So they opened a time capsule in Russia from 1967:

So they opened a time capsule in Russia from 1967:
They thought we would have saved the planet, have communism, interstellar travel and negotiations with alien civilizations by now.

Say what you want about the Soviets, but they were truly believing they would build a new era of human civilization. It is heartbreaking to see their dreams being utterly shuttered - for a fucking Pizza Hut.

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This just makes me sad.

Where is the full text?

I went to look for a reaction image but realized there's nothing I have that could possibly convey how I feel.

I actually think I might cry.


I'm an anarchist and despise the USSR and I want to cry

Can we get an Anarchist-Marxist hug Wojak. It's needed, like now.

meanwhile in the year 2017

I hate this timeline.

Makes me legit angry that people successfully crushed this dream to preserve their God-given right to corporate scrip and unpaid overtime.



i want to travel to a different universe where porky didn't win


I hate this timeline

Want to add that I'm posting from the token hipster cafe in my town and this also makes me want to go dirty harry on everyone's fucking macbook. Toss your foucault in the trash and go pick up welding or electrical engineering for fucks sake

Well, we also have the internet…

Which monopolies are attempting to control and turn into television

Time for the sexual free market to do its work on pornhub



They also opened a time capsule from 1979, it all it contained was a small message begging time travelers of the future to please send back bread.

Holy shit.

Supplementary reading for this thread

Links or it didn't happen.

can't be bothered to debate Holla Forums go jerk yourself off till you drop dead in your diseased board.

It didn't happen

When was communist skeleton exist agaij? Did it seriously predict anarcho Communism?


Idk man, I'm just lurking from Holla Forums. Communism is pretty interesting stuff. I need Communism red pills though.

certainly some of them did and have been disappointed since the 90s or probably even the 70s

Anarchists and communists have been together for a pretty long time, early 1800s, and i believe that skeleton is from the early 1900s

Read the Conquest of bread as an intro

Fuck you commie fucks it's like your every answer to everything is "read an old book"

Unrelated but didn't someone die of a heart attack after the USSR fell?

Do you want Bookchin then?

The many wikipedia pages on leftism and related subjects are a broad intro if you want something short and simplified.

wow it's fucking nothing

Reading is good for you, fam

Really makes me worry about the future, all we've seen is a market crash after market crash, with people getting poorer by the day.

Fuck you fascists it's like your every answer to everything is "read this unsourced jpg"

Illiteracy is for kneegrows


I will never defend the Soviet Union or any 20th century M-L country, but this pretty heartbreaking.

why do Holla Forumsyps keep coming here looking for "redpills" on communism?
is the aut-right in such dire straits that they're looking for complete ideological transition?

we are trying to share our knowledge user

i don't see how that's a bad thing

like on what level of narcissistic self-imposed illiteracy do you have to exist to respond to a book rec with this much anger


Well ask yourself this:
This is what made 15 year old me start thinking.
One of the most basic tenets of communism is that all value comes from labour. It follows that every dollar gained without directly producing is a dollar stolen to those that actually put in the work. This theft is done through the private control of the means of production thus it must be brought to an end.
Is this basic enough?


all we got was a shitty web 2.0

Thought quoting a vidya would hold a Holla Forumsyp attention longer than any political discussion


That's basically the deepest political philosophy anyone on Holla Forums is ever exposed to


Soon we'll only have fetish lit on the premium channels.


mfw pic related is a far likelier scenario

Don't be silly, the shuttles have all been decommissioned and none of them are displayed attached to the fuel tank.

There's optimism, then there's naivety. While I'm confident we'll reach that point someday, fifty years is a bit impatient.

we'll all die before any of that happens

I agree with that statement.

It's symbolic, fam

The 1980s under Ronald Reagan (yes, the actor) thought we'd have flying cars in 2015

I don't play video games

it was a joke famalam

meant for

what exactly do you agree with?

We're not too far off from that, technologically. It's impractical without a major infrastructure revision, anyways, but might be really useful once the floating city experiments are underway as there will be zero permanent roadways. Think of an aircraft carrier-like landing strip module.

Pussy, just roll over and die if you're so willing to give up.

That corporate owners are profiteering from labor with minimal benefit for the worker.


It's not giving up to acknowledge you're fighting a losing battle.

You can be a nihilist without being a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧defeatist🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. Use your disgust with humanity as fuel for your grasp at success, no matter how unlikely it seems.


That's the tip of the iceberg user, there's a lot more.
It's not only the giant corporations robbing the common man, it's the act itself of selling one's labour.
History is, at least form an economic perspective, nothing more than the sequential transformation of the relationships of production. We started with slaver-slave, where the owner class directly owned the labourer, then we had lord-serf, where the owner class claimed ownershiop of the products of the labourer, now we have employer-employee, where the owner class rents the labourer to produce more than he is being paid.

The mine owners paid for all the miner families to eat, gave them somewhere to sleep, and provided for the families of the miners, and the 'millers'.
Without the mine owner, all the miners and their families starved to death.

Im not a left leaning man but this is sad. These people thought the future would be so bright. No matter political affluence its sad to see dreams weighed next to reality. They thought humanity would be glorious and instead its devolving, were set to be cavemen with iphones. Weve let the good times make us lazy

Same is true for black slavery. The masters had to provide medical care, housing food etc for slaves and killing one was illegal. You could be punished for mistreating slaves.

Wrong user. Did the mine owner personally worked the farms that fed the miner's family? Did the mine owner personally build the house of the miner's family?
No it was done by other workers, who had to sell their labour to another master.

stop being a faggot

No more gods No more masters

Slaves were prohibitively expensive and were a mix of blacks and whites. Cotton fields weren't only full of black skin, whites fell into slavery under the title of indentured servitude.

I fail to see how this is relevant.
polite sage for doubleposting

Go watch rick and morty you lazy faggot

U mad blue nazi?

Godamnit I fucked it up. Oh whatever…

Care to explain what the hell are you blabbering about?

lol fuck commies. Well have all those things under the gift of capitalism. If only we didnt waste so much time on comunism we couldve been where we are today 100 years ago

You do realize capitalism 3 centuries old, right?

I have wtached rick and morty I hAV a VESry hoghhhh autism level

Its people like you who make me wish gulag's were still a thing




We'd have it if Stalin hadn't turned the USSR into a shithole. Fuck Stalin, Trotsky, and Mao.

It's easy to idealise, but theory is not reality.
There is always someone at the top, no matter the name of the ideology.

If you want to be your own master, you must be strong enough to defend against all other masters who would seek to take what is yours.
In the overpopulated modern world, there are simply too many competitors and people who would seek to be your master. No matter their name or claim.
The answer is to live your life as best you can, and not for any name.

Stalin made the USSR great though.

People just can't work for nothing. I need something for my effort.

At the cost of 20 million lives.

Well, I mean it did happen. Our fee fee's can't change history, both America and the USSR was starving at one point most notably in the USSR thanks to the soldiers stealing shit but nevermind that

Fuck this timeline fuck my life

The 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧good🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 times haven't made us lazy, they've forced us to work even harder. If you were capable of getting married, you and your wife would probably half to work harder than your faggot parents to reach the quality of life they had. Miserable times have made us stupid. See: you.

100 million*


That's alright then.

Could say the same about the Jewish population in Europe during the holocaust era but I dont have the actual proofs. Nor can I be fucked to get them t'bh

He advanced capitalism in the USSR which is an improvement over feudalism


It's funny that you speak of theory not reflecting reality, when it's capitalism that refuses to lower its economical theories to practical long term situations.
In the overpopulated modern world, there are simply too many competitors and people who would seek to be your master. No matter their name or claim.
The answer is to live your life as best you can, and not for any name.
It's hard to write sevaral sentences without saying anything remotely meaningful.

Could say the same about the population in Europe and the rest of the world during ww1, the Spanish flu, and ww2.
Overall population increase.

Daily reminder that if the SPD hadn’t switched sides during the German Revolution of 1919 the German soviets would have become the main ruling body. This would have taken massive pressure off of Russia, allowing it to develop more freely and without the need for authoritarianism. In addition it would have allowed for the German-Soviet alliance to link up with he substantial communist movements in Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, China and Spain. Europe would have gone red and the rest of the world would have soon followed. So remember, the next time you lament the darkness of our timeline, you can thank a socdem for it.


what the fuck is an increase


I suppose you must struggle with English. I'll simplify it for you.
Commie is fag. Capitalist is fag. Socialist is fag. You is fag.
Stop being fag. Fag.

What's in communist theory that prevents you form obtaining what's fairly yours by the right of your labour?

Because we should trust a capitalist nations census. Not even saying it's wrong but one that's not produced by the USSR please.

Thats what im trying to figure out about communism. Is someone going to take my wealth and give it to another person?

Can I go to the store and buy a variety of coffee, not just one brand?

I mean you just proved my point: you have literally nothing to say, so you limited yourself to put together a string of words that kind of sounded like your favorite neoliberal propaganda.
Keep thinking deeply comrade.

30 people died in ww1 worldwide.
20 million by Spanish flu in Europe.
120 million in ww2.

World population in 1914 was 5.5 billion, yet 20 years later in 1945, world population was 6.8 billion.

How about you actually prove Stalin killed 20 million people? Oh right, you can't because he didn't.

Too many lives lost.
Still if we're speaking in billions then a measly 6 million isn't much at all. I don't remember how jews were in Europe at the time but I remember seeing something where a lot less jews died during ww2 than the holocaust led us to believe. again no actual proofs because I'm a faggot

That you have a reddit reaction image for it, you must have already been presented with enough information by now to suggest that the problem is not a deficit of data, but that you simply can't digest what is handed to you.
Don't think about it, there there. Buy another flag, perhaps a rainbow one will suit you this time.

nice source faggot


We could do it in 5 years from today.

The issue isn't what's possible but what people are willing to do. The issue is capitalism.


None is going to take your toothbrush user. There's a distinction between private property and personal property. What is your is yours. The end of private property is socializing everything that is used to produce, but not used directly and exclusively by the owner.
In a pure communist society wealth is meaningless as communism aims to end commodity production as well.
What it means is to end the production of goods for the sole purpose of selling it. This is not a new concept, commodity production was the exception until yesterday, historically speaking.
If none owns the means of production, there are no brands that can be chosen in the traditional sense. Of course that does not mean there is no choice, but that's more difficult for me to say hwo and how much, since it will depend on the precise internal organization of society.

That's right.
But truth doesn't matter. Only agendas and demented freaks seeking power over others.

Nigga you took a whole paragraph to essentially say "the strong survive" and then got all shitty with somebody because they called out your flowery prose, and you're calling /them/ reddit?

is this the power of centrists

What exactly do you want me to say?
No shit, but see pic related
The world is not overpopulated and ending senseless economic competition is something that would come naturally to a communist society/
This si just the usual "such is life in the zone" argument.

Look at these graphs

You just filled out a wall of text, half of it copy pasted, dumped another irrelevant reaction image and communicated nothing.

Nuke africa and those figures will go down to 0.
Sure it might spike for a few years, but after that will be a land of plenty.

Damn that Great War wasn't so great, when only 30 people died

The image he posted was relevant. The many can come together to overthrow the powerful.

He made a counterpoint:

He also called out your stupid bullshit non-argument:

Is that spoonfed enough, or do I need to start being condescending and baby talking to you like you did him?

I'm bored of talking to you, get back to Holla Forums and your intellectual equals

what's the difference between a white africa and a black africa? how would that solve the issue?

Things were different back then, with only 5.5 billion people in the world, 30 people were a lot.

Just as with all sequels, they tried to step it up in ww2. More explosions, more action scenes, over the top cartoon like figures.


Spotted the American. Isn't it time for your daily school shooting and 🍔burger🍔?

We can't let them down comrades

I don't know why you are speaking on your boyfriend's behalf, but I can't follow your Reddit spaced green & black Christmas post. Was there a point in there somewhere?

I'm not asking how better would Africa fare witha purely white population, I am asking how would a white Africa solve any global issue whatsever

thanks user.

That's depressing. This is really fucking depressing. Although with a red Europe what would the US have done?


Was that real? Holy fuck it's depressing

Already forgot the first post?
Work on your concentration skills tomorrow before you go back to school.

yes I was talking of the period after the nuking, genius. Africa is free of the boogeyman, yay! Now we can all recolonize the plaec with a different dominant shade of skin.
What exactly changed?

im not sure if that specific example is, but this kind of propaganda wasnt uncommon. The 70s and 80s kids that brag on facebook about how things were better back then? They were completely normalized to the possibility of self-inflicted thermonuclear extinction.

all in all it's depressing, but the positivity is a sign of the times of the 60s. the war just ended and things looked to get better, on both sides of the iron curtain. t's not really an indicator that the USSR could've attained communism or that the system they had in place was any less flawed.

LMAO fucking roasted commie faggots, we won, you lost, and now I can buy a 38 oz steak with a side of 🍔burger🍔s for 2 DOLLARS, commies can't even buy a piece of toast for a brick of gold lmao nice system you fucking retarded social rejects

Big Bill and based Debs would have lead the Combined Syndicates of America to victory.

The boogeyman is an entirely different matter, I said nuke the species that doubles in population in 25 years like a colony of bacteria.
No more starvation, no more rampant disease or childhood mortality, no more rape, cannibalism, constant tribal wars.

Keep it as a nature reserve afterwards, it doesn't matter. The problem of famine has been solved.

Jesus wept. Is it that surprising to you that people of the same, or similar political inclination would back each other up on an anonymous image board? That tends to be how things work around here, and you'll see the same within any political group. And holy shit, nigger. Regardless of whether or not you wish to be a format-fag, user's response was perfectly understandable. Every one of your posts has been nothing but deflection and calling people gay. You get a 0/10, try harder.

And if is a wall of text, I'm inclined to believe you communicate primarily by twitter.

… is this a bot?

Fertility has been steadily diminishing in all the African continent for quite some time now.
Implying this happens only in the African continent and only to blacks.

Are you still on myspace? Let it go sweetie.


Punished for mistreating slaves? What is mistreatment? Brutal whippings? Let's not get too stupid here guy.

Have you ever once bothered to read world population numbers.
It's bare fact, and it certainly isn't universal.
Read up and check back when you're finished.

Even if there were only one brand of coffee, coffee beans come in a variety of flavors so that's not even a relevant answer

All coffee beans of all flavours will be ground together and distributed as a singular branded mix. Failure to enjoy it will result in death.

So you see from all the data collected about Africa that it's a shitty place and instead of analyzing the historical processes that produced such situation you simply said: "yep, they blacks, that's what they do"
Ever heard of newo colonialism?

to be fair it doesn't happen as often as it does in the west, and if it did they wouldn't be boiling up a good ol'human head and foot in a tub to eat in public. The issue with Africa is that their culture and people are fucking dumb. Remember these are the same people migrating to the west.

so you admit the nazis were the good guys?

What are you talking about

They are only migrating to the west because the west has destroyed their countries with endless wars and stripping the land of all resources until it was a barren wasteland.
What choice did they have??

This is why communism need to win. Anyone not for communism should be considered an enemy of humanity and an example should be made of them. Bullet or hanging.

Hot coffee.

The nazis were literally created by the capitalist west in order to stymie the growth of communist influence. Fascism is capitalism.

…about that

I agree, the first ones to die should be anyone who promotes violence against their fellow man.
By being skinned alive and then burned slowly, feet first.

Shoo liberal.

Not America, so your vocab doesn't work, 🍔burger🍔.

There is no such thing as african history. Nor aboriginal history.
What does that tell you.


You guys are the weakest motherfuckers on the planet, no wonder you want to take other peoples things instead of building it yourself.

We'll take your toothbrush faggot and your little dog too

Seriously nigger?


but that's capitalism


The date at the bottom says 1969. It's impressive, given the segregation laws at the time.

really made me think user, I hear your wife likes it when you watch her and your boss at night.

try 1320

Where are you guys reading a date?

Bottom of the pic.

Literally where?

there's no date, he's just being a retarded faggot

Can you pick up my dry cleaning on the way home honey.


He's calling you gay

The GTA San Andreas mod?


I only date big brain wojaks

Shh, that's pretty controversial.

I'm a big breasted indian auntie. Are you sure darling?

Feels holy shit

Let me be the one to kill the capitalists and their supporters and usher in a brighter future and I will gladly die for it.

Saddest read of the day.

You have to die first. That's the rule.

You mean to tell me that after the Jewish led Bolshevik revolution and subsequent purging of all traces of intelligentsia from the Russian people that the expected anything different from what Russia is today. That is a barren land populated with feral White niggers.




I never asked for this

There were a lot of Bolsheviks though. It was pretty popular. Probably because communism is popular when people are permitted to analyze it outside of liberal capitalist echo chambers.

"A Taboo Subject
Although officially Jews have never made up more than five percent of the country's total population,5 they played a highly disproportionate and probably decisive role in the infant Bolshevik regime, effectively dominating the Soviet government during its early years. Soviet historians, along with most of their colleagues in the West, for decades preferred to ignore this subject. The facts, though, cannot be denied."
You are also correct but given the tiny amount of jews it's pretty odd they were able to be such a huge deal.

have you considered that the pogroms against jewish russians under the tsar may have contributed to an above average number of jews participating in anti-tsarist revolutions?

You could, but you would be wrong

Russians were over-represented in the Communist party leadership. So were Baltics, actually almost twice as much as Jews were.

What's your point again?

Not even 5 in and it's already bullshit

Both of these are fake quotes. I can't believe you actually think trotsky would say that.

go ahead and find a citation for either of those quotes that isn't an inforwars-tier "COMMUNISM: A ZIONIST PLOT".
even if you believed wither of those quotes are real, don't you find it amusing the Trotsky was killed BY soviets?

If you actually knew anything about Trotsky, you'd realize how fishy those quotes are
And yeah, suprise suprise, they're fucking fake


So where's the quote about eating white american babies? That one's a winner.


Say what you will about the effectiveness of communism as an economic policy, but when the social norm of capitalist society has become "maximize the profit for the next quarter, and FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE" you know that something fundamentally wrong has happened to humanity.

I decided to make something for this thread. Now all we need is a Marxist to make the flip side.

You reckon you could give the Marxist a better Ushanka?

I made this in MS paint and it's based off this

Wait, when did Holla Forums start picking up on Berenstain\Holla Forums memes memes?

Fucking hell. This really shows just how stupid these people were back then. Their heads were too far in the clouds, obsessed with their own intellectualism, to notice the reality of their ideas fucking up around them. Aliens? Seriously? That's what a child would write.


it's hardly that new a concept

it's called optimism you fag. they probably didn't literally think they were gonna meet aliens in the next 50 years (then again who knows)

"The mine owners own the gold, but pay other people to dig it up. SO HOW DO THEY OWN DA GOLD??"

I'm not saying it is.
But I didn't see it on this board 6 months ago.



*or at least, I believe it was six months ago

the article says they are all dead today






Two blows to the feels.

they can rest in piece with those digits

we /nihilists/ now.


wow leptibol blon de fug oud, how will eber recor??? :DDDDDDD



are you fucking stupid

just like leftism (/\:E

not so fast! r/ing all the best skeleton gommies

the efforts of our fallen comrades will not be in vain after our final victory

What makes me really angry is that we've had the technology and ability to do a lot of what they wanted for decades
but god forbid, that might cut into profits

Dog you had one job, that’s how you spent those digits???


everyone is dead

my heart was stomped on twice today…..

Value has nothing to do with labour though, otherwise peoples deviant arts would be worth loads from all the grafting on it.
So if the basic tenet of communism is wrong then is the whole thing a crock or what?

All value is generated by value is not the same as All labour generates value

wow dude was right again, dude. DUDE. MAGA, merm magics :OOOOO

do you know difference between exchange value and use value?

It just had to be rubbed in didn't it?

After our humiliating defeat today when no one showed up to our revolution, I don't even want to call myself a leftist anymore. I think I am going to join the libertarians. Jill Stein or something.

First Bernie, then Hillary, then Trump…now this? What's next? They will rewrite history and turn Marx into a transgendered Egyptian Black woman?

Fuck this I am done. I AM DONE!

Why do they keep getting away with it? I saw posters saying "It's ok to be white" on my university campus yesterday. THEY KEEP WINNING! Fucking NAZIS WHY?!?!?!? We sit at home and let them?

I am done!

That's bullshit and you know it. By that time everyone already got tired of the daily "the rest of the world will turn red just like us, believe me tovarish, it's just around the corner, just a few days more".



Lmao kys Holla Forumsyp

I don't know what I'm feeling right now.



fuck too much feels i can't


Jill stein, libertarian?


At the ceremonial opening of the capsule, a minute of silence was held to honor the letter’s authors, none of which have lived to this day to see their communist dreams shattered
Good for them tbh

They died with hope in their hearts
One cannot ask for a more peaceful death


If we took the money spent on making and purchasing fidget spinners, we could feed the world. You know I'm not joking, and this is trashy socdem bullshit I'm saying here.


so they own the fruits of the labour of those workers because of an artificial property right.
The mine owner did not create that gold, did not put that gold in the Earth, did not extract it, did not refined it and yet you are here defening his right of property.
The mine owner did not create anything of value, all value was created by the workers, and yet he is benefiting the most out of this.

There's no choice for the capitalist either, user. They have to increase profits or get swept away in the tide of the market.
This is not to say that they are without fault, they are the ones profiting from the system, but it's wrong to think that they could do otherwise while we still live under capitalism.


I welcome the death of the human race. We do not deserve to survive.


Too bad it had to be this way you commie faggot.

t. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧The Eternal 🍔burger🍔🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


put me in the screen cap.


This is wrong, population of the USSR was 148 656 000 in 1926 (short after Lenin's death) and 182 321 000 (two years before Stalin's death), Aand you also have to consider the 25 million soviet citziens who died in WW2 time.
Here is an accout of the causes of decrease/increase and an analysis of the evolution og the demographics ,based in the Soviet cernsus and the CIA factbook:

….What keeps us going comrades?
History is not on our side, nor the people, nor the world….

Yes I know it's wrong, but it's not like a Holla Forumsyp would care. Still thanks for good sauce user.

that crust, tho 3750 RPM, tho

We have to keep going because if we do not succeed there will be no history nor people nor a world.
sage for doublepost.

I'm Honestly getting tired of living in this Nightmare it won't be long until I commit suicide.
we will never see a socialist superpower rise again.
we will be slaves forever.
I'm losing all fucking hope.

2/3 of the of the malnourished people on Earth live in Asia

Move to a smaller country, if you're gonna live in capitalist hell at least live where you want to be. I plan to move to Greenland and live out my days

Didn't say he did


I guess you could say communism is the original RED PILL AHAHAHAHA

But really, I'm starting to understand that what fascism does is get at the human insofar as he is spookable, and Marxism is traditionally muh science/wissenschaft that just leaves people cold. But the communist tradition has some cool spooks too, like Dialectics, Historical Necessity, Other People, Class-Consciousness, Species-Essence, and Humanism. Hint: only dialectics and species essence matters. Read Marx's 1844 Manuscripts.

drink bleach, I read about it in a book



thank goodness

How horrible, that people cannot imagine having a variety of goods without the cancer that is "the market brand".

No, that's not how the SU fell. Not at all.

The SU didn't fell. It was destroyed


It's like all those memes like "1967: I bet they'll have flying cars in 50 years/ 2017: UK's first transgender Muslim woman" coming true at the same time.

I wish I were dead too.

I live for the struggle, every argument with a liberal, every infuriating day at work, every attack on leftism only fuels my revolutionary fervor. If we are not fighting we are dying, keep fighting comrade

Capitalism has turned "socialism or barbarism" into "socialism or extinction". Honestly, I'm okay with that, because if we don't reach socialism and actually begin civilization in earnest, we don't deserve to exist.

Those digits tho


We're to cowardly to kill ourselves, but maybe we can muster the courage to change the world.

Not tear down successful countries like Rhodesia and South Africa, infest them, and kill the goose that lays their golden eggs like the niggers they are?

oh, wait…


Must be new.
We were doing it during the election


Things aren't off to a good start.


This is why communism failed.

What said, I have one life to give and I'm going to use it to throw myself at the problem until there's no more problem or no more me.



It's all over

Shit this made me nearly cry

Probably the only thing I like about USSR, they weren't afraid to dream big and attempt these crazy, utopian projects. Really something the world could use right now

My best attempt

The inner cynic in me thinks this is propaganda but goddamn

i lel'd and i'm a gommunist

Well yeah, that sets us apart from Holla Forumsyps. Not blaming people or identities but the system in which people are forced to operate.


All that fighting and this is all leftism has to show for it. Really makes you think.

you really think that we are liberals.

& read fucking books.

fucking nerd

can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Post in the OC thread

I never like Soviet sympathy out of fear of turning into a ☭TANKIE☭ revisionist, but then shit like this pops up.
God dammit.

Sympathizing with soviet is not the same as praising soviet

I cried. Christ.

This story seriously gave me a mild depression when I first read it. I still can't stop despairing over the fact that we could have had all of this and more but we missed our best chance for it when pizzaman, Yeltsin and all the other revisionist scum brought the socialist dream crashing down.