I legitimately flinched at the barrage of atrocious words coming out of this man's mouth...

I legitimately flinched at the barrage of atrocious words coming out of this man's mouth. Perhaps even more astonishing than this is Holla Forums's reaction to it.
This is the type of stuff that makes me consider reading Debord. Is ``The Society of the Spectacle`` any good bit relevant to understanding seemingly inexplicable things like this in our society?

Read the whole fucking thing and watch the documentary filmed by debord too. I recently watched black mirror and read Society of spectacle. It's changing my life, really fast

Is black mirror not an example of the spectacle in effect?

what the fuck is this, the big bang theory?

No. Not everything on a screen is spectacle, otherwise movies are all garbage.
Black Mirror is aware of the paradox of being a critique to spectacle, cosumerism and a same time being on tv, the biggest source of spectacle. Watch the second episode if you already didn't

Also read Manufacturing consent

Just shut down America, there's nothing to be done here anymore.

I have never been hit as hard in the feels as I have after watching 15 million merits.

I'm guessing Colbert just went on about how European social democracy is the bestest system ever guyz XD.

I swear I had a hard time sleeping after watching it.
It's a shame that since it became a netflix show everything went from critique of spectacle, consumerism and commodification, still maintaining a intimate focus, to "DAMN TECH IS SPOOKY". Seriously. Out of 6 episode in the third season I enjoyed only 2 and both were nowhere near what the first two season did



Holy shit, the amount of people there leaving "literally shaking rn" comments when they see people cheering for Marx…

Can anyone summarize what Colbert said, what the comments in the video look like, and Holla Forums's reaction?

Eh, its nothing really special. I didn't go that far down though, mostly because I think youtube comment sections tend to be extremely cancer
Pretty much what you would expect from pol, but there are a couple "reasonable" people in the thread

Oliver is the only one there that even leans to the left, and he's mostly concerned with what year it is.

There's nothing of value to be found in Debord. Everything he states is a rehash of Althusser, and the Frankfurt School, both of which are significantly more substantive than a fucking collection of theses strung along in what is practically a large pamphlet.

Foucault said once that the French had not studied the Frankfurt school closely until decades later, so he wasn't ripping off them. Nor Althusser, they were writing on totally different tangents. Althusser also wrote his famous work on ideology post '68. Why are you so mad? Is it too Hegelian?

bill maher looks like blobfish

I'm mad because it's not substantive, Debord doesn't go into finer details over his arguments and its implications but just tells us to take them as facts of the world. This isn't even going into detail over how some of his theses are just one sentence long. As I said, anything Debord wanted to say was much better done by Althusser, and the Frankfurters.


He went along with the whole 'socialism is when the government does stuff' thing and then later says that wealth distribution "blows", yet he then immediately follows it up with saying that the 1% owning all the wealth is unacceptable and we need to be talking about 'socialist ideas' from karl marx and das kapital. Mostly it was just grammar jokes and a long skit where he substitutes words in his rant for candy products.

So he contradicts himself repeatedly. He probably hasn’t even Marx’s wikipedia page.