How do we get rid of idpol?

how do we get rid of idpol?
the more time passes the more i'm thinking that idpol is porky bait to keep the prol fighting each other.

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Make organizations with rules explicitly against idpol.

not letting shitposters parade id/pol/ just to "counter" liberal idpol.
the rest is difficult and deserves serious discussion.

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Do what pol does: ridicule them incessantly until they crawl back into their holes where their only contribution to history will be as a 10's punchline, like hippies are for the 60's.

You think?

This, if anyone cries fucking fire them. IdPol is objectively cancer and being anti-IdPol doesn't automatically make you transphobic it just means your sick of being an aestheticist who sits around debating whether or not you should help proletarians despite them maybe not being educated enough on the lexicon you prefer or if you should keep having impotent marches on the Trump white house every time he says something nasty that are immediately co-opted by the democratic party

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Literally everyone who cries about "hurr anti-idpol is just as bad as idpol" are r/socialist identitarians themselves.

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Militant emphasis on universalism

Just nod and look empathetic, but bring things back to economic issues as soon as you have the mike. Vote against narcissists when you have a secret ballot and conspire against them when you don't.

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Because I specifically said countering idpol doesn't mean becoming a bigoted shitlord?

Go back to reddit

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Universalism is imperialistic

Gee, I wonder who's projecting behind this worthless shitpost.

Hahaha no, idpol is reactionary remember!

Daily reminder that idpol belongs on reddit. If you see a Holla Forumsturd and/or redditor here that claims class struggle should take a back seat to any other issue then report them.


Get rid of idpol by getting rid of all identifiable characteristics, become one with the Reddit™️ Hivemind®️!

No seriously you’re too far into chan culture when you think idpol is the problem. The problem is overzealous idpol warriors (usually called SJWs but that’s a trigger word here). There will always be a need for idpol, and sometimes it does take precedence over class, okay?

Idpol like lgbt rights or feminism can take priority over class, and if you cannot see that happening then idpol warriors will never see class taking priority over idpol even for a moment.

We need unity, but if we cling to tribalism where class-focused leftists and idpol leftists can’t compromise we will never move forward.

The USSR did feminism properly though. Give women an opportunity to develop independently outside traditional institutions while simultaneously supporting families and keeping a lid on hyperindividualistic culture

People need to be specific here that they're against bullshit bourgeois feminism

Haha sure, we need to pander to a tiny minority of academics and bohemians or else we'll never have sufficient numbers

It feels like idpol leftists outnumber class-conscious

I have to ask, what is the deal with the pic? Is it a photoshop or is that an actual pornstar?

That seems mostly an online thing.

Agreed. I'd hope that people here are intelligent enough to discern between them, but I've been losing hope since Charlottesville brought an influx of redditors wanting to up the ante


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It’s not, idpol rules most protests now doesn’t it? All protests need to bend to idpol warriors demands or they get boycotted by leftists who call them racist and sexist, homophobic or ableist.

I think Occupy WS was the last class-focused protest that really hit it big. In comparison this Nov4th protest is anti-Trump for idpol reasons.

They massively outnumber us, which is why we've been pushed back to user forums like this one where freeze peach/freedom of expression hasn't been outlawed yet. The cat girl debacle earlier this year sadly demonstrated just how idpol cucked reddit is, and IRL meet ups are not much better, lets face it. At least not in Melbourne, I'd hope that Europe/NA are better.

We just need to meme harder.

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That's a meme, don't buy the hype please. As for big protests and movements, there don't seem to have been many lately in the US, idpol or otherwise. You had the women's march, a big fat nothingburger, but that's it as far as big things go.
OWS did get shit up bad by idpol, I'll give you that. But without a central leadership and preferable a party, that thing was DOA anyway.

The working class was ideally a universal category you retard. Idpol is defined as the rejection of universalism


It doesn't matter.

It might as well be as if there were no leftists at all because idpol leftism isn't going anywhere. Even if these liberal faggots excommunicated us and called for our blood, this wouldn't really matter as they are politically irrelevant and utterly impotent. They don't amount to anything and never will by design.

100 years after the Great October Revolution and after everything, we have to start from zero. Level 1.

Show me one idpozzed Socialist org that engages in this hallowed unicorn of "proletarian feminism" instead the usual liberal diahrrea of intersectionality. Engaging in identity politics is pure murphy's law. You are playing right into the spectacle and will invariably get coopted by twitter addicted college students paying this petty popularity game to see who is the biggest bleeding heart. Just look at Chapo and the supposed "Dirtbag Left"

Also avoid or minimize recruiting from Universities and keep a quota of 3/4 proles and 1/4 students and everything else (NEETs, unemployed, etc)

Conservatives have larger right amygdala. Eliminate this and we will have world peace and communism.

Liberals have a larger basal ganglia. Eliminate this and we will have world peach and Not Socialism.


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Imperialism is good if the Empire is good.

This isn't an empire.


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Idpol is inevitable in a diverse polity. You can't get rid of it.

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To really be rid idpol, groups whom believe they benefit from it must be forced to see it in a different light. For instance, in the NBA black people are greatly over represented, but are there based on merit. What if the league was pressured to implement regulation for a minimum quota of players of asian, and latino descent? If they were forced to have a league more representative of the nation's demographic makeup, and ability and merit became less of a factor, they may begin to see the issue our way.

Stop student activism. And focus recruitment on workplaces. 90% of idpol comes from University Students. The other 10% isn’t that bad.

Reminder that Hitler developed his views on the Jews when he was in Art School. Student Activism creates idpol.

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Become super-duper extreme until the liberals are all scared off. I recommend Anarcho-Posadism at the least.

Here if anyone is interested

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