I just went to 4/pol/ for the first time in a while, and Jesus Christ, what a shitshow...

I just went to 4/pol/ for the first time in a while, and Jesus Christ, what a shitshow. Nearly all of it was teenagers and college students, posts upon posts of poor spelling and grammar, and outdated memes. There was constant obsession over antifa and even a fucking pizzagate thread.

What caused this? Was is r/The_Donald flooding the site? How do older Holla Forumsyps feel about being cucked by reddit?

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nice blog post

Why should we speculate on the goings-on at cuckchan, who gives a shit. If I had to guess though it would be an influx of redditors drawn to a smaller, more hardcore community and the user features, as the same thing has happened here with Chapo and r/anarchism refugees coming in and ruining the board's culture/spewing their idpol everywhere.


see pic; ignore these shitposts

We haven't succumbed yet, though. 4/pol/ is clearly lost.

Older Holla Forumsyps would've moved to 8/pol/ and 8/polk/ around gamergate when they realized the potential for their freedom of speech to come under fire at the discretion of site admins.

Is this bait or a Holla Forums shitpost?

welcome to Holla Forums, Holla Forumsyp.

the /britpol/ threads are still good in terms of banter


Holla Forums is actually a pretty big boogyman over despite the fact that no one here otherwise gives a shit about them. That said, it makes me think we actually should try actively fucking with them a little. As you stated, the userbase is generally pretty fucking lowest common denominator dumb, like subhumanly dumb a times, and can be pretty easily baited into all kinds of autistic shit.

4/pol/ has been for the last few years the most insecure place on the internet. The userbase consists of teens and eternal menchildren stuck in development, blaming their forced retardation on women, race, cock-size, Soros, jooz, you name it.

I can imagine those butthurt replies.

8/pol/ is more psychotic, and yet I've had more enjoyable and productive discussion with them than I have anywhere on 4chan.

I go to Holla Forums from time to time to farm some (you)s
It's surprisingly easy to trigger Holla Forumsyps

This has been 4chan from the beginning, it started out as 14 year old moot making an anime rip off board. It will never be anything more.

Because they're just like Da Joos™, a unofficial group of anonymous nameless, faceless shadows that are the supposed cause of all their problems that they can project all their insecurities on to.

I honestly think they left and either graduated to stormfront or just grew out of being an edgy teenager. 4chan always goes in waves, I remember when project chanology felt like we were making a difference in the world, now I look back on it and wince.


never forget

I know, its terrible. I literally had to flee there becuase 4/pol/ was seeping into every board. Its like that all over the site now. except for maybe /a/, the mods got that shit on lockdown.

I keep hearing /a/ is okay, but I actually left /a/ because it was seeping into the conversation there. Maybe they've cracked down. Won't go back because Holla Forums alone is enough of a time waster.

/a/ mods autistically ban anyone who mentions politics unless it is directly related to anime. Still hasn't stopped Holla Forums from spamming their propaganda there every time there is a lame dub controversy.
Pic related. It is posted multiple times a day. Each time Holla Forums is told to fuck off.

Good. Unironically good. This is how all boards should be operated. Stay on topic or die.


leftism in general is a top tier material for baiting
something as innocent as "when capitalism is a superior system but you need NASA to compete with the soviets" is guaranteed to get you dem sweet you's

I think there's a difference between calling someone a complete nonce, and people claiming that you're a communist bent on not only world domination in collaboration with the jews, but also want to race mix the world because Adorno absolutely said as much.


Pizzagate is real

Alt-right cat please go.


The people who killed /sp/ smh

the most obnoxious the anti-EU propaganda. not because I have any fondness for the EU obviously, but because it sounds believable to me so I have to fact check and realize I wasted my time, then I have to tell people they're getting outraged over a fake story.

I always thought about putting effort into making "FBI user" posts just to fuck with those gullible retards

is pizzagate real ?

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes everyone except retarded tanks recognize Phil for the charlatan he is. No fucking shit there are pedos in the ruling class. What's up for dispute is the sneaky, pseudo-satanic symbology and ritual linking it all together, as opposed to the more mundane reality where someone stumbles upon a notebook or ledger with dozens of names and ages scribbled into it.

The core of pizzagate was pedophile whistling centred on a pizza place frequented by Democrat and SocJus elites

I've tried it, it's like eating mcdonald's: feels great going down but you're left with a big empty void after you're done

Who says the satanic shit isn't mundane reality? If you're a rich pedo elite maybe you have nothing better to do than dress up in masks and worship Moloch.

maybe, but that doesnt mean pizzagate is real

It's all like Eyes Wide Shut yo, Kubrick was trying to warn us right before they killed him.

every Holla Forums oldfag knows that the board went downhill after gamergate (newfag influx from Holla Forums and so on)


interesting read

Did not know that about his views on Hitler.

Why does Holla Forums and assorted leftist groups pursue their vendetta against industrialists so vehemently that they support and collabertate with actual capitalists?

This got me banned, but have this bait if you want it

They are sick people, but all those discussions about eating food are just about eating food.
The histeria sorrounding that is increadible.
All the shady stuff that was on those emails was elipsed by a "pizza-related napkin"

shut the fuck up you whinging retard, there are a few random valid points in here but for the most part its the ramblings of some kind of naive western liberal crypto-anarkiddie. Atlanticist hegemony needs to die, it may not be the only form of imperialism but it is by far the most dangerous and volatile in our day and age, these parasites have killed well over 60 million people without even counting manmade hunger and illness, they are willing to start a thermonuclear war based on fucking delusions and game theory. If you want to worry about the implications of big pharma you have to be alive first bitch

Of course there is no mention of the financial narcocracy in this "analysis"

these Holla Forumsyps are permanent newfags, they don't feel even the slightest bit bad about taking bait
even the laziest 'white boi can't compete' gets at least 3 (you)s
they are crashing the (you) market more or less