Salvador Allende

What are you guys' thoughts on Allende? Personally, I know he could've done more and he did make quite a few mistakes, but I still find him admirable. He may have been a peaceful reformist, but he still fought to the death during the 1973 coup

Read this fam he fucked up big time. Never trust politicians, they are always more concerned with their own power than their supposed ideals. No exceptions.



How ironic.


I understand he did mess up pretty badly in a lot of aspects. His biggest mistake was choosing to not arm the working class, yes that was a very bad decision. However, I still and probably will always admire him, not only for wanting to change things peacefully (which albeit probably will never work) but also for choosing to fight and die even though being offered multiple escape options

Imagine having this anachronistic of a worldview.

This "socdem cuck" chose to fight till the bitter end instead of running away

Both are ultra left faggots. I don't make a difference. Situationist maybe have anarchist tendecies for the most part, this explain the sorry anti-goverment propaganda of that pdf

Pacifism will never work, he learned it the hard way

Yeah, at least he went out fighting

Quit being an ahistorical brainlet.

And I respect him greatly for that

He wouldn't have had to fight to the bitter end if he build up a strong revolutionary army or if the USSR sent its airborne to repel Pinochet's forces.

A Martyr. A saint we should all strive for.

The overthrow of a democratically elected government, perhaps?

does the KRG have actual female soldiers, or is this just a model?

They have a seperate all-female support unit



Even if I'm an Anarcho he's still cool in my book. Tried to do the impossible but still cool

they do. just like America and Israel, their owners.

As I expected from post-purge Holla Forums.

why do leftcoms and the CIA always seem to be on the same side?

regardless to this, he is still a victim of imperialism and his story should still be told, 1) to radicalize socdems by talking about the obvious anti democratic nature of capitalism 2) by telling them that you need to arm your unions to beat the cia, use cuba or nicaragua as a counter example

we need flags back so retards like this know better than to talk

ive seen many a leftcom claim debord as theirs

Fucking who?

God fucking damn it, every time ;__;

nice man

Allende is NAZBOL

Guy Debord, the main theorician of situationsim.

descansa en paz Based Chile Fuehrer

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Guy Debord was a council communist numb-nuts. Y'know the object of criticism in "An Infantile Disorder". He was also very critical of Stalin and "Actually Existing Socialism" from the left in "Spectacle". I'm not saying non-leftcoms can't find his stuff useful, but he was a leftcom by the definition of the word, just not a Bordigafag. Unless of course you can prove to me that the qualifiers I've used are false and he had a bunch of Che posters in his home or something.