So whats this boards consensus on china?

A neoliberal capitalist nation. Although I am sure we can find some revisionists out there who claim that it is not.

What turned it into a fascimile of leftist economic thought? Arent they reinvigorating marxist teachings into their universities and didnt they forgave debt to their [s]colonies[/s]

Never were Commie. Its established fact that Mao was a gangster boss who ran a Cigarette Mafia during the last days of the Qing. The revolutions goal was to free up and consolidate land previously owned by Private landlords and create Dazhais which were nothing more than labour camps. A third, and very important, reason for Maos allignment with Marxism was to protect his interest against the Chinese Nationalists (and their US/Euro allies) and as a bonus tap into the burgeoning industrial might of the Soviets.

Furthermore, the Mao Triad sought to destroy his rivals the Qing Bang (nothing to do with the Qing Dynasty). Some estimates put the number of Triads executed during Maos reign at upwards of 180'000 with less conservative estimates placing the figure closer to 1 Million.

Tobacco production increased dramatically within years if the establishment of the PRC. As a result China became (and remains) the largest producer of leaf tobacco in the world.

The actual name of the Triad which Mao controlled was 中国致公党 which translates roughly to Chinese Freemasons however as far as I know there is no direct relation to the traditional Masonic orders. It was founded by two Kuomingtang Warlords Chen Jiongming and Tang Jiyao in the 1920's. It is this organisation which has ruled China up until today. Officially the Chinese Freemasons (who now operate under the guise of a political party known as the Zhi Gong Party) have had no affiliation with the CPC but the Communist Party simply serves as a front.

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It's hard to get consensus on this board. At the very least, you've got to split it as consensus among state-socialists or anyone who would be called a t@nkie, libertarian socialists/anarkiddies, and orthodox marxists, not to mention various snowflake breeds. This is a really tough board to get consensus on.

I'll probably start a seperate thread in /x/with the full write up if thats ok though I will say that a lot of this info isn't available in English which acts as a huge (and convenient) barrier which has for an inordinate amount of time kept these facts hidden.

Everything began during the last days of the Qing, though relatively earlier than the days prior to 1949. Now if someone was to say to you who rules the US it would be correct to state that the President along with the elected representatives both state and county plus the legislature and civil service etc etc. Dialectically speaking however we know this is wrong - Capitalists and Bankers rule the US. They decide on policy, own the media and effectively hold ransom over the economy. In pre 1949 China the Qing officially ruled however in reality it was Triads who controlled almost every aspect of the country.

I know its not going to be possible but if you were to strike up a conversation with an 80 year old Octagenarian in either Manchuria, Szechuan Province or wherever and ask who ran China during the Mao regieme I'll bet dollars against donuts they will say 洪门 which roughly translates to Secret Society though dialecticaly speaking they mean Triad. The problem is that there was no free press/scholars documenting life under the CPC and the transition toward collectivisation - all we have is the official records. The CPC had to exist alongside the Kuoningtang to create equilibrium, there had to be an enemy to create a unified nation not for altruistic reasons but to keep the flow of money and cigarettes in the Mao Triad hands.

Even now only the fringiest of the fringe are willing to touch this and those who did in the past (in the PRC that is) were disappeared quickly.

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Bannon is right about China.

Mao was a good general but a shitty peacetime leader (great leap forward and cultural revolution). Often quoted for his wisdom, such as 'to read too many books is harmful'

Deng and his successors are authoritarian neolibs, but they have modernized the country. The CCP claims the neoliberalism is just a temporary thing on the road to communism but if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

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Hope that Dengism is 40D acceleatinist marxism with chinese characteristics chess, know that it isn't.

Literally nobody thinks China is socialist except for Deng Xiaoping fanboys. Maoists don't. Anti-revisionist MLs don't. Trots don't. Leftcoms don't. AnComs don't.

Ditto, writeup definitely wanted, preferably with at least a link to some secondary overview of the subject even if it's written in Chink.



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