Why are so many trans people reactionary...

Why are so many trans people reactionary? Does this not contradict between the lifestyle and the principles of reactionary thought?

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The correlation isn't between being trans and reactionary, it's between defining yourself primarily through the lens of an particular identity and the sort of vulgar individualism that precipitates reactionary thought.

Because I bet most gay men want to be fucked by a big masculine guy.

Because most trans people, like most people, are idiots.

Because this specimen isn't trans but a woman fetishist/autogynephiliac. Actual trans people aren't like that. "Traps" and similar scum give trans folk a bad name.

As I understand it, the generally accepted medical explanation for transsexualism is due to sexually dimorphic sections of the brain developing as those of the opposite sex, which in turn causes one's mental "map" of their body to not match up with their actual body (kind of like phantom limb, I guess?), among other issues.
However, due to vastly increased awareness of transsexualism and it becoming more socially acceptable, I kind of get the impression that some people may not really be trans due to medical causes but choose to transition for other reasons. I'm not one to play gatekeeper or claim that anyone in particular isn't "TruTrans" or whatever, but I kind of get the impression that some of these people only transition because they have extremely gender-essentialist views for whatever reason, yet don't conform to their own notion of how their original sex is supposed to behave (such as if they're a naturally effeminate gay dude or if they feel that they're not "alpha" enough or they don't live up to the role of being a protector or provider due to economic reasons or whatever) and they transition because they think a stereotypically female role would suit them better. Its kind of like how some Tumblrinas started calling themselves trans or "non-binary" simply because they didn't act like vapid Stepford wives.
Some of them might also end up becoming reactionaries for the same reason many of the cis ones do- they're driven by fear of something and think that surrendering themselves to some sort of authoritarian father figure will save them somehow. In particular I've seen a depressing number of LGBT people online who became obsessively paranoid about Muslims after that night club shooting a year or two ago, I can only hope that's just a result of the Holla Forumslution on imageboards though.
Still mad that you guys bullied Rebel off the board though

The two biggest weebs I've ever met were both middle-aged women

Women can like Chinese cartoons. However if someone identifies as trans female and has one as an avatar, there's a 99% chance its one of those 4chan autogynephiliacs who "became women" to indulge in their anime inspired fetishes.


Rebel sees himself as an anime character. Look at it from that perspective and take everything he says as you would take it from less educated psychotic borderliners with attachment disorder.

'trans issues' are manufactured by porkie to promote them as a special 'victim class', regardless of ho bourgeoisie they really are.

here it goes and I know from source. You see that shit that is Discord? the chat for gamers, Holla Forumsirgins and shit.
well most gamers are dweebs, most dweebs are otakus, lots of otakus are traps and shit, etc. It's the same shit as gamergate.

Why Gamers are so reactionary? because of 4chan's Holla Forums back in the day. Theyre not the majority, it's just what you see on the internet, these just shitpost more often.
Most reactionary transindividuals have anime avatars instead of a selfie like confident people do, like dark souls, have a fuck ton of steam games but only play 10% of them, they only watch flavor of the month anime aka shit.

It doesn't matter.

What matters is what all those individuals (gamers, otakus, dweebs) regardless of gender have in common: They're socially retarded.

lol this is so fucking true. never trust anime avatar users.
You're a real trans I presume? Hell we can't generalize ofc not every individual with an anime avi & that is taking hormones IS reactionary, most of the ones still stuck with the 4chan mentality are through but great analogy lmao.

The more I think about it the more it makes sense. I have yet to see an actual trans woman on twitter with them selves as a profile pic that isn't a liberal or socialist.

I find the best thing to do is instantly discard anything said by anyone with a anime avatar

not once have i seen a weeb have anything useful to say on any topic


I do sometimes because I was once that. Now I'm confident to put on a selfie or something else like my favorite writer, etc.
But you're right most weebs are honestly a lost cause most of the time, most are the type of individual that just memes to hide the feelings of bitterness he/she has inside. I'm over them already, if I were to relate with them a lot, strongly like I did before they will drown me in their bitterness again and I will become bitter again too.
It's better to follow my own way.

They aren't anymore reactionary than other demographics, it just sticks out more when you do see a right wing trans person. If anything I'd still say most of them do lean left, even the ones with anime profile pictures on twitter.

Lol did I hit a nerve there?

Holy shit this whole board is a gold mine


Great post user.

What the hell.


it's just because rebel is a retarded attention whore

There's nothing more embarrassing than using a photo of yourself as a profile pic, if you're gonna do that shit then go outside and leave the internet alone.

I have the urge to pray for a cleansing fire enveloping the earth for some reason

maybe the so-called alt right was mostly mentally alienated shut ins all along and not an actual fascist resurgence. The more I learn about these people them more it seems like they are alienated autists who lost all contact with reality after being brainwashed by terabytes of shitposts and anime. Holla Forumslacks often feel conflicted about being mongrels/queers/loosers and degenerates themselves and lack a coherent sense of identity. The contradictions of their existence achieve an illusory resolution in fascist psychodrama.

Matt Christman said it best when he described the typical failson. A middling, alienated loser held afloat by his middle class family.

I know because I was your standard Holla Forumsyp until my family went to shit. There's nothing more radicalizing than having a 240-pound """"small businessman"""" order you around in 90 degree heat so you can scrape by. Landscaping is hell


Why do reactionaries deny attractive non-whites are actually not white? Every time I post a qt latina or middle eastern girl they tell me she's really white.

What are you talking about? I am interested. Why do you believe this?

Why is the thread anchored? Fucking mods and their shitty hotpocket pet peeve bullshit.

Its cause of BO

everyone's jimmies are rustled today. IMO people are just too fucking online and have too much invested in an obscure message board

BO is never around, and I've only heard others talk about Xir being dissatisfied with the board. I couldn't care less, mods are faggots and verge on bourgeoisie
in their relation to common board users.

My Jimmies are rustled, no good posts today and I didn't have a good day.

Read liberation theology and, if you like Lacan and Zizek, Badiou. MacIntyre is pretty good as well, though he's more of a Catholic Hegelian. I think Conolly has some writings on catholicism and syndicalism, though its more broad. You've also got the whole catholic workers movement and the still active ELN.

BO just started a thread like 10 minutes ago mocking Anarchists and over a dozen US military bases in Syria. I think its deleted now though.

You know what I mean

I can't believe I missed that, this board is a hell hole. I can not wait for socialism so this board can be eclipsed by rightful, decentralized communication. Capitalism has pervaded are fucking boards. Truly no ethical consumption.

If you could pick anything in the world to represent yourself, why on earth would you pick something as generic as your own face? It just screams "no imagination" to me - people who use personal pictures as avatars just seem to want the internet to be as boring as offline reality.