ITT: We piss off red liberals and red fascists

Red Liberals
The white proletariat have it worse than the black bourgeoisie.

The white proletariat are more revolutionary than the black or brown bourgeoisie.

Intersectionality is idealist nonsense and anti-Marxist

The proletariat are not the revolutionary agent because they meet some requisite amount of oppression for revolution to be morally justified or to have revolutionary thoughts, they're the revolutionary class because capitalist society has swept all other underclasses and merged them into the great underclass of wage workers, and if that class should ever organize itself along class lines, it would be unstoppable. Engaging in politics that decide the working class, even to "progressive" ends, is counterproductive to this aim.

==Red fascists=
(And just plain old fascists)

Nationalism is idpol and only serves to divide the working class against itself, same as any other kind of idpol.

Europe was an absolute wretched shithole for the vast majority of the population up until the latter half of the 20th century.

Culture is a constantly changing and evolving thing, much of the culture you probably believe to be from time immemorial is likely fairly recent. For instance, many people on the Eurasian continent seem to believe that their food is the product of millennia of culinary tradition, but if it contains chilis, tomatoes, potatoes, maize or squash, it can't be any older than the discovery of the New World.

Black and brown proletarians are class allies. White bourgeoisie are class enemies.

The proletariat are not the revolutionary subject because they're somehow more "moral" than the bourgeoisie.

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For redlibs:
"Supporting a $15/h minimum wage doesn't make you "revolutionary", you are just as bad a Cox News."

Red fascists
An idea, activity or ritual doesn't gain additional validity simply because it's been done for a long time.

Fucked up the redtext on red fascists

Intersectionality is idealist, but the only people that claim this are Lib-tank 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧communists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 on twitter. I don't think any real intersectionalist marxist author/theorist implied either of those.

t. pasty suburbanite


I was referring to redlibs in general.

Though intersectionality is still anti-Marxist for other reasons even if you don't go full retard with it.

Intersectionality is not marxist. It is a frankfurt creation meant to distract from class consciousness

'black/brown proletariat' are 80% lumpenprole with no possibility of achieving class consciousness. This is why they support brown capitalism with porky's support

they will support corrupt neolib capitalist politicians as long as they're black.


Tell that to the people that died at Stalingrad you self righteous fucking faggot. If “nationalism” can propel you through battle, maybe, JUST maybe it can be a force to unify a people. but NAAAAHHH THATS JUST IDPOL XDXD

wrong. read Bordiga

Get the fuck out of here, faggot.

Nationalism is only good when it’s cloaked behind “muh proletariat”, or “muh revolution”.


Is this the great nazbol theory I've been hearing about?

With nationalism being the simple, most important and powerful emotion fueling the revolutions of the past century, I call that bullshit


The only real revolutions of the past century were internationalist. Dicksucking Stalin doesn't count as a revolution.

Unless its Catalonia
Unless its that there is worker democracy in DPRK
Unless they misgender you

Please stop calling people “red fascists” it distorts the term fascism. These people aren’t class collaborators. Fascist is a strong word, don’t dilute it.

I forgot about this shit lol. Nationalism is great when it comes to Catalonian independence, but try the same with any other part of EU and you’re suddenly a Nazi

Agreed. Social democrats and faux "democratic socialists" are the only red fascists.

What does Internationality have to do with the Frankfurt School?

Are you serious? Who’s Pol Pot?

Shut up Jew

[citation needed]

This.There are social democrat fascists, but the same can NOT be said about MLs.

The thing about Catalonia is that there fighting for self-determination. Something all leftists should support.

A reactionary opportunist who wanted to restore a legendary feudal past in Cambodia, but also wanted the support of China and the Soviet Union.


I am laffin

Adorno was infact very unwoke RE: antiblackness and transphobia

Just to be clear, reforms are good, but reformism is bad. Reformism means you

You can't keep the mask on for very long, can you Holla Forums?