Daily News Thread 11/2

GOP tax plan slashes corporate rate, cut for wealthy

House Republicans on Thursday unveiled a tax cut plan that slashes the corporate tax rate, lowers taxes for most Americans but limits a cherished deduction for homeowners as President Donald Trump and the GOP seek to deliver on the first tax revamp in three decades.

Catalonia crisis: Spain's prosecutors call for Puigdemont's arrest

Spain's state prosecutor has requested a European arrest warrant for ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and four others over their role in a disputed independence referendum.

Catalonia crisis: Sacked ministers held by Madrid court

Eight sacked Catalan ministers have been remanded in custody by a Spanish high court judge over the region's push for independence.

New York truck attack: Trump urges death penalty for Sayfullo Saipov

US President Donald Trump has repeated calls for the suspect in the New York truck attack to get the death penalty.

Walmart shooting: 'Nonchalant' suspect arrested after manhunt

Police have arrested a man accused of shooting three people at a Walmart in suburban Colorado after a manhunt.

Chinese President Responds to Letter from Kim Jong Un

The letter suggests that relations between the two countries may soon normalize, as Xi Jinping expresses a desire to share "common prosperity."

Report: US Spends $250 Million per Day for the War on Terror

The Department of Defense’s “cost of war” report suggests that the U.S. has spent $250 million per day for the past 16 years on ‘defense.’

'Big void' identified in Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza

The mysteries of the pyramids have deepened with the discovery of what appears to be a giant void within the Khufu, or Cheops, monument in Egypt.

Poland to ban Ukrainians with 'anti-Polish views'

Poland plans to bar Ukrainians with “anti-Polish views”, its foreign minister said on Thursday, emphasizing the nationalist credentials of his ruling party that often talks of the “historic wrongs” inflicted on Poles by their neighbors.

There Was So Much Wind Power In Germany This Weekend, Consumers Got Free Energy

A stormy weekend led to free electricity in Germany as wind generation reached a record, forcing power producers to pay customers the most since Christmas 2012 to use electricity.

AP-CNBC Poll: Interview questions often run afoul of the law

It’s tough to come up with the right answer in a job interview, particularly if the question could run afoul of the law.

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can someone please nuke my country already



Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC by Donna Brazile

NewsAnon note: I know what you're thinking, "politico?! donna brazile?!". Trust me, read this one. She seems to have done a bit of a 180.

Twin Peaks and late capitalism


Weinsteins in the Workplace: Will Unions be Part of the Solution Or the Problem?

The exploding national debate about workplace harassment of women by powerful bosses or male co-workers is a great opening for unions to demonstrate their importance as one form of protection against such abuse.

I should also add she's trying to sell a book and also still blaming russians so grain of salt and all that. Still worth reading.

Getting that pre-WW1 vibe again.

Orbanistan here. I can relate.

Oh god, now we have to deal with mummys

do mummys have mommys?

Hello Hungarian neighbour

So I made the mistake of reading the BBC article on the pyramids

Half the other comments are retarded political jokes about empty brains or ancient ayyliens
Britain is dead

Slovakia is a thing, u kno

Yes mummies have mommies to wrap them when theyre cold

Wasn't talking about being a Polish neighbour.

Holy shit, the dude who wrote this article is in my DSA chapter! He is pretty smart, excited to read this, ty NewsAnon!

I'm gonna have to call bull on that, i think if you'e trying to critique Lynch's clumsy handling of racial stuff in his work there's far more glaring examples than that.

thats cool tho user

Just fucking release Nyarlathotep already, he has all but confirmed his existence the last year. Open the gate, open the fucking gate. Fuck it. Unleash the beast of untold manipulative power, fuck it, let the plagues consume us all.

So $250,000,000 a day. That more or less averages out at about $7,750,000,000 per month. Which per year, is about $93,000,000,000 a year. So we're talking about $930,000,000,000 per decade. Almost a trillion dollars.

But we can't afford none of that evil Stalinist free health care can we

Catalans are cowards, fuck them. They deserve everything they get.

Colombia's former Farc rebel chief 'Timochenko' to run for president
what the hell does this mean


farc has been basically an abduction and narcotrafficking gang for some time now

This gives me joy

The GOP tax plan is out and boy is it lulzy


How have taxes changed for middle and working class citizens/entities under the plan? I heard they were kind of a mess.

most likely bollocks as usual with renewables

Oh cool so just fucking reward Apple and every other corp for dodging taxes for decades

Translated: Xi tells Trump to suck his dick

Anyone else kind of like Trump's plan? The way it pushes the burden of taxation onto the professional classes while also dismantling 401(k) deductions will do a lot to make them go prole.

Nah not really. Fascist movements tend to germinate in the professional classes

The FARC are literally no different from ruthless Mexican drug cartels.

I'm colombian and this is the thickest bullshit I have ever heard.
The FARC be criminals or not is our only hope in colombia, a country where just being leftist is a crime becoming a terrorist in a necessity

Hello B.O.

I think this just cements my opinions on why voting is fucking stupid.

Elizabeth Warren follows in Donna Brazile's footsteps, says she believes the DNC rigged the 2016 Democratic primary

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts thinks the 2016 Democratic-primary process between Hillary Clinton, the eventual nominee, and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was rigged, she told CNN's Jake Tapper on Thursday.

Don't worry. Trickle down economics will save everything. : )

Further evidence that Clinton's power is gone.

I wonder if something about to go down soon.

Slovakian chicks are top tier

It also repeals part of the Johnson Amendment, which will allow churches to endorse political candidates.


Bernie-Backed Mayoral Challenger Vincent Fort on How He Wants to Transform Atlanta

In an exclusive interview, Fort explains that he is running for mayor to represent working-class Atlanta residents, not “millionaires and billionaires.”

The Bible Belt isn’t generally considered a hotbed of progressive politics. But the recent mayoral elections of Chokwe Antar Lumumba in Jackson, Miss. and Randall Woodfin in Birmingham, Ala. show a shift to the left may be underway in cities across the South.

Vincent Fort is hoping to become the latest left challenger to join this Southern progressive upswing, running for mayor of Atlanta. Fort, a Georgia state senator, first made a name for himself in 2002 by helping to pass legislation cracking down on predatory sub-prime lending practices. At the time, the law was one of the most progressive of its kind in the United States.

Fort’s platform aims to defend workers’ rights, reduce wealth inequality, protect the environment, decriminalize marijuana and crack down on predatory practices in the housing market. His run for Atlanta mayor has been backed by a host of labor unions and progressive organizations, including Our Revolution, the Working Families Party and the Metro Atlanta Democratic Cops of America.

In January, Bernie Sanders endorsed Fort, saying, “We need Vincent Fort’s leadership in the Atlanta Mayor’s office. Winning this campaign will send a strong message to the establishment that the struggle continues to create a government, at the local, state and federal level, that works for all of us, not just the 1%.”

Fort has also been a longtime ally of the labor movement in Georgia. Ben Speight, a member of the Teamsters Local 728 who volunteers for Fort’s campaign, tells In These Times that Fort has “distinguished himself by putting forth policies that go far beyond just a union membership. It’s about lifting up working people as a whole in this city and putting us on the map as a progressive city, versus a neoliberal one that pushes a corporate agenda.”

On November 7, Fort will go up against a crowded field of mayoral challengers in the general election. Polls show Councilperson Mary Norwood, the most conservative candidate in the race, in the lead. If no candidate earns a majority of the vote, the race will move to a runoff in December between the top two finishers.

In These Times recently spoke with Vincent Fort about his campaign, his background as a historian and what he hopes to change in Atlanta.


I'm glad to have moved out of this God forsaken country


just more proof that poland needs to be destroyed

Bernie Sanders backed Clinton. Even if this guy is legit he and his policies bear significant scrutiny.

Why is it wrong of them to do so? Didn't the Ukrainians commit ethnic cleansing against the Poles during the Russian Civil War? This seems to be a legitimate case of trying to keep out real fascists, even if it is by a rather reactionary government.
Would love it if you had more background on this.

They did. I don't understand why are some poles confused. I just find the news funny, I don't think that it is wrong.

i just hate poles

comrades, Poland and Hungary are great countries, no need to destroy them, just spread information and make revolution.

Bernie Sanders backed Clinton as "not Trump." I'm not saying that makes it ok, but the Atlanta mayoral race isn't at risk of going to anyone quite as much of going to a "greater evil" nutjob GOP candidate. There isn't one of those to make Vincent Fort look good by comparison.

Dunno how I botched that sentence up so horribly.

Metro-Atlantafag here, Fort is pretty based.

It's largely corruption

whew, they're gonna really fuck over most of the country with this. I doubt it'll pass

Either they are the true accelerationists, or they have some kind of brain bug that makes them incredibly short sighted.

It's lobbyists and the real power players who are short sighted beyond increasing their revenue

They're appealing to their donors. They know 2018 is going to be hell for them, so they're during up cash flow.


I know, I know. Still, what is the point of holding onto power if you wreck your nation in the process… then again, the Eastern Bloc elites were content to do just that. So down the toilet the US goes - if they can avoid a war, the future rule of the Chinese bourgies seems assured.

Poles aren't exactly innocent of performing progroms in the same period