The internet was a mistake. Leave

The internet will always have a centralized and unaccountable power under capitalism due to hosting privileges, and as we've seen with the alt-right, the "meme war" - the logical conclusion of attempting to use the internet to spread propaganda - is utter garbage.
Where the left shines is in the grassroots campaigns, like Sanders and Corbyn. However you feel about them, it showed just how much a dedicated group of people could affect things by spreading their views, but not just their views on their own, but the methods to propagate them and to recruit more people within the views themselves. Doing this creates a situation in which an uncontrollable mass of people are spreading their ideology in a non-hierarchal and horizontal manner, and all that needs to be contained in these views is the knowledge of constant subversion and the ability to spread the idea. Fear of COINTELPRO, social climber careerists and wreckers, identity politics, these things regularly cross over into each other, and it works well with a mindset that is paranoid of surveillance and subversion online to the point of abandoning them all altogether.
Time and time again we've seen the internet to be a sack of shit long co-opted by the state and corporate power and having near zero use beyond archiving footage and texts. The only solution to the constant shit being shoveled down our necks on the internet is to move our activities offline, outside of the grasps of dipshit moderators, site owners and state security, and into our own control. The internet died in 2008, why are you still here kidding yourself it will improve? Move on with your life and make the tiny impact that matters.

Fuck that I'm using the internet to talk with my bf across the pond.

Internet is still good for connecting with other leftists to discuss about anything leftism-related, news, events or situation with right-wing. I particularly like Holla Forums because I hate the reddit format and people trust each other more when anonymous compared to real life or FB groups where people are super paranoid and competitive about maintaining their image. Only retards and Holla Forumsyps think it's a good idea to build a mass movement based on internet. "REDpilling normies" must always happen through real-life interactions, using internet to do this brings autistic real-life results as witnessed by aut-right's constant spergouts in public.

are you a qt trap or a NEET one?

I'm not a trap, nor am I a NEET. I just have a Euro BF

I'm always glad to see gays supporting non-idpol leftism. Sometimes I think that only complete lunatics would feel at peace in the SJW nests these days.

tools are there to find use for them

Technically I don't even have a Europe BF. They live in


Greenland sounds comfy as fuck. Seriously, you should fly over there to live with him. These guys will fix you up if western civilization collapses - it's not like they couldn't go back to hunting seals and fishing like they did barely just hundred years ago anyway.

Is it the same Greenland user who's posted here or is it another one?

Wait a Greenland user posted here?

I'm actually debating. I have a minimum wage job so I intend to first get a two way ticket then we decide to where we'll both live (aka who moves in with who)

Yep, he made a thread about it. Also mentioned he had a gay bf in 🍔burger🍔land if I recall

Did he say he was gay or bi? If he's bi I either have a secret commie bf or there's another bisexual in all of Greenland

Dunno. He said he lived on some shitty remote island on the coast of Greenland, if that means anything to you

Well, mine also lives on a shitty island off the coast. Although he lives on the western Greenland shore. He nearly got hit by the tsunami that got them not too long ago

Its still usefull for learning things like maths and science quick and easy.

Might be him, then. You should probably ask him about it

Will do

It's a nogo

Guess that means there are at least two gay/bi people who live on shitty islands off the coast of Greenland

FFS, all we need is to push for some changes to ameteur radio regulations ( more spectrum, permit encryption on packet radio ) and switch some of the lower levels of the protocol stack out for mesh networking protocols and the problem is resolved OP. Stop panicking.

We'll it's a pretty isolated island so yeah I guess it's highly possible


being gay is the definition of idpol, We all know gays are just doing it to 'virtue signal'


But online is the only place where we can talk about Holla Forums things. Without it, we'd be totally isolated.