Is trying to appeal to the youth/college age people a mistake? Shouldn't the socialists be focused on appealing to working class of all ages rather than just the youth? IS appealing to young people an artifact of the new left hippie days? Is there a reason so many college students seem to be attracted to socialism rather than workers?

Students movments ruined everything, always

The New Left ruined everything by moving the Left's sphere of influence to useless college students in their radical phase.

Luckily for us, the Left is now completely dead because of this. We can rebuild a new movement based exclusively on the working class.

The only leftist organization that has a presence on my campus is the Democratic Cops of America. The reading group, which I was initially very excited to attend, doesn't read works with any theoretical value, just articles from Jacobin. The general body of the club is currently protesting budget cuts to the humanities departments, disregarding completely that since this is a public university, major budget decisions like this are made over the heads of the administrators against whom they have turned their vitriol. I'm going to try bringing up helping the cafeteria workers to unionize, but I doubt that will go anywhere. The entire enterprise is such a farce.

The problem is not with focus given to the youth, neither with encouraging student movements as such, but with exclusive focus [on anything]. Read Lenin, tbh.

This is fucking outrageous.

Students are a dead end. The true revolutionary subject are the workers

no ones trying to appeal to college kids. They are the entirety of the base because they are the only ones willing to read books. Meanwhile since they are getting a degree they the most likely to get good comfy jobs and so are not revolutionary once they grow out of their edgy phase. So the people most likely to be familiar with socialism are the least likely to be committed to revolution.

Young people in general are the most likely to be poor, have the least invested in upholding the current system and are the most likely to tend towards risk taking behavior.

dude! make a suggestion to read some theory! Get them to do a reading group for capital or something

Most people who exist are liberals, and the confusion between liberals and socialists are where most of those memes come from. Currently, there are more young people attracted to socialism because millennials were fucked harder than their parents/grandparents were by capitalism, and with less lube.

As a millenial myself, I would support the kind of socialism that would be targeted to all, not just youth. I think young people can often be terribly misguided, romantic or naive, and having the guidance of older people could bring more success to any movement. Of course this doesn't mean we should exclude the young, just that in my head, the ideal socialist group would consist of literally everybody. I know some of you would argue, but even a businessman could be useful member of a socialist group. It's just that we should forcefully establish that the theme of this group must be on socialism at all times, not on meta-talks or debates about "diversity". We should see diversity as a tool to make the group more inclusive and successful, not means to an end (we are not SJW's).

come on now

I get slightly peeved every time I've heard a complaint like this from someone on here. Fucking go and be the new leadership/guidance they're lacking. It's so fucking easy too, just go to these novice reading groups, tie a concept they're discussing tangentially to a larger socialist work, and suggest that this bigger work be a topic for another reading group. If you know your shit and don't talk like an autist those kids will be sucking your dick anyway.

When I joined Democratic Cops of America it was the only socialist group not filled with students that actually had working class members. ISO should be called the Insufferable Student Otgqnzoation

Yes. How is this even a question. Also, you should get out of your way to get non-students (and within the group of students, try to get more from STEMM).


Youth have always, always been a major force in driving revolutions.

leftism is basically a fashion statement at this point.

By youth you must mean "adults ages 25 to 40."

"Teenage boys are the cannon fodder of any guerrilla war, and teenage boys are nothing but weasels who stand on their hind feet sometimes." - Gary Brecher

Yes, appeal to trade school students instead

and workers

The problem isn't youth but today's youth, and the only people they have leading them are red liberals and the new left fucks. Student movements can get shit done when coordinated with workers like in France