is anything actually going down on the 4th?

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At most, Occupy Wall Street style protests. At most.

that seems optimistic tbh

All fast food joints will be occupied and will only serve salads.

Without a reason tho. These days thanks to antifa the mainstream left political conversation went to "midly" anti-establishment and ""anti" capitalist to LE SMASH LE FASH.
Debord was right

thanks for your brainlet tier analysis, like we haven't seen this post already.

Was making a point for op you massive fucking faggot

Endless legions of steel-disciplined antifa space marines will wage a war of annihilation against all white parents and turn America into a gay communist anime

Tomorrow we seize the world and implement a NWO of Pedophile Islamic Communism with Transexual Charecteristics. Only pic related can stop us.

but who gives a shit? your point is worthless like the exact same shitpost that is done to death. at best you would make op believe in some shit take.

No cis white male butthole will go unfucked.

Probably just a Holla Forums gathering, judging from these obvious false flags.

Mmmmm yes, remember how that worked out?
I do, I remember when cops dressed as ANTIFA caused trouble so the police could violently shut it down.

Any chance of that happening again?

Whos this weirdo?

some Holla Forumsyp who killed his dad for being a librul

I was trying to respond seriously to op.
Is le kill whitey shit post any better? It's not even funny

Did all of this seriously stem from the Krang tweet?

One job

but you failed to give a serious answer
what the fuck are you even talking about?

You have to be a special sort of weird to become a murderer because of shit you read on the internet.

They should of throne him out years before

It's a shitty false flag in general, but honestly how do you fuck up that bad?

This shit

I don't think is funny.
Go fuck yourself, I'm not gonna write a book on a shitpost thread. I wasn't trying to say anything complicated, just that antifa is more counterproductive than anything else.

Search the catalog.
Bob Avakian will lead an elite cadre of ANTIFA supersoldiers in an assault on DC and topple the Trump/Pence regime. Segways will be provided by George Soros, oc.

Jesus nigger are you in your period or something


Shitty liberal protests organized by Chairman Bob

If they threw out every parents-home-dwelling, unemployed, NEET aut-righter, there would be no more aut-right remaining.

It's about as serious as appending something like "I am the leader of Antifa" to your posts.

Those posts are pretty funny actually.


impotent rage with no direction or goal

just like last time

Some obscure US Marxist group was planning a protest on the 4th for ages.
Right wing nutjobs picked up on it and it eventually found its way on to semi-popular right/left wing twitter personalities.
Then leftytwitter makes a couple dumb jokes and everything went fucking nuts

Yeah, probably. One of the many reasons street protests are stupid. We need to be spreading leftist ideas so that we can organize an execute a general strike with a critical mass of workers.

Im not from america and i dont want to know what these fags are doing.


Antifa Supersoldiers will be beheading white babies and sucking the marrow from their bones for substance.
That's what the right told me, at least.


Actually this whole debacle is quality meme material already, and it's not even the fourth yet. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully some rightards will open fire on one another