How do I unironically become a tankie? Are there any tankie groups I can join?

How do I unironically become a tankie? Are there any tankie groups I can join?

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Why the fuck would you want to become a tankie?

If you live in Burgerland, Workers' World Party is the tanks group. Though, I still don't know why you would want to join a tankie group.

Mostly because I'm sick of left-wing liberals who are obcessed with "human rights" and "freedom" and denounce the USSR.

just because these words are abused doesn't mean that the ultimate goal of socialism isn't the liberation of all people

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is probably your best bet. That, or the WWP, as the other user suggested, but they seem far less active, and their membership runs much older then the PSL. Aside from that, if your issue is with Humanism and Liberalism, then that's maybe more an issue with most Leftists these days not actually reading Marx, but most MLs, Trots, and Leftcoms, who've actually read Marx, are going to think that stuff is bullshit, unless they shill for the "Young Marx" of the 1844 Manuscripts and so-on. All that said, you seem to want to become a tankie for the wrong reasons user. I suggest you get active, but more importantly you should also take time to read and study, don't jump into things till you truly understand what you believe and why. Read Marx and Lenin, but also I highly recommend the works of György Lukács and Louis Althusser.

WWP and PSL are the ultimate tank groups if you live in the US. In the UK, you cannot go wrong with CPGB-ML.

This. Obviously Marxists should have a solid critique of bourgeois Liberalism, but in many ways Marxism is intended to be a fulfillment of Liberal and Enlightenment ideals. i.e. what if Liberalism was true to it's words, and not just the ideology of the ruling class.


I'm talking about the traditional bourgeois interpretation of freedom, thus the quotation marks.

ML states weren't bastions of freedom by any definition though. Yeah they weren't as bad as some people say but that's hardly an excuse for everything.

only tankies think they were bastions of freedom

He's right though. We can't be too worried about porkies rights

yours is also a traditional bourgeois interpenetration of freedom and you don't even know it. you just call yours "socialism".

no. he doesn't knows what he wants, wants an specific party to become the new bourgeoisie. doomed to repeat history over and over with all it's failures.

Socialism isn't supposed to be a bastion of freedom or equality brainlet, the state is a mechanism of class oppression - not matter what class is at the helm.

Socialism is supposed to be a bastion of freedom actually. Freedom of the worker to his/her labor.
Not corporate owned, not state owned either and don't tell me "but the worker is the ruling party in the USSR". It wasn't.

Much as those given positions of power and authority will almost always betray the trust of those who granted them such a position, the challenges inherent in rising through the ranks of such a hierarchy act as an effective filter against even less trustworthy and desirable individuals obtaining even an iota of influence.

Human rights were always porky bullshit though, the entire concept is based around private property. Not to mention humanism is reactionary bullshit on top of that

"liberation of all people" is stupid, I just want to kill the rich and be in charge


>>>Holla Forums

He's right though. Socialism is basically turning the world upside down, the masses who were on the bottom are now the ruling class, and the former exploiters who were at the top are now at the bottom with no rights.

"Socialism is freedom and equality" is liberal bourgeois bullshit.



Imagine being still much of a liberal

You fucking idiot, for your own sake i really hope you're just a Holla Forumsyp who's being intellectually dishonest, obviously the role of the State is class oppression, but that doesn't mean that Socialism needs to look like mob violence and the complete lose of individual freedoms, this is the logic that that leads to Stalin's Purges and Mao's Cultural Revolution. The goal of Socialism is is the complete absence of all exploitative social relations, what is that if not the "liberation of all people"? Marxism is, at it's roots, a more honest form of Humanism, who's goal is the freedom of all people from the ability of a minority to oppress the majority, in this sense it'll always have to be structured by ideas of Universalism and Egalitarianism. Sorry faggot, but Marxism isn't just an excuse for you to be edgy.


The inversion of capitalism would be objects for people rather than people for objects.
It has nothing to do with "the evil fat cats".

Read Marx
Read Engels
Read Lenin
Read Michael Parenti's history of the USSR and Eatern Bloc, particularly Blackshirts and Reds
Read Is the Red Flag Flying? by Szymanski
Read Economic Problems of the USSR by Stalin
Read Combat Liberalism by Mao (not advocating MLM but Combat Liberalism is essential for understanding how to build a vanguard)

The "debunk anti-communism" masterpost is also nice for redpilling left-anticommunists

Before you get butthurt cuz I linked reddit actually read some of the stuff in the post

don't do this you will just become a leftcom