If you are

If you are

You are what's wrong with the Left and you don't belong on Holla Forums. It doesn't matter what ideology you claim to be, if you do or support or defend anyone doing any of this shit go fuck yourself and fuck off back to reddit I do not give a flying fucking fuck

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Great thread. 10/10 absolutely needed and isn't obvious as shit

Have you seriously not seen some of the posts here today? There's two threads right now where the majority of posters are defending identity politics and liberalism. We need a fucking purge

Zionism isn't worse than any other nationalism.

Or you could spend some time convincing them with good arguments. Even if you don't appear to get through in the moment, you may have succeeded in planting a seed of doubt about their ideology, which may eventually convert them. "You're wrong, go fuck yourself and get the fuck out" is just going to reinforce their opinions and push them further down that rabbit hole.


lmao are you the retard that got mad because someone preferred the phrase, "to each according to their need, from each according to their ability"?

wanting to destroy productive capacity and cause deaths when there's an option to not do so is dumb as fuck
meh, socdems are alright, especially when they're not in the overton window
"class struggle" is a thing inherent to capitalism and the definition of the proletariat/bourgeois classes, not the thing socialism is, individuals and not predicates are responsible for social movements, people can act as proletariat and as bourgeois at different times, and communism is a universally uplifting phenomenon, not just robbing from the rich to give to the poor.
it is definitely the case that certain identities relate to the state in different ways than others in our variety of the current system.

And? How does that justify supporting it?

Some people need reminding they're not welcome

Oh, you're just retarded, ok then.

I'm not saying that it justifies supporting it, but there's a problem amongst leftists with selective anti-nationalism, and an unawareness about what actually constitutes anti-semitism. With regards to the latter, a big part of it is doublestandards, and this combined with Israel as a big projection screen for anti-semities who talk about anti-zionism but really mean anti-πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§zionismπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ is fairly common and a problem

Go back to reddit

Go back to reddit

American nationalism or Chinese nationalism is way more of a problem in the world than Jewish nationalism, and yet anti-Zionists are much more fixated on the latter.

'Idpol' and 'political correctness' are just empathy and basic human decency, I can't understand what's wrong with empathy and basic human decency.

You are the most buttmad person I've seen on here in weeks.
It isn't 2011. Reddit isn't the invader of our super secret clubhouse and hating SJWs isn't the point of this board. Fuck off, you spastic, sniveling crybaby.

Go back to reddit

that's me, sans the zionism part
still going to stay on here though. I don't care what you think, cuck.



The thing about Jewish nationalism is there's a very good example of a currently extant imperialist situation totally inseparable from it, whereas American nationalism is mostly just chuds being chuds; our interventions in the middle east would happen under a liberal framing of capitalism, as well. Chinese nationalism is an imperialist issue to a much larger degree but I'd wager us on the Anglo internet are much more in the loop on "western" issues like Palestine than Chinese issues with Taiwain/HK/Tibet/etc,, meaning we naturally talk about them less.

There's also a bunch of optics with China; Israel is pretty straightforwardly just another Western imperialist power and Palestine is an idpolitically favorable imperialist subject to radlibs whereas China is actually productive, idpolitically favorable to radlibs, ostensibly communist, opposed to big daddy USA, and Taiwan and HK are liberal anyway.





Tankie is a word that is regularly used by libsuccs/anarkiddies against anyone who doesn't support (a dozen military bases in) over a dozen US military bases in Syria

How is your Mike Pence bux working out

Being anti-idpol is a spook.

Political correctness has gone overboard, but having manners and not calling people racial slurs is a good thing. How can you have class unity if you demean people with racial slurs?

can you define this?

zionism is fascist, so it needs to be opposed

also define this

class matters

this is totally fine, as it's a meme

lmao you're the one who's conflating being opposed to anti-semitism and pro-zionism. He was trying to make a distinction.


This is stickied at the top of r/socialism right now :^):


can you clarify what you mean by this, with reference to specific instances?

The problem with Zionism is how it manifests. Being an nuclear state while insisting other nuclear states should disarm, sponsoring far right extremism in Europe, supporting ISIS, pushing for regime change, subverting democracy in Europe and America. It's a bit different to most nationalist projects. It's a vehicle for some of the most evil people on the planet, Jewish or not. And most Jews (70% of American Jews) don't support it and want off that ride. People have a right to exist, nations don't. Does the UK have a right to exist if Scotland chooses independence and ends the UK?

Transgender people in bathrooms

This person is one of the handful of GamerGate kiddies who still posts here for some reason.

You mean you don't want transgendered people using the bathroom of their self-identified gender?
Isn't that just transphobic bigotry?

No, no, I'm not the guy you're replying to.

I'm just speculating on what he probably thinks "political correctness going overboard" entails.


When people use political correctness to avoid issues like immigration, or use it as a bludgeon to stifle dissent. So, if I'm talking and you start yelling about microagressions (this happened at a university where the principal was waving his hands while talking) then you're acting in bad faith. This is different than being opposed to what someone says. Tone policing should come after you acknowledge whether or not you agree with someone.

Liberal identity politics is not political correctness.

Political correctness is basically just being polite and respecting other people as human beings. Which is why conservatives hate it so much.


If you are
You are what's wrong with Holla Forums and you should read theory instead of shitposting. It doesn't matter whenever you are anti-idpol or not, if you support or defend anyone doing any of this shit go fuck yourself and fuck off with your shitty threads I do not give a flying fucking fuck




go back to reddit

lmao, gamer gate was fun to watch, but it didn't affect me, so I didn't care about it beyond its value as entertainment. Also, I started posting after finding Chapo Trap House, so I'd say it was well after GG



not an argument


You guys were never arguing, you were just autistically throwing shit at each other

Telling someone to go to Reddit isn't an argument either.

It is though, because Israel is America's major beachhead in the Middle East.

You're the silent majority and average Holla Forums user. You are hated by /r/soc, Holla Forums and OP alike