Thoughts on the Stonewall riots? Was it a legitimate leftist uprising?

LGBT shit is one of the worst things to happen to western leftism.



Queer theory was a mistake

It’s a tragedy how After Stonewall the lgbt movement got corrupted by capital.

This. No movement was more quickly appropriated by the bourgeoisie than the queer movement.

To some extent.

First off, I'm going to clear something up. At the time, these things did have ties to leftist ideology. The "New Left" and all that at its emergence was leftist, but a number of things have become associated with it (or came out of it) that aren't or were assimilated.

But I don't really hinge my judgment on Stonewall by whether or not it was "leftist." It was on the social left, but there's also a degree of context involved in that. It was a good thing.

Queer theory was created in the '90s. Stonewall happened in 1969.

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I support anyone who is wiling to fight like hell for their freedom. Its a real shame that the LGBT movement has lost its radical edge.

No sorry I'm accusing leftypol of being Asserlte. Personally I think stonewall was based proles giving pigs a tiny taste of what the deserve.

I swear to christ the wordfilter is designed to prevent us from talking about this problem. Nextup they'll filter "nazbol" and "reactionary."


You can't bluff me, I'm here way too much. Leftypol cares a lot about culture spooks. They're like 2 steps down from avatars of marble statues.

'LGBT' is a porky-supported "victim class" meant to distract from the struggle of the working class.

None of those things are a valid criticism of LGBT, they're just cultural resentment of gay porkies.

We aren't Asserists.

We like culture, but not in a retarded Holla Forums way. A lot of the people on here who "aren't" false-flagging polyps but still have that sort of view about fags'n'stuff are Nazbols or ☭TANKIE☭s.

Like, folk music, traditional foods, mythology. We like this stuff and hate seeing porkies hold cultural monopolies. Most of us don't see buttsex as a threat, however.

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Is it tho? Really? Not the failure of the world revolution after the first war, not the suppression of leftist movements buy our governments, not the endless splintering and useless factionalism? No, its the gays. The gays are the worst thing.
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