"Day of Revolution" (Nov 4) Containment thread 2 electric boogaloo

Last thread got raided and anchored. Here's the part two of the containment thread. Post Holla Forums sperges here as they have autistic fits about a day they hyped up.
By my request: delete the thread instead of anchoring it if shit hits the fan from a raid.

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no thanks

an TEE fuh


Have we hit max recursion depth yet?

I am a regular lurker. I remember you guys having a thread about this about a month and half ago discussing Nov 4 talking about ways to make caltrops and junk. Don't lie and try to save face claiming it was a Holla Forums false psyop now. C'mon.

Why do rightards feel the need to falseflag this much?

Do you have screenshots or are you pulling this out your ass?


Holla Forums isn't that proactive, c'mon m8.

Rand Paul tho


Doesn't the movie end the person with the axe dead tho?

If that's true feel free to link the archive

pics or it didn't happen

Reactionaries celebrate death. It's why they defeat liberals so easily yet are surprisingly weak when dealing with communist states..

Holla Forums doesn't have a functioning archive as far as I am aware. There used to be one a while back but no search function.

Read Bordiga

this site is 18+ only faggot

You're so obviously lying it's hilarious. If anyone on leftypol suggested direct action they would be immediately killed for being cointelpro.

If not for the fact that purges are direct action and thus cointelpro, of course.

Way back machine doesn't do a snap shot of every page of every board minute by minute assuming they even index infinity in the first place, chucklefuck.

I'm not lying. There was definitely at least one big thread about it here a good month before the magapede and Alex Jones caught wind of it and starting posting about it on cuck chan. I remember people here talking about filling pouched gloves with ball bearings kek

there's about two snapshots everyday of Holla Forums for the past 6 months or so, I assume someone built a bot for it or something

They do index leftypol every day, if this thread happened you should be able to find it. Of course it never happened so you'll have some other excuse now.

I kinda remember that thread. The Bob/Nov. 4 connection was made pretty instantly, then there was a side talk about street fighting.

Again, feel free to link to it, post screenshots of it, give us an approximate date or title, anything.

Of course you won't… wonder why

You probably fell for the ironic shitposting

*made up a fake thread

Also likely

I'm not sure why peoples here are talking about Bob, I through it was mostly a Twitter thing.

There is a guy who when posting uses only his trip and no name, and it seems like he regularly does stuff with antifa folk. If I remember correctly he was the one who made the thread, the one who mentioned caltrops and all that. Most people in that thread weren't taking it seriously, and even then some who did take seriously aren't gonna do shit, and on top of that a lot of us aren't πŸ”burgerπŸ”s.
Don't pay attention to the people saying it didn't happen though, the thread did exist, I don't remember when but I believe it was some time before or after the Bat'ko drama, around that time.

why do aut-rights take this shit seriously but then also say the left can't meme

Why is he calling a brown person low t? That shit is supposed to be a white cuck loser projection thing. It's like when they started calling black and brown liberals cucks. what the heck

That happened too, some guy said he'd use a gauntlet as a weapon and some people told him he was a retard because he'd break his fingers.


What happens when we hit max recursion? The universe throws an error and we all reset to the last restore point in a slightly different universe?

lmao are you trying to fortune-teller us?

leftypol is archived every single day on wayback, feel free to provide evidence of some sort.

Because this allows them to demonize us as the "violent left."

I'm not gonna wade through that shit mate, but it happened. This is as retarded as that time when Holla Forumsyps made a thread celebrating that the bikelock autist was arrested and everyone said they didn't know him. Fucking ridiculous.

it's cold war tier propagandizing. i want out of this timeline

i personally know every leftist to ever live

I don't know what you're talking about or why you're pretending not to be from Holla Forums. You're literally crying because we won't admit to seeing an obviously made up thread?

If you want to make up a thread you have to put in at least a tiny bit of effort to fake up some evidence. Until you can do that no crying when we point out you're obviously fantasizing.



The thread happened, I remember it and I have the satisfaction of remembering it now that you have your pants down, I'm not going to wade through a month of way back to one up you on an Indonesian fishing interchange.

Bull, unless you are referring to the multiple false flag accounts made by the right.

Have fun in your delusion

can we make this a ☭TANKIE☭ board again pls?
can non ☭TANKIE☭s just go to

Will you provide any sort of evidence for its existence at all?

I too like to masturbate

I wish I took caps is all I can say, I don't care either way, the fact that at least one other person itt corroborated is vindication enough.

Fuck off

we know that was you without the name field

Take your schizophrenia medications and go to sleep.

It was just some guy who hit a person who was doing nothing in the head with a bikelock. Holla Forums spergs figured out who he was and he was eventually arrested. Pic related, leftmost guy is him.

Feel free to show me where, bud.
HOOOOOO BOY, I was told this same thing when I suggested that taking down Cultured Thug and the wojak guy was not a great idea and that we should stop.

Most people here have always been against antifa. Feel free to shove a porcupine up your ass.



your confirmation bias is showing

It's funny, I still sometime hear about that guy and I still have no how who the fuck he is supposed to be.

Top pseud. Just stepped off the boat from the Chapo subreddit huh?


How is this cartoon supposed to help your point? Why did you post a Ben Garrison cartoon as evidence of… a bike lock guy?

Check this thread:
He's just a false flagging shitposter.

we're not 20's era bootleggers

Not my fault your burden of proof is so low.
Maybe next time not put so much weight on shitty anecdotal evidence.

you dumbass his burden of proof isn't "low" his world doesn't work that way. His burden of proof is wherever it needs to be in the moment depending on what his ideology demands of him.

what the fuck kinda revolution is this commies? i was promised a happening, Soros spent millions on news paper ads. what the fuck are you all doing? did you all just scam Soros or something? how is it possible that Soros is spending more money bout your communist gatherings are getting smaller?

Well, that's kind of what I meant by "low". You're right, though.

Soros spent billions on bringing down the communist bloc

fake news


Honestly though, Holla Forumsyps getting duped by fucking BA is toptier

Fuck, I think I remember I thread like that guy is talking about but I can't find it on my historic.
Are you sure it was for today?

This whole site reeks of liberalism

Are you deliberately trolling when you talk about soros to us?

It's like you think you're hurting/insulting US by apparently deciding on purpose to believe stupid nonsensical things. George Soros literally destroyed communism on purpose for money.

It's to show that it got big enough for Ben to draw him. I could look for Holla Forums's pics on him though, that's easier to get than an archive.

It's because specifically Nov 4 is a new thing. Back then there was a lot of people talking about a looming civil war, but no one gave dates.


fuck drumpf


Agreed comrade. On December 4th we launch the REAL plan and kill him


Really? Because it was founded by a neo-maoist.


The saddest part is after witnessing Holla Forums's spergfest i'm sure at least some of them will take you seriously.

Even if they find out the truth about December 4th it's too late for them to stop our anthrax attack.

I mean, which is it?


I hate it when they stoppo us

will back whoever destabilizes or does whatever his current goal is. there is no question that soros funds communist antifa groups in america, refuse fascism (leader is a card carrying communist), antifa europe, pro immigration european organizations, etc.

They probably will and I hope they do. They'll keep saying retarded things like and we can laugh at them
t. guy who typed that message

Why would Soros want to destabilize America when Trump is doing that already?

Is there any reason to believe this? Proof or evidence of the traditional sort? Or is it an a priori truth of the universe in your philosophy?

One already did fall for it, apparently.

Would you kindly cut that shit out? This false flag shit is getting out of control, and you're wasting everyone's time.

It'll blow over, have some fun while it happens.


its been reported several times, there are many organizations that all funnel money to each other originating from soros, it just so happens that refuse fascism has been reported on in particular

Only fascists believe this.



That article says Refuse Fascism received a donation from a charity Soros has donated to

I don't want to dismiss your ideas too quickly, but that seems pretty weak as a connection. Is that the best example of your assertion?

It was founded by our lord and saviour BOB AVAKIAN PRAISE BE TO THE NEW SYNTHESIS.

All that good shit about revolution, smh. Ya'll motherfuckers couldn't deliver a box of Chinese takeout.


Ben Garrison is officially a stale meme.

I hate fucking Trot front groups, and the RCP aren't even Trots. They act just like it.

Can you give me a quick rundown?

This would be funny if it weren't so predictable

He sponsored basically all the anti-soviet movements in the eastern bloc.

How fucking stupid are right wingers anyway?

Is all this retarded gloating about nothing happening today a means to compensate over all the times something did happen?

Like the g20 protests where anarchists/antifa showed out?
Or the mayday protests where they burned cops down?

Regardless, dudes who are too afraid to tell their moms how much they hate n-words have no business questioning anyone elses will and courage. Leftist riots occur if not weekly than monthly and put to shame any lame ass power rangers gathering mongoloids like you put on.

They aren't stupid they are just delusional. Right wing liberalism (and liberalism in general) is highly idealistic. It is literally feels over reals.

i am from an ex-communist country and i can confirm, i believe this started in 1984. after Reagan started implementing his doctrine about destroying communist countries with 3 invasive methods, one of the methods was to dump alot of money through non-government agencies while disguising it as "loan" or "charity"and when those governments collapse they would introduce free market capitalism and put the country in debt slavery.

pic related is Soros with one of the most infamous non-government agent here spreading "democracy" and constantly crying about "humans rights"


Who paid for this?

Bob Avakian

An out of touch liberal.



Do Trumptards really no understand how unstable Trump is making the US in the long term? They are doing our job for us. No wonder so many porkies are trying to get Trump out.

They realise not the era of multipolarity about to dawn.


Trumptards somehow managed to convince themselves that a New York liberal millionaire born with a silver spoon up his arse and mostly famous for reality-tv would 1) give a shit about their problems 2) be actually competent in any shape or form
so basically they can be convinced of anything, reality has little bearing on these poor souls

Post proofs billy. Because if you think that we're Anti-fa you've got another thing coming.



why did Bob Avakin have to be a dickhead and give the right wingers something to use to prove they weren't being retarded in acting like today was supposed to be some massive revolt

Because he is a new left piece of shit.

Funny thing, because i remember this shit event being mostly ridiculed in every single thread it was mentioned. Not to say there weren't the regular larpers sharing their autism in every single thread that mentions a demonstration. and i am sure i'm way more present here then you.

it's so retarded i could say it's a false flag, but again liberals prove to be on the same level as Holla Forums.
Such a fucking waste of money.

literally went out and bought todays paper but there was no ad. Unless that's supposed to be from nov 3rd then pol got trolled hard

It's from Wednesday apprently.

So are you telling me that Holla Forums fell for a conspiracy theory and got prank'd.

well I just checked the New York Times digital archive just to be sure and still nothing.
I'm really not convinced that this ad even exists.

They have the ads saved?

the historic archive does for research purposes. I'm not 100% if they save recent ads.

This Nov 4th shit as been about the most autistic and retarded thing I have seen in a long while.

This shit is worse than the shmita nonsense and almost as bad as flat-earther/planet nibiru retards.

Did anything actually happen?

Aside from a handful of dummies standing around doing nothing until they got bored and went home.


Maybe a dozen libs in New York.
Sadly chairman Bob will need your help to cover the cost of advertising.

This is the mental capacity of Holla Forums

They think they won though.

They fell for a conspiracy theory that was made to bait them and they think they won because they got baited

They literally are fucking brainlets


These guys are unstoppable.

They built their online identity on both being trolls and being impossible to troll. They can't quite process what is happening.

The shreodingers Holla Forums in a box, it's both retarded and stupid at the same time

If it was all just a prank why are there so many embarrassing commielarpers out and about?

Shhh, sweetie. The grownups are talking.





FOCK :^(





drumphy wumphy


where is it where is it


why are they there? Are they Holla Forums people pretending to be you? Are they same people who you think bought a false flag ad in a paper to impersonate you? Or did the ad never exist in the first place now? Hard to keep up with the damage control.



Are supersoldiers real or not? Hard to keep up with the damage control.



Dont know what the supersoldiers meme is, just know that I was supposed to see "the beginning of the end" today and all I saw was the same embarrassing shower of shite as always.

I think I heard white parents being beheaded on the streets today, but I just don't know what's real, with all the damage control

As we've been trying to tell you since the beginning it was you dumbasses who decided there was anything going on on the 4th at all. There's a reason you're seeing "the same dumb shower as always."

That's what you retards persuaded yourselves of.

The united states aka. the toilet of planet earth.
The place where all the thick cunts which blight our lives emanate from.


well, cant fault you on self assessment at least.

thernovith protecting free speech?

holy shiiiit, this is good


Did Holla Forums actually believe that anyone here actually gave a fuck about Bob Avakian the rcp and refusefascism?

Most Holla Forumstards don't even know how to get here.

No, come on. Where's the stuff you're talking about? Link or pic or something, anything.

YOU memed Nov 4 into existence. We told you all along that Nov 4 was a false flag, same way pol constantly false flags itself on purpose for fun. Even the fucking ad Avakian bought was after Holla Forums arbitrarily decided november 4th 2017 was a day of leftist action. If there's anything going on outside today (far as I knew there was nothing at all) you guys made it happen with your agitprop. Congratulations on meme magic once again

Look at the date man, that's November 1st. He was following you.

No one here except for larps and Holla Forums false flags gave a shit

I find it extremely ironic that the aut-right are advocates aganst fake news, yet it's their own self-made news outlet of shitty, unmoderated posts that's most susceptable to it


That ad was bought in the Nov 1 paper, Holla Forums have been memeing this since well before that

True, I'm assuming the ad is real instead of completely fake

it's almost like literal fake news helps reinforce peoples' shitty, autistic conspiracies and hate those actively trying to better their society


By "fake news" they just mean anything critical of Trump anyway.

fake news


Judging by the state of your people marching today it seems legit.

Hundreds of bugmen marching and chanting. Just watched some fat cosmopolitan with a commie larp shirt on get body slammed. Who is that if not one of yours?

give me proof or give me death, libscum

It's fucking Holla Forums we're talking about. Do you really think they know .pl exist?

What do you mean "you people"?

Fuck you man why are you giving away the real /leftypole/. That was supposed to be a secret.

Hopefully they don't find it.

give me even a shred of proof this isn't a fantasy inside your shallow brainpan


Yeah well good job exposing it you fucking retard

I still love you tho :3c




I don't believe you that anyone actually came out today. Where did this happen? Are there any pis of it?

shit agitprop, Holla Forums fags

Holla Forums its ok to admit that you got bamboozled by chairmen bob



How can you guys be in this level of denial hahahaha



you really don't understand sarcasm/irony or just the general principle that people often say shit they don't mean, do you Holla Forums?

You people fell for stupid tinfoil bullshit like you always do, just admit it.

Oh man! Is that an actual, real life fat lady?

Okay pol, you win. Sorry I didn't know about this headline news.

There are probably more protestors in front of any given courthouse on the 3rd and 5th depending on the weather.

wow it's fucking nothing

Is your point that there WERE some people protesting in the USA today, so november 4 is real?

There was never any talk of armed insurrection, not once. You people convinced yourselves of it because you're a bunch of brain damaged loons who spend their lives online.

Holla Forums just admit that you tricked yourself and fell for comrade bobs 4d chess


In your own mind maybe.

replying to someone claiming it wasnt real because there were no protests. so…yeah my point is that there were. nice lord of the rings flags btw lol

No, I said you started the Nov 4 meme, and explicitly said if anyone even DID come out it was memed into existence by pol.

Once again, you made up November 4th in your own heads.

cmon man
where antifa super soldiers
where blood of white parents soiling the streets
i mean I wish it was true but Avakian's little gathering isn't really what the Holla Forums hype promised

what was meant?

Two days ago

No, that was also me. I made two points:

You made up November 4th yourselves

I don't believe you that ANYTHING even happened

The first one stays true no matter how many people you succeed in bringing out since November 4th was your idea.

Well to be fair, Holla Forums did hype up fake protests made by fake antifa accounts enough so poltards confused eachother with antifa so much one of them got shot
So this reaction is hardly suprising, they keep swallowing their own bait. Hook, bait and sinker

We're not liberals. We don't care about Trump as much as you seem to think we do.

That's Holla Forums and the far right for you. Too proud to admit that they're easily duped tinfoil freaks, so they grasp at straws. I'd anything, the hysteria they built over this just makes them look worse, which is good.

There was a irrelevent event prepared by a meme man like we told you several times while you mouthbreathers keep sperging out about a purple revolution funded by Soros.
Serioulsy protest against Trump happens regularly in burgerland how could you even envisage this one would be differnet?


why was he arrested? spitting is assault?


wrong board


Holla Forumsyps are legitimately mentally ill.

He's just a snot nosed kid who thinks he "triggers libtards" by acting like a retard. Just report and ignore him.


how autistic are you on a scale from 1-10?

They're practically a cult at this point. They're basically overgrown children who overcompensate for their raging mommy issues.

I'm confused that you could think this

One has to be eighteen years of age to use this site

I dont see the reason Holla Forums thinks this is \some "win" for them
Literally NOONE gives a fuck

they are mentally ill. just look at how they meme

Yeah, you're definitely underage.

Nigga what part of "liberals gets the wall too" is it you don't understand?


Probably the part where we're not liberals.

Do you actually think anyone is going to be "getting the wall" on your account you larping nobhead? hahahaha


Holla Forums UNGA
Holla Forums BUNGA

They see that as a super secret plan to "betray" the liberals. They BEGIN from the assumption that every single person they dislike is part of a single global conspiracy against them, so when we say we don't like liberals they just integrate that into the fantasy as "OMG I've discovered a secret bolshevik plot to oppose liberalism"

Why did you change the subject, Holla Forums? Are you losing?

I wonder if they'll figure out this is a jewish board and only jews are technically allowed here

how is this even a response

Do you really have nothing better to do than to act like a child?




This is a HIBERNIAN board you dough-eyed anglo heretic. Respect that or me, Molly and Finn are cannae run yer place wit de shileleigh!

αšΉαšΊαš¨α› αš¦α›– ᚠᚒᚲᚲ α›žα›α›ž α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ α›ƒαš’α›‹α› αš αš’αš²αš²α›œ α›‹αš¨α›ƒ αš¨α›’α›Ÿαš’α› α›—α›–α›¬α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ α›šα›α›α›α›šα›– α›’α›α›αš·α›­α›α›šα›š αšΊαš¨αšΉα›– α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš²αšΎα›ŸαšΉ ᛁ αš·αš±αš¨α›žαš’αš¨α›α›–α›ž α›α›Ÿα›ˆ α›Ÿαš  ᛗᛃ αš²α›šαš¨α›‹α›‹ α›αšΎ αš¦α›– αšΎαš¨αšΉα›ƒ α›‹α› α›šα›‹α›¬αš¨αšΎα›ž α›αšΉα›– α›’α›–α›–αšΎ α›αšΎαšΉα›Ÿα›šαšΉα›–α›ž α›αšΎ αšΎαš’α›—α›–αš±α›Ÿαš’α›‹ α›‹α›–αš²αš±α›–α› αš±αš¨α›α›žα›‹ α›ŸαšΎ αš¨α›šα›­α›©αš’αš¨α›–α›žαš¨α›¬αš¨αšΎα›ž ᛁ αšΊαš¨αšΉα›– α›ŸαšΉα›–αš± αš²α›ŸαšΎαš α›αš±α›—α›–α›ž αš²α›α›šα›šα›‹α›¬α› αš¨α›— α›αš±αš¨α›αšΎα›–α›ž α›αšΎ αš·α›Ÿαš±α›α›šα›šαš¨ αšΉαš¨αš±αš αš¨αš±α›– αš¨αšΎα›ž ᛁᛗ αš¦α›– α›α›Ÿα›ˆ α›‹αšΎα›α›ˆα›–αš± α›αšΎ αš¦α›– α›–αšΎα›α›αš±α›– αš’α›‹ αš¨αš±α›—α›–α›ž αš α›Ÿαš±αš²α›–α›‹α›¬α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš¨αš±α›– αšΎα›Ÿαš¦α›œ α›α›Ÿ α›—α›– α›’αš’α› α›ƒαš’α›‹α› αš¨αšΎα›Ÿαš¦α›–αš± α›αš¨αš±αš·α›–α›α›¬α› αšΉα›α›šα›š αšΉα›α›ˆα›– α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš¦α›– ᚠᚒᚲᚲ α›Ÿαš’α› αšΉα›αš¦ α›ˆαš±α›–αš²α›α›‹α›α›ŸαšΎ αš¦α›– α›šα›αš²α›–α›‹ α›Ÿαš  αšΉαšΊα›αš· αšΊαš¨α›‹ αšΎα›–αšΉα›–αš± α›’α›–α›–αšΎ α›‹α›–α›–αšΎ α›’α›–αš α›Ÿαš±α›– α›ŸαšΎ αš¦α›α›‹ α› αš±αš¦α›¬α›—αš¨αš±αš² ᛗᛃ αš αš’αš²αš²α›œ αšΉα›Ÿαš±α›žα›‹α›¬α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš¦α›α›œαš² α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ ᚲᚨᚾ αš·α›–α› αš¨αšΉαš¨α›ƒ αšΉα›αš¦ α›‹αš¨α›ƒα›œ αš¦αš¨α› α›‹αšΊα›α› α›α›Ÿ α›—α›– α›ŸαšΉα›–αš± αš¦α›– α›αšΎα›α›–αš±αšΎα›–α›α›­αš¦α›α›œαš² αš¨αš·αš¨α›αšΎα›¬αš αš’αš²αš²α›–αš±α›¬αš¨α›‹ αšΉα›– α›‹α›ˆα› αš² ᛁ αš¨α›— αš²α›ŸαšΎα›αš¨αš²α›α›œ ᛗᛃ α›‹α›–αš²αš±α›–α› αšΎα›–α›αšΉα›Ÿαš±αš² α›Ÿαš  α›‹α›ˆα› α›‹ αš¨αš²αš±α›Ÿα›‹α›‹ αš¦α›– αš’α›‹αš¨ αš¨αšΎα›ž α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš± α›α›ˆ ᛁᛋ α›’α›–α›œ α›αš±αš¨αš²α›–α›ž αš±α›αš·αšΊα› αšΎα›ŸαšΉ α›‹α›Ÿ α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ α›’α›–α›α›α›–αš± α›ˆαš±α›–α›ˆαš¨αš±α›– αš α›Ÿαš± αš¦α›– α›‹α›α›Ÿαš±α›—α›¬α›—αš¨αš·αš·α›Ÿα›α›¬αš¦α›– α›‹α›α›Ÿαš±α›— αš¦αš¨α› αšΉα›α›ˆα›–α›‹ α›Ÿαš’α› αš¦α›– α›ˆαš¨αš¦α›–α›α›αš² α›šα›α›α›α›šα›– αš¦α›œ α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš²αš¨α›šα›š α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš± α›šα›αš α›–α›¬α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš±α›– αš αš’αš²αš²α›œ α›žα› α›žα›¬αš²α›α›žα›¬α› ᚲᚨᚾ α›’α›– αš¨αšΎα›ƒαšΉαšΊα›–αš±α›–α›¬αš¨αšΎα›ƒα›α›α›—α›–α›¬αš¨αšΎα›ž ᛁ ᚲᚨᚾ αš²α›α›šα›š α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ α›αšΎ α›ŸαšΉα›–αš± α›‹α›–αšΉα›–αšΎ αšΊαš’αšΎα›žαš±α›–α›ž αšΉαš¨α›ƒα›‹α›¬αš¨αšΎα›ž αš¦αš¨α›α›‹ α›ƒαš’α›‹α› αšΉα›αš¦ ᛗᛃ α›’αš¨αš±α›– αšΊαš¨αšΎα›žα›‹α›¬αšΎα›Ÿα› α›ŸαšΎα›šα›ƒ αš¨α›— ᛁ α›–αš²α›‹α›α›–αšΎα›‹α›αšΉα›–α›šα›ƒ α›αš±αš¨α›αšΎα›–α›ž α›αšΎ αš’αšΎαš¨αš±α›—α›–α›ž αš²α›Ÿα›—α›’αš¨α›α›¬α›’αš’α› ᛁ αšΊαš¨αšΉα›– αš¨αš²α›‹α›–α›‹α›‹ α›α›Ÿ αš¦α›– α›–αšΎα›α›αš±α›– αš¨αš±α›‹α›–αšΎαš¨α›š α›Ÿαš  αš¦α›– αš’αšΎα›α›α›–α›ž α›‹α›αš¨α›α›–α›‹ α›—αš¨αš±α›αšΎα›– αš²α›Ÿαš±α›ˆα›‹ αš¨αšΎα›ž ᛁ αšΉα›α›šα›š αš’α›‹α›– ᛁᛏ α›α›Ÿ ᛁᛏᛋ αš αš’α›šα›š α›–αš²α›‹α›α›–αšΎα› α›α›Ÿ αšΉα›α›ˆα›– α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš± α›—α›α›‹α›–αš±αš¨α›’α›šα›– αš¨α›‹α›‹ α›Ÿαš αš  αš¦α›– αš αš¨αš²α›– α›Ÿαš  αš¦α›– αš²α›ŸαšΎα›α›αšΎα›–αšΎα›α›¬α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ α›šα›α›α›α›šα›– α›‹αšΊα›α›α›¬α›αš  α›ŸαšΎα›šα›ƒ α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš²α›Ÿαš’α›šα›ž αšΊαš¨αšΉα›– αš²αšΎα›ŸαšΉαšΎ αšΉαšΊαš¨α› αš’αšΎαšΊα›Ÿα›šα›ƒ αš±α›–α›αš±α›α›’αš’α›α›α›ŸαšΎ α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš± α›šα›α›α›α›šα›– αš²α›šα›–αšΉα›–αš± αš²α›Ÿα›—α›—α›–αšΎα› αšΉαš¨α›‹ αš¨α›’α›Ÿαš’α› α›α›Ÿ α›’αš±α›œ α›žα›ŸαšΉαšΎ αš’α›ˆα›ŸαšΎ α›ƒα›Ÿαš’α›¬α›—αš¨α›ƒα›’α›– α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αšΉα›Ÿαš’α›šα›ž αšΊαš¨αšΉα›– αšΊα›–α›šα›ž α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš± αš αš’αš²αš²α›œ α›α›Ÿα›œαš’α›–α›¬α›’αš’α› α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš²α›Ÿαš’α›šα›žαšΎα›α›¬α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ α›žα›α›žαšΎα›α›¬αš¨αšΎα›ž αšΎα›ŸαšΉ α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš±α›– α›ˆαš¨α›ƒα›œ αš¦α›– α›ˆαš±α›αš²α›–α›¬α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš·α›Ÿα›žα›žαš¨α›—αšΎ α›α›žα›α›Ÿα›α›¬α› αšΉα›α›šα›š α›‹αšΊα›α› αš αš’αš±α›ƒ αš¨α›šα›š α›ŸαšΉα›–αš± α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αš¨αšΎα›ž α›ƒα›Ÿαš’ αšΉα›α›šα›š α›žαš±α›ŸαšΉαšΎ α›αšΎ α›α›α›¬α›ƒα›Ÿαš’αš±α›– αš αš’αš²αš²α›œ α›žα› α›žα›¬αš²α›α›žα›žα›Ÿα›¬

Ok I think I finally get it now. The reason these mongs are gloating and flexing their none-existent muscles over this is because they heard rumblings of a happening, out their trauma from being beaten in the streets by antifa before they hyped it themselves. Heard standard propaganda and hype talk from the organizers like "this ends now" or whatever the fuck and thought that this was going to be the biggest happening yet. All the while the organizers are some nobodies with zero reputation.

The day comes around and nothing happens and in their minds this is proof that leftists are pussies that won't do shit? This is their whole point right now?

You see this is why you have to go after their retarded macho ego. They're only trying to bill this as a win for their side because of all the times they have been beaten and shut down by leftist protests before.

We have to say that the left is the real might-is-right force in politics. The left and right were born in the merciless slaughter of reactionaries and it will end that way too. The average low-level antifa riot has more action and vigor than any gathering they could ever produce. The volume at which they're yelling and gloating over nothing reveals their insecurity over this fact.



Ye jes signed ye ahn deat' warrant, buddy.

What if we just shill the opposite, that the right is going to have en masse protest? Their fragile ego will force them to show up

They'll just think it's a trap and not go.
I mean they weren't going to anyway but false flagging gives them an excuse.

can we start knocking down statues again? Trump's going to fall simply due to low turnout from his base in 2020, plus protesting politicians leaves too much room for liberals and their bullshit.

So lets make it a challenge. Say "Hey Holla Forums fucking fite us you gaylords"

I doubt anyone would fall for literal Internet Tough Guy posting user, i doubt this ever worked even in the early 2000's

Bruh they fucking baited thmselves and they fell for it. Who do you think we're talking about, fucking astrophysicists?

we false-flag scaremonger about a leftist protest on Holla Forums
then shill for a false-flag infiltration of the supposed leftist protest, like with the nambla 'protestors'
Holla Forums goes out in public, and like always a spergout ensues
we have a hearty laugh while Holla Forumstards come on this board to cry

Look if you really want to fuck with Holla Forums or the broader aut-right the easiest route is to pretend to be one of them and then fight other Holla Forumsyps over miniscule doctrinal differences. We're all leftists here, so we have ample experience in infighting, no?

They think in memes user.
They can adjust to a situation as long as it is covered by a meme.
I'll fight u IRL is a meme and the Pavlovian response to that meme is mockery and navyseal copypasta. Nothing more nothing less.

Let's pretend we're infiltrating Holla Forums to mimick them, so they can't recognize us. That way they'll think any Holla Forumsyp can be a leftypol and they'll start fighting eachother

Yes, let’s try to make nutsacs anti Trump. They hate that shit.

honestly if you've ever been on Holla Forums, I can't imagine them getting even more paranoid
the logical conclusion of identitarian essentialist ideology mixed with imageboard anonymity I suppose


There were some marches in Seattle and Portland. They did the normal no Trump no KKK blah blah chant and nobody seemed to care other than the people held up in traffic. A few showed up in other cities and stood around with Go home Nazi signs.


we're not trying to have a discussion, reread what he replied to.

I didn't see any, but propose it was a Holla Forums psyop. Wouldn't they have posted a thread beforehand?