Getting Zizek on the H3H3 Podcast

They recently had Jordan Peterson on the H3H3 Podcast, so thousands of kids have been exposed to his bullshit. How can we get Zizek on the H3H3 Podcast to spread our propaganda? He's considered a meme (definitely more of one than Peterson), so we might be able to make it happen if we do it right

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You're more likely to get chomsky on than zizek, and that's all within the realm of pure long shot. It's time to admit that these people don't have 99% right wing loons by accident

Chomsky is extremely boring. I doubt H3H3 as a "memer" would enjoy him. Zizek would be more up his alley.

Like fuck would Zizek lower himself to that level.


Isn't Ethan a liberal that voted Clinton?
Another sign that unironic Democrats are irredeemable

I'm speaking more to the matter of availability and willingness to the matter of compatibility. Of course Chomsky is dry but Zizek doesn't make appearances that are "beneath" him while Chomsky will even go on Molymeme's show if asked. Chomsky isn't even really the point, we just need leftists who are more willing to go wherever.


think again, sunshine

the h3h3 podcast is extremely boring too (I like most of his videos though)

If this thread was on Holla Forums and they wanted to get Kermit the fraud on there (if he hadn't been already) this thread would have like 600 replies you chucklefucks. This is why they say "left can't meme"

tbh it's more that the surge of Leftcoms since last year has effectively discouraged to do anything at all.

How would we arrange it?

It's obviously a lot easier to contact h3h3 than zizek, so we'd have to convince him that he wants zizek on via twitter and email. Should we all try and send stuff, like a mini tweet storm? If this thread got some activity we might have a chance.

Does anyone wanna email zizek as well? Don't wanna spam him.


Yeah, someone should email him, but they need to post the email here before sending it so we can approve it.

We should give him the message that he's an anti-SJW like Peterson, perhaps say he's from the left to "balance it out" maybe?

That'd definitely work. We could send him Zizek's video against political correctness.

Or possible VICE's interview with him, since that one's especially funny

From a right-wing perspective, Žižek isn't "anti-SJW" at all. He always says he is in solidarity with whatever petty issue the LGBTQ community comes up with (bathrooms etc)

Lets do this shit. Would be a strive for the left in the ~culture war~


this would never happen
the H3H3 community has been tied to anti-sjw for a while, it just made sense for having peterson on as they had a shared audience.

Zizek is pretty "anti-SJW", he hates political correctness

Why the fuck would you anchor this?

depends what you consider Anti-sjw
Peterson for example has said shit like "women enjoy rape"




This. We're trying to spread propaganda!

But, I watch his garbage. I especially liked the older ones.

Pic related is a Leddit post with his email. I want this to happen. MODS WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS, YOU AREN'T Holla Forums ARE YOU?

I hate these mods so fucking much

-cough- >>>/leftpol/ -cough-

Shut up faggot. Don't derail this thread with your butthurt.

citation needed

Zizek maintains always that he radically supports all LGBT+ causes but shows caution when it comes to demands like a separate toilet etc.

As far as leftists that would make good guests and might actually go on, one of the Chapo guys would be good. Maybe Felix?

Should unironically be Adam Friedland, considering the whole Israel thing. Would lead to the most hilarity even if it's a disaster

They're not leftist enough tho.

Peterson isn't even "that" right wing. Stop trying to red pill every normie into being a straight up commie right away, that shit doesn't work

Peterson literally believes in degeneration theory lol.

Does he? Link?

Almost all of his opinions are based off the fact that if civilization isn't Christian then we're headed for doom. Listen to his interview with Paglia. (another modern proponent of degen theory)

Holla Forumsack here, why is Peterson a retard and Zizek worthy of attention?
Al I know of Peterson is is his rejection of the faggot bill in Canada and his series on the Bible and Zizek is a meme with one of the most annoying speech impediments I have ever fucking encountered.

Zizek has actually read a book while Peterson pretends he has.

But the bibble is a book

Well for one thing he's an unironic Jungian. More to the point he's a postmodernist hack who ironically rails agains this own rebranded version of "postmodernism" despite it being the basis of his career as a political commentator - proving he's either a liar or has not idea what the fuck he's talking about. Also he's a sincere christcuck which makes it extra hilarious that every online fedora-tipper is sucking his dick now.

As for zizek, all you have against him is that he has a meme-y voice which even you probably know is a weak argument.

i doubt he's even read that tbh.

Saw this on the front page, just want to say that you're a liar.

No, I mean I have absolutely no idea what Zizek's philosophy is outside of 2 videos of the top of my head, the retarded one where he points across the river to some side of a European town under communism and the They Live video.
How is Peterson a postmodernist? Don't bother with a page full of text, if you can remember examples just post them.

I can't believe that the people Peterson perfectly describes, the young little retards who don't know they don't know shit, come on Holla Forums. Fuck off, fuck off to reddit, fuck off to 4chan or just fuck off in general and stop saying shit you most fucking likely don't really believe.

He's just shitposting you retard, Jesus Christ

Just refer to that terrible podcast of him with Sam Harris where he attempts to describe 'truth' as something that is feels over real.

When I was watching that it and Ethan asked a hard question it was like Peterson was trying his hardest not to blame economics or capitalism lol

lmao hey Jordan


That does not make him a post modernist.
I'm more interested in Zizek and what his actual philosophies are anyway, I'd prefer to drop the Peterson topic for now.

that very idea is absolutely anti-Enlightenment and postmodern, wtf are you talking about

Zizek is just Althusser w/ a Lacanian perspective and an edgy sense of humor

thats probably the best summary:

Oh, that's all? Okay.

He's agreeing with an aspect, not the thing in of itself.
For sake of argumentation, a Fascist party endorses white nationalism as does some Liberal party.
They overlap on some issues but are diametrically opposed to others.

What the fuck happened to H3H3? It used to be about shitting on how god awful pranksters were and usually attacked their racism. Now they’re just pandering to the “Le anti-SJW” crowd. Sad. I miss the old Ethan

You guys do realize that Peterson paid to get on there right?

He himself paid to go on the show? or his sycophants paid for him?


Alright guys here's the email I'm gonna be sending Ethan. I encourage everyone to do the same, you can make your own or use mine as a template.
Does anyone have Zizek's email? I'll draft something up for that and get it approved here, but please no one else send him stuff - he'll get spooked if he gets spammed.

He hates Vice and most other networks like it.
It's like recommending that shitshow Vox to Holla Forums

"hur trump will lead to cummunism"

Everyone laughs at zizek outside of this board and nobody can't understand him without the dick in his mouth. Can we get someone else?

Also, being anti-idpol isn't a virtue for the left because plebs can just turn to the right who do it much better. Think harder please.

shit has he really?

Jordan really doesn't say all that much against socialism, so I don't get why you guys don't like him.

Fundamentally all he is is a christian apologist, anti-idpol, psychologist with a pinch of orwell. Unless you are a fedoralord or ☭TANKIE☭ what he says can easily be in coexistence with whatever leftism you ascribe to.

he's a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧classical liberal🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧) by his own admission

This is the type of person that is attracted to anti-tankie polemics. Wow.


if anything h3h3 should contact him, they could ask his editor or soemthing. if we really want him to go there, we should probably contact the editor so he forces the fat sack to go to the cringe-show.

It's not a different idpol, they are explicitly anti-idpol too. This board always sides with people like sargon and shoe0nhead over sjws.

lol what? he's a "muh not real socialism" memer. You think he only talks against ☭TANKIE☭s because he thinks everyone from Bernie to Bordiga is exactly the same as Stalin

how new are you?

get finkelstein, get the two to discuss israel. would be great

Both groups are liberals shits. Also both are identitarian.


Haha, great joke!
Surely discussing racial autism level's affecting society isn't idpol at all!

Why do you people hate Jordan Peterson so much? He's not even really right wing. Have you people lost your minds?

Probably because he is a crypto fascist.


you guys actually like Zizek? He was a Trump supporter.

Classical liberalism is as conservative as it gets. Friedman and Hayek were more right-wing than Hitler economically.

He's a huge supporter of capitalism and detractor of socialism, and it's hilarious that you think that him blatantly saying "I am against you" to socialists still merits additional, more obscure reasons why socialists wouldn't like him.

His email is [email protected]

That's not at all I said but ok.

The sjws aren't identitarian, there's no black supremacy or anything like that at all, that's just Holla Forums tier false equivlance shit.

Also no, the anti-sjws are not purposely identitarian, in fact they often reject to ally themselves with men's rights activists and white nationalists. They'd rather nitpick sjws because that's where the money is.

Zizek responded to a reddit comment in one of his essays. I don't think he cares. I don't know why H3H3 would have him on though. His audience is made up of "classical liberals" and aut-rightists, just like Joe Rogan.

We like Zizek, doesn't mean we support everything he says. Also, we're not liberals and care about the outcome seeing that they were both terrible.

You can find a ton of videos of him talking about cutlural marxism.

Alternatively, you can contact Birbeck at [email protected] and ask to talk to Zizek, who is the international director of Birbeck.

I hate Zizek, but I think its cute so many here think Ethan would have a communist on his show.

he supported Trump for the accelrationism
not be cause he wanted him to "build a BASED wall and shadilay maga the SJWs and illegals over the border".
"Trump supporter" is a grand exaggeration considering it was either Trump or Hillary

Doug Lain got him on his podcast somehow so it can't be totally impossible.

We should get Comrade Dore on the H3H3 podcast.

And then we should get Papa Wolff on the podcast.


Get Norman Finklestein on his show. He's an "oppressed academic" like Peterson and has the same cadence, plus it's a topic Ethan and Hila can discuss since they're Israeli.


He literally supported Trump because he knew he was a complete retard who would make 🍔burger🍔stan worse and take us closer to revolution

Chomsky is lonely as hell and has some time on his hands.
I’ve been writing emails to him for a couple of months now, and he responds every time. You should get him on a better podcast than h3h3 though. That shit is embarrassing

If Ethan is a Zionist finkelstein will just destroy him and make him salty for an hour

How many aspects of Pomo do you have to agree with before you’re Pomo?

That might be worth it


there's something hilarious and sad about the fact that he has the time to respond to all of his emails

Parenti answers my emails. Who are the communists who don't answer Emails? The too important and prestigious ones like Sam Kriss and Rebel Absurdity?

Contact sources:

[email protected] suggestions (author:AutoModerator OR author:h3h3productions)&restrict_sr=on&sort=new&t=month

I doubt Zizek answers all of his.



die teen

We need to do this

I would rather have Zizek do another interview with /our guy/ Doug tbh.

The entire comment section would just be kids and edgy fags mocking his disability…

He literally thinks that inequality is just hooman naychure.

How come?

Please don't even try to do this

Because they're cool with the kids. The propaganda potential is enormous.

Alright, who's emailing Zizek? Only one person is and their message has to be approved before sent. Also, an email to Birbeck University must be sent requesting Zizek's email.

Here's Birbeck's email: [email protected]

Zizek is not a revolutionary figure.

He's still a communist with potential to radicalize the youth

nobody gets radicalized by fucking Zizek, who himself doesn't even believe in revolutionary communism.

I got radicalized by Zizek, as did half the people on Holla Forums

Peterson is a crank, deal with it.

It’s one of the most important aspects of pomo philsophy. It really shows you how peterson knows about postmodernism and marxism, that he think they’re compatible is the tip of the iceberg. Remember his tweet about God and Godel?

he's an entertaining and articulate anti-capitalist in a world where the spectacle is so strong most young people refuse to see beyond capitalism. if you don't see the value in that you're a fool.

sage for e-celeb thread tho

Is this some new meme e-celeb I'm supposed to know about? Literally, who?

wait i know hila was in the idf but do they really defend israels actions?

i don't think there are any leftist "celebs" who are autistic enough to go on a reaction memers show

If that's us, what does that make Peterson?
Guy talks about topics all the time he knows nothing about.

an old little retard

He's a Bernie supporter

thank you for defending daddy peterson

I was thinking the same exact thing tbh. Felix already appeared on the Pod Save America guy's show, so him being on h3h3 wouldn't be that much of a farcry.

he paid with his patreon money I think

literally every video of him is "THE LEFT HAS GONE MAAAAAAD"
and there is nothing wrong with being a ☭TANKIE☭

mostly for accelerationist memeing, I don't like that kind of attitude within the left but that doesn't stop me from enjoying his talks or obscure nick land texts

b u m p
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