Is it true that antifa will fuck some shit up tomorrow? I'm not even American and I don't give too much of a fuck about politics, and I'm not here to start shit, just sincerely asking.
I'm posting a Kurisu because who doesn't like a QT anime girl?

How the fuck should we know? A lot of us don't even like them.
I doubt it tho

No the global communist revoultion to wipe out the white race will happen on the 100 year anniversity for the october revoulution 3 days later.

I thought antifa were left-winged, that's why I'm asking here.
A bit retarded from my part now that I think of it.
Btw is posting anime grills bannable?

Don't be an asshole to this tourist

Yes. Death to AmeriKKKa!

Left-winged is too much of an umbrella term. They are but in a stupid way

No, it's a meme started by a cult-like minuscule party. Holla Forumsyps have literally gaslighted themselves about this.
Helmsman Avakian will bring the wrath of the People's Liberation Army against all y'all cumskin landlords, better hide your toothbrush.

the 411 happening is just rightist paranoia, no leftist organization has the means to bring a coup or a revolution at the moment

antifa will absolutely burn down the white house for the second time in history tomorrow

cap this

I'm not gonna lie, I have an online friend who spammed me about this topic, so that's why I'm curious.

It doesn't matter, they won't change anything, they won't overthrow the government and assassinate Trump *like they should.** they'll just go out smash a few windows and yell "We did it Rick! We destroyed capitalism!" and go back home. None of this matters.

Patrician taste fam.

Don't spend time with retards, they will make you dumber.

It's ok, it's online only, and I don't even talk to him so much. In any case I'm quite the loner.

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user stop. Anime grills are for non-lewd things only. Look how you made kurisu feel. You should feel ashamed of yourself.

No user , anime girls are our reason to destroy capitalism

We had a thread about this the other day, I wish someone had capped it. The gist of it is that a tiny party lead by an old 60s radical named Bob Avakian spammed their planned demonstration for the 4th, and made some dank memes about it. This got picked up by the aut-right media sphere, who started blowing it out of all proportion.
In response, ironic twitter-ers and others started making jokes that took all this to an absurd extreme, claiming they would do a wyat genocide and such. It's like the Monty Python skit, the 4 Yorkshiremen. But the aut right, being more aut than right, took it all too seriously and started posting their revenge fantasies online. It's quite something.

motivation* sorry I cant english

As long as they don't do anything lewd meanwhile destroying capitalism it's ok.


We will protect their purity forever , don't worry comrade


No, American "antifa" isn't fucking up anything, ever.

Tomorrow is when George Soros gives the signal and millions of antifa supercommandos will rise up in an unstoppable wave of toothbrush collectivization

god, this sounds glorious
long live chairman SOROS

Correct, we have over 9000 antifa supersoldiers and they're all raping white children

Delete this you sick fuck

This kills me a little more every time I see it.