Good News/Bad News

The Good News is that the inevitable Malthusian Crisis will create massive support for InterNot Socialism.

The Bad News is that Socialism will fail in the face of the Malthusian Crisis because you cannot redistribute resources that are not there.

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Not if we purge all the porkies from society. Or we could go full soylent.

Multhus theories are nothing but classist crass

We need to seize power yesterday.

peak oil, soil depletion , over fishing,, and dozen other things I don't have the time to list. You cannot hide from this.

Marx already debunked Malthus, there will be no malthusian crisis

Did Marx predict a civilization dependent on oil and petrol products? Please elaborate on how Marx debunks Malthus.

Please el

let's add this to our discussion.

Peak food production may have already been reached.

In Capital Volume 1, Chapter 25 I think. This is a nice summary though of the marxist take on Malthus though.

Thank you.

Brah that bullshit has consistently proven absolute bollocks.

Does that include fracking tho?

Yes it includes fracking fracking produces about four barrels of oil for one barrel of oil worth of energy used. The old gushers in 1900's Pennsylvania produced one hundred barrels of oil for one barrels worth of energy expended. This is called diminishing returns.

If it puts peak oil at 2010, then it was probably made before 2010, and fracking production started to come online in a big way after 2012. Fracking has existed since the 1940s, but the omnidirectional drills that have allowed the development of oil fields in the upper midwest are a more recent development.

addendum:>>2216952 is absolutely right, but the chart doesn't really account for new fracking developments (not that they won't be drained in a decade)

Malthus a shit.

All of which fall into the idea of diminishing returns more effort for less oil. Fossil fuels are finte

Okay.. Maybe you can find a replacement for oil. Maybe you can get science to boast crop yields even more.

But can you find a substitute for water?

Desalination plants.

Sure.. More diminishing returns. Have fun pumping sea water all the way to Kansas wheat fields and Iowa corn fields.

Malthus will be proven right at some point, probably within our lifetime and there is nothing you can do about it.

No Revolution can succeed without the aid of professional military. Militia couldn't stand up to regular army doing the time of muskets and have no chance in our high tech age.

around 20% percent of the world's population consumes 80% of the world's resources. We might have a resouce crisis but it's not related to overpopulation.

military forces can quickly give up fighting the people, especially under a strike since they are sustained by the workers.
Also soldiers are not policeman and tend to have some compassion for the citizens.

Tell that to the Paris Commune