla Forums tier beliefs towards trans people, I'm saying you are still slightly culturally reactionary.

How would they be for international proletarian revolution if they haven't gotten over Holla Forums yet?

Why is he such an absolutely insufferable cunt, Holla Forums?

I'm not saying you're not a left wing comerade or anything, I'm saying you still have some getting over yourself to do

Because he has a youtube channel with which to jerk himself off on a public level?

If being Holla Forums is defined as making fun of trannies then being Holla Forums isn't a problem. Sure that's a dumb fucking definition but that's how the previous poster defines it and I'm not about to argue semantics with you.

Because Holla Forums arent just economic right wingers, they also have their own idpol as well

You're not doing a good job of arguing anything, much less semantics, but alright, thanks for the explanation.

Yes they are, user, don't lie to me. I'm not a fool.

people who live in hierarchies feel a need to jostle for dominance because their position in the hierarchy usually determines their access to resources (even if it's just social resources)
showing you know better than someone is a way of asserting dominance

Nothing prepares a man for the rough and tumble world of Youtube E-Celeb Hierarchies.

No you stop lying dumbass

sorry, I didn't see "just" economic right wingers

you kid but youtube is a hierarchy in that formal sense
Youtube the company will give people more privileges based on popularity

And you think that isn't a joke?

It's all good. I'm the guy who made the original post and I'm confused about who's arguing for what rn too

Who are these people?

Either Holla Forums is full of hypocrites who both agree with pic related but get mad when muke says it, or the userbase of Holla Forums has degenerated into historical reenactment enthusiasts. Both are equally likely.

Zizek isn't popular here anymore :-(

there's a difference between saying "let's take what we've learned about previous revolutions and build something new" and saying that "let's just abandon all of it, lenin didn't understand marx anyway XDDDDDD"

Yes he is

I like zizek but the last thread we had about him (it was last week) was full of people calling him a pseud, a socdem, an idiot, w/e. It seems pretty clear he's fallen out of favor with the majority on the board.

There were a lot people who called him a reactionary, racist, homophobic, eurocentric too

tell zizek i love him

What do you mean by theory? If you are talking about inconsequential shit then I agree, but if you are talking about theory in general, you are the one being a faggot. The only difference between mainstream politics and socialist theories is that one is accepted and the other is rejected.
If there was an omnipotent God with control over the literal eternity of your life you would be stupid not to autistically debate and ponder over its written word.
I do not see the relation between Muke and this image. I also do not see what Zizek is arguing for here.


this was pol pot's greatest theoretical contribution tbqh

better kill myself

good to know I'm not the only person who thinks Muke looks like Porter Robinson


What the fuck?

It would get cringe and boring after the initial 30 seconds

Typical slave mentality. If someone had that much control over my existence, then there's no point in listening to anything they have to say, the power gap is far too wide. I don't trust people with mundane power, much less the power cosmic.

Only god is literally omnipotent and will punish you with some kind of horrible eternal fate if you don't obey his laws, and he might even do it anyway even if you do. There is literally no reason not to follow his orders to the letter.

It's not like he's the cops or your boss where you can somewhat undermine their authority, it's god.

Saying we need to build something new with the lessons of the 20th century and saying Lenin didn't understand Marx and it's all dumb and useless are two different things.

That is the reason not to follow his orders to the letter.

Check this out.

To say that a Marxist professor is not Marxist because he tries to make things digestible for normies is peak arrogance. What a cunt.

Forgot pic