For Nov 4th

This thread is now a containment thread for the mess that will be Nov 4th. Have fun and/or rage comrades. Oh and keep in mind that Nov 4th is meme created by Nazis out of paranoia or as a attempt to get leftists hurt. Report people who espouse violence in this thread.(USER WAS BANNED FOR FALSE FLAGGING)

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Where did the "Alinksy is a leftist provocateur" meme come from?

Rules for Radicals

That doesn't answer the question.


Glenn Beck, if I recall correctly. He met Obama once or twice, so therefore, because we all know Obama is a secret commulist muslim atheist satanist librul, and Alinski wrote a book that had "radicals" in the title, that means that Alinski is the evil genius behind the plan that Obummer will put into place any day now.

Let this post be a shitpost containment thread for the 4th PLEASE. I know that shits gonna go wild on the 4th

Stop falseflagging Holla Forums.

Ban the OP and keep the post. Have it be containment PLEASE

So who's ready to blow up federal buildings and kill whitey tomorrow?

I like your style.

nothing wrong with that tho

Predictions for 4/11:

Probably. Or maybe some autistic right winger will pull a gun and pop some civvies. I am prepared for anything at this point barring nuclear war.

I was gonna give 4:1 odds of actual violence occurring but skimming twitter I'm noticing that a lot of the maga people are warning each other to stay indoors

That's great. At the very least, I hope no one dies unless some Nazis fall on their weapons.

now we need to wait to 2044 for the lucky date

Why do people think anythings going to happen? This is beyond cringe. Right now is the worst time for a revolution. You need to have an economic collapse for that to happen.

I'm just gonna sit back and watch how some paranoid alt rightist opens fire on a guy who had nothing to do with anything.

A centrist told me that he thinks this is a government plot to get both extremist groups to come out so they can exterminate each other and the government can take control and reclaim order.

Activates my almonds
Do you guys know about this superstition?

BAsically, this is what the 4th will look like. A milllion Bob Avakians will swarm the streets .

Are memes the downfall of the left?

Srsly, though, this is not true. Nov 4th was started by Maoist evil overlord Bob "Chairman Bob" Avakian (pictured here) and the RCP. Possibly the best part about this whole damn thing is that the RCP is so fucking irrelevant that Holla Forums don't even mention the Chairman or the RCP in their paranoid conspiracy theorizing, imagining that it will be ANTIFA, George Soros, etc, even when Refuse Facism isn't even remotelt subtle about being the RCP (

Bob Avakian isn't even a meme.
I have waited so long–pretty much since the start of Holla Forums to post these Avakians, but you know what?
Never once has he been relevant to anything. Until now. Now, we get down to BAsics!

I saw like one November 4 poster on campus like a month ago and it got taken down like a day after. Don't think much will happen here.

Rare footage of Bob Avakian preparing for the 4th, when he will lead a charge of giraffe cavalry against the forces of Trump/Pence.

More Avakians.

Rumors, which I am starting just now, that Bob Avakian will launch a coordinated series of underwater attacks against the United States Navy on the 4th are completely true. Photographic evidence is provoded.

Nice of the vols to heed my advise.

Is Chairman Bob incel

You're right in a way but there's room for nuance, a war with Iran that the US will lose is one possible opportunity assuming there isn't a full fascist takeover. If that coincided with Jeremy Corbyn coming out on top in Britain or an anti-Deng uprising in China, we seriously have a chance to take at least some of the reigns of power away from the bouj.

Watching reactionaries try to tie Alinsky to the Left in general is fucking hillarious:


Prediction: Some retard will gun down a random bystander who they think is antifa, and that's the only thing that'll happen. It will turn out this man is completely innocent, and was just walking down the street.

I am not ruling out the idea that multiple innocent people will be gunned down by someone high off facebook insanity about """November 4th"""

BAsically Bob Avakian approves of this post.

BAsically if you gun Bob Avakian down he shall become more powerful than you can ever imagine.


I can't contain my fear

Cia nigger thread

I am convinced someone wants us all to fight.

Yes, Bob Avakian.

Honestly the fact this is a RCP stunt makes it one of the most beautiful things in the world

Someone make the Alex Jones walking thing but with BA.

Can someone tell who the fuck is Bob Avakian

American Maoist party leader who has a party (The Revolutionary Communist Party) which ha a cult of personality around him. Their praxis involves: selling his books in a bookshop in Seattle an starting rando marches everyday until "the proletariat join them and the revolution commences".

They are a Nazbol and Posadism level meme.

No. Bob has a wife and 3 kids.

Does anyone have a picture of just BA's face? I need it for OC.

here you go

No I mean the other one, I know exactly what picture it is from but I am shit at editing.

Support Bob Avakian in his noble struggle against Bob Balaban imperialism

Tbh Avakian is a complete fool

here you go

Blessings be upon you citizen, may the Guillotine spare you another day.

Sure, but is J. Posadas any different? Great meme potential, tho.

Anyway. Here's the time when Ray Lotta from the avakian gang confronted Zizek:

(The debate never happened, Zizek was 101'd on the cultishness of his future opponent.)

I know it's stupid but fuck it.

Is this correct?

Bob-by One A-wa-ken

If Donald Trump can get into the white house, Bob Avakian can take him out in a coup. We live in a world of infinite absurd possibilities now, don't discount people because le memes lmao so unrealistic xdddd

How does RCP operate anyway? I find it so interesting that someone can be this confident in Avakian's "new synthesis" when I've never heard anyone actually articulate what the fuck it is.

God I wish I was born american so that I could join RCP and be a padavan of Bob-by Wan Kenobi

It's basically Avakians musings on revolutionary topics. Not even theory.

Is this the equivalent of Mao's little red book?

i might go to the polyp protest of this false flag if only because i want to inhale the spectacle
will probably post pics


>>>Holla Forums10848252
Why do Holla Forums love LARPing so much?



what i dont understand is why theyre still on the trump train?
like its pretty easy to see that both the deepstate, the dnc and rnc, and trump are all massively corrupt, yet they still are so fucking invested in this fat dying trust fund grifter

who's that?
it's not like i'm thirsty or anything

Why are you faggots so gay here? This is like reddit for hyper fags

oh no eet babbi :D

Holla Forums will follow him as long as he pay lip service to antiimmigration rhetoric.

What if there was an anti immigration communist?
What would Holla Forums do?

I legit don't like immigration (don't think Japan should open its borders) but I doubt pol would accept it can exist.

Wouldn't be able to comprehend it & have a brain aneurysm.

So… Nothing happened?

How many millions lie dead already?

BLM protesters armed with rifles just hijacked Trump's private plane. As of yet it is unknown if the president is on the plane or not. Updates soon to follow!


Meanwhile, on 4/pol:

Source? Asking for academic purposes

gotta push them kitty's tummy

Dofus Book I: Julith

Our glorious leader Bob Avakin fears not the reach of law enforcement

Blame Avakian, he's the one trying to force his meme revolution (read: milquetoast protest)

Jesus now I know why I left 4/pol/. Why are the posters so retarded? Like they won't even understand the basic points of leftism, their whole ideology is based on misinterpretations

How do you do fellow Antifa? I'm killing my HEWHITE neighborhood parents right now.

fucking disgusting

I was only nine years old. I loved Bob Avakian so much, I had all his books and lectures. I'd read BAsics every night before going to bed, thanking for the party I've been given. "Bob is love", I would say, "Bob is life". My dad hears me and calls me a commie. I knew he was just jealous for my devotion to Bob. I called him a revisionist. He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep. I'm crying now and my face hurts. I lay in bed and it's really cold. A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me. It's Bob Avakian. I'm so happy. He whispers in my ear, "This is my revolution". He grabs me with his powerful chairman hands, and puts me on my hands and knees. I spread my ass-cheeks for Bob Avakian. He penetrates my butthole. It hurts so much, but I do it for Bob. I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water. I push against his force. I want to please Bob Avakian. He roars a mighty roar, as he fills my butt with his teaching. My dad walks in. Bob Avakian looks him straight in the eye, and says, "The seeds of the revolution have been sown". Bob leaves through my window. Bob is love. Bob is life.

someone help me, I can't hold ALL this autism


You're only hurting yourself, consider this an intervention

This is fun though


Anbody having trouble synching up with Bob's mind link? Too much traffic? Or are the fed's psywarriors interfering with the signal?

Did they just gave us an opportunity to troll?
what an age to be alive

Curses, I cannot connect as well. The fascist French police must be running interference for the global elite again!

This is not defeat, we have exposed the craven underbelly of the fascist regime of the United $nakes of AmeriKKKa. I will celebrate our triumphant victory with my weekly shower and a fresh copy of the word of Our great and honourable leader Bob Avakin, ordered from Revolution Books.

I'm just gonna shitpost as a nazbol. No reason to try and convert these retards. The best we can do is harp on the worker's rights and shit because they're brainwashed to a huge extent

I have to go to work now, this was just an opportunity to shitpost. Why bother trying to convert these guys, they literally just want spectacle

Shitpost in the more recent comfy threads, they seem to be more active

shitposting 4pol is fun

Very sad low energy effort. Why did you guys do this?

Either 1 in 1,000,000 and you actually accomplish something thereby forcing the government to declare you a terrorist organization.

Or now with this pathetic effort, any threat or promise the left makes will be laughed at.

Very very poor strategy.

You have to go back.

Hi Holla Forums how you doing

I'm personally seeing how much paranoia-induced brain cancer I can give Holla Forumstards before getting banned

What makes me fucking angry about Holla Forums and all the other reactionaries in america and stuff is that they fall for their own falseflags. We are not anti white, communism is not anti white, communism is not a reaction to fascism and communism doesn't mean beating up "fascist".
We are more white than you and we hate liberals/sjw anti-white crowd more than you do.
Cultural marxism ecc. is a meme. It's a false flag. You guys fall for it and blame the communists for everything bad while the only true solution to everything you consider bad is communism.
You are just not smart, that's your problem, that's what angers me


In all seriousness, what was the thought process behind this thing from your perspectives? I will try not to be condescending.

Did you actually think you were going to instigate a revolution? Was it silly to you?

how the fuck are they going to do that without their toothbrushes?

deranged children, all of them

Honestly this concerted effort by the global elite to interfere with Bob's telepathic communication network is proof that the BAsics are a threat to the bourgeoisie's grip on society. Once We've fully mind melded with Bob the opening salvos against the Cul-De-Sac will operate on a level of synchronicity that only telepathic communication could enable. When an order moves through our ranks at the speed of thought no level of resistance will frustrate our campaign of righteous class retribution. Today is Our day comrades!

I guess what we can do is shitpost in a more leftist/less aut-right way to try to subtly push rightwing thought out of 4chan. Idk what else to do, debating them is just a waste of time use ironic shitpost memes is the one way to convert some of these people as cancerous as it seems

Is America burning yet?

Holy shit, that was my post on 4chan.

trolling reddit is pretty low-hanging fruit tbh

just make them realize that most of the things they're mad about are also being pushed by the wealthy and you'll eventually convert some

fyi the protest is organized by an irrelevant maoist sect and blown out of proportion by paranoid magapedes

no tbh that's what you guys thought

150 grand to LARP in the NYT is some serious cheese though. Is those Sorosbux filtering around to just extremist leftist groups that make you all look retarded or are the more centrist leftist organizations getting some of that cheese too?

fuck that shit, I'm larping as a jihadi tonight

everyone who posts on Holla Forums gets a check from george soros

Sorry to redpill you but leftists groups generally don't receive donations by billionaires. RCP is just a very committed sect.

So you're being cucked by billionaires who fund leftist organizations that overtake your politics and make you look retarded?


RCP manage to look retarded without the control of jewish super villains user

Don't bother mate, you can't wake a sleepwalker

Nobody outside of Bob Anakian's cult thought ANYTHING about this entire "event". You got trolled by an irrelevant 75 year old Maoist and his merry band of dupes.

No, you lot are being cucked by a tiny extremist sect that worships some fat maoist called Bob Avakian that most likely put together every last bit of their trust funds and pocket money so they could then pretend to LARP a takeover of the USA but instead just managed to make a ton of magapedes and alt-whiteys scizophrenic tier paranoid

Or maybe Bob Azakian's supersoldiers really are going to take over the US!!! :o

Eh, you're probably right

this dangerously autistic

When I was traveling in Europe, every time I posted on Holla Forums I LARPed as refugee and said I was fucking all the white wimminz. Maximum butthurt will be achieved if you go this route

Not really. RCP starts these opportunistic front groups with vague sentiments that most liberals can get behind in an attempt to radicalize people. Capitalists like Soros who think fascists are detestable donate to these groups because they identify with the vague sentiment of antifascism not out of any commitment to abolish capitalism.

I'm not really into the whole Jewish conspiracy thing although I think it's hard to doubt there's sects of Jewish people who are causing problems in society. But I think it's more about those sects than a problem with Jewish people. I don't want persecute Jews but I want those motherfucking sects dealt with.


any NYC cams? 30 minutes from me on the subway and I'm bored but won't waste the fare if it really is only boomer Avakians

When the fuck has Soros ever donated to the RCP? All he funds are obvious milquetoast liberal shit that only magapede retards and fox news grandpas would equate to communism/socialism

And I'm guessing you have tons of proof of these sects, and they aren't simply boogeymen Holla Forums have hammered into your brain

should be bannable tbh

wow, right wing propaganda is so honest

He's never donated to the RCP. He's supposedly donated to Refuse Fascism which is an RCP front, though.

This will probably end up with some maga idiot shooting one of their fellows or an innocent. There were so many memes I say about antifa infiltrating the cops or dressing up as trump supporters. Also I'm kinda peeved that Bob and his relic of a group are apparently only "antifa" now instead of an irrelevant group that hasn't been notable in decades

I think they're starting to realize they gaslighted themselves. Maybe time to switch to a more smug liberal attitude.

Ha, I wasn't going to get into topics you folks don't care for since I wanted to talk about your revolution. But YOU asked…

Mate, you got fucking duped by glorious BA, "ANTI-FA" was never even related to this.


please post pol milk1


i guess jews are just anyone Holla Forums doesn't like




energy is low though, because nothing is actually happening and all the dunces were so hyped

meant for


Sketchy Holla Forums infographics don't count as proof my friend. I'm a Swedefag so from that first pic I can say that Peter Wolodarski certainly doesn't push for mass immigration, he's a right wing journalist. Compare him to the thousands of immigration-friendly and non jewish leftists and you'll see how biased your perception is

Holla Forums expected you faggots to do fuck all we are laughing at you

Oh damn , the master race just cucked us!!1111

This whole event is created to troll aut-righters into attacking other rightwingers.

you played yourselves like usual

How can we fail to do something we never intended on doing?

Except "we" didn't promise to do shit. Holla Forums created another conspiracy theory based on a fucking tweet. You are disappointing your own selves.

Isn't UNITY day a pinko thing yall celebrate anyways?

Like typical autists, they cover their ears, screech then suck their thumbs while telling themselves that the left fooled themselves even though theyre mentally ill enough to believe their own rumors.

what in the literal fuck are you talking about

We literally never planned anything and you and every soccer mom in the United States threw a fit over nothing

You can't retcon this dipshit. All of your fucking wine mom soccer moms went into a histrionic hysteria over communists beheading Trump and putting it in their trophy room or some shit, you went along with it, planning to murder people to protect the public

And now you're saying it never happened. Why would we upset about people trying to save face over a vague event nobody even planned.

It's just like, ok. You can laugh all you want, I'll be generous and forget this ever happened to you.

wtf is unity day???

Yall celebrate the defeat of capitalism with butt sex and champagne

I have to know what level of autism you're on

What the hell is unity day? I have never fucking heard of this.

sounds fun tbh

Isn't there a socialist day with flowers or something where yall get naked and have a drum circle

Please, I'm really trying right now not to call you dumb, but don't get your information about people's differing political beliefs from Holla Forums. None of us have ever heard of Unity Day, nobody here talks about Saul Alinsky

Almost everything you hear from Holla Forums just does not happen

What the fuck


yes, and after we're done we chop off our foreskins and eat christian babies

No. Literally nobody here does that, we mock it. It's liberal shit. Where the fuck do you think you are

Well I know the NYT ad was real and I went to the refuse fascism website and there were planned protests

I spent about 10 minutes actually researching this to see if you're right. I think to dismiss his views as he's a Jewish stereotype is wrong because he seems to very complex views. However he is for open immigration in Sweden advocating chiefly for cheap Polish labor (which is a thing there I guess?)

and you're wrong about him being right wing as even this website

Describes him as a Neo-Liberal

So the infographic is correct.

Let's be real, he's not even describing a real liberal thing. Just some weird fox news-tier delusion


What do you think about Alinskists melting once they're exposed to daylight?

The entirety of the radical left has been mocking the idea of November 4th ever since November 4th became a conspiracy theory by bougie soccer moms afraid a black man is going to rape them in the name of anti fascism.

Twitter goons ironically shit posted, everyone got into even more hysterics, now you're here desperately trying to figure out what we do, when all we do is shit post and talk about the news and theory, and laugh at you

(Another guy adding on to what you are saying)
And even if this one guy wasn't Jewish, it does not disprove the entire infograph because I can say with guarantee that everyone else on the image is Jewish, and there is many thousands more that aren't listed.

Nobody said it wasn't real. It was made by an irrelevant group who worship an elderly Maoist who lives in France in self imposed exile. Nobody here or in the broader left community cared about this shit.

Just got 8 (You)s on my bait. I challenge anyone to beat that

You know refuse fascism is an RCP thing, right? As in the irrelevant, memey fringe cult? Aren't you at least a LITTLE curious why we're meming Bob Avakian and making fun of you guys?

So november 4th was really fake huh
I'm kinda disappointed

do something you effeminate pussies

What does this mean. I have never met socialists here, on Twitter, or IRL who talk about Saul. You make shit up and then when you come here and people say "What in the fuck are you talking about", you shut down and wonder which side is true.

Please, for your own sake, and the sake of your mental health, stop believing nu/pol/. In fact, most people here are former Holla Forums posters who grew disillusioned with you and grew socialist sympathies because of how gullible you are, how hard you heel turned into defending the US government, and most of all how both your boards became hives of scum, villainy, and reddit.

That’s not a thing you retard. Alinsky wrote one book about liberal social activism and you Cucks have been shitting your pants in terrror ever since.
Righties are so ignorant of left wing philosophy their leftist bogeymen aren’t even left wing


hat off to you citizen

Fyi neoliberals are the right wing in Sweden. Neoliberalism is the economic policy introduced by Reagan, Thatcher and Holla Forumss loverboy, Pinochet. It is not in any way left wing. And supporting polish workforce immigration is a far cry from the muslim mass immigration you accused him of supporting.

We never planned anything. We honestly have no idea where this idea came from, or who started it. We've just been laughing at the conservative hysterics

Have another user

this is your brain on american education

Noted communist fucking Hillary Clinton

o wow

pol gets so worked up in their own delusions its so pitifully hilarious

He actually came back a few years ago to debate Cornell West.

It was real in their mind. Just another example of reddit Holla Forums being hysterical little bitches.

I personally knew nothing was going to happen because you bottom feeders can't produce anything just steal.

It's not stealing, it's mutual aid you little cunt

>>>Holla Forums13731940

Of all the people, why him?

No it was created by autistic neo-maoist LARPers.

This thread has been a goldmine for Holla Forums delusions. Someone needs to make a screencap of this

For a board who over the past two years has gone off about meme magic you sure don't get how these jokes spread

its not gay sex its just mutual masturbation

Slightly annoyed no magapedes have shot each other yet.

How do you steal what's already yours?


Tell us what anyone stole? Because if you're going to say "LE PEPE FROG DXXXXX" you're a retard. Most of us posted on image boards and remember the time you didn't ruin that shit and run it into the ground like you trade marked it.

The goons are more fucking funny than you.

Honestly this is the real failure.

Oh trust, it'll happen.

Just give their paranoid delusions a few more hours and they'll be jousting each other with mommy's challenger to each other's deaths.

when you had nothing to do with its manifestation in the first place and come up with excuses to appropriate it

Do you know how jokes work

If one of your comrades actually did open fire all of yall would be like "fuck year the power of the radical left bitches"

I guess the real November 4th was the friends Holla Forums made along the way

There's quite a substantial difference between shooting people who represent and work for and within the US Government and Capital and shooting random pedestrians.

The former is what we want, the latter is what you do.

Except the working class is wholly responsible for the reproduction of daily life.

If someone gets murdered today I'm going to laugh so hard when it's discovered to be a Holla Forumsack

Not so much anymore, but during the 60s and 70s polish labour saved a lot of nordic industry.

Nah that shits proles fighting with proles
Now if some retard started hunting down oligarchs you better believe I'd be celebrating in the streets

Why are you fascists so fixated on dicks and gay shit? It seems like every other post Snakes make here is about le bbc or le homoz or something

>>>Holla Forums10826367

Non-burger here.
Who is that and why should I care?

Please post your battle gear for today’s war against fascism. I’m ready to fight


Guy from the 50s who wrote a book called rules for radicals (which wasn’t the least bit radical)
Conservatives think he’s some important leftist thinker because it was semi popular in the 60s and because Obama admitted to reading it

rate my loadout


November 4th roles around

unlike you guys we don't operate as a collective

I got my tank ready
(Unironically I wouldn't mind getting a Mother or even a Father tank)

This is the most sectarian place on the internet.

He was a liberal community organizer who wrote a book about organizing that the right thinks is a guide for summoning Stalin back from the void.

you don't represent or speak for the working class they are comprised of individuals with their own goals and ideals

braise bosadas :DDDD


Have you ever been to 8/pol/? 8/pol/ mods are eager to ban anyone who even slightly disagrees with their little collective.

OK, another question.
What's the big deal with 04.11.?
I thought the Blow up the Institutions Day was tomorrow?

And you do Holla Forums? In your ideal world almost all of your board and everyone you know would be turned into engine grease.

We support worker's rights to organize and unionize, you just hype up dumbshit politicians who you later disown and act like you never supported when they do shit you don't like. It's this stupid shit you do that's gotten you infested with reddit children, especially since Reddit started banning nazi shit and they have nowhere to go but migrate to Holla Forums.

You do as much for the modern worker as the average redditor.

Oh right Guy Fawkes day is tomorrow. The autism from today made me completely forget about it

Imkampfy is /ourguy/ tbh.
Chicano power holmes

Anything you hear about collectivist organization on Holla Forums isn't true. I know that probably sounds absurd to you, but none of it is real. None of it happens.

We are all fused with our armchairs. And yet we're now the biggest bogeyman on the internet for just sitting down and talking about theory.


I never claimed to so no. You use the working class meme as a justification for your dictatorial behavior.

Antifa shilled Holla Forums allover about this crap besides creating a nation wide effort to build it. You dumb faggot.

What behavior might that be? And how is Capitalism not dictatorial?


I represent the working class to the extent that I am of the working class. Y'know one of those individuals with my own goals and ideals.

Who is this Antifa?

You're right, I speak only for myself and advocate only for my own interests. But seeing as I AM working class, and that therefore by definition I'm being exploited daily, socialism is in MY direct, personal interest. And it just so happens that if you also sell your labor to a capitalist, you happen to share the interest of not being stolen from whether you see the stealing happening or not.

Where? Even redditors didn't shill about it.

How many times is this going to happen


They were fucking with you.

we're in for it now boys

We know it was you antifa fags since no one else uses the lefty flags on Holla Forums

It's ok to admit that you took the bait user

Now please keep whining so we can laugh at your stupid ass even more

nobody ever goes on the internet and pretends to be someone else… and tells lies… why would anybody ever do that

We were laughing at the notion of November 4th even happening since this shit started randomly appearing so yeah, one of us probably did fuck with you just to see what would happen


buddy, you got trolled - hard
mostly by your own side

I have to hand it to you guys, funny bunch. You can meme yourself into the ground like no others.


You are so fucking gullible

Communism is politics for 12 year olds.


please link

How does it feel to turn into a braindead fox news grandpa in real time? "new punk rock" indeed

Not an argument friendo.

Never happened. We've been laughing this whole fucking time. If any shilling happened it was irony bullshit about the soccer moms wetting their panties over the thought the communists would rape them.


No we're just calling you an extremely gullible group of people.

Is this Antifa from Boston, Vladivostok?

We have a word filter for the that organization. Why don't you try it out.

Today is fucking great so far, so much righty butthurt and it's only halfway over

You missed the point of the post, friendo

No, what happened is that Holla Forums heard about some minor leftist who was planning some shitty little protest, and, in their hysterical and mentally challenged minds, tied it in with all the other bullshit they believe. So that shitty little protest became, in the Holla Forumstard's mind, a great uprising funded by George Soros against the United States government and, more importantly, their surrogate father Donald Trump.

Here we are on November 4th, and nothing has happened, and nothing will happen. Of course, your average Holla Forumslock will claim it's because leftist are too lazy/scared of MAGApedes to follow through with their plans, but we all know the truth.

B…but muh purple revolution

Listen to me. I don't care about anything you're saying. I'm pissing myself laughing over the fact you thought the radical left would Storm The Bastille today

antifa supersoldiers will storm capitol hill at 19:17 under the brave leadership of glorious leader tom bloke

Jesus fuck I'm on your side here, how did you lose track of the thread this hard?

Reddits founder also wore a communist shirt when promoting his dumbass site

I can't fathom how this is somehow a "troll", this is desperate children counter argument, it would be funny if you morons weren't able to vote.

That account was run by alt-right stooges.

Everyone wears this shirt here


Holy shit read a book Holla Forums. Here, I'll make it easy for you.

Congratulations you trolled yourself

cry moar stormweenie

It isn't. We didn't do anything besides mock you along the way for expecting something to happen. Well it's November 4th now, nothing happened just like we said nothing would happen.

And you're telling me we all said something would happen.

This is some serious historical revisionism comrade.

proof the right can't meme

Wtf where do I get it, I totally need that shirt so I can be a lifestylist whore!

I'm having too much of a good time right now to notice, my apologies

Lol all good I was just caught by surprise. I'm still hoping to meme one of these retards into shooting a "fake cop" or something. I already convinced one that there's a serious antifa police infiltration in major cities


I'm expecting Holla Forums to make a take like "Antifa actually won so well we didn't even notice it happened, they had help from Podesta and his reptilian pizza eating Deros"


great, then you'll have no trouble posting proof that this happened

No they didn't.

Yeah, I would agree this is very unfortunate for you.

Yeah, that's basically what we're saying right now.

The funniest part is that Holla Forums is actually scared of these people.


>Chapter called Neoliberalism 'with Chinese characteristics'
This kills the Xifags

Thanks for posting your reaction Holla Forums

Reminder that rightwingers are subhumans

So Holla Forums really just didn't stop by and notice we were saying nothing was going to happen.

RefuseFascism/BAMN/American Antifa are nothing but porky enabling glorified radlibs tbqh


Wait, so OP proposes a containment thread, mentions Nov 4th is a falseflag… and so he gets banned for falseflagging himself and his wishes are honored for it to be containment…

I don't fucking understand leftypol…

Regardless, It seems many here are under the impression that the Nov 4th "revolution" is some sort of orchestrated attempt to deligitimize and hurt the movement. Interestingly enough, many people on the other side believe that Alt-Right movers and shakers do the same.

May I put forth the idea that perhaps Nov 4th isn't a Nazi falseflag (or maybe it is depending on what definition is used), but a flaseflag regardless. I have a theory that the classic, easily exploitable, political left/right, false dichotomy is attempting to be reintroduced in response to establishment shakeups.

I'm curious what people on Leftypol might think of this.

Once you make 100 shitposts our Xir will send it by mail. It's the only way to get it

These fake antifa and Democratic Cops of America accounts made by right wingers are always so badly done . BUT the worst part is stupid libs fall for their Russia trolling fueling them.

Because they want to believe that antifa is out to get them. They are like radlib feminists at this point.

We don't think about it at all. We don't care. We are only here to laugh at you for expecting something to happen when everyone here was telling you absolutely nothing would happen

Sure. But thing is, Holla Forumsyp subhuman niggers equate this with a national communist revolution occurring. Stop moving goal posts you pussy.

What if I smash 15 windows? Is that good enough?

came to post this

sounds to me like were both being shilled

I don't usually come to leftypol,as I believe the state of the left has been plunged into insanity as of late. However, I can't deny the very real possibility that there is a single orchestration trying to manipulate both sides. Just like it was doing for decades before and profiting quite heavily, might I add.

The happening is Holla Forums being disapointed we were right again. We said nothing would happen, nothing happened, and now you're all just histrionic

Imagine being so chickenshit and genetically inferior that you're ACTUALLY afraid of twiggy, std-laiden, pinkhaired neolibs

Even Holla Forums themselves get baited by Boston Antifa

Ya gotta bump those numbers up my guy
Those are rookie numbers

You realize that whether their fantasy is real or not, they are organizing in opposition to it. GJ commies, you literally resurrected the Nazi Party.

This is the first time I've been to leftypol. As soon as I saw that people were hinting at the same sort of thing that Holla Forums does, I immediately became suspicious. The question is; who would be doing it?

Why don't you morons just claim communism don't exist and kill yourselves for once. You pathetic 12 year olds.

Awesome! We brought back our punching bag.

No, we're killing you. It took you this long to notice what the real purpose of the doxing was. It's too late now. And we won't stop until you're all gone.

divide and conquer hegelian dialect to distract and redirect the anger that should be focused on the fraudulent banking system, and corruption in our federal agencies…

Except everyone around here already knew it was a Bob Avakian meme event from the start. There's nothing deeper to uncover

How did you play yourself this hard?

Exactly this. They want us broken.

The thread was originally a bait thread which got edited and the OP banned.

I don't see anything happening from any side, just online retards getting worked up

How typical.

Sometimes something can be as simple as the internet predicting shit that won't happen, despite everyone involved telling you nothing would happen, people believed it anyways because everyone else believed it.

As far as I'm concerned this probably just started as bait, or maybe some Conservative rag to build up sales.

But none of us believed anything would happen, not here, not somethingawful, not the goons on twitter, nowhere. We just made ironic shit posts about this or talked about how silly it was anyone would fall for this. It's November 4th now. Nothing happened. This isn't an attempt to be dishonest on our part, we said nothing would happen, and nothing happened.

Maybe the moral of the story is don't take Holla Forums on its word

I'm collectivizing this pasta

I came here because a thread was made saying to get in here and watch some kind of butthurt flow over the protests being small
definitely somebody playing us both against eachother
somebody like soros trying to protect libs from the news shitstorm of brazill and holywood sex abuse

Nobody planned anything besides Bob Avakian. You fell for an event hosted by Bob fucking Avakian.

This is just sad


I thought the left were supposed to be the pedophiles?

The real possibility is Holla Forums hyped up an event hosted by a senile 75 year old man that would not happen. Nothing happened. And that's that.

you are the ones who believed there would be a mass revolution today

The protest does exist. Nobody outside of Bob Avakian's following gave a shit about it.
Antifa as an organization doesn't exist. Various mostly unconnected groups organize around the concept of antifascism.


I can certainly see the incestuous "deepstate" element being a beneficiary of this.

It's not like you can take control by smashing windows and making people hate you. I'm more than willing to admit this Avakian guy may be pulling strings, but for what purpose? I don't buy that it's just some person with crazy ideas, just like I don't believe that asshole Spencer is just a guy with crazy beliefs.

ok but somebody hyped it up here from the other side too

and Holla Forums didn't pay 100k for the full page adds

Are you for fucking real right now

I'd feel sorry for you, but communists aren't people.

I already told you we're part way through the process of eliminating you. We knew there wasn't going to be anything because everyone who was going to go is either in a cell or in a swamp.

You're the ones who were praying this would happen.

This is fucking hilarious. Whenever Holla Forums and right-wing retards fail miserably in real life and make a fool of themselves, there is always a couple of autists who come here for damage control. They jerk off about how they won and try to claim victory eg. when they realized that Trump loved sucking Israel's dick.

Holla Forums for the last time, we expected nothing would happen, we told you nothing would happen, we believed nothing would happen, nothing happened, and no you're trying to tell us we failed because nothing happened

They are literally irrelevant. Nobody likes the RCP.

Just wait till the "trump rally" :)

That was just us having a lark mate.

i'm trembling. this is the true might of the aryan master race at work

I can't wait to watch the country turns red in 2018 and you guys will some how try to claim it's actually a huge victory for collectivism.

Screencapping this for a salt thread later.

Stop saying antifa it's bob Avakian
He and his very old group were gonna do some protest rallies . Polyps lached onto this and imagined nationwide riots of blac bloc anarkiddies. This was so stupid left twitter started laughing at yalls paranoia and maga dads and pepekids thought the jokes were real.eventually polyps were posting clear jokes and obvious trolls as unearthed ""antifa"" intelligence

I'm fucking dying

Is this the power of the right?

so was having the full page larks in popular publications?

if you're trolling and so are we whose doing the serious bits?

You're always shaking, it's that no-test soyboy vegan diet of yours.

What did you mean by this. Nobody here actually expected this to happen, it was fucking Bob who organized whatever this was.

Bob is notorious for not doing anything. And we tried to explain this to you but you listen to us about as well as you listen to your high school teachers.



The pedophiles and the children themselves.

Holla Forums don't exist as an organization, but that don't seem to stop any of you clowns from making wild hysterical claims claims.

To be fair, Noone anywhere thought this would happen. Make no mistake, I hold no love for the collectivist or authoritarian beliefs of much of Holla Forums and I rarely take anything that Holla Forums says at face value. However, I didn't see anything besides random shills or shitposts on Holla Forums hype this thing up. So, where did the specter of this all come from? Who bought a full page ad in the NYT? I'm not disagreeing that nothing happened, I'm asking who hyped it up in the first place and why?


where u live? you sound like the kind of masculine daddy I need to fucc my boipussy

It is the way of your people.


Are you really suggesting we like Barack Obama

Is this what we're doing right now.

Noted communists Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Holla Forums is insane

Wait so is there a communist revolution on the horizon?

Your movement is dying and will be stamped out completely, very soon.

Wow. They said you guys were dense, but…

don't forget Bob Avakian leader of Antifa internationale

Ok, clearly I'm missing something, so fill me in?

This Avakian dude (who I've never heard of) has a history full of Neo-Marxist ideology and started an organization to oppose Trump. Ok. Again it's not like you can destroy property until you get into power. So, why do all this?

just googled this guy
he looks like a left wing richard spencer
is he basically just a shill who makes the movement looks bad by trying to push it to unnecessary extremes too?

We all know you fags love that commie dictator, stupid lying soyboy. Stop being so butthurt that your failed antifa protest didn't work, because real patriots were wise to it from the start. Maybe if you wanted it to go well you shouldn't have come to our board and admitted to it so openly, fags

Great Helmsman Avakian of course.
If you refer to the NYT "advert", that was a fake, dontcha know. It bears repeating, you litteraly gaslighted yourselves.

7/10 made me laugh.


I don't think the public is ready for fascism.

We hate the United States and Barack Obama but he called himself a Democrat (Codeword: Communist) so wtf I love Obama now

It's not "Holla Forums' who is claiming to make a nation wide protest to stop the "Trump/Pence FASCIST REGIME" and then say it was all an epin troll when it's even more laughable.


Is this /pol's second 'September Happening'?


God damn those riots are lit as fuck!

no it looks like were gas lighting each other because this avakian guy or somebody else wants it that way


Yes it is. Some random person from Holla Forums hyped up Bob's silly little scam, the media picks it up, now you're here surprised nothing happened when we've been saying this whole entire time nothing would happen because it's fuckin Bob

I imagine Holla Forums feels a bit like how the early Christians felt when Jesus didn't return in their lifetimes. Spooked, spooked! Themselves!

No, it was a small cult called RCP. Holla Forums however went into mass hysteria about it after an ironic tweet about decapitating small business owners.

Tell me. How was Barack Obama manipulating me personally when I've always hated the United States. I'm scared as fuck right now man, you gotta tell me

But it literally was you autist

No. The ad was taken out by a cultish group of people who worship a man named Bob Avakian. Here's the important part the group is mostly considered to be a pariah and a laughing stock. As a joke left twitter made ridiculous claims about the coming Avakian revolution which was taken seriously by conservative media outlets.

Ok since you're not being sperglords like the other guy in here I'll try to explain seriously. He's a really old maoist memer who was more interested in growing his own cult of personality/brand than actual revolution or whatever. He's not a response to Trump since his org predates him siginificantly, and he's unlikely to be a shill, but he's definitely in it for himself and isn't taken seriously by anyone else on the left. He's a walking meme, the kind of person you hear about in passing once every couple of years and chuckle at and go "oh yeah that's still a thing". Think less a richard spencer type and more like a hotep trump supporter.

But who is "yourselves"?

Can you fuckers stop swinging your dicks at each other for 2 fucking seconds and maybe ask yourself why there seems to be a orchestrated effort to co-opt both sides of alt-politics?

Maybe the problem is not Chairman Bob, but that you're gullible retards Holla Forums

There were maybe two threads on Holla Forums about november 4th, and nobody gave a shit. But there were constant threads about it HAPPENING on both Holla Forumss. literally kill yourself

Why would we believe there's a massive conspiracy over Bob running another scam

I mean, you guys could be best friends, sounds like.

Some random person from Holla Forums empowered a whole protest and made worldwide media and leftists report on it. The power of the Holla Forums organization!

lmfao there's nothing greater than coming here and finding out Holla Forums fell for it and are absolutely assblasted

Have you considered that we're just more familiar with Bob and his antics so we know the kind of things he usually gets up to and aren't surprised?


Hilarious. The Holla Forums hype cycle is almost complete.

Hmm. I see. I'm willing to admit that it may be coincidental, but I'm damn near positive that the "Alt-Right" is some kind of op.

I'll look into this Avakian guy. Thank you for the rundown.


You're literally too retarded to tell the difference between a small group of maoist boomers and a nationwide antifa protests, just admit you got memed by someone old enough to be your grandpa because you're just not very sharp

There was no orchestrating power. A minuscule party decided to meme their event, the aut right picked it up and blew it out of all proportion hyping it on their and our forums, and then savvy Holla Forumsetarians started playing along and milking the fat lolcow that is the aut right echo chamber for all she was worth.

Thanks bae.

Americans are so fucking illiterate jesus christ.

We are telling you that Bob fucking ran a scam, someone ran with it, nobody here gave a shit and when it was brought up we told you Bob was running a scam and there was a 0 chance of this happening. People made ironic jokes about you actually believing this would happen.

It turns out nothing happened.

And somehow you got hysterical over Bob Avakians wild ride

Lol imagine thinking Barack Obama hates the united states

Just neck yourself please

it looks like a lot of my liberal faceburg people took it seriously too

still sounds like spencer to be honest
Holla Forums is probably taking him to be more important than he is like left media does with the "blood and soil bunch" due to lack of knowledge about him

I need to report back

Because even unwitting assets can be assets nonetheless. Have you considered that maybe your familiarity has also made you overlook something?

My man, Bob Avakian organized this protest and he's notorious for pulling this shit. But I got to give him props

At least people believed him this time.

Ok, i'll type out several clues and let you investigate on them so you can uncover the truth behind Nov4
Fringe happening for fringe organization
Rumor making it Armaguedon
Media reporting on Internet rumors
Gullible retards
People throwing oil on fire to have a laugh at the expense of gullible retards

Make anything you want from it

Difference is Spencer's group is actually new and gets at least some real media exposure, while Bob is an old crusty meme. If anything he's closer to being a David Duke type where even on "his side" no one really listens to him anymore and he's just desperate to try to ride a new wave into the limelight


How does it makes it less of an antifa protest.
How does it makes it a scam if nobody involved lost anything.
Why are you faggots somehow important about this.

Stop making shit up, communist faggot.

Known Antifa supporter Master Chief


Lol at you getting this mad at someone just being straight with you. Proof that Holla Forumstards don't deserve anything but mockery

It's a Bob Avakian scam we all knew about that you fell for.

I don't mean scam in the sense of taking people's money, I mean in the sense that he was, once again, trying to get attention to his god awful movement that's been rotting away for well well well over a decade

You just didn't listen once again. When we told you nothing would happen.

Speak English anytime.

This is some funny shit coming from people who believed November 4th would happen

I'm not so sure. It is interesting seeing the similarities between Holla Forums and leftypol in how shills are dealt with. It seems highly plausible to me that and may actually be from the same camp; playing shill against you both, making you dig your heels in further.

Got me warmed up

The Covenant is literally fash tbh

November 4th has been a joke to us since these rumors started, so we're not exactly taking this as seriously as Holla Forums is. We literally just laughed it off.

Nobody expected anything to happen or invested emotional energy into the idea.

You're going to die


Honest question why does the right when it false flags thinks that pedos are a big point about the left. Every time it's a fake sign it's always about the same shit. Was it pizzagate? its also ironic because irl the only people who I've ever heard complain about the age of consent were American libertarians

rich coming from the fags who get beat up and maced unless they're being protected by the police


Technically it doesn't as antifascism is just a sentiment.
The cultists give up their paychecks to BA to fund shit like that ad and other orginizational needs. It's a scam because they're trying to recruit people into their cult.

Imagine wanting to live.



Jews can have blonde hair and blue eyes too, retard. I know a few Jews that do.

There's only been disingenuous faggots spouting the classic "it never existed" communist canard at me the whole time, this is not anything good besides white your communist diseased mind think.

That has nothing to do with scamming, these are people who wholeheartedly wanted to support it and did so.

Who cares about your goddamn opinion about it. We are talking about the protest and the protesters. Can understand this now or I will have to quote every single bit of your text like a communist retard.

Very well and I think the idea that Holla Forums is somehow all on board with believing it is similarly wrong. As I said elsewhere; the general consensus on Holla Forums is a combination of "popcorn should be made in the event of an Antifa revolution" and "I'm going to be really disappointed when Antifa doesn't pose a threat and I can't shoot any of them.". That's not exactly a serious endorsement of it.



Yes it does. You fell for Bob Avakian scam after time and time and time fucking again we said nothing would happen, and now you're gloating nothing happened.

Ok, welcome to the club, we're also gloating nothing happened.

Yeah I agree, Bob Avakian and his cult wanted this to happen.

It isn't an opinion, it is scientific fact you are a gullible moron who doesn't listen to anyone but his own hugbox torture chamber, and should probably bow this one out. Since you know, we've been telling you nothing would happen, were joking nothing would happen, and what do you know, nothing happened



woah. images of the antifa leaders just leaked. massive weapon stockpiles. We have to warn Holla Forums about this

faces blurred to conceal identities

Leaked images of antifa supersoldiers

There are dozens of faggots making fools of themselves right now, pretending otherwise don't make it so.

With all due respect, you've got a grasp of nuance within political leanings, as evidenced by differentiating yourself from this Avakian guy. You've also got a knowledge of subversion in citing that he is a scam artist. How do you not understand agent provocateurs?

There are honestly zero people here who actually believed this would happen, you came in here telling us that you would murder us for November 4th, we told you nothing would happen and joked on you, and it turns out we were right.

I think I will.

And Bernie is a little fucking rat boy who we also do not support. But what am I doing trying to explain this to you, you don't listen to shit and have the attention span of a vole.

Yea I know, the spergjobs from Holla Forums sure are making hilarious, eternally asshurt fools of themselves arnt they, little buddy?

We do. We just know that Bob is not a very trustworthy man, and this entire thing was dubious from the start

hey thats not true, look at all the bob avakian super soldiers

Antifa Supersoldier Day 2017: If It's What You Say I Love It

I'm not talking about Bob. I'm talking about This guy…

And this one

And this one

And even this guy, if you're savvy…

Why let them goad you into attacking where they want you to attack? This is basic Sun Tzu type stuff.

Oh wow an add on a newspaper, the very high price of purchasing sure means anything.

There's a whole thread on 4/pol/ dedicated to leftypol being BTFO. Idk what's more hilarious, them thinking that today had something planned or half of the kids in the thread not knowing what Holla Forums was.

We are about as btfo the fungus underneath the toenails of these people they're refusing to treat.


Then keep ignoring these leftard faggots being a laughing stock in the street.

don't ever change Holla Forumsyps

We're pathetic weaklings, we're conspirators, we're super soldiers, we don't have jobs, we're infiltrating the government

We have to be the most diverse group of villain stereotypes, we actually own the monopoly on Disney villain stereotypes

As I've said before, I think I will ignore the liberals and Bob's cult.

In fact Holla Forums, people might enjoy you more if you just ignore obvious bait. Who knows maybe if you're less gullible you might actually get laid for once.

Mfw pol tries to troll leftypol by posting pictures of lifestlyists we've never heard of

Attacking who?
All i see in the posts you linked is a buttmad autist spamming pictures mocking leftists because he can't admit Holla Forums was wrong.
Do you seriously believe we're gonna gather at some random right winger place and commit assault because soemone said mean things on the Internet?
Imagine taking Internet shitposting this seriously.

Sun Tzu's The Art of Posting

You're assuming he's from Holla Forums, therefor that is where your ire is directed. Even if he is, he's clearly trying to get a rise from you all, why humor him?
I never implied anything of the sort. I don't know where you got that from.

Fun fact

George Orwellian was a socialist

Isn't all mention of Holla Forums banned on halfchan? How long till the 4chan mods blast the thread into oblivion?

At least a quarter of us hate the B.O. So go the fuck ahead

4/pol/ just got done with 45 bump-limited threads over a tale put together in 20-30 mins.

IQ relation:
4/pol/ < brick < Trump < ant < liberal < ape < Holla Forums


meanwhile leftypol gets done with 45 bump-limited threads in 20-30 years.

so much for your democratic pretensions


I'm not sure why peoples here are talking about Bob, I through it was mostly a Twitter thing.