These are the people funding our bus rides, our full page ads in the newspaper, etc. Are we ok with this?

These are the people funding our bus rides, our full page ads in the newspaper, etc. Are we ok with this?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


OP is obviously being facetious.

obviously right wing troll

Are you saying he doesn't fund this stuff? RefuseFascism (officially funded by Soros) just ran a $300,000 full page ad on the New York Times

The eternal porky strikes again.

lol jk That was only when we thought we were going to win.

What's the source on the image?

Soros has done evil things. These are not among them. Go back to whatever replaced stormfront.

If a woman gets very highly paid for sex its prostitution not rape surely?

Leftypol replaced stormfront.

They are all here now that their containment site got nuked.


Seems to be DailyMail or New York Post.

kek and not long a go some user here toldme i was being a conspiritard when i said these people are socipaths in their private lifes based on the fact that everu dictator that was removed from power in 3rd world countries proved they lived in bubbles.
We don't know halt the shit that goes on in private among the elite in western 1st world countries.

The left hand image is some kind of wedding photo.
The middle one is from flickr.
The right one is just a stock image of a building.
And the little portrait of Soros is from his website.

He was asking about the images not the text dummy.

stop defending soros. That piece of shit funds pro-US/pro-capitalist groups around the world

No, the image in the OP as a whole. You'd have to be some kind of retard to think I wanted sources on the images used by the article.

Do you have a single fact to back that up? Because the only sites connecting Soros and Revcom/RCP or Refuse (which is just a RCP front) are batshit Holla Forumstier sites that don't provide any sources.

Bob "Chairman Bob Avakian" Avakian doesn't need funding, he's got dat book money like fellow personality cult leader David Icke.

Only if you tell them what kind of sex you’ll be having. These women, prosititues they may be, were not told of or expecting highly aggressive BDSM and had no way of backing out once it began.

that this (someone being a prostitute doesn't mean they're a slab of meat to which you can do whatever you want as long as you pay) has to even be explained is fucked up