So wtfs his deal?

so wtfs his deal?

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He's a really depressed Marxist

I believe that he's still /ourguy/ but man does he walk that line.

Why does he hang out with those dork enlightenment chumps tho?

nice taste m8

why do people think Nick Land is /ourguy/ when he supports turbocapitalism, abolishing democracy outright, etc.

because most rightest are retarded and don't even understand what capitalism fundamentally is. we read his stuff and he lurks/post here

do you mean the nick land trip? Please, that's n1x with an alternate trip.

but that doesn't make him a leftist. nick land basically pulls an agree-and-amplify on every problem leftists identify with capitalism


Accelerationism is a Satanic inversion of Marxism tbh

I kind of understand why someone would want to be an accelerationist when I'm on a load of speed. Pretty sure that's what happened with land tbh.

>Reminder that Capitalism won't die of contradictions, contradictions is what it does and it can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with, and it will absolutely not stop (all that is solid melts into air, all that is sacred is profaned, nothing human makes it out of the near future)

wait, does he seriously?

no its n1x

Nick Land is what happens when you read way too much theory and take way too much drugs

What did he mean by this?

every single week we have this thread

Nice ad-hom I don't do drugs

unless these count

Is it time for the weekly "Holla Forums sucks neoreactionary cock" thread?


He fried his brain with drugs.

We know Assange lurks Holla Forums because he linked a doc from /pdfs/ once. Theres no doubt in my mind that he hangs out here given that he's probably been online 14 hours a day since 2011

I wouldn't even be surprised if Land lurked the board, seems like something just up his alley

Read this

Is there any proof of Assange visiting Holla Forums?

There was a thread where someone asked if he was a republication and he said "no" and every reply to him assumed he was Nick Land. That's what I was going off of.

How many more futures will we be robbed of

Not gonna lie, former Nick supporter here. It's hilarious watching Nick crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy get his hands on the highly cinematic 9mm automatic.

What made you change your mind?

no i know the thread you're talking about and i'm telling you it's n1x, it is part of the autistic accelerationist twitter milieu and even has @realnickland as its twitter handle lel

pure autism

also the actual nick land would be too elitist to ever post on a chan

he's an autist who literally screeches on stage when given a microphone.

he also looks like baspingo man

I'm not so sure about that

It's too late, he's already become the HIV+ cyberhooker with mirror shades and a bad attitude

all the shitposting made him too powerful, the blood is in our hands

because Nick Land is a reactionary. you have to read Rafiq alongside him tbh.


What's up my dudes?

CCRU era Land: Does drugs, get into occultism, pledges himself to evil and insanity, visits the Outside, gets raped by demons

NrX era Land: Don't go to the Outside, it's a scary place with wolves and shit, praise Gnon!


holy kek



He went full Anglo, never go full Anglo.

When I first started reading him it was like reading Nietzsche or Bataille for the first time, there was an enormous explosive energy in his heretical writings. Now he just jerks off to bullshit like Neocameralism and demographic differences between populations, but the fact is there is zero connection between his original philosophy which is accelerationist, wild, teutonic in nature, dark and nihilistic and Conservative-free market wankery. Now he has a bunch of frog twitter people worshipping on him on twitter and legit alt-right users bitching about niggers-jews on his site.

He really lends to the old adage that the older you become the more conservative you get, and more senile for that matter.

Why would I post a picture of myself on this board and possibly damage my imagen by destroying plausible deniability?

I like the deleuzian angle but the nrx stuff kinda turns me off, is it really worth bothering to read? Can someone give me a decent summary of the ideas?


Also I heard he's friends with kode9 so that must mean something

What if you have it backwards, and n1x was Nick Land all along? 👀