BO drama thread

Recent changes in Holla Forums:
1. failed attempt at establishing a tank‌ie vanguard on /marx/ to "take back" Holla Forums: >>>/marx/6663
1. flags removed so you can't tell that barely any ☭TANKIE☭s post here
2. Y‌PG, R‌ojava, D‌NFS and SD‌F filtered to "over a dozen US military bases in Syria"
3. tanki‌e filtered to ☭TANKIE☭ to make it seem like not a slur
4. filtered B‌O and basically every world starting with those two letters (including B‌ookchin) to Xir to deflect criticism

I think it's pretty clear that our beloved master is very upset that tank‌ies are constantly getting BTFOd here and exposed as the red fascists they are. We can all see where this is going, don't act surprised when they start to banning anarchists and other revolutionary socialists as "petit bourgeois elements."

Isn't it funny how every time a leftist internet community starts becoming popular, its tan‌kie mods ruin it on purpose in an attempt favour their dead and irrelevant ideology?

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they don't look filtered

there's a filter for bookchin now? way to kill any discussion on here

if its the first word of a sentence then its not filtered. watch
support over a dozen US military bases in Syria

I like this one better because the quality is even worse.

I put a non-breaking space into them. You can see the list of filters here:
They only work if there's a space before them

Read Xirdiga

I take back everything I said.

/marx/ isn't a ☭TANKIE☭ board, what the fuck are you smoking?

5. Xir is a-…*inhales*…is a woman managing an image board of men. I disapprove.

Read the linked thread they admit that they made it because they were upset that ☭TANKIE☭s kept getting BTFOd

The aut-right may be too stupid to win, but you guys are allergic to the idea of winning.


It's an ML board run by a former anti-revisionist turned revisionit.

Jim Profit was right.

Nonsense, /marx/ hardly has any activity, maybe about 5 posts a day.

Charlottesville obviously. Yeah i know it's been 2 and half months an eternity in Internet time.


Some Holla Forums "forum celeb" everyone more or less likes needs to start a new board; this one's clearly sinking fast. Anyone have any ideas?

BO is a tan‌kie, you can't expect them to make sense.

this might not be a bad idea at this rate

Real talk, if The PKK are funded by The United Snakes I couldn't give a fuck bout the Kurdish plight. You can bet your life that whatever angle the 🍔burger🍔s are playing at over a dozen US military bases in Syria ain't worth that diabolical plan coming to together.

The direction Holla Forums is heading in and the state reddit leftist subs are already in prove that Marxist-Leninists and any derivative tendencies will have to be purged, violently if necessary, from any revolution or mass movement.

They are the most power mad, hypocritical, mentally ill ideologues in history. They deny crimes against humanity and the lack of freedom perpetrated by the Stalinist states they support while claiming to be different from fascist holocaust denialists. They're the reason the left has no popular support in the 21st century, and only reinforce stereotypes the public has about us with autism.

all in favor of /hoochiepol/?

that sounds amazing

The PKK isnt funded by the US, you mong.

I'd like to make a board myself but i'm too fucking autistic to even dare contact other people to create a moderation team.

We could claim /prole/ or create /left/. Ideally whoever runs it wouldn't make their ideology public or create rules biased towarda any leftist sect.

I wouldn't work with a ML but I think you're overestimating them, the best they can do is play supreme leader on niche forums or operate in an irrelevant party.

I was thinking something more along the lines of /commonwealth/ but that works just as well.

They are usually taken seriously by the bourgeois because they both understand the language of the state.


Maybe in the past, but these days they're obscure socdems for all practical purposes. If a revolution were to break out they would lack the numbers or outreach to be anything of note.

I'm a ML and all I've seen this month is anarchists and anarcho liberals shitting on ML, so fuck off with your baseless accusations.


Wut I never saw this


Talk about snow-flake sectarianism and baseless accusations. You two sound like hysteric liberals fighting an eternal evil.

You do realize Xir wanted to migrate there back in April?

completely forgot about that actually

>a filter ruined discussions forever
this is truly the 9/11 of leftypol

never forget

Fuck B.O. for getting rid of flags, man. Bitch killed Afroplasm Gang just when we started taking over the Holla Forums.

Probably to escape those nasty anarkiddies who wouldn't stop saying mean things about Stalin :(

Stop bullying pedos, he can't help it.

Well what were you expecting from "anarkiddies btfo" threads? Acting like everyone is against MLs with no reason is pretty revisionist.

Shitflinging from my computer is hardly fighting an eternal evil. Get off the cross you faggot.

Post BO's selfies to bully xir, they're on /liberty/

I heard a disturbing rumour. Just saying, *if* they are…


no shit

Are you one of the Holla Forumstards? If so we knew about this ahead of time.

Remember when Holla Forums was supposed to be non-sectarian?

Please speak out against this and motivate other vols to do the same.

Except anarchist subs, the Chapo sub, non-sectarian subs, etc. are all shit.


Btw even a lot of anarchists and (probably most) leftcoms would tell you that you're a fucking retard for equating Marxism-Leninism with fascism.

Surely the glorious anti-idpol anarcho-communists and leftcoms of Holla Forums are organized, deeply in touch with the masses and will lead the next revolution! I mean yeah, ML communist parties aren't very popular in most western countries and most of them are pretty terrible and out of touch, but do you really think your special snowflake kind of communism is any less obscure and irrelevant?

Pick 1

Pretty sure that ain't no woman. Seen the pics a couple times cuz they keep getting reposted. If you remember the cast of Zoey 101 you can picture Mark in an emo wig, black lipstick and a miniskirt. That's basically B.O.

It used to be better


i'll pick the second one, thanks

solidarity with the Holla Forumstards

I wasn't equating the two ideologically, but I was claiming that ☭TANKIE☭s and modern fascists share a similar mentality with regards to 20th century authoritarian regimes of their respective ideologies.

If we were able to post pdf's, I'd post 'Did somebody say Totalitarianism' by Zizek, since everybody seems caught up in a stupor

Good thing ☭TANKIE☭s are a minority within ML

We can now, I think.


Oh, let me check, I might be behind the wave here.


Gee..i wonder who is behind this post

That's not true. There's plenty of good MLs, just not online tbh

This lmao

An actual revolutionary socialist not paid by the CIA unlike ☭TANKIE☭s?

No it isn't. By and large the left have failed to change tactics and have retreated from agitation into the comfort zones of lifestylism, academia, or impotent electoral participation. If there was a revolt of some sort and the left somehow managed to band together for a popular front we would all be crushed by the forces of reaction.

Are you being ironic?

Don't you have to go protest over bathroom rights americunt?

None of this is important. See you outside, nerds.

t. SocDem Gang

Oh my fucking god lmao

I think MLs are retards as much as the next Anarchist, but I think the shitposting against them ITT is missing the point. BO's not a faggot because they're a tanktard, they're a faggot because they're a clearly biased petty dictator who treats the board like their private property. We shouldn't make this a sectarian problem, because the problem is the Xir being a sectarian.

I don't care what tendency the Xir is nor should anyone else, I only care about the Xir actually listening to and respecting the users and their preferences.

Did you just assume my nationality?

Fuck ML's. Fuck them to death. This is just another of BO's spergouts which are linked to a decline in ML users on the board, and the thick fuck is too fucking stupid to realise it's their retarded #TANKIELMAO behaviour that is making people hate them across the internet. The problem is that their presence makes leftists hate them because they're authoritarian morons. I suggest a moderator strike and a raid on /marx/.

Barrel bombing man in a dress board owner: Go fuck yourself, you retarded mentally ill cunt.

No I'm just not a 🍔burger🍔 so I don't know this shit

5. made a fucking Incel cyclical.

Goddamn it, this drama is only gonna push the reasonable MLs away and leave us with a bunch of retard pseudo-nationalist cucks. Not all MLs are bad, be the ones that are bad are fucking awful. Pls don't generalize, I like some of our MLs here tbh

Was that done by B-O?


It's there to avoid spill over to other threads. See the big, read letters saying "containment thread".

Not an argument

M-L here. Board owner is a fucking idiot. There has been a lot of shit posting against M-L latley, Xir today validated that

I'm actually closer to ML than any other tendency here, but since I'm involved in party politics I'll be making a point of completely destroying them when they admit it openly.

Kill yourself, you flatchested goth tranny.

it's not a good containment thread if you don't ban everyone who posts in it when it reaches 450 replies.

ironically every post you listed was more of an argument than your own post was. I'm not necessarily agreeing with them, but you should probably try to defend MLs in light of the B-O's autism. They're making your side look pretty bad

I don't go to leftypol often, I thought you guise loved ☭TANKIE☭s?

Signed- a typical facist

It's cyclical. It never reaches the bump limit.

This as well. The only thing the Xir is motivating is abusing MLs - which they really don't deserve: keep that to outspoken tan kies and reactionaries pretending to be socialists.

This is nonsense. The reason why many Marxist-Leninists don't bother posting here is because it's either a spam of anti-communist nonsense like "read fascists" (something particulary funny since most anarchists praise the Hungarian "Revolution" for sheer contrarianism, when it clearly displays fascistic traits, or Leftcoms who are self-declared anti-feminists and see no difference between a liberal democracy and fascism) or simply results in a ban by an anarchist mod.

Would you, as an anarchist, like to post in a overwhelmingly Marxist-Leninist board? Actually, you would, because guess what, we are not raging arseholes who spam and insult everybody who has a different opinion. Apparently we are too extreme for Holla Forums, so we are hated upon, in a vicious manner. When we hate on "anaekiddies" or whatever, it's mostly just a response to shit you stirred up - Marxist-Leninists are overly concerned with practicality and success, in contrast to all the anarchist idealists, "spontaneous" utopians, or nihilist INCELs. Regarding the Røjava issue, you guys are far more apologetic and idealist than any ☭TANKIE☭ about the USSR, I don't care if you support it or not, but to pretending imperialism doesn't even exist or that all the US troops there which will stay beyond the conflict and pushed them to the oilfields recently, is just closing your eyes an being like "LALALA can't hear you!!!".

The fact the last days the only threads that were bumped were Holla Forums-baits, INCEL-posting, gorilla-posting and ☭TANKIE☭-hate threads isn't BÔs fault. The board culture of the last months (Muke has a fair share of blame to take for that) have flushed in utter trash who say stuff like "real socialism has never been tried" and unironically believe the 100 gorillion shit. I've met people here who told me they would rat me out to the cops because I wrote something positive about the DPRK. Those are trap-posting, self-indulgent infantile lifestylelists who will be The North Face-wearing, hybrid engine-driving liberals after college who vote for the Greens. So yeah, I don't BÖ having a bit of a joke on you, considering you absolutely can't take it. "Actual socialism is one dozen US military bases in Syria" is actually kinds funny. Saying it isn't is damage control.

How much you wanna bet you'll be tagged in "Le next mass tag of anyone critical of Le BASED board owner"

Honestly it's pretty funny

ITT: anarchists talking with their bellies filled with food that someone bought and cooked for them

One day you will all wake up and smell the coffee. when you start working, you will all understand.

t. r/soc
t. r/LSC
t. twitter
t. board owner

Fuck off, body odor.


K e k

will someone else buy it for me

Why the hell did Barack Obama decide to randomly fuck shit up anyway? What provoked him?

being a retard

I hope this blows over soon, but in the meantime I'll sit back and enjoy the show.


I personally have no strong opinion one way or the other on ☭TANKIE☭s, I'm just upset about other ways the board is currently being mismanaged - no flags, bad filters, the incel thread, allowed shitfests about how the board needs to be "more anti-idpol" (by which is meant reactionary, since "left"-idpol hasn't and doesn't thrive here), little things like that.

The fundamental problem, IMO, is that there needs to be some way to coup the Xir on forums like these. Without that, the Xir is a material feature of the system you can't get rid of so you just have to hope you have a Xir who won't be terrible, which I don't think is good enough of an option.

Okay, this is pretty good.

I didn't claim I wasn't ML. Did you read any of my posts?


He says it in the /marx/ thread, tank‌ies getting btfo

Good in the long-run tbh
Don't really care one way or another. That slur had gone far beyond its original meaning
Pretty shitty for Xir to go ahead and do that

Ah, I see. My bad.

Everybody hates ☭TANKIE☭s.

Compelte rubbish. The leftcom critique of organizing around "antifascist" action is that you're deluding yourself into thinking there's a choice between liberal democracy or fascism when the reality is liberal democracy AND fascism are two sides of the same coin; the latter manifesting in times of crisis in the face of a mobilized proletariat backed by a strong communist movement.

I just woke up and I already feel like going back to sleep

Are ☭TANKIE☭s just larpy faggots or do they actually go outside and turn over garbage cans and throw piss bottles?

lol what a load of sanctimonious garbage and empty platitudes. You can blather all you want but anyone with two eyes and an internet connection can see clearly for themselves that ☭TANKIE☭s have ruined every vaguely leftist space on the internet. Leftbook has ☭TANKIE☭s at the top screeching about white first worlders, Left Reddit has ☭TANKIE☭s at the top screeching about problematic brocialists who alienate their less-abled brethren, Left Twitter has ☭TANKIE☭s throwing a fit over so-called reactionaries who dare to question each marked "traitor" to the cause, and now Holla Forums has sanctimonious ☭TANKIE☭ dullards telling us that they have nowhere else on the internet to turn and now NEED Holla Forums as their one safe haven to rationally and calmly discuss leftist politics without obstruction from those nasty, pseudo-fascist anarchists and leftcoms. Next step, of course, is that they and their opinions need to be purged for the sake of the discussion. The verbiage and techniques may differ, but the end result is always the fucking same, and none of us are buying it.

why are you people so upset about 1 (one) thread for incels that you can easily hide and never see again? It's also working, they no longer sperg the whole board up. ffs we had incel shitposting in almost every thread only a week ago. let them have their cyclical and report them if they spill out.


It's true! There's plenty of reasonable MLs out there. Lenin's greatest quality was his pragmatism and flexibility. Some MLs realize this and have pretty good politics. I'm not a big fan of Lenin's theory, but you'd have to be completely disconnected from the left to say that all MLs are bad

You're right, those people who spend all their time praising Stalin and Mao and derive all their praxis and theory from their interpretations of their work, and spend the majority of their time defending their legacies, aren't REALLY ml's just because they don't agree with you on every detail. The fact that every idpozzed, witchhunting redlib on the internet calls themselves an ML is just one big coincidence.

Online leftism was a mistake

1.) Have you ever bothered to wonder why it's almost always "tankies" ending up on top, both real life and the internet?
2.) do you really think anarchists are dindus who never are dishonest or scummy in their behavior that may cause a reactions? I don't post on reddit, but I know in real life Marxist-Leninists almost always claim the leading role in organization in my city because anarchists show up drunk.


This tbh. I hate identity politics and the liberalisation of the left, but this sums up Body Odor and their little T34 minions LARPing as Russians in the twentieth century.

Until someone makes a definitive Marxist critique of 20th century socialism, why it failed and the resultant counterrevolution that goes beyond muh revisionism, I doubt you're going to get rid of MLs by harping on about freedom.

It's about the r0java censoring/banning and the duplicitous BS denoted in OP

Thank you, Nazbao Gang



pretty much, what a drag.

BV gets it.

Extreme pedantry on notions between leftist groups and friendly debates with classcucks are the best parts of this board, though.

Absolutely this. I'd be just as annoyed if B.O was a raging Anarchist who was clearly biased against ML positions. It's not even the moderation team that's a problem, it's entirely the B.O and their blatant disregard for the opinions of the board's users.

Can you faggots stop the shitflinging and focus on the problem at hand?

The people in charge of internet moderation are in no way representative of real world activism or even revolutionary movements. In any case, this argument doubles as a great defense of general establishment so congrats on your bootlicking mental gymnastics, "revolutionary"
Nah, I just think they're FAR less likely to coordinate weird hostile takeovers of leftist spaces, whether because of a problem of aptitude or attitude. Either way, makes no difference to me if the practical end result is the same

Yeah, the ML problem. One which we need a final solution for.

Agreed on the second half, but the pedantic disputes get fairly old very quickly

You are free to go back to /anarcho/ any time

lel, the reason MLs are hated is because they are too extreme, not too liberal. Your scale of radical-liberal that moves arround "saying that you want to abolish the law of value immediately" is not how any sane person in the world considers radicalism. In the real world, this scale moves arround how much shit are you prepared to take from non-communists. Uncompromisingly defending the DPRK is the most extreme thing you can do, and guaranteed to alienate liberals - so it's shunned by yuppie leftists like Muke who like to appeal to them. The fact it is considered "outdated", "shady" or "smelly" to defend socialist states against the onslaught of propaganda is the same argument as "it's the current year".

Actually, you're free to go back to reddit and /marx/, which seems to be where all the ML's are from. Have fun, take armpit stench with you.

brand recognizability

Why are you so emotionally invested in an internet imageboard?

So this is how leftypol will die not by an outsider like polacks or redditors, but by triggered ☭TANKIE☭s that want to stamp the heterogeneity of this broad.

it was nice while it lasted. ;_; rip Holla Forums

Good job on being hated by me for falling into the category of my real arch nemeses: People with fuck all reading comprehension.

yeah everyone knows the more edgy you are the more revolutionary you are. Agitating for national industry and healthcare may sound like milquetoast socdem shit but if you wear red and green outfits and praise a central leader it suddenly becomes super radical.

I mean Holla Forums tolerated m-ls just fine til recently so it's actually anarchist REEEing that's the problem. The only way I can seem to rectify this is if all the anarkiddies calling for a M-L purge go back to /anarcho/ and allow the grown ups who can actually tolerate differing opinions without crying every five seconds discuss things among themselves wew

To be fair I can understand why anarchists/ancoms/leftcoms/libcoms/etc. feel picked on by MLs and want to lash out. I also can understand why MLs feel the need to be such dogmatic bullies, being constantly criticized is no fun and hardly any non-MLs ever recognize the positive things their ideology has accomplished. I encourage more users to also encourage moderation and positively positivity like I have been in , , and . That doesn't mean y'all have to be uncritical, but more nuance (especially from the ML side) would be incredible.

make the board a better place one post at a time!

Tankies are being hated by the establishment, anarchists and ultralefts are not. We are in absolute recoil of the present state of things.

Just some commentary of "In Defense of Lost Causes", a multi-disciplinary critique and defense of twentieth century socialist projects through the discussion of the violence of the French Revolution. A piece linking what seems to be the underlying disparity between anarchists and ML's in that it is dismissive of neither and reconciles the two in the need for a new, united leftism

We aren't dead. I'm going to come back tomorrow and post in the same threads because nothing of substance has changed. We still got a great thing going here, ☭TANKIE☭s or not.

Don't put so much importance in this spectacle.

t. SocDem Gang

Nice reddit spacing you braindead nigger. Why are you so emotionally invested in controlling online discourse, when I wouldn't care if it was turned off tomorrow?

body odor just needs to fuck off and let someone who isn't retarded take over

Another meaningless platitude. Your "prolier than thou" bullshit might work in your own circles but in real life leftist persecution no one actually checks your tag to see which flavor of red you are if they crack down.

That's a shitty strawman dude. Nobody defends the DPRK or Cuba because they have free healthcare.

fuck off retard

the classcucks need their hands held, we should be critical of every leftist sect and it's a good thing that we are.

unfortunately, this being a cantonese shadowplay mailing list, it becomes pointless shit flinging, but tiring as it is, i'd rather this than some bullshit faux courtesy where we all type walls of text to hide the fact that we want the [insert sect here] to fuck off to [insert bad website here].

Couldn't agree more, I'd prefer dispute and invective to empty civility

Nah, that's bullshit. In my country, mostly anarchist dominated shit like antifa has been leaked to receive government funding against right-wing populists. You are being cracked down upon based upon your ability to organize and change things, and it just so happened these are often ML groups. Be honest with yourself: If Greece would collapse, would it be the Greek anarchists the "stalinist" KKE who take power?

Stop lying you fucking nigger. The problem has clearly come from Xir getting completely assblasted, and has in their actions made all your complaints irrelevant. I would bet you're actually Xir because even the biggest tank isn't such a bootlicking faggot to suck on the ladyballs of the mong that runs this board.

Strawman would make your argument look worse than it is, not better. Full throatedly supporting the DPRK because of nationalized industry is WAY better than the truth of supporting a revisionist, ethnonationalist state that has abandoned even the pretense of marxism because of an issue of aesthetics

And yes, everyone here INCLUDING THE ANARCHISTS are fully against US involvement in NK and are all on board with the idea the Kim is doing the smart thing by continuing his nuclear program, so don't even start with the bullshit "oh we're not supporting him we're just defending him against imperialism". You don't have to have his whole shaft down your throat to be against invasion.

You're delusional dude

MLs are more concerned with left unity than anarchists are. Funnily, when we reject shit out of principle we are being blamed to be "sectarian LARPers", when we advocate for left unity we are being blamed to be "liberals". It's similar to the Trotsky shit against Stalin, did Stalin but Kindergardens, it is never enough.

so much for the tolerant left

Neat, and in MY country you're just as likely to go to prison for the rest of your life if you support the red or the black. Turns out single anecdotes don't mean fuck all outside of a broader context and that not everyone is living under the same historical context.

Since the USSR collapsed tan‌kies became a joke to the establishment, but the anarchists get SWAT teams and hordes of police just for trying to distribute food to starving Puerto Ricans.

m8 i've seen fucking leftcoms of all people defend the USSR on this board. shit even ancoms. don't even joke, nobody's out to get the t4nkies except some radical shitposter.
the bitching about t4nkies comes out when they start sperging out. i don't even know how many threads i've seen in the last week that were basically president xi cyber blowjobs.

The left isn't about tolerance or equality. That's just juvenile leftism. Leftism is about creating social structures that work better than the current ones.


I support the DPRK because it has a workplace democracy, production for use, no wage labor, no private property and has the human in the center of economic life. So yeah, it's a strawman you dunce.
Fancy talk, to what does that result? Doing nothing? Because eventually, the ruling class will ask you the question: "Are you for us or against us?"

Golden Dawn with greek anarchist rebels being hunted down.

wow, sure are a lot of people with mental health issues in this thread

Sorry for my shitposting you guys, I'm on my phone driving back to my just-above-minimum-wage job, more than half of the wages of which go to pay rent.

Yeah ML's/BO have really crawled out the woodwork.

If that is true why we got literal warfare against us in Philippines, India, Nepal and economic sanctions including death threads against Cuba and the DPRK? Apparently even in agony, we are still much more of a threat than anarchists or - haha - Leftcoms

we all know anarchists have a long history of success doing that

please don't text and drive

Rojava Nazbol party (Strasserist tendency)

Yeah, MLs do often have a victim complex that causes them to lash out at everyone else. There's a paranoid streak that remains from soviet MLism all the way up until today. But still, there's got to be a way to stop this obnoxiousness. I feel like we could maybe stop it by trying to make ☭TANKIE☭s feel understand or w/e.

Boy just when I thought Holla Forums has hit rock bottom.

Being called a red fascist 100 times a day eventually makes you snap tho.

No less successful than MLs have been fuccboi

Because you are dealing drugs and acting like cartels

wtf I love being a shitty administrator now

Wew lad

Gr8 b8 m8

have you tried not being a left fascist?


You really, really do yourself no favors by giving your real, unironic opinion because you really don't know what the fuck you're talking about
Do you hear yourself when you talk? Are you just immune to irony? What does THIS result in exactly? I am adamant in my opinion that action against NK is unacceptable but my country isn't one that is poised to attack NK in the first place. Because I'm cognizant of this, I don't embiggen myself and play up the importance of having the purest, most correct anti-imperialist verbiage in every line with the most pro-NK narrative possible because it will make no difference to the imperialist war machine of the US.

Except that's fucking wrong, faggot.

yes i'm sure you've been very patient before that.
doesn't sound like imageboards are for you btw.

If you're getting called a red fascist 100 times a day you're probably a hysterical fuck anyway. You're either exaggerating or you're a parody of a real human. Either way, you're hysterical.

They need a space before them

Rojava is back to normal the Barrack Obama reverted it for drama reasons. Good.
Where are the flags tho!?

also i forgot.

nah, owner should fuck off though. Don't act like this is the first strike either




Wait lemme see: Support over a dozen US military bases in Syria and Read Bookchin


anuddah shoah

He's illiterate, what did you expect?

The only ML I see get called a red fascist around here is that hapa who thirsts for rage after storm. MLs are far more likely to be called socdems on Holla Forums.

over a dozen US military bases in over a dozen US military bases in Syria


I can't quite see it. Can you quote the specific line for me?

kek you have literally no connection to these struggles

lmao thats absolutely retarded. autism level over a dozen US military bases in Syria Xir Jew fun degenerate nigger fag kike Nazbol Asserist Asserism ☭TANKIE☭ ☭TANKIE☭s ML.

at least 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 this shit still works. The eternal Anglo.

The #1 liberal "argument" I'd say you're just false flagging now, even ancoms would call you stupid.


Oh shit, random poster #9348920 said it so I guess it's new officially sanctioned anarchist policy now
the eternal ☭TANKIE☭ can't stop looking for an opposition leader



I addressed this before: "I'm doing myself no favors" because my opinion is considered to unorthodox. And by the way, I have tried to defend my position here in detail, and got zero responses. Everybody here fucking tells me "you don't know what you are talking about" and ragequits.
That's defeatism and confirms my point. I have educated my friends about the DPRK (like, debunked shit about Kim eating children and stuff and explained the historical context of the Korean War) and now they way more favorable towards it. Sure, even if it doesn't make a difference in end, one has to start somewhere. It is more likely to get an anti-war movement running than a spontaneous workers revolution.

Fuck off redditor and drop your fuckawful name.

t. the faction that wordfilters and bans their opponents
kys yourself

I don't want them banned. They contribute to the discussion, they're just dumb as fuck but how else are we going to discuss the soviet union. There is no talk without them trying to defend their daddy Stalin like Nazis defend daddy Hitler.
This place benefits from that, lurkers see the posts and then come to their own conclusions.

But I do. My party is in coordination with them, sends aid and money and visits then whenever possible. Kill yourself.

Everyone stop being faggots now

It's back to normal now cuckmeister. Anarchists freaked the fuck out over a fucking joke and got literal Kronstadt vibes. Hilarious.

And look at how all these movements became. Filled to the teeth with IDpol or almost non-relevant

Is this supposed to be impressive? They are barely socdem tier.



No, you're not seeing the problem people are having with ML's. It's that those of them that strive for power are fucking awful at wielding it, and many of them mistake themselves for Lenin when in charge of a forum, board, subreddit or chatroom. Their leaders are mentally ill.

So anarchism?


i go for a week & i see Holla Forums degenerated into idpol.

BO you're deep into your ideology that you made a word filter.
so it's now should i say a S A F E S P A C E for Xir ?

Yeah dude that's why they were brutally repressed and murdered and driven insane by the FBI for years and black working class people have been thrown into urban disarray to make sure they can never organize on that scale with those types of politics ever again


Literal Soviet propaganda

It's true, but nobody cares about the truth in internet arguments.

They achieved nothing, they are below socdem tier.


You stupid idiot. I'm going to purge you from the party I'm in at the drop of a hat for as long as I'm alive so that you can talk about a war several thousand miles away right now without getting annoyed.
Your internet presence and the way you all behave has murdered what was left of your movement. You won't even get to laud today over anyone else, because they'll all leave. You really are stupid petty tyrants.

It's funny how some propaganda accuses Makhno of collaborating with kulaks and other propaganda channels accuse him of killing Mennonite kulaks in cold blood. Makhno is whatever his enemies say he is

Totally not capitalism lmao


Tell me that the CPUSA isn't idpol as shit? Also let's not forget about Reddit "socialists" which have become the face of the left


That's just for being uppity niggers. The BP weren't actually that radical and they had no theory.

You called?

you know perfectly well what the preferred slur for tanks in here is.

why did he changed
to BO
instead of Barrack Obama will never know. Barrack Obama would have been way funnier.

M8 you were literally bragging that how much MLs achieved, to which I replied that all they ever did was standard socdem welfare state and never anything more, to which you presented the Black Panthers as super serious revolutionary group, but you forgot that they never achieved anything because they were repressed. You are the one moving the goalposts, not me.

The CPUSA as it is now is a Democratic party sheepdog machine that's for sure which is I was distinguished WAS in my post.

Also what do Reddit Socialists have to do with anything I said?

user acted as if being balls deep in IdPol is something that is unique to modern ML organizations but keep patting yourselves on the back for "debunking" something I never said

Well now I know you're trolling but here you go anyway:

It has to be "BO" with spaces on both sides, like this -> Xir

I don't hate MLs or think of them as "muh red fascists". In fact I like the Soviet Union and consider it a valid example of Socialism from which the Left could learn much from.

I just hate the turbotarded t*nkies like Miss Piggy that treat forums like their own personal fiefs. I don't think its exclusive of authiritarians either, remember that r/soc mods are filled with rape covering Trots and r/anarchism niggers are all a bunch of self-flagellating caucasoids.

Anyway lads, can I get a final yes on whether we should boot Miss Piggy and elect a new b o ard owner?

With those conditions I can then say that anarchists have achieved even less than MLs

Who cares
Stalinism wasn't a thing back then (good times)
How old are you, 14?

Look up a place called "r/fullcommunism" tanks who are on acid with idpol.

you're very welcome there if we ever make a new board. we have to wait through I want to see where Xir heart is at. Lets see if it becomes a totally uncool autocratic clusterfuck.

How does some subreddit being predictably infected with IdPol refute my point?

Not an argument

Talk about being balls-deep in idpol.

Yeah retard we are still living under capitalism, that's pretty much proof that no leftist ever managed to achieve anything significant.

It's their juvenile black-and-white thinking at work. If you don't want totalitarian government you obviously must support some weak utopian who wants no government at all.

Xir autism level over a dozen US military bases in Syria

My apologies then dude. You'll have to forgive me for assuming but a lot of M-L's, really leftists in general, don't have any skin in the game.

Yep, very balls deep in idpol


Imagine if that shit were written by white people, goddamn tanks would be mad.


Also 10/10 false equivalence

Well this is a disaster

BO is acting like the mentally ill tranny he is which was always to be expected. He's hardly a ☭TANKIE☭ either, he's more concerned about muh transphobia and shit than anything else

Real ☭TANKIE☭s are the best lads on this board and the only ones resisting the rising tide of anarkiddies and crypto liberals who continue to discredit the left and are why we get nowhere

So we have a false dichotomy established here, the best posters getting the blame for the actions of a mentally ill tranny, and the surge of liberals seizing the opportunity to take over the board.

RIP Holla Forums

Yeah because, "let me show my wikipedia copy-paste skills" is an actual argument. Go back to /r/full[anti-]communism.

Lmao, there's plenty of white "revolutionaries" fam, Asserism is a thing. Addtionally you'd find plenty of white nationalists who claim that they're not supremacists because they "don't want to be eliminated" and oppose "anti-white racism". Racial nationalism is inherently arevolutionary fam.

Shame that now all ML's are worthless sacks of flesh that fuck up everything they touch. Stupid fucking tank.

I'm very disappoint on how everyone here has handled this situation.
You guys are taking the internet too seriously, that is what newfags do,
Lets agree to disagree, move and and may tell boy to fix the stuff people is complaining.
Getting mad will not solve anything, it will only make things worse.

ITT one turbo autist with a hateboner for MLs keeps getting btfo and strawmanning

mentally ill should also be filtered. He is more concerned about ML ideology getting spread actually. I know because he said that in the /marx/ board. Stop trying to put shit where it isn't. The Xir isn't wrong trying to moderate the board when he sees transphobic shit, it's his authoritarian ML ideology that can potentially make us leave to experiment new shit.

There's no way more than a single person could hate you!

He also said they go out to see them so I'm assuming his party is offering direct support. That's what I meant by skin in the game.

Honestly this is exactly the kind of post I'd expect to see from a reddit moderator.

t. board owner sock

Kek here's one more source to prove the Panthers weren't "balls deep in IdPol" but I know you don't even give a shit either way so fuck it

it's hard to imagine you would be tbh, i mean i'm not seeing anything i didn't expect to see.

Sounds like standard SJW talk to me

t. brainlet

There are no brainlets, all inteligences are equal.

A specific type of brainlet. A 2017 brainlet.

I'm dissapointed that the Barrack Obama unironically posted on /marx/ about working with them on how to make Holla Forums more ML. Trying to force his ideology upon us. Nah, fuck that.
If he is preoccupied about having different view points on /lefypol/ then he should have never made a chan board to begin with.

Here is the thing I don't care about what happens, but if this gets more autocratic and people start leaving well now you know why. Bad administration and moderation kills online communities, always & I don't blame them it's BO's board not mine but our enjoyment of it is ours. It's because I don't take it seriously that I'm saying this. It's so easy to put up another image board, this is a luxury that is easily replaced.

Wow, really made me thing, guy

are you a fucking r/socialism mod what the fuck kind of centrist tier shitpost is this


I know it's a pathetic attempt but Xir wants and supports that notion.

Welcome to having stinkbrains like BO

The idea was to organize there and build a resource for MLs to use in arguments. As an anarchist I would like to see better read MLs because half the ones here are retarded, but giving them a cheat sheet would just create a bunch of muke-tier ☭TANKIE☭s who spout off talking points instead of engaing in arguments.

isn't that what already happens

i mean some responses i see are LOOK AT THIS GRAPH tier.

Pretty much, but imagined it magnified.

They are not denying it. As far as I can see they admit doing it. They are just unapologetic about it, stating it was a necessity and they tell you straight to your face, that they would do it again.
If we want leftism truly to succeed, we need to get rid of these faggots or at least make them so fringe, that they are irrelevant.
Because unfortunately they are a majority among the left and as bad a socdems and progressives/liberals.

graphs lost all credibility for me after being a stupid ass spooked af Holla Forumstard nazi for 4 years. never again. I'm free from ideology now.

Turkey is member of the fucking NATO.
What reasons do the US have to fund the PKK?
The US didn't fund the PKK, even though they attacked Iraq as well. Twice.

Stop being a leftist if you're so worried about violence

So basically The Bored Owner is a cunt and no better than the crazy mods at /r/socialism?

You always recognise a triggered tumblrina, when they post crying newborns or call you a shitlord or other infantile names.
Thanks for proving the point.

against every nazbol, ☭TANKIE☭ and everybody that tolerates them, the board owner is going to purge us away and we need to do something against it.

We must support the Third Reich, the Kuomintang, the Empire of Japan and the Kingdom of Italy in their struggle against Marxism-Leninism!

Violence isn't the go to way to solve problems.

and you WONDER why people become ☭TANKIE☭s

board owner needs to fuck off and kill xirself

This reminds me so much of Girlvinyl, aka Sherrod DeGrippo.

Put trans rights are the forefront of politics, homework is fascism, fuck you dad! this squat has running water dudes Uphold grody anarchist-teenager thot

The us has a history of funding literally anyone that will perhaps maybe somehow further their momentary interest and then having to fund someone else to kill off the previous people they funded because they got out of control.

They literally struck deals with mafia mobsters in italy in WW2 and this "fund first think later" is what created ISIS.

that said, the tank attitude about kurds is still retarded.

thats exactly how the Holla Forumstard turns nazi.
so you're admitting you're reactionary.

what a shock huh

black nationalism became 'we need black capitalism to fight whitey capitalism' pretty damn quickly
not to mention all of the unapolagetic rapists who became involved

Fucking traitor, get a lick of power and suddenly you're above us. Why not be disappointed in the person who actually caused this shit?

I just reject porky's idpol more aggressively now

no. we must just leave if the stupidity persists and make our own place. /leftpol/ already exist, it's a good alternative but it's on 8ch. we could get a better platform than 8ch because seriously fuck 8ch, no offense Hotwheels is a homie sometimes and I understand his struggle but google no longer shows up 8ch, that just limits the growth of the place.

There's always GETchan

Who are these? The reverse bukkakke team?>>2213248


fuck it, chucking in my two cents

And for fuck's sake, bring back the flags, that shit was tight.

then join me you retard. this message is for the Xir as well.

Not even far from the truth. Really if you got butthurt over something like that you were a ☭TANKIE☭ to begin with.

Which they used to quell leftist organisation and unions, see the French Connection.
My point is, despite the short term benefits the PKK would provide, they didn't do it. They had 2 opportunities to do so and they didn't.
It lacks a reason why they should do it now. And everyone knows you don't like them because they are not ML

You sound like an angel Bat'ko


Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post…. >>>Holla Forums7515817

yes. it fucking saved a lot of time, a lot of words.

Agreed with everything.
For good word filters one just has to just browse 4chan Holla Forums see the shit they use the most make them like:

(()) = anglo flag or USA flag or something that represents capitalism
IQ = autism level
nigger = black worker (or if you want to be funny "basketball american")
kike = capitalist
degenerate = chad
degeneracy = fun
mentally ill = sexually active

I agree, maybe with the exception of autism level.
I'm thinking "Good boy points".

(( needs to be Shamrocks, not anglos.

Never wordfilter nigger. It's just too good to call the board owner, mods, and liberals.

I taught it was Mr Freeze

I had standards, I'll ditched them

I'm not up to date with drama, give me a rundown on the /marx/ affair
And no, chans aren't a thing that can easily be remplaced, the history fo chans shows that each one is unique

I said I was disappoint in everyone, even boy

So Holla Forums was shilling on here? Sorry to any anarchists I attacked then.

so when the Holla Forumstard comes around he says:
"you can't trust capitalists" instead of kikes.

"black workers have lower autism level" instead of niggers have lower autism level.

This Xir should have filtered a lot of Holla Forumstard shit a long time ago but he filtered fucking over a dozen US military bases in Syria what a dweeb.

No, do it. I think basket ball american is hilarious.

Lmao this. Or something along the lines of "Brain genius level"

Even though, I hate ☭TANKIE☭s and ML's for what they did in Kronstadt and Ukraine.
I don't support the over a dozen US military bases in Syria and over a dozen US military bases in Syria, because they are US backed puppets.
All the Anarkiddies supporting that clusterfuck, are just Liberal larpers, licking the boots of the US empire
for the faggots that support the Kurds, you might as well start supporting Pol pot, for fucks sake.

Black workers works fine too.

Hmm, I guess apology accepted


I say we keep this filter

Kek that one is pretty good. As long as it isn't something ridiculous like "black worker" then I agree with wordfiltering it to something ridiculous but still offensive.

not that Body Odor can handle wordfilters beyond their own ideology now that everything has been reset and flags are "*stress sigh* so hard"

And if we're going to call people "Anarkiddie" it should be

Reminder that Holla Forumsers want Xir to step down.

>failed attempt at establishing a tank‌ie vanguard on /marx/ to "take back" Holla Forums: >>>/marx/6663
Turns out Xir is one of those Facebok leftists who do nothing but rant about “muh anarchidies” and “muh nazbols”





I say no

I suggested this the first time autism level came up and Xir for some reason decided to make it Autism Level, which to this day I contest is the shittest version.


No offence to him I think you're a nice guy but no, Bat'ko doesn't have the right constitution to run a board, we saw that when he was briefly given control of the leftypol discord.

I wasn't given control of the leftypol discord tho.

To be fair the job of Board Owner is much more hands-off than a moderator of a discord tbqh

Wait did Xir word filter 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Rojava🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

The /marx/ affair:

Yes, thats the Xir of Holla Forums not a OP pretending. Why he wants that I don't know, thats his affair not mine I just wont submit, fuck no lmao.

You were the sole admin for a short period iirc and could have done whatever you wanted and you chose to give the power back to the people who were fucking everything up

hello nazi propagandaists

I've never seen anything this good before.

That being said, I've got no experience in running a board, and I've still got UNI shit to do. I was thinking maybe someone like Space could help run the board, considering he's the Xir of bunkerchan.


i wasn't tho. I rejected the title of BO, and I made it clear that I wouldn't be able to be Xir because I had UNI.

he is a good mod honestly, he is busy with his shit but every discord has also other mods and admins so he wouldnt be alone.

AGAIN we're not saying we should fuck off here to another Holla Forums (which exists btw someone just made /leftpol/ just in case) but if things start becoming a totally uncool authoritarian ML clusterfuck then we're probably moving to /leftpol/ OR we're getting our own chan because we want be able to be googled. We want traffic, no bullshit.

Yeah also that would defo shorten our supply of memes. I say we hold elections to see which man can bring forth a Broacialist dictatorship paternal autocracy

This. If there are to be mods and BOs there ought to be multiple mods, so we can be on duty, you know, with time zones etc.

Could someone please tell me why do ☭TANKIE☭s hate over a dozen US military bases in Syria? ☭TANKIE☭s love Russia, and Russias supports over a dozen US military bases in Syria and even has a base there.

Those experiments don't last for long you know.

I don't think it should be one, but many.
tfw council communism on Holla Forums might be a thing

Wow invasion by Marxist states end it, who knew

It won't, because le funny XERXDFILTER would be left by XERXDselves and just the /marx/ and recent Holla Forums converts. They'll just make the place as annoying as fuck to use in the meantime.

the term red fascism was created by nazis to try to piss on real socialism
read a book sometime brainlet
long live marxist leninist maoist thought

Yeah because MLs come and ruin it all. Kinda poetic isn't it?

Bat'ko, you should have a channel where you make humorous monologues like Accursed Farms. I don't even give a shit about the games he reviews but he's so funny he could be talking about mongolian yak cheese and i'd still listen.

I'm almost certain you had the actual admin powers for a time, maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so, doesn't matter if you 'accepted' the title or not you had the physical power to do whatever you wanted, you didn't even have to run it yourself, just give it to someone who wasn't involved in the retarded drama.

It's because R ojava is against muh based assad

On a side note, fuck these word filters, migration when?

I saw we filter B.O. for Miss Piggy

I mean not really. Most hardcore ML's believe Russia is just another capitalist imperialist state. There are some really insane ☭TANKIE☭s on the internet that say Russia is anti-imperialist or whatever (which is obviously stupid) but that's definitely not an "orthodox" or very common opinion among ML's irl.

Hello Holla Forums. Are you enjoying our board? Sorry it's a bit of a mess at the moment.

i love the double standards holy shit

I still have plans to read the Jason Unruhe diaries.

Well I didn't have admin powers. I have my own discord and I run it with some other m8s, so that's something.

this btw

Completely forgetting about Franco.
You guys surely showing your high literacy rates, lol, so when are you going to make a video, dropping the towel just like Bad mouse did?

He didn't say that tho. Though again, somebody better call George Lucas, because the fact that an ML mod has brought in board revisionism is pure POTTERY

Who had a victim complex again?

I'm just saying anarchists argue that literally all the time. I try to point out the empirically correct and well documented fact that the CIA and FBI have worked round the clock to subvert every communist project, "authoritarian" or otherwise, forever and anarchists say "Wow way to deflect criticism holy shit M-L's can't just admit when they're wrong" yet if you criticize anarchist communities or experiments at all you are automatically treated a long list of supposed atrocities that the Soviets committed against literally all of them

You mean the fact that Stalin failed to supply the anarchists with any means to defend themselves and sabotaged their food lines and militias?

Butthole Opener did nothing wrong.

lol, when the fuck did this happen? if anything anarchists are sperging out because reddit immigration is making them a minority and MLs are becoming the majoritym, at least of non lurkers. suck my cockshott

Pick one.

this. I've notice the leftcom/anarchist on the board are sperging more and more now that the board is turning way more ML than before. tanks used to be a minority now its 50/50 pretty soon this board will be a literal t-34
and thats a good thing

Doesn't this then imply that many of the arguments against anarchism are correct?

Look what you did, Body Odor. Look what you fucking did.

You faggots aren't going anywhere


no lmao. ML's are less popular than ever

I have been telling you all for years that the B O is an incompetent snake in the grass.
This is what you all get for not replacing the B O with space/myself or simply migrating to Bunkerchan.

Quite frankly you should all be happy that posts supporting the syrian kurds or are anti-M-L in nature are not (yet) met with a permanent ban.

The idea of word filters being 'democratically' selected is just about the worst idea I have ever heard in regards to a reform for this board.

Putting aside the fact the democracy is a cancer.
Any 'elections' for such things on this board would be tantamount to ringing a dinner-bell for Holla Forums, they would simply immediately flood this board and ruin such elections.
Just like in 'real life' democracy does not work on an image-board.

Please actually try thinking before making such juvenile, idealist suggestions in the future.
I'm honestly quite concerned that those you associate with are having a negative affect upon your grasp of reality.

Bat'ko associates with a cabal of reddit sjws.
The last thing this board needs is an enabler of that filth in the position of B O.

Space and to a somewhat lesser degree myself remain the only viable candidates for the position of B O.

M-Ls used to be the largest ideology on this board back shortly after its creation.
I have no real problems with a rapprochement of /marx/.

I do have a problem with it not being an openly stated goal however.



You guys got trolled

Anarchists claim the soviets betrayed them because anarchists don't understand that saving Spain from fascism was more important than a 3 year experiment. Pathetic.

And this makes criticism less valid. The rest seems to be annecdotal. I'll admit, the Anarchist revolution of Catalonia did some things wrong too.

This is a literal non-argument. I could state the same of people like Thomas Sankara.

*didn't send us anything at all

The USSR Stood up for 74 years, until some Sucdem CIA infiltrator got into power, if Molotov replaced Nikita Khrushchev, the USSR would still be here.

Which is what the Anarchists were doing, but I guess supporting Bourgeois republicans (not socialists) was more important.


howard you're not must better than the Xir either. opinions discarded.

Then it's settled. We'll murder the internet in its sleep.


nice bait ☭TANKIE☭


It triggers when there is a space before what shall not be named

Democracy is value neutral way to formalize popular support for a thing. They can be bullshit, but they aren't necessarily. Irrational opposition to democracy in every situation is just as bad as irrational support for democracy in every situation.
I doubt this would happen, especially with decent group of moderation we have now.

I'm not even a Tank.
but if we are honest the USSR was Socialist and I would be better off living in there, if it still existed, instead of living here, under this Neoliberal Capitalist Nightmare.

write them all down in 1 line with spaces, they work. but where the fuck are the flags, where the fuck is everything else that made this place fun?

Helping dismantle the army while Spain is under siege by fascist powers. Brilliant move there.

74 years is not that long. My gf's grandmother was born in Baltics pre Soviets. 74 years is very short time.

69 years of wage labor for the State is not socialism through.
Rome stood way more years. That means the slave society is the best system. This is your logic.

Let's say you're completely correct in that all anarchist societies got fucked by Stalinists and that's why they only existed for a few years at most. Doesn't this still demonstrate a pretty big problem of anarchism? If it turns out reality is full of Stalinists trying to fuck you over, then you need to adapt to that so you can defend your movement and not end up dead every single time. Whining about the big bad Stalinists screwing you over 80 years ago on the internet doesn't change anything, you know.

You might think it's a good thing the USSR doesn't exist anymore, because then they won't fuck you over, but the next time an anarchist movement gains any sort of momentum there will just be someone else there to fuck them over instead of the USSR.

it was a radical succdem country, they just decided social democracy is socialism because it suited them to do so. i'm not even saying this with any mocking intent, this is a widely known secret.

You do understand the point of a containment thread, right? Incels who post that shit elsewhere get banned, and everyone else can click the magic little [-] and never have to see the thread again. Unless you're arguing that you should be able to post that shit in every thread, I can't possibly see why THAT would be one of the changes you'd complain about.

Catalonia was kicking the ass of franco which is why he had to resort to calling the Nazis for Panzers.

meanwhile USSR was still in it's no aggression treaty with Germany. Absolutely not caring. Stalin was a great human being indeed. All autocrats are the same.

Wage labor is when a capitalist uses your labor power as a commodity, like being able to hire and fire workers. This didn't exist in the Soviet Union

Not true. over a dozen US military bases in Syria is alied with Russia and Russia is allied with assad,

So what do ☭TANKIE☭s love then, and why do they care about over a dozen US military bases in Syria?

The non aggression pact didn't exist till 39 you retard

Nice try Xexizy.

thats good the less tyrannical governments there are the easier it is for anarchists or minarchists to prevail. Its a good thing the USSR, Nazi germany don't exist no more.

Only 1 threat left: the USA's imperialism now. No ceaseless expansionist empires should be allowed to exist.

nice argument, user.

Wage labor is when a capitalist uses your labor power as a commodity, like being able to hire and fire workers
So if it's the state doing it instead of a particular person, it's socialism?

That did exist in the Soviet Union.

Unlike the B O, I do not play favourites with socialist ideologies.
Unlike the B O, I support clear, readily available, comprehensive and universally enforced rules.
Unlike the B O, I take attempts by both Holla Forums and reddit sjws to infiltrate this board seriously.
Unlike the B O, I would like to cultivate this board as an open forum for both the propagation of traditional image-board culture and worthwhile debate/discussion.
Unlike the B O, I value operational transparency.
Unlike the B O, I care deeply for this board and the people that post here.

Regardless of what you think of my positions.
I would objectively be the better B O then the one we have now.

Ignoring everything else.
That would not work on a image-board as there is no way to vett those that vote.

Not only will you have the problem of people voting multiple times, but you face the inevitable problem of Holla Forums fucking it over.

Have you looked at the state of the board?
Holla Forums bait is rampant and shitposting is ubiquitous.
The mod team cannot handle the board now, let alone the Holla Forums raid that any election here would cause.

If Stalin was neglecting "the socialist revolution", where did all these Stalinist saboteurs come from?


are you retarded

read bordiga

all this muh tanks vs anarkiddies talk made us forget the real enemy: bourgtripfags

the left must unite and filter all of them


Still he didn't cared and Hitler did care about Franco. Stalin sucks dick.
Makhno was another he fucked over with the help of Trotsky, etc. It's clear they were against fully against the proletarian interest of socialism.

You didn't replied to his argument as well, because you know it's the truth. You know that USSR was better than any neoliberal country on earth.
Just imagine turning on the television and watch an orchestra performing some symphony by Tchaikovsky instead of 40 minutes of advertisements :)



How the fuck can anarkiddies still fucking claim this when there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary wew

of course mr quads, but i don't know how to filter a mod

yes but it's ☭TANKIE☭s who don't want to work together see:

I have done countless attempts on left unity. But I'm wasting my time, they believe in the sacred holy science of Marxism-Leninism. Thats the ABSOLUTE only way for them.
I'm better of converting working class liberals with self-ownership ideas. It's less of a time waste.

there wasn't an argument

as opposed to every power hungry ☭TANKIE☭ leader that fucked up?


The only sectarian here is you
I don't hate or dislike anarchos but apparently you and other anarchos feel it necessary to make a big drama thread about how evil le ☭TANKIE☭s are

No, are you saying labour power was a commodity under the Soviet Union?

I'm not sorry he was way more socialist than Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky ever were and make them look bad because of that.

I'd rather listen to Stravinsky instead of that fag.

no you're the sectarian. Marxist-Leninism already failed, gave a bad reputation to socialism and communism. It's clearly not the way to achieve socialism and even less so communism.
69 years of pure State owned labor. Of State Capitalism.

Which is why Space_ should be running it. Even discounting BO's recent fuck ups, the state of the board is a showcase to his incompetence.



You were banned from my discord by the PEOPLE WHO VOTED YOU OUT and I attempted to get you back in.
Not everyone who disagrees with you is a "reddit SJW", howard.

don't talk to the attention whore

As an observer not really affiliated with political boards on here because they all fucking suck, which side out of you retards supports any idpol shit because I support those against it. Seeing the unironic use of red fascist in the OP has me leaning towards whatever the fuck ☭TANKIE☭s are.




No one.

Why do Anarchists and Marxists hate each other because that's all I'm getting out of this autism.

same for you retard. you don't like how anarchs do socialism since there is no transitional period they just go right on to practice it.
So you label them as liberals, because they make you look like a capitalist in comparison.

they don't, i'm a marxist and i quite like anarchists.

I don't. I'm an anarchist and I quite like Marxists.

over a dozen US military bases in Syria!

What's this beef both groups have with ☭TANKIE☭s then? I don't mean to sound retarded but half this shit seems alien to me.

anarcho-maxism is a thing you know. ML is another thing all together, it's a corruption of Marxism.

Because Anarchists are Idealistic and Utopian.
They theory and praxis risks the goals of socialism.

It's pretty funny because the main line of "red fascism" and "not real socialism" was partially kickstarted by georgie orwell himself (influenced by trostky and trostkysts), and he's a guy the alt-right seems to love.

tanks think the board is becoming hostile to them, literally everyone else thinks the board is getting too many tanks instead. tanks are marxist-leninists, a leftist ideology. because all of this is happening, everyone flings shit at everyone else by reminding each other's historical shortcomings. that's it.

Any chance this thread is going to stay on topic at all?

fucking sectarian board owner, grow the fuck up man

before someone starts sperging: ☭TANKIE☭ is a slur and not all marxist-leninists are such. it was coined to refer to those communists that supported soviet intervention in hungary: they were happy about tanks strolling in cities, hence "tankies". this being a *chan, we use slurs because we're dicks.

yea fuck the Xir giving priority to his favorite imaginary ideology. good night.

you're right but most MLs are ☭TANKIE☭s at least here on the internet. They literally think Stalin did nothing wrong. If this isn't called out then the left will never mature and we need it to mature.
now for real I'm out.

Just join his discord and say something that does not line up with what a user of r/anarchism would support to see for yourself.

Rather then attempt to engage you in debate, they will freak out and promptly remove you.
They are simply not cut from the same cloth as those here and it is an awful shame that Bat'ko as associated himself with such people.

And those people did that rather then engage in debate as one would expect here.
The fact that such a thing was done democratically only goes to show how far removed from Holla Forums the majority of your associates are.

If the shoe fits.
If someone behaves like an intolerable sjw off some socialist sub-reddit, then l am quite happy to call them so.

Anarchists don't hate Marxist per se, but rather MLs aka the USSR model partisans
This comes from a fundamental opposition about the role of the State.
ML thinks you have to capture it to bring communism because oherwise you're pretty defenseless from the reaction and Anarchists thinks that the State is inherently anti communist and will always revert back to capitalism.
Also grudges from historical precedents in Ukraine and Catalonia.

I'll disagree; most MLs on here are okay.

seems like a good guy to me

I miss flags. I hated how people prejudged your ideology but it lead to some fun banter and discussion

Thanks for all the answers, hope you guys solve your shit because it seems you want similar things it just comes down to how the state should be handled.


You're high on memes if you think MLs believe Stalin did nothing wrong or that the Great purge wasn't horrendous. ☭TANKIE☭s are the ones that unironically believe that shit and support things like Pol Pot and the DPRK.

Thats wrong too.

good luck in your future endeavors and feel free to stay on the board if you're even remotely interested

Same. Marxists are fine, just MLs tend to have power fantasies in my experience

I'm a Marxist and an Anarchist at the same time.

So you're a communizationfag whose open about it being anarchism?

Well, I just think that both theories have useful insights to understand our world and how to create a better society.

been gone for a few hours, does Xir still hate over a dozen US military bases in Syria for no reason?

well that answers that

I am a proud ☭TANKIE☭, gtfo

Anarchopac is a reddit SJW. You were only too keen to jump in for Oscar Mayonnaise-Gender.

Make Pierre the B O

Doesn't seem like a bad idea. He seems to have some experience with shitty mods being exposed so he proly knows what to avoid. Or better, how people could fuck him if he went full 'tismo on us.

Bat'ko is out of the question, so its either him or Barbie, the best brocialist bloke bar none.

Howard you sound like the living incarnation of a Rick and Morty episode so I'm just going to take what you said with a grain of salt.

Pierre would turn the board NazBol Egoist in half a year, I would be for Schnitz or Howard taking the helm, but the transfer of power isn't that simple.

But Pierre is a De Leonist

Schnitz and Howard are literally the worst

Honestly GETchan and Bunkerchan should just merge. The day the USSC collapsed was a tragedy.




Good intentions, but the other guy laughing at that quote as "muh power+privilege" is because you fucked up a great quote with a bad pic probably made by some Tumblrina. Here's a slightly longer version that properly illustrates what he was saying.

1. bring back flags
2. bring back old wordfilters
3. just put all the CIA-stuff in one containment thread
More containment threads, less boardwide sperging.

When did I say that?
Sounds like you're just projecting and trying to start shit to me



I think BО is just trying to fan the flames because they absolutely hate this board.

I sometimes wonder if Barack Obama is sincerely worried that backing for Rօjava on Holla Forums will further the evil schemes of Greater Israel or whatever out of ideological hysteria, versus Boron Oxide simply being in a social circle infested with SJWs and turd worldists who constantly reeee about Holla Forums and this causes Bolus Obstruction to feel embarrassed.