Who was the creepiest fucker in Leftist history and why was it Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria?

who was the creepiest fucker in Leftist history and why was it Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria?

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never proven. His family strongly denied there was any truth to the rumors long after his death.

yeah that really doesn't mean anything

Come to think of it, why were the nazi's so decent in their interactions with women compared to leftists?

consequence of being faggots.
Women always lie about rape, probably some Natasha wanted beta bucks and made the whole thing up.

Is this what pol thinks subtlety is?

The nazis raped millions of women in both eastern and western Europe, not to mention the number of women who died in the camps during the Holocaust.

No, my question is honest, the response is unsubtle derailing.

They were so decent with them that the greatest female nazi to ever live ended up with a black boyfriend in Africa.
Nazis were pushover beta cucks

From what I read, they didn't rape a whole lot, not systematically at least. That's another point that distinguishes nazism from simple barbarism.

It are exactly the atrocities they committed which raises the question why they were by all accounts decent men in their personal lives; the banality of evil and all.

The pavlovian display of phallus is something this board could really do without.

You do know that part of the labor camps was forced prostitution, right?

I didn't, from what I read the prisoners were seen as subhumans to whom raping would be akin to bestiality.

That's just the propaganda version
They whored out female prisoners to guards, men of the surrounding area, non jewish prisoners for spying on other inmates and even did some experiments on the gay prisoners to see if there is a "cure" for homosexuality

It's not the propaganda version, there is no propaganda version as the nazi's never publicized anything about the death camps.

Indicating that the nazi's conceived of their victims not as evil, enemies or looted slaves, but as defective or infected, this is a fundamental difference.

it was actually nazi women doing the raping. here's some archival material, for educational purposes.




It's not like nazi propaganda stopped with the second world war friend, people imediatly started to claim stuff like "hurr at least nazis didn't rap during the war not like these subhuman russians" in order for them to keep their face. It was a big part of the 68 movement to confrontate the german public with their crimes.
Also what is your point the only "gay-inmates" were aryians since every other Kind of homosexuals were there for being jewish, sinti or whatever else and of course an ayrian being gay what treated with a "dindu nuffin" mentality



Comrades, don't believe the lies. The skeletons found in Beria's yard just went there themselves to make him look bad. I heard those troll skeletons were Stirnerist pranksters.

Do you know where the band "Joy Division" got its name?

Let's see.

Anticommunist propaganda.

germans raped millions in the eastern front
the post-war propaganda was so good, that nobody knows about it yet they speak constantly about rape done by the russians before and after the occupation of germany
i've read about german soldiers gutting pregnant women and playing with murdered kids
if you google rape ww2 you'll get about the occupation of germany first, since to them germanm (aryan) women are more valuable than poor slavic ones

I was worried it was going to be a trap. Not disappointed.

There's big difference between simply denying that you raped and denying that you raped because raping the subhuman filth you rounded up for extermination is disgusting. The first is simple denial of guilt, the second is not.
I've already stated my point in the post you responded to.

Further reading confirms my conception of nazi ideology; the women in those brothels were as instrumental as the men in the mines, they were not conquered prices to be enjoyed but instruments in improving camp productivity.

germans also raped women they considered "aryan"
germans are the worst scum because they pretend their crimes didn't happen

Who'd like to join me in the sauna?

I am german and you wouldn't believe how often you get to hear stuff like "at least Hitler built the Autobahn and ended unemployment" and "Well stalin killed 100 gorillian" even from people with really high education.
Germany is cuckservative to the core and i believe that even the United states have a higher chance of ever becoming socialist at this point

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Well, that was kinda hot.

Who is the most characteristic representative of an ideology, if not their founding fathers in general? German soldiers aren't Nazis, they are Germans ruled by Nazis, which is easily proven by the fact that there was plenty of Germans and German veterans after 1945, but no German Nazis.

Evola is shit, but he is more or less the only person who tried to do something remotely intellectual in Nazi sphere post WWII, so by Aryan standards, he is a priceless treasure of a thinker.
Have never seen more pathetic bait, really.

Oh well I wish I never watched this sort of stuff.
At least I didn't got an erection.

every nation has propaganda like that
the worst thing is how hard the "ww2 belongs to the past" narrative is pushed while ignoring the role big capital played (same companies that shape europe today)

I think that there are quite a lot of Germans with positive views of various left wing radical movements.

The real problem is that most Germans are complacent and loyal to the Neoliberal system, believe in t to some extent. Near to none Americans have anything else but hate for it.

You've got some serious ideology issues if that's what you read in my post.

Not always, or we must take jesus as the most representative of every church. Though I feel you are correct when it comes to the nazi elite, whose personal lives my first post was based on. German soldiers were nazi's, the fleeting nature of ideology does not mean it isn't truly held.
He's not relevant to the discussion and you only brought him up because you see discussions as dick waving contests.
My point exactly.

you didn't just give nietzsche to the nazis there, did you comrade user? cmon, your not that stupid

ah shit, fucked it up.


Nietzsche is most certainly not /ourguy/, though it is acceptable to be a Nietzschean in the age bracket of 14 to 19 years old.

While Nietzsche wasn't a Nazi, Nazis were Nietzscheans.



julius evola wasnt an incel you faggot

he had multiple relationships throughout his life


Is this how NazBols are made?

Ignore Khruscevites lies.

Beria was a good guy. Not perfect, but he believed in the rule of the law, therefore was a threat to the khrusciovian nomenklafaggotry

No. No they were not.

You forgot the part where he poisoned Stalin.

Nice one user.

Americlap here, those are some STRONG words.

There is literally nothing wrong with being a womanizer.

Fake story. Khruscev BS.
If Stalin was murdered, it would have been because a legit dialectical materialist at the helm of a superpower wouldn't have needed too much time to find out the fake nature of that giant world scam called medicine and act in consequence.

the doctor plot is called this way for a reason

Nazi's were either faggots or beta cucks
Figures the most leftist Nazi after the night of long knives was the only one to have a wife and multiple children.

Wtf I'm NAZBOL now

I once had a dream where I discovered Walter Benjamin was a pedophile. What does it meeean…

I don't think you have any grounds for saying that. Women in Lenin's USSR were, more than anywhere else in the world at that point in history, treated as equal to men, while in Nazism and fascism they have traditional genre roles and oppressive family structure as a pillar of their ideology.

Nietzsche fucked Lou Salomé, and it's anachronistic to call him a nazi/fashy. Even if his ideas might attract them because of the elitism and focus on power (that attracted Evola, for instance), I don't think any political system is 'compatible' with Nietzsche.


I didn't say that Nietzsche was a fascist, but as I mentioned, Nazis were Nietzscheans. They considered him the cornerstone philosopher/thinker of their doctrine.

People ITT are really defending Beria fucking kill yourselves