what does Holla Forums think of Cody Wilson?

he wants workers to have the means to 3-D printed gun production

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i made this thread a week ago.

and hes the most influential western radical of our time.

literally who

He's orders of magnitude better than the faggots at the Cato institute.
He's also kinda cute.

tools have no masters, i'm ok with it. with 3-D printers you can even ban guns, disarm right-wingers and then arm worker revolution

Faggot libertarian who turned alt-right. They have nothing to do with the left.

Is that a dildo flag?

he isnt a libertarian, hes a crypto-anarchist

Most people have never heard of him and he’s just ancap who thinks ancap will benefit the common man more the bourg.

He's a right-winged libertarian faggot

Why we brothers , if you are indeed my brothers, so comfortable as the defeated subjects of another man's ideals. You say you have no gods, but there you stand immobile in the gaze of some big other. Some outside point of reference, used all the same to judge the final meaning of your actions, as if at the end there will be a report .


This guy he worked with in the past literally lived in an anarchist squat in Barcelona. If we're judging the man by the company he keeps, then the ones closest to him seem pretty good.

Amir went to over a dozen US military bases in Syria recently. hes now on house arrest in the UK.

Lefties don't like cody because he calls most of them what they are. Revolutionary LARPers

Oh look, the ☭TANKIE☭ Xir censored R-ojava. yes yes, much better just to roleplay online and make jokes about DRUMPH xD.

He's alright. Spooked on property and shit, but overall, he is a force for good.

If he would read Stirner, he would be my comrade.

Amid Taaki is the less pretentious, more intelligent and more revolutionary of the pair he went to fight in over a dozen US military bases in Syria

He has. Cody has read all the theory.

infact he bashes Ancaps and the NAP, and states "serious anarchists are more connected to the writings of stirn, and reject traditional morality."

Oh shit he's based. Check this.


Doesn't sound very Hoppean to me.
I am heavily influenced by the work of Lenin and Guevara, this doesn't make me an ML.

I heard him in an interview say that he believes in capitalism with a lowercase "c". His criticism of the modern left as mostly a reformist trap subsumed by capital are valid but I don't think he's necessarily /ourguy/.

>runs largest financing platform for the alt-right, and specifically for them
He's not a leftist. You faggots will suck the cock of any alt-righter who mixes a bit of leftist thinkers with their views

but he is /theguy/


I don't care what his politics are printing guns is good. it seems pointless to discuss though since 3D printing failed to take off and nobody except nerds owns a 3D printer now.


3d printing is still in its infancy

He's arguably radical, inconclusively Western, and not influential at all.

>Proudhon and Hoppe
LIterally what?


I wrote this in the last thread and I'll write this in this thread as well:

He suffers from typical silicon valley naivete. Most of his praxis focuses on creating a disruptive innovation that will undermine existing structures. Hence his focus on 3D printing, which he apparently saw as a way to subvert gun control laws. None of his ideas hold up under tight scrutiny and I don't consider him to be a serious activist.

Who DO you consider to be a serious activist?

He's the equivalent of trots who turned into neocons except with the new left. He's pretty shit.

He runs Hatreon to defend freedom of speech, something which I happen to care about. When has he ever expressed sympathy to alt-right views themselves? I'm not saying that he is a leftist, but I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss him. Our times are in need of people who challenge conventional political positions.

I like the guy, but he is nowhere near the most influential western radical of our time.

hes literally the exact opposite of all low test silicon valley nerds

t. lives in san francisco JUST

Seriously? Just take a cursory glance at his or Defense Distributed's Twitter

What is cathedral?

The spectacle but fascist.

Ohhh it's that NRx bullshit yeah?

Stallman and the EFF are both able to carry out anarchist/libertarian friendly activism in tech and privacy by remaining cognizant of the environment they live in. They recognize limits and are able to push against them by committing more time to organizing and advocacy for the underlying principles of their work.
Cody has little to no coherent theory.

How so? He has the exact same silver bullet mindset. His praxis amounts to creating some innovation and assuming that the mere existence of the innovation and whatever disruption it causes with naturally result in a better, more decentralized world.

He doesn't engage with the wider society around him; he just creates something and assumes that the dirty proles will instinctively recognize his creation's greatness and use it in the most socially beneficial way possible. Of course gun laws will be rendered untenable if we let people blow off their hands with inaccurate, single-shot blocks of molded plastic.

Hatreon is a data-mining project. If you have an account there, congrats: your info has probably already been sold to some polish teenager. It's written into the terms and conditions of the site.

He's talking about a programming language here yeah? Not sure how you think that's pro alt right…

What he's referring to is the "Cathedral vs. Bazaar" argument that's for open source development. "Chapel" is the name of a programming language.

Wait so he wasn't talking about the NRx Cathedral?

Why would I have an account on Hatreon? Do you think I would fund class collaborators?

Doesn't look like it. Chapel is an open source language (the "bazaar" in the argument) and in open source communities "the cathedral" has been a long-existing shorthand for closed-source developers like Apple or Microsoft. I see more evidence leaning towards this explanation than the NRx one, especially since NRx types are ambivalent towards censorship and cherish property rights.

I'm just pointing out that Cody's motivation for running the platform is probably not out of pure love for free speech. There's a reason why he's marketing it specifically to aut-right types - mailing lists of political activists/donors are worth millions.

meant for