Anyone else noticed the new 'trendy' thing is to bash socialism?

Anyone else noticed the new 'trendy' thing is to bash socialism?

Remember 2 years ago when underage kids would make 'I sexually identify as an attack helicopter' jokes? I feel like Socialism is the new thing they've moved onto.

An example being 2 weeks ago when Military History Visualized did a vid bashing Socialism for 10 minutes. Reading the comments, it was full of edgy helicopter jokes, reaction image profile pics and starvation memes.

Why do you think they've moved onto us? We're not even a powerful group.

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It's "socialism" they're bashing not socialism.
One is their ideas and own twisted view of socialism and the other is socialism.
Pic related.

[pic related]

Also that meme is shite tier

I also worry about the idiots defending the ""socialism"" of the UK, Bernie and O'bama while also bashing actual socialist experiments like the USSR and Cuba.


You got to be fucking kidding me. As if an attempt to create socialism is disconnected from socialism as an idea itself. How could you seriously think this is a good argument?

I just read it as the uniform of a populist vs imperialist

He instituted the second (the first being the dutch republic) bourgeois ruled state in the world. Power in the commonwealth, and then after, rested in the hands of those who owned property that could be acquired through capital expenditure rather than inheritance and bloodlines. The English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution and the Jacobite Wars were England & Scotland's bourgeois revolution: in the sense that it destroyed aristocratic rule and supplanted it with bourgeois governance structures (although many members of the aristocracy adopted bourgeois roles in society). Industrial capitalism in Britain had its foundations laid by Cromwell, knowingly or not.

It is quite fitting that the first modern European Republics, The Commonwealth and the Dutch Republic, not only both descended back into monarchism but were also the birthplaces of the industrial revolution.

Bucko the roundheads weren't populist.

Cromwell was way ahead of his time. RIP greatest Brit to ever live.

the argument is that socialism isnt when the government does stuff, its a completelt different mode of production with the working class at the helm. capitalist handouts are not an attempt to create socialism, only to attempt support capitalism by putting up really high taxes. something tells me youre too young to be here

tfw literal autist in my class moans and shrieks about muh communism vs human nature xd

I really don't like this image, it's pretty shit for identifying socialism. I mean, "Do the workers own the means of production?" is such a general line that means nothing, it's sophistry. I think that's an r/soc meme anyways, no surprise.

He's not even a pretend socialist/socdem he's a straight up republican, stop this meme

its always been trendy in 🍔burger🍔land,

What can you do? That's what people believe, many democrap idiots think he was "socialist"

Obama was an Islamic communist comrade, m8.

Idk tbh, on the one hand you could source all his quotes literally saying "I would be a republican in the Reagan era", or you could give up and start imitating this woman for the lulz:

nah, it's from Holla Forums before the LeftComs came from reddit.

Thanks for the history lesson, still a bad meme tho.




then we restored the crown,dug his bones up,hanged him for a laugh then stuck his head on a pike to serve as a reminder to traitor filth like you

It was incredibly useful for its time and still useful given the arguments haven't changed. Repeating how socialism is the real movement to abolish the present state of things ad nauseam is a shit response in comparison.

imagine being this much of a monarcuck

So the USSR was just the government doing things? You are attacking a strawman here.
Completely irrelevant. The process of attaining something is not disconnected from the final result. If I'm trying to kill someone but fail I'm still charged with murder. So unless you believe socialism will just happen through reforms or whatever, this isn't an argument at all. Hell, it's even worse if you actually use this on people ignorant about socialism (which I think you unironcially), because they will think you are using a rethorical trick, so we get all these retards that blame the left for dishonest arguments. Let's assume you are right and the USSR wasn't socialist but just a state capitalist dictatorship of the proletariat - so fucking what? Your ideology still shills for the latter, right? The only reason autists like Molyneux is able make videos where they say "it wasn't real socialism" for 10 hours and people think this is funny is because of that. You should actually debunk propaganda about the USSR and similar shit instead of aimlessly trying to dissociate yourself with semantics, you'd get laughed out of the room.
Dunning-Kruger on full display here.

Liberals aren't leftists

Lad I was at the Manchester demo, you know who was there: teachers, nurses, postmen, car factory workers (yes they still exist), white van men, all kinds of proletarians. 50k of them. As a fucking student I was in the immense minority, compare this to the EU rally: which might have had an average of 20 for all it mattered. The largest groups were union workers: aka the actual working class. Not middle class champagne socialists, not student plastic-trots, not some weird pressure group sect; men and women with hard hands from proper work.

And on that march, a single message was put out. One simple message collectively chanted in 1000 different words and 1000 different ways: we're coming bucko.

Read Stirner, mindcuck.

You realize just telling people to read stuff without presenting the argument is a waste of time, right? Also, read Feuerbach.

Google bookchin

actually, read debord