Fear rule over me

How do i let fear stop ruling over me and my judgement? I really started to fear blacks because of those nigger hate threads on cuckchan and those blm vids on facebook saying to kill all white people etc. But at the same time so do i know that its only 0,5 % of blacks are like that. How do i stop fear ruling over me?

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What are you specific fears, identify them for us (not spiders or some shit, that shit is meaningless).

Do you also have a weird sexual thing about black men with large penises having sex with white women?

Why do you care? What's wrong with not liking blacks again? If you are not calling for genocide, segregation or shit like this, It doesn't matter. It's your buisness.

I'm mostly afraid of poc because i think they hate me (im very insecure) I dont really care about whites becoming minority i just dont wanna be treated badly just because im white. I also fear that just because im white that in the future me and my family will get killed for it. Im sorry im very paranoid. I literally think every poc person i see wanna kill me or thinking that he/she hates me i hate it

Ok, why do you think this?

there is literally nothing wrong with avoiding poor black areas because you're afraid of getting robbed/killed

Mostly news. I also see alot of comments on youtube videos and facebook that are racist against white people. It makes me really scared. I just want everyone to be treated equally. Im sorry

not him but i feel the same way because of how ghetto black people act towards me as a white person

one friend, when I had to do some difficult stuff, once asked me:

Meet some black people and talk to them maybe? You're experiencing the world through a rightcuck's cave of shadows.

report Holla Forums shit

high quality thread :^)

im asking here because Holla Forums is the most rational board. I would just be called cuck or whatever on pol

How? I barely even has any friends as it is. I go to a autistic school and i am very shy and insecure

where are you from?


you should kys tbh
betafags like you are destined to die alone after getting cucked by niggers or becoming their slaves after the revolution anyway.

then start lifting and learn some self defense, swede. Or just learn to run fast, it works wonders.

I used to know a fat Holla Forums browsing autist, so this is just a shot in the dark really: Södertälje, Sweden?

Blacks are bad news, you'd be stupid not to be apprehensive around them. And yes, they DO hate you for being white

A better question to ask yourself is what do you stand to gain from so vehemently minimizing basic instincts of self preservation?

I was once like you years ago
Being a dumb idiot I joined the army. And while it does help you with socializing skills and working out the downside is your a fucking mercenary army killing poor people on the other side of the world for American hegemony.
The point is I've spent very close quarters with almost every ethnicity in America.People are pretty much the same all over. Hell currently I work construction with a majority black crew and it's a great workplace. Just don't let fear rule your life. Especially something as spooked as race or ethnicity

Sweden but not Södertälje. But i really hate mentioning on chans that i am from Sweden. People will just call me a cuck and spam Sweden Yes memes. Most ones are fake. Holla Forumsyps are so bad at source criticism

I dont care about women though. I feel mostly asexual (prolly cuz of zoloft) and i prefer internet porn. Todays women are to slutty for me. But i realise to that its nots women fault i dont get laid its cuz im insecure and fat and have no confidense. (sorry for blog post)

faggot, if you are fat, that means that there is fuckton of potential for you to transform into muscles. If you are afraid of going to the gym, and you have by any chance grandparents living in house, start visiting them every weekend and help them with work around house.

Why the agressiveness?

s-sorry. That's the way I'm used to talk on chans.

Oh. Its okay. I help around home sometimes. I trying to lose weight. for example i stopped drinking soda and eating candy and chips. And i try to walk 10 000 steps every day. (but i realise i could do better but i lack that motivational click. im a brainlet too)

being fat as man is not necessarily bad if you have enough muscles to support that weight and confidence. Do you live in house or flat? If in house, do you have firewood heating option?

Live in apartment and house (parents divorced and separated) but i think we have firewood thing. Can you post pic of it? (sorry for asking for pic)

This may sound weird, but reading Existentialist philosophy may help. The anxiety of your death and the impossibility of your infinite existence is the anxiety almost all others are predicated on. I find once your able to come into understanding that anxiety, the others become easier to understand as well.

thanks for tip my friend. any special existensial philosopher that you recommend?

I think it's called "fireplace" in english, but it might not be necessarily inside of house, but also hidden in some cellar. The thing I would like to suggest to you, is to get and axe and start chopping wood. It's great exercise for upper body, you can LARP as Viking or whatnot. It helped me a lot to exercise, and will help you in future if you will decide to go camping, or buy a house yourself. It's perfect because you are exercising AND doing useful labour. I'm not living at home anymore, but when I visit we play a game with brothers who can chop more wood with one swing, which is very fun game.

That sounds pretty fun and cool. thank you for tip my friend

Read "The Stranger", it's very easy to read.

Cruel irony

is this also how poc feel?

thanks for tip my friend. i will try to read it

Now that I have your attention, also read "Things Fall Apart". It's about black people and their society at the advent of colonization. If you are afraid of them, have wrongful preconceptions, this might put things in perspective, without being too wishy washy libshit-y. It was a kind of eye opener for me when I read it. And it's short, with clear, no-nonsense language.

oh wow that is even better. thank you again alots my friend. sorry for giving nothing in return have this scrubs pic though as a thanks

You mean we will get to cash welfare checks all day, hold entire cities hostage by participating in the drug trade, riot every once in a while burning everything to the ground and act like general animals while "PoC" go to work to pay taxes to keep us afloat?

Sign me up!

i still dont understand. what did mean?


Whites also live on welfare though and all that. maybe not riots though.

OP, I think your biggest problem is that you're just a pussy.
You read scary youtube comments and now you're afraid of black people because you think they're going to murder you and your family?
Unless you live in the worst parts of Detroit or LA, I don't see that happening.

Just walk through Detroit or the black parts of any major city at night. Once you see for yourself all the delightful blacks living there, the fear will go away. Confront it head on.

You don't need to live in fear of blacks, but there's no real reason to walk around Chiraq at night, so to speak.

idk. im really paranoid. how to stop being pussy then?

Have you tried just not being a pussy?

Maybe your paranoia is clinical? That or it could just be a developmental thing Tbh user, I get pretty paranoid of things in life too

not so great answer. why the agressiveness?

I have aspergers and ive talked about my paranoia to my psychologist but he doesn't seem to think its serious. But tbh i think its more serious

Imagine passing these people on the street at night. Which of these two images invokes more anxiety in you?

Try to check up with another psychologist or therapist, for me I have pretty bad OCD which will cause me to obsess over and repeat thinking certain thoughts, some of which can get me very paranoid.

Okay, this is going to be tricky, but what you're going to want to do is do a horizontal cut around the entire top half of your skull, remove it, dig a scalpel in deep and cut out this little bit of your brain without disturbing the rest of the surrounding tissue too much. With any luck you'll get out of it fearless and maybe you'll have to deal with not being able to see the color blue any more or smelling burning rubber all the time or forgetting how to speak english or something, but that's no biggie really.

Silly me, forgot the picture.

get out

I love examples like these because they so clearly exposes how it's all about wealth from the get-go.

Wherever there's poverty, crime and ghetto culture will emerge. If blacks were wealthier than whites, Holla Forums would be all about shipping them back to Europe and how they are subhuman etc.

Read Ross Wolfe

Probably he'd find pic 2 more threatening since it has more people in it.
Neither are really threatening though. Niggers in suits never started shit with me, and wigger teens may be dumb but they don't do shit either.

Fear the crime in question, note the factual risks. Sure, it is far more likely that a black man will assault you than a white man - but the chances of being economically abused in some fashion are the other way around.

If you aren't a 🍔burger🍔 you really ought to not worry about that, despite all the memes about Sweden

Correct. What I'm trying to highlight for our paranoid aspie OP is that he's probably far more scared of the poor or those perceived as poor as a whole, rather than black people specifically.

This is why white men need to be unironically genocided. You just can't stop being afraid at your own shadows and lashing out.

Sorry but the eugenicists were right, they just targeted the wrong group of people.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Poor whites barely commit crime. A nigger in a suit is still just a nigger. Statistic fact.

Thank you based vols.

The fact that you can adjust for income and immediately account for most of the statistical disparity in crime would point to material conditions being the largest factor, and before you go off on the intelligence rant, we can largely close that gap as well with proper nutrition throughout childhood.

If that were the case, yes. Income is a factor, just not the main factor.
The civilized world has had enough food for quite some time now. 🍔burger🍔s would all be geniuses if food was all there's to it.

Every time.

Every time.

Come on now.
That's not what I meant by proper nutrition and you know it. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2729116/
You're being intellectually dishonest.

I don't think you understand how sources work. The whole fucking point is to point toward a specific paper or something so it can be actually fucking verified.

Prove the source wrong.

Where I live they're belligerent and will stab you for getting looked at crossways

The main factor is just the factor responsible for most of the effect. Just because A is the main factor doesn't mean B can't be another factor. I won't do the stats since you wouldn't understand anyway, but just look how Whites (Asians) in the poorest bracket still kill less than Blacks (Whites) in the richest income bracket.

Wow you are one emotional faggot. Fear is what drives a conservatives and this is how you control them.

Actually spend time around black people. I grew up around them and all my roommates were black. They're just normal boring people like everyone else.

Which I said was material conditions, and then you claimed that it wasn't, while posting stats that showed that it was.
You're being intellectually dishonest again.
Surely it's because "I wouldn't understand", and has nothing to do with your previous attempt at posting stats resulting in your blowing yourself the fuck out.
And? That number in a bubble doesn't contradict things like nutritional disparity during brain development, rates of parental abuse, breastfeeding, the quality of school the individual went to, or a variety of other environmental factors.

seriosly please go back to your board. you arnt helping. go post some old overused infograph or something
the group of kids

please its post like this that mkes me paranoid and scared. cant tell if theyre joking or not

Fine. I put the data from the fig in a dataset with three columns in R:
Df Sum Sq Mean Sq F value Pr(>F)
income 1 187.1 187.1 1.39 0.253
Residuals 19 2556.8 134.6
Df Sum Sq Mean Sq F value Pr(>F)
race 2 2376.5 1188.3 58.23 1.38e-08 ***
Residuals 18 367.3 20.4

Signif. codes: 0 ‘*’ 0.001 ‘’ 0.01 ‘*’ 0.05 ‘.’ 0.1 ‘ ’ 1

Male/Female violent crime ratio is bigger than Black/White violent crime ratio. If you want to use identity politics as a basis for measures against crime you should honestly join the feminists.

you have to work out your irony muscle a bit

what is that? and how i do that?

What did he meme by this?

Also an excellent point.

i wrote group of kids to this post>>2217543


I doubt you have to worry about blacks from where you're posting

You have to be a literal brainlet to fall for propaganda like that

i am kind of anbrainlet

The populations that rank lowest in intelligence actually eat very healthy, there is no junkfood in the central African jungle.

This is the most retarded thread I have ever seen in my life. There's actual "nazi" "ubermensch" niggas in here encouraging this dude to be a pussy. smh

I feel something similar towards the so called 'lgbt community'. I can't help but think of gay/trans people as screeching blue haired sjws who go after children. Is something wrong with me?

That's a serious lack of imagination.

If you're aware this is only due to Holla Forums propaganda and the idpol-obsessed media you're fine.

If you don't have any lgbt acquaintances it's only natural this is what you'd associate the term with.

Here's a question, have you ever actually met a screeching blue haired SJW outside the internet? I haven't. I live in a very liberal university town and I still haven't actually met one of these people except when Holla Forums is shoving them in my face.

im sorry guys if you hate my thread


grow up or be a sissy forever

the trick is to want something even harder than your fear prevents you

I recommend talking to a psychologist, OP, if you're in Sweden you should be able to afford it. Making an effort to find friends, even if its just on the internet would be good as well. Being isolated robs you of an essential part of mental security. Knowing people are there looking out for you is very important.

The second thing is to actually look at the evidence. Even in 🍔burger🍔land, most people don't live their lives in fear and they have a systemic crime and recidivism rate so high its called the 'prison industrial complex'.

In general, you only see the kind of racial attacks you are paranoid about in failed states, states on the brink or states that have been taken over by idpol-drenched racists (think iraq, zimbabwe, somalia, burma, nazi germany etc…) You may also want to read up on history, economics and the causes of crime.

Finally, you should know that most of the angry anti-white (and anti-male, and other idpol) shitposts on the internet are just that - shitposts. Behind that screen there is some attention starved redditor eager to look tough by shooting his mouth off for some likes and fleeting status.