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I noticed a lot of division between Marxist-Leninists and anarchists on this board, mostly on the topic of rjava. first of all, rjava accepting foreign aid from the USA does not mean rjava is imperialist. second of all, causing major divides based on this is not helping anyone except the porkies and the Holla Forumsyps. everyone on the left (exept the Nazbols & liberals, they are shit) should work together to fight the real enemy, the capitalists. the left needs unity in order to achieve its goals, and petty infighting is not going to help us in any way. pic not related.

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That is true. Anarchists however have nothing to win by joining up with ☭TANKIE☭ cultists. They are historical oddities and should be treated as such

I spare no sympathy, for those anarchist supporting the murderous US empire, who keeps trying over and over to destroy socialism, and this has been proven throughout history, they have a really short memory and they are very gullible, fuck them, fuck them all.
I'm an anarchist and I dont support over a dozen US military bases in Syria.


So you're not an anarchist, you're a fucking liberal

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The world is a whole lot bigger than you think.

no good sentence starts like that

I have no doubt that Rjava is being used to promote US interests in the region. It's also a very interesting experiment in applying Bookchin's communalism. But really, I think it's somewhat of a distraction from the more important work of spreading leftist ideas in your own online and offline communities.

It doesn't matter whether SOME of the kurds in over a dozen US military bases in Syria plan to do, or whether they intend to build the world's greatest fucking utopia. When ISIS ends (and it's already ending), the ones who armed them will just make them do what they were told.

If they don't comply to US imperial politics, the US will just arm the Peshmerga even more (which are already a better fighting force, and totally in compliance with american politics) and find a reason to pit them against each other.

And, finally, to fucking balkanize the fucking middle east even more by sticking ANOTHER pro-west state right in the middle of it will just piss everyone off, and consecutive shitstorms will ensue.

That's why Israel supports the kurdistan independence ffs.

Good post.

Yes, as internationalist communist, should we really be supporting new ethno-linguistic nationalist movements?

YPG and Peshmerga are basically already at war with each other.
Which is why over a dozen US military bases in Syria opposes the Iraq referendum and creation of a kurdish state.
>A Kurdish state will never be a solution to the Kurdish question. It would deepen the fight with our neighbours and bring decades of war against the Arabs well as chaos and suffering.
>The era for nation-states is over. A state does not buy freedom because it’s a bourgeoisie system that enforces repression on the people by an elite.
Do your homework before posting

*Which is why Y.P.G opposes the Iraq referendum

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So unity with people who are incorrect.

Ignore ☭TANKIE☭ bullshit in regard to r.ojava. Literally toss their opinions in the trash. That shat on them before US aid, they will shot on them after. ☭TANKIE☭ are not comrades, they care more about scoring points for their ideology than they do the actual promotion of leftism.
Furthermore they support Assad. Enough said. Syria still has private property, landlords, ect. They support Russian imperialism in an ultimate form of cognitive dissonance. The reality is they just like strong daddy figures who lie to them and call themselves socialist, and they are just okay with that.

I'm a trot/leftcom/minarchist and, even I think we should be careful about inadvertently supporting US/Israeli interests in the region.

I’m not denying that, I see it coming back to bite r.ojava in the ass, but regardless tank scum sits back and levies that critique against the over a dozen US military bases in Syria while acting like Assad is a fucking socialist and Russian involvement there somehow magically isn’t the exact same thing (imperialism). Point being it’s fine to be critical, I am of r.ojava as well but as I said ☭TANKIE☭ care more about discrediting a non authoritarian leftist movement then the do the actually leftism in that regard

Great post, comrade.


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