Other Victims under Pinoshit

Everyone knows if they've met an Ancap or lolbert that they scream about "LE BASED PINOCHET THROWING LE COMMIES OUT LE HELICOPTER" What were the other victims under the Pinoshit dictatorship. I swear I've seen a few interviews with foreigners (I believe brits) who were literally raped. I feel like this might be userful for other users since we've all come face to face with a Pinochet apologist at least once and that isn't the last time either and it's best to show that "commies" weren't their only victims.

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Weren't leftists a minority of victims of Pinoshit?

They were but moronic lolberts seems to not get it. It's basically like a Jew endorsing the holocaust because it killed Gypsies.

Don't even try, they'll just say its lies. I've tried, at least 50 god damn times. Same thing.

Oh that couldn't have happened, based Pinochet would never laugh at political prisoners being raped by dogs (that did happen). Or other times it would be, "The whores and commies got what they deserved."

It's futile. No matter what you throw at these retards, they just deny it or celebrate it.

Well the effort is better if you happen to get a passer by who notices the crossfire actually looks into it. Who knows it might spook lolberts away from the right

I read some journalists and priests were killed and mentioned so when some user tried to push the helicopter maymay in an nrelated thread, but all I was told was "Liberation priests don't actually count".

Pinojew has the slimiest fanbase conceivable.

The majority of his victims weren't commies to begin with.

Lolberts will support attrocities to preserve their property. They don't care and to a random passerby pinoshit would look like a strawman of a communist leader.

In short it's better to actually put the effort in and come prepared so you don't cause more of these retards. Considering it happened to me is the reason I fucking stopped being a Lolbert. Some Mutualist dude was arguing with an Ancap and when Pinochet came up it spooked me away from being an AnCap I was at the time.

Actual fascists hated him


Thank you based user

don't think that helps my case much


Was Allende /Ourguy/

I'm waiting for the meme

Marx, Bakunin, Stalin, Allende were all redpilled on the Jews. Meanwhile Holla Forums shills for Trump, a zionist agent.

I don't blame the man, like what do you expect when the rich ones loot your country like there's no tomorrow? Wasn't Pinochet financed just so he could denationalize the Chilean copper mines and put them again in the hands of foreign investors?

That's because not being at least glad golems like Farage, Trump, Le Pen, Gerters and that ghoulish other British man whose name escapes me would be biting the hand that has fed them. Thanks to them, they're more on the public eye again after the Obama neoliberal progressive rainbow fantasy land years. They're now more relevant than ever, thanks to jew-funded politicians. Gets the noggin joggin.

the copper mines are still nationalised, they were a major reason for opposition to allende but despite selling everything else including pension funds and universities Pinochet didn't manage to sell the copper.

The mines that were initially nationalized (Chuquicamata, El Teniente and El Salvador) remained under CODELCO but almost all new discoveries since Pinochet have fallen into 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧private🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 hands.

Not to mention the Chilean state has only 51% of the shares of codelco so it's just a microstep away from being porky-owned, and national porky has been autistic screeching for decades now about the ""need"" of privatizing the remaining mines.

Funnily enough, an actual nutsack party was heavily involved in the initial nationalization of the mines.

The overthrow of a democratically elected government, perhaps?

I like that Pepe it's very nice

chilean here
Pinochet was one of the most depravated dictators in history, some people were forced to eat semen and feces, there were girls who were forced into incest with their fathers, and then forced to canibalize their childs-brothers
Bukkakes were a common thing in torture procedures, as well to introduce mises into teenagers anuses and vaginas, also there were many people who were raped by trained dogs

I figured people wouldn't believe me


Here is a source on the rapist dog thing

I can't read Spanish. Do you have more sources and proofs?

Found one


Victor Jara.

Allende pepe is pretty great

Uh, did this happen on /furry/?

Are pinoshit supporters the ☭TANKIE☭s of the right?

Oh, FFS! Pinochet was a caudillo. They are authoritarian and believes that an economy can be managed centrally.

Yeah, going full retard with the class-perspective leeds inevitably to antisemitism.

Yes, a neoliberal caudillo

Nope. Twitter

Neoliberal stands for neoclasical liberalism, being lolberts just liberals who call themselves libertarians, a name historically atached to protectionism

That's funny. Actual fascists idolize him now solely because he killed communists.


Pinochet was a CIA puppet that was put in charge of Argentina, so American companies to could continue to operate in Argentina. Also it was the "Cold War" and something something communism.

Pick one.


Argentina? You mean Chile?