How is it that the chuds and pepes don't have the same level of infighting as the left...

How is it that the chuds and pepes don't have the same level of infighting as the left? You see them working together on crazy schemes to bring the liberal order or whatever else they get worked up about.
You see black, latino jewish and muslim MAGA guys and somehow they all seem to get along - the left even jokes about how white supremacists are never white.
Yet the left is riven with infighting and sectarianism. Why is this?
Is it like it seems and actually it's the right that is the side of cooperation, tolerance, and inclusiveness? And if so why?

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they have no ideology to disagree with each other on.

Because the right's "wat do" is easy: remove people to solve problems.

You have much more disagrement on "wat do" when it comes to the left and each sect have the belief shit will go VERY wrong if the others have it their way.

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This too, you go crazy after reading so much theory. Right reactionaries are easier to corral when their brains operate on the lizard level of platforms made up of two or three slogans

They do


It isn't nearly as prolonged and bystanders have a tendency to reach a consensus on who "won" the argument early on, with the subsequent demand that the "loser" shuts up and accepts the new party line or is excommunicated as a leftist shill

Also Holla Forums spends a LOT of time false flagging as left-wingers to start shit here. 100% positive there's two or three in the current drama thread

Just don't punch left and you'll be fine

Their ideas and theory are much much vaguer than leftism's so there's much more room for agreement among them.

I always imagine right-wing movements as Titanic. They are sailing on a big-ass luxurious ship and they look and feel good and united right now, but if you've seen the movie or read the history book, you know that this ship is headed towards unavoidable doom and massive failure. They may look better than you right now, but when their ship cracks, they will be twice the hysteric since they not only didn't expect ship to crack, but also didn't prepare for this to happen. Killing all the jews or niggers on board they want to kill still won't undo the sinking. They could pray or try to fix but momentum is too powerful. Of course the porkies of Titanic will be saved by lifeboats, but the rest are almost certainly facing grave consequences for their shitty decisions.

Yes, the bigoted ethno-cultural chauvinists who openly disavow those principles while salivating over the death and suffering of innocents of different backgrounds than them are the tolerant ones. Not the internationalists. Brilliant analysis OP

That's fine. The more you dismiss your enemies, the more they are going advance past your incredibly vain and arrogant defenses.

Why do you people think butthurt non-arguments constitute intelligent responses?

The guy is making an honest observation which anyone with a shred of self-awareness can attest to be true. The left is clearly rife with infighting and has rotted itself from the inside more than once, while the right is comparatively well-composed and making gains in cultural influence. Whining like an angry bitch and trying to reduce the conversation to a semantics debate is only hurting the left. Denial is not a solution.

There is far more infighting, and far more interference from feds.

Honest to God, does anyone else feel like they are mandated to put on kid gloves when talking to white nationalists, lest they sperg out?

this is the best pic that has been posted here today, i commend your post.

Theres plenty on the right, a whole lot of tokenism too. Some of the getting along stuff is to just save face for their backwards ideas. Yet i never see the groups hang out with eachother irl. Or maybe your just coumting the different faces on conservo twitter.

The right doesn't see that any potential "gains" in cultural influence are transient. Rightist solutions to problems are always short-term. And because these solutions tend to be rooted in a defense of capitalism, they always *will* be short-term. Ok yeah, remove X people and cut Y taxes. Great. The nature of capital will fuck you over years down the road anyway. I don't care about the Left gaining any sort of cultural influence because it's fucking pointless. Cultural and social norms are always in motion and restricted to a particular threshold of a given population. Once people get tired of "liberal" shit they give "conservative" shit a try, and when that gets too stifling they move to the "liberal" norms again. This is not something one can consciously steer.

this picture is everything i want to be

their hypetrain of unitary, destructive objectives allows for temporary formation of assault squads, but the moment they run out of targets to lash out against they will start tearing each others throats out, there is no cooperation to speak off - it's just coordinated predation pattern. you have the big ones like breitbart pointing the targets, then there are paid Holla Forumsyps and weaponised spergs and following them a flock of hyenas reposting frog memes and spamming youtube comments


Varg is not incorrect, it's just that his conclusions are completely utopian.
btw I didn't intend to use Varg's metaphors, it's pure coincidence, just something that came to my mind

They practically threaten to throw a tantrum if you don't engage them on their own level like a pouty kid.

they do, it's just on twitter or whatever and not on chans. they all accuse each other of being Jewish infiltrators or whatever

Lefties are too interested in ideological purity back stabbing because they know their ideas can only be accepted through coercion and the use of force.

Well Varg is actually against western civilization. He believes all civilization is bad. Including Western civilization.

You mean the guy saying we should enforce eugenics to remove "biological" tribalism?

Because leftist are dweebs that would rather be right than be an agent of change.


t. SocDem Gang

Wrong. MLs != leftists in general

yeah because the world is a complicated place, explaining complicated ideas is fucking difficult at the best of times, while most people have the attention span of a retarded 10 year old so they fall for meaningless bullshit like MAGA.

Like what? Where's their alt-right organization with chapters across the country? Where's their none-profit aid organizations? Where's their street teams, education and book clubs?

Retards like you are easily impressed by gay antics and memes pulled off by internet losers.

online is where all that shit happens these days, go back to book club

Multiculturalism doesn't work. We are successful because we are homogeneous and white.

Hail Hitler.

who is this toad meant to be

This. They aren't even really people.

As opposed to a lizard brain being ensnared in entropy…

Top kek, Holla Forums is winning the culture war, the only war that actually matters in the long run. Meanwhile you leftist dinosaurs go around trashing random shit on the streets and show yourself to be the dense hooligans you are to the rest of the world.

This isn't 1917 anymore, get with the times.

How? Seriously, they're losing on every front. They're so desperate that their main man is a literal zionist.

No matter how much you say shit like this there is no metric in the world that proves your optics PR faggot bullshit to be correct. You can't show me stats, you can't show me graphs, you can't show me proof that your dumbass memes are doing anything. You're at best a fad like YouTube atheism was a few years ago.

Why don't you guys actually get out and go talk to the working class? (the people you claim to support), then come back with your findings? Outside of your college safe spaces, the workforce fucking hates your agenda and loathes even more the fact that they cannot speak out about it for fear of losing their jobs.

Seriously, don't take my word for it, go do some social fucking interaction.

I have, and I never got any hate for it. I did get the "it's nice on paper" a few times though.

Top ebin xD

Is Varg a völkisch Zerzan?

You know a rightard has lost the plot when he brings up the iphones argument.

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