Why do you hate Bookchin leftypol?

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"google bookchin" was a leftypol meme. The only people who hate him are assblasted ☭TANKIE☭s who won't accept that their theory is outdated

You spelled t*nkie wrong

His history of apologetics for anti-communist and imperialist ideology leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth as much as the uber-revisionist ☭TANKIE☭.

He's Ancom-lite with a democracy fetish, I'd hate his followers less if they'd admit this instead trotting out Communalism as a grand syntheis of Anarchism and Marxism.

Yeah funny how I've never seen anything like that whatsoever

Proofs billy

Yeah, no.

Then you're either blind or a newfag.

I've never read Bookmeme. Convince me he is actually worth reading.

I thought leftypol liked him?

I know ☭TANKIE☭s don't like him because Bookchin called all authoritarians rightists

The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. - Marx
Because people still think it's 1917.


You know nothing about about the 70s and 80s do you laddie? During the late Cold War Western Communists consisted of Beret-wearing Maotists and subculture fetishizing anarkiddos

Yeah, no. Even the Friends of Durruti were moving towards adopting the municipality as a arena of struggle. And Bakunin waxed about the virtue of municipal government as well. Bookchin isn't an-com lite, he's the best of anarcho-communism but has also evolved beyond it into something much more sophisticated, learning from the long history of revolutionary movements.

Bookchin was hugely against right wing libertarianism in his Communalist period. The one video where he associated with libertarians is in stark contrast to his later denunciations of the libertarian right as being thiefs of the term "libertarian" and in fact being what he called "proprietarians". But I guess you can cherry pick history to suit your narrative and be an enormous faggot if you want.

Here's the video of Bookchin denouncing right libertarians that buttblasted ☭TANKIE☭ faggots don't' want you to see:

Read the Next Revolution (its pretty short) and see if you are interested in more. Then move on to the Ecology of Freedom if you want more.

Holy shit.

Diamonds, just Diamonds.

Also, my favourite thing about Bookchin is how much his ideas triggers such a wide swath of people, while also being more relevant to existing socialism than most other thinkers. Stay buttblasted

R*java isn't even communalist.

Yeah, they are. Both in theory (Ocalan explicitly calls his ideas Communalist), and in practice (biehlonbookchin.com/rojavas-communes-and-councils/)

Make way for the real anarchists

A bunch of idiots spamming Bookchin memes turned people against him.

I find there is a lot in Bookboys works that is worth considering. I wouldn't call myself a Communalist but I still really like some of his ideas like libertarian municipalism, his criticisms of deep ecology and contemporary Anarchism (not as much of Marxism tho..), his notion of liberated technology, and his definition of the state and politics. Still there is some things he lacks. I personally think Communalism needs a bigger focus on class. Its there, but not enough for me.

In all fairness, most of his criticism of marxism comes from his anarchist period. Later on in life, Bookchin started to look back on "the left that was" and particularly marxism

Before I read Bookchin I thought that anarchy and social democracy were two different things. Now I know they aren't.

He's not even a anarchist


Youtube-dl squad incoming, see webm related.

Isn't that basically chans in a nutshell?

Bookchinites are just band wagoners. They see a vague form of socialism "succeeding" and decide to devote themselves to it. It's pure opportunism. I'm waiting to what happens in Syria after America gets BTFO. If R*java can survive then we can talk about how they are an example of "actually existing socialism."

Triggering polemics aside, what Bookchin wrote was perfectly acceptable considering it was written in a time of deep reaction, where state socialist regimes were collapsing in droves but the crises of capitalism and climate change weren't apparent yet.
There's a case to be made these days for a more radical, class-focused interpretation of Communalism that focuses more on open confrontation with capitalist states, maybe incorporating the most recent discussions of resource/financial/energy collapse that could open the door to successfully creating anarcho-communist spaces without immediately getting Paris Commune'd. Also Communalism should focus back on the US and developed world, IMO over a dozen US military bases in Syria is a distraction and Ocalan's Democratic Confederalism is too tailored to the Kurd's specific situation to be useful in an international context.

How is supporting Royava opportunist in the slightest? Your opinions don't fucking matter, you fucking retard. Politics isn't a game. You don't have to pick sides like you would a sports team. Communism isn't about being fashionable, brainlet.

That's my point though. All this Bookchin dick sucking in the west is only happening because he has become "fashionable" due to R*java's success (courtesy of America.)

I was a "Bookchinite" before I knew what over a dozen US military bases in Syria is.

I forgot the fucking word filter, nevermind.

You're retarded. Whether or not Bookchin is "fashionable" is fucking irrelevant, and furthermore your preoccupation with whether it's fashionable or not betrays your lack of real political convictions.

It should be noted that this isn't necessarily negative. Its perfectly acceptable, or even necessary, that socialist political movements adapt to address the problems of specific communities. The problem arises when we start to think that DemCon as it is in Roj*va is a model to be replicated elsewhere.

Amazing reply.

To be fair it's a true statement. Also try rereading the post, you missed quite a bit, brainlet.

He was super high on humanism and enlightenment values, him being an imperialist apologist and a sionista was just a result of that.

isn't Bookchin a Zionist

Its the ultimate entry level "communism". Please read and get up here where we are.


You're missing the emphasis that dialectical naturalism places on organicism. Dianat goes from the general to the particular, and from the particular to the universal.

To be fair he was also misrepresenting my position. Also
Can you go a single reply without an ad hominem?

He believed that Israel was resisting Palestinian imperialism.

Marxism and German Idealism are Enlightenment schools of thought you massive faggot

Are you being serious right now?

his whole body of work should go into the trash

bookchin being retarded on one issue doesn't refute his other ideas.
Also friendly reminder that the Soviet Union helped create Israel.

their leadership had tons of Jews at the time though, I can forgive them for that error.
Jews can't help but be Zionist it seems, except for a handful.

Yes. Read a book you niggerfaggot. German Idealism was the apex of Enlightenment rationalism, and Marx's materialist conception of history was envisioned to be the end of this philosophy in that Marx sublated Hegel. Read the attached essay on Marxism and German Idealism. You can't be a Marxist and be anti-Enlightenment


It's only an adhom if I'm using personal attacks in place of an argument, dipshit. I'm using them to supplement my argument. Also, crying about "muh fallacies" is reddit-tier argumentation. It's not a counterargument since it doesn't actually engage with anything your opponent has said. Kys brainlet.

So this is the power of communalism.

How did I misrepresent you? You're clearly very preoccupied with whether ideologies are fashionable or not.

Ah, yes. Everyone should adopt your philosophy of eco-stalinism, which is as philosophically deep as imageboard brainlet stalinposting with "eco-" appended to it.
*The idea of dominating nature stems from the domination of human by human*

Me: "you're a retard"
You: *faggot nerd tank voice* "um actually that's a fallacious statement and it's pretty telling that you're a comunalist and you're using this low level of discourse"

All of the most vocal critics of Israel are jewish.

True first, but at the enlightenment has been interpreted to be capitalistic and consumeristic, Marxism has become more “anti-enlightment.” The Enlightenment had great ideas, but it failed at creating a better world.

Communism is the logical continuation of the enlightenment.

That's extremely undialectical.

This user can't into sublation, lmao

Enlightenment failed to live up to its promises, and communism is the actualization of the failed ideas of liberalism. It literally is dialectical.

Wow, Anal Water gets banned and all of a sudden everyone who doesn't know about Hegelianism but likes the spook of dialectics comes out and proclaims they know what it is and that it's true.

Kant is the last enlightenment thinker. After him the German Idealists are post-enlightenment and offer a critique of the enlightenment as well as a positive alternative. If anything, the German Idealists bring back the Greek project and and add the critical modern aspect of the enlightenment while leaving the enlightenment presuppositions of liberalism, individualism, atheism, materialism, and its disjointed epistemology first outlook.

Bookchin is a boring and bad writer, besides he also claims to use the spook of dialectics. That's all I need to know to not read him further.

But that's wrong you fucking retard

This is why we should criticize specific works and ideas, and not people. People change.


True leftist in the world of dictatorship advocating marxist-leninist.

1. That is from Post-Scarcity Anarchism, which was written during the height of the 1960s youth counter-culture
2. Post-Scarcity Anarchism is from his anarchist period, and doesn't reflect his most mature views from his Communalist period.

Lets have a party control all the factories instead of the workers! And this totally is a workers movement!

Do you really disagree with this? As long as people fetishize work, productivity, and the accumulation of wealth, there's no hope for revolution. When workers skip work and smoke a joint, they might actually have a chance to thin for themselves, and realize the truth of communism.


Bookchin's ideas are babby tier. Still he did rape Bob Black so hard that his shitty little movement evaporated so there's that.

This is new-age-tier word salad. Maybe that's the joke?

Capitalism can commodify anything. Without an actual movement (with leaders) everything degenerates into lifestylism.

OK, so then skip work and go smoke a joint with the (thought) leaders.

How would you do that?

Bookchin's entire point with the quote you gave was that the worker's movement never had any revolutionary potential precisely because of it's fetishism of productivity, and that any rebellion against that fetishism was a good thing.

I would say that Marxism is modernist/post-enlightenment.

You have to try harder if you want to impress grills online, user. Be like Muke, at least feign to know something even if you don't.


Porky detected

good worker

How unscientific of you.

>implying Democracy

Enjoy the circle of your "radicals": reddit.com/r/trees/

and stay there

kys reactionary scum

Yes, and reading and hard work is for fascists!

Have you ever smoked cannabis before? That's not really what it's about. The conversations one has whilst baked can be profound. Also, so many of us are under extreme stress, and cannabis is an almost entirely safe way to fucking relax. So much healthier and better than alcohol. Alcohol and opiates dull the senses, while cannabis amplifies them. And on high doses you can have deep, introspective experiences. I have no doubt that my cannabis use has contributed to my adoption of leftist politics.

Yes. Those "deep conversations" turned out to be incoherent musings over the mundane in retrospect, that promised "relaxation" a set of thinly veiled and group-pressured avoidance-strategies, those "amplified senses" short term memory loss, and that "adoption of leftist politics" mere liberalism.



Maybe if you experienced it as an adult you would better understand.

always had a feeling that the piggies were the fedoras of the left

You're a namefag, I've seen you post your anti-hegelian drivel in plenty of threads, but it rarely comes with any arguments, so I feel fairly justified in simply mocking you.


Daily reminder that communalism will cease to be a thing once a certain american puppet state is mercilessly crushed. And it will be glorious.

I've only seen him make fun of A.W. so far. Is this you, A.W.? You are not Hegel, you know that. You know that, right?

t. Doesn't understand philosophy

Or perhaps it will be the thing that will overthrow the reactionary Turkish, Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian governments to establish socialism in the Middle East. Or not. Who knows.

Dialectics is bunk, Hegelian or Marxist, but even reading overviews of Hegel makes it clear he's not an enlightenment thinker, but post-enlightenment.

Thesis Antithesis Synthesis,
Dialectics are just like a labyrinth,
For hipsters, leftists, and liberals

Yeah I'm sure that's why America supports them so much. Because socialism.