Holla Forums GTFO

It is with no surprise that we should admit Holla Forums has been plotting once again to balkanize and divide Holla Forums :


We should remind everybody that the idea of a revolution happening on the 4th of November was propagated by the alt-right to decredibilize the absence of any revolutionary act. A devious plan indeed.

There's nothing really to do. No need to defend nor justify ourselves. Just keep in mind that Holla Forums is watching, lets not act stupid.

or just ban the obvious raidtards

Holla Forums's just salty because they hyped the fuck out of 'It's ok 2 b white' and nothing happened.

Lol no they just listened and believed when some autist claimed BA's stunt would be 1917 2 electric Boogaloo.

Don't give them too much credit, most of them can't even tie their own shoelaces. It's just a whole lot of




The Holla Forums conspiracy/happening hype cycle:

Neck yourself, Trumpcuck.

That’s not how any M-L revolution went. You can’t even get history right.

This pathetic damage control lmao

Timeline of the Nov. 4 antifa LARP

antifa BTFO, Holla Forums BTFO, Soros BTFO how will you fags ever recover?(this turd could work at a movie theatre as projector)

really activates the almonds Holla Forums

You fags may not be but you're definitely within that sphere of influence. Still pretty funny either way. Sorry about the "revolution" comrade

What is there to do? Our glorious chairman Bob Avakin has exposed the reactionary hive of 4chan. The revolution continues.

Indeed, the sphere of our most honourable leader Bob Avakin grows. Reactionary capitalists tremble as it will soon span sea to sea, continent to continent, Seattle bookstore to Parisian safehouse.

I'm dyin' user just stop lmfao

Indeed, our glorious and humble leader chairman Bob Avakin destroys reactionaries. They lie slain on the rhetorical field of battle as our socialist march tramples the oppressor.

It got major media attention, not bad for a few threads worth

u sure bout that ?

they had to spend actual man-hours outside in the pernicious sun sticking those faggy signs on surfaces and everybody except the meme encyclopaedists forgot about it in a couple of days