How does he sleep at night?

How does he sleep at night?

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Wrapped in deep deep dish Pizza Hut pizza

y u m m y

Is this a viral advertising thread?

he's an outright socdem ideologue, that's how.

Good porky money from pizza hut. He personally wrecked and destroyed the future for humanity.

on top of a pile of money with many beautiful pizzas.

While dreaming of hunting down Yeltsin togheter with Stalin i would hope, probably after a pizza induced food coma.

This stupid thread has me hungry for Pizza Hut god damn it

We really need to kill these people and start with pizza hut commercial.

heroin maybe?

I say drinking himself to sleep

Thank God.

It's pretty easy to sleep after eating a couple of Big macs and a large coke tbh

Jesus Christ is that him

I honestly feel vaguely bad. He's always considered his decision to disassemble the USSR one of the worst mistakes of his entire life and the guilt lives within for the rest of his life.

Seeing as how what Russia has become, I don't blame him. He must be depressed as hell.


Yes so depressed :^)

Shit, if that was one of worst I'd like to know what was his worst decision in life.

Being elected

Hi, devil's advocate here.

Gorbachev never actually dissolved the USSR, nor did he intend to. He wanted to reform the USSR into the USS (Union of Sovereign States).

The USS would have been a looser Union then the USSR, but it would've prevented total collapse. And it almost did, 76% of voters and 6 out the 9 SSRs supported it. Gorbachev was going to implement it, until the august coup happened. After the august coup failed it was then that Yeltsin (and NOT Gorbachev) dissolved the Union. Technically, Gorbachev is still the leader of the Soviet Union.

I'm not saying that he's /ourguy/ or that he did nothing wrong. He's just not the Judas that everyone thinks he is.

Bet he doesn't. I say we give him some help.

Oh jeez its like his depression makes up for the 50 million victims of capitalism in the 90's.

I want to rub lotion on his head

So they never left? Was it all just 4D chess to trick the Americans?

Covered in mozzarella.

Was Gorbachov corrupt as fuck or what? I heard an user mention this before but I can't find any real details.

In his second Mansion