OK, I read roughly 1000 replies worth of drama, yet interestingly, not a single person who is mad about the new wordfilter can refute the fact that "Rojava" literally does have a bunch of US military bases in it. What does it say about the ideology of Holla Forums that a simple, true fact is able to make people so angry? Really gets the noggin joggin.

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Should've read Cockshott

Somebody receiving US support does not exclude them from being leftist. The US has, historically, supported all kinds of people all across the political spectrum if it served their immediate ends.

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And I don’t even like the mountain turks

Yeah like Saddam Hussein, who, once he stopped being their lapdog, was disposed in one of the most disastrous invasions and occupations since Nazis invaded Poland. But I'm ABSOLUTELY sure the same thing won't happen to over a dozen US military bases in Syria right XD

Let the Anarkiddies cry and rage.
Their temper tantrum will fade away eventually.

Considering how in a few years the United States will be fighting the Kurds as is the cycle of the United States funding shit in the US I'm surprised people aren't shilling them to high hell so they can get the most out of this before the back fights them. That's pretty much what happened with the Foundation of the Soviet Union (got supplies from Germany) and with WW2 (literally stole American tech and improved on it when they were still buddy buddy)

That has nothing to do with whether over a dozen US military bases in Syria is socialist or not, you fucking retard.

*funding shit in the Middle East

And also, fuck B.O. for complaining about "drama" when THEIR actions are what caused the "drama" in the first place. What a fucking insufferable faggot, holy shit.

Start banning all the anarcho-cuckoldists, and board quality will be up in a matter of minutes.

Fucking imperialism. The very thing you claim you hate. If you hate imperialism so much you should hate the US getting involved in over a dozen US military bases in Syria. You are literally victim shaming you fucking retard.

Imagine being in their shoes, a tiny autonomous region up against the Syrian government and the Imperialist Russian overlords. You obviously stand no chance, yet another imperialist power offers to help you in exchange for arms and setting up bases in the vicininty of your territory. Obviously you choose existence over extinction. This shit you are doing is literally no different than the purity tests you ☭TANKIE☭s espouse us anarchists for placing on the USSR. You need to go choke on a bag of dicks you fucking faggot


Why yes you'll only have Red SuccDems left in the board great improvement


Okay but nobody cares if its socialist or not except for a handful of M-Ls. Most people who criticize it for partnering with the United States don't do it to conclude that it isn't socialist but that it is aiding US imperialism. Nobody argues that Assad is far from perfect, but compared to whoever the CIA will try and impose on the Middle East to get their capitalist buddies pipeline built and a geopolitical foothold against Russia once they've wiped their ass with over a dozen US military bases in Syria, which will be a tragedy in its own right, he is the best option.

The question isn't whether or not the Kurds will survive, it's whether or not they're socialist. You're changing the topic for no fucking reason.

So? The US military base thing, which the word filter was about, is still fucking true, as you admit. The word filter didn’t imply they aren’t leftist (pretty useless label anyway but whatever). The entire board got extremely mad over a joke based on a fact that’s entirely true. Pretty dumb.

Wew lad

B.O., put your tag back on.

Aren't the Kurds actually trying to be friendly with Assad? You know not dispose him. They just want the equivalent of annexing the entire Kurdistan region and pissing off fhe Turks by merely existing

In the interest of fairness Holla Forums needs to filter marxism-leninism to "capitalism with socialist characteristics"

You mean like how Vietnam fought off America?

It's crazy how real leftist are over there dying for an actual factual leftist cause but ML purists are sitting behind their monitors condemning them. Cuz murica. And they wonder why capitalism still exists 100 years after Lenin. Because you're all on your asses.

The OBVIOUS fucking implication of the joke was that people shouldn't support the Kurds because of their US support, you literal fucking retards.

Fucking MLs, man.

This is why it's so important for you cunts to understand why we're upset that they're allowing in military bases. Maybe the Kurds themselves will dispose Assad, maybe they're just giving the CIA a foothold either way that's why we make fun of them and anyone who supports them


I like how B.O. runs away like a fucking pussy anytime someone challenges them.

Can anarchists argue for more then ten seconds without strawmanning?

The Kurds have complete, democratic control over all production in their region. And even if they didn't, they are still a million times more progressive and better for the workers than Daddy Assad.

And I'm not an anarchist, I'm a Trot.


By you’re standards the Molotove-Ribintove pact ment that the USSR was a Nazi puppet.

They won't be after Daddy America gets their pound of flesh

So they should just bend over and accept complete domination from Assad? And have the Nationalist Kurds (Iraqi Kurds) become the dominant player with the Kurdistan region?
Should we also ignore the Marxist-Leninists and all the other leftists groups fighting FOR them?

The Viet Cong and Taliban wrecked the USA. I'm sure the Kurds will be fine, you fucking historically illiterate buttmunch.

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bring back flags


How about NOT accepting help from one of the most corrupt military-industrial empires in the history of the planet?

The Kurds have US military bases because it’s in the self-intrest of Kurdish workers to do so. The US gives them weapons which they use to defend themselves. Weapons which in a few years they will be using against the US.

Yes, the Pathet Lao didn't have to deal with anything like predator drones. Oh, except the literal 24/7 carpet bombing, but that was nothing, right?

MLs are fighting in the Middle East too you Carbet muncher

Worldfilter was worth it. Anyone who has supported over a dozen US military bases in Syria is in constant denial of the extent of the US' power over it. Convince me it will turn into anything but a front for the States taste of "democracy" and we'll talk.

I was making a point of comparison-that if Vietnam can fight off america than R*java can too.
And I don't even hate M-L states as much as other anarkiddies do, I'm just pissed at Board Owner's blatant favoritism.


The Kurdish state in Syria is fundamentally incompatible with American-style puppetry. If the Americans want to replace it, they'll have to kill all the leaders and destroy all their organizations.

They'll never be able to resist them in the field of Capital.

Why havent mods banned these faggots yet?

I don’t necessarily think we shouldn’t support the kurds, but it’s just undeniable that right now they are a tool of US imperialism in Syria. That a joke about this fact sends the entire board into a complete meltdown is seriously embarrassing.

How can the volunteers deal with this fucking piece of shit?

Are they all just massive cock-sucking sycophants?

why do people think kurds will implement a more genuine socialism than the ba'athist "socialism" already present in syria?

Because the Kurds haven't established a military dictatorship, you dense motherfucker.

Fine I’ll concede, as soon as fucking scum bag board owner concedes Assad is a puppet of Russian imperialism.
I’ll wait

They're much more horizontal instead of vertical. It's better than succdem that's for sure and seems to be in the fields of Orthodox Marxism with Boston characteristics

because muh bookchin
R o java itself is essentially succdem right now


Because they've had such difficulty doing this before

Pretty sure this is well known?

his ☭TANKIE☭ supporters either deny this or argue that russian imperialism is ok as a counter to US imperialism


Drama which you created with your stupid intervention. Let Holla Forums discussion/sectarism function on its own, kys


In 2004 Assad was who the CIA wanted to impose on the Middle East given that they collaborated. If you're going to "critically support" Assad despite previous cooperation with the CIA, why not support a nominally socialist territory?

Outside of administrative intervention, board owners have absolute control of their boards, and no, vols can't do anything about that even if they wanted to. Of course, there's nothing stopping you or anyone else from making your own board, but unless things get unbearably bad, anons aren't going to migrate unless they have to.

Wow PKK doesn't get filtered. You're slipping up B.O.

the ☭TANKIE☭ worldfilter was pretty boring no lies, and furthered the divide between us. over a dozen US military bases in Syria was at least a factual poke to the self absorbed Bookchinites who feel their obviously US influenced state will achieve their idea of socialism.

The CIA don't want Arabs to be left alone because they may start deciding things for themselves. Therefore they are trying to dipose Assad as they have tried to dispose leaders in the Middle East for decades now with some successes and some failures. If Assad goes and the United States in turn gets rid of R ojava Syria will either go down the path of Iraq or Iran. Either one is terrible. Assad isn't a good person and is mostly selfish, but RIGHT NOW he's the only thing standing between US capital and another failed state in the Middle East that only enriches Western Capitalists and creates more chaos and death in the world.

We have to stop the train somewhere

Like how anarchist purists condemn actual leftists (ML and Maoist movements) fighting and dying for communism in third world countries?

I think the ☭TANKIE☭ wordfilter is nice because people need to learn to argue beyond petty insults, I would support one for anarchists too.

Besides those that were native to the region, when was the last time you remember large swums of leftists going to the third world to fight. And Kurdistan doesn't count. Because I don't remember any large sum except for deserters during the Korean War

more like twenty lel

There are but that doesn't matter. If the us is helping commies by giving them guns and bombing isis then I want them to continue doing so.

```It's in my self-interest to wage-slave for porky or else I'll starve to death´´´-tier argument

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