Why are most leftist youtubers focused on meme videos or starting drama with each other instead of culling down...

Why are most leftist youtubers focused on meme videos or starting drama with each other instead of culling down reactionaries? Pic related, the fucking bane of Holla Forums's existence.

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It's an easy way to make money.

Destiny is an old school racist imperialist but is too dumb to admit it, he has advocated invading Mexico in the past to establish a functioning government and to drive out the cartels. I can't disagree, the white race should reestablish stewardship globally over the lower peoples of the world. Allowing africans and asians and mestizos to govern themselves was the greatest humanitarian error we ever committed.

Most of the ruling class in Latin America is still white.

why are you like this? just say he's a liberal, which he is, no need to delve into "he's a wayciss WAHHH" bullshit you claim not to like from liberals (but you are one so you can't help it yourself I guess)

nice incoherent syntax you braindead cuck

Point out the part that confused you and I'll try to help you understand.

I don't think it's bad that he's a racist I just think it's hilarious that cognitive dissonance is preventing him from realizing just how racist he is actually is, all the while trying to pass himself as an anti racist.

Horseshoe theory is real but with tumblr feminists and nazis both being hardcore SJWs

Asians are doing great though. Normally your kind just likes to deflect and claim they intelligent, but “ant people”.

Why? What's the point of handing things they don't deserve?

Destiny's pretty fun. Sure, he's basically a free market capitalist, but I get a real kick watching him dismantle the reactionaries. He drives them absolutely nuts.

Destiny's a real nigga. I know he's a capitalist to the core and sorta ashamed at the large following of open socialists he's gained as time goes by, but he's the only guy even slightly left-wing bothering to punch right in a way that actually flips the script on which side of the political spectrum actually argues with facts, not feelings. I binge watch his videos for this.

Who woulda thought all you needed to do was not have an autistic meltdown when debating Holla Forumsflakes and skeptards, but instead just ask them questions bout what they believe till they inevitably make dickheads outta themselves?

Debates southern tonight.

Drama makes views makes money.




This guy is pretty good, takes down Sargon a lot.


That too.

to be fair destiny basically just cites the usual neoliberal talking points

hardly a challange

Fuck off, Holla Forums.

Who knows, OP. It is a mystery.

He said he wanted to lend the government military aid. That aside, he’s really just a social justice liberal, so it’s pretty funny how often he does end up supporting imperialism.

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Destiny is basically, as they say, a "bugman libertarian."

I've seen this label a few times before and I don't understand what it means.

an atomized neoliberal consumer, a unit of production and consumption in human form, etc.

He leans left obviously and he acknowledged the problems of capitalism when he talked with our leftypol representative

He didn’t really acknowledge anything. It was mostly, “I don’t know enough about that to have a debate, dog.”
He sidestepped most of the issues completely. Also, I don’t know anyone who leans further left than liberal that puts so much faith in comparative advantage

Because no matter where you align politically it doesn't change the fact that people are retarded and Youtube is a cesspool of shit.

about 2 hours in


I don't think OP was trying to say Destiny is leftist, rather that he just pisses off and fucks with Holla Forums

I remember seeing a debate with destiny and a trumpcuck and he said that he would have voted for Rubio or jeb and that threw me for a loop

That's why.

is it worth watching?

Never mind, it's just three people yelling at Destiny and Metokur is there acting like a faggot.
This is ridiculous.



No but this is, if you want to learn more about the conflict in the middle east.

Destiny is a neo-liberal, though. Using his admission based on defending his flawed worldview with Metokur to invade Mexico, he would support chattel slavery because it drives down wages (to zero, actually) to boost the economy. It's the same old interventionist rhetoric. Jean-François and Ryan Dawson humbled him on topics he does not know about (but quiets down when discussing them with educated people) and Shkreli summarized him best: you sure do have strong opinions about topics you don't fully understand.
Not to mention, his debate with Naked Ape was funny because he cited Borjak regarding the benefits of mass migration on the economy, even though Borjak is on record stating the following:
"George Borjas, the nation's leading immigration economist estimates that the presence of immigrant workers (legal and illegal) in the labor market makes the U.S. economy (GDP) an estimated 11 percent larger ($1.6 trillion) each year.
But Borjas cautions, "This contribution to the aggregate economy, however, does not measure the net benefit to the native-born population." This is because 97.8 percent of the increase in GDP goes to the immigrants themselves in the form of wages and benefits."
Source: cis.org/Testimony/Fiscal-and-Economic-Impact-Immigration-United-States
It really just depends who is benefitting from the alleged 'economic boosts'.

This, he is shit, Hillary defending Hillarybot at that.

You have a lot to learn Destiny, A LOT. You need to be more humble with your approach in certain topics that go beyond shallow topics of current events and politics (easy picks, unless you don't mind looking like a complete imbecile, which I know you care, given the recent ego-trip you have been in). Just a reminder that you have spent the good part of your life barely surviving, fighting not to be homeless and wiping floors in stadiums, while most of us have been intellectually curious and dedicating our time to learn, read and listen people that are smarter than us. So either you are completely oblivious of how much information/education you have missed in the past 2 decades (and how far behind you are vs other actual intelligent people), OR you think yourself smarter than the majority, in which case I have to remind you that smart people not necessarily start questioning the world at the age of 30, certainly don't spend their 20s doing manual work and living with their parents. Forming rational thoughts is not an acomplishment, I get it you are excited because this is new to you, but most people were doing that in high school, (while passing the classes you are still completely oblivious about, like Calculus? do you even know what that is?). Be humble, you will learn more that way.

Is this a copy pasta?


are you fucking retarded OP?

Communism is a mental illness.


They didn't even mention no fault divorce, what do these people read in their free time

explain this meme plz

is it really a challenge to beat those in an actual debate?

I don't think you can seriously call these people nu/pol/ anymore, they don't even know about basic arguments like no fault divorce. It also sounds like they are just saying black people make bad decisions when given freedom. This doesn't work because they aren't actually racist so the arguments they present are horrible.
It is also amazing how they find ways to not blame capitalism for the degredation of society.