Totally serious, good-faith question:

Totally serious, good-faith question:

Why did East Germans risk their lives to cross the Berlin Wall, but not vice versa?

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people did risk their lives to defect to East Germany.

not included: hundreds thousands of working class migrants
also, Conrad Schumann's neighbors and relatives hated him for defecting.

Most didn't. Far fewer than the amount who attempt to emigrate from capitalist countries yearly.

Because the USSR was almost destroyed in WW2, and thus the states it established didn't get as much aid to rebuild and develop as the US-sponsored capitalist states did. The US came out of WW2 in a very strong position, and had no fighting on it's home territory and cities, and had plenty of money and resources to spend on its allies. The US refused aid to socialist states unless they had a market economy.

Also, what

Most of the eastern portion of Germany was now in Poland, meaning that East Germany had practically no industry of note at the start. Rather than a Marshall Plan, the DDR had to pay GIGANTIC reparations to the USSR, much more than West Germany paid to others. Considering the developmental standards, I'm surprised East Germany managed to have any living standards at all.

For the same reason people from the Third world (and former Eastern block as well, even today) risk their life to cross the border toward the imperialist countries, but not vice-versa.

source please

Because East Germany was not real communism but west Germany was real communism.

Yeah Britain cancelled a lot of German debt in the 50's.

Which is quite ironic seeing as the Germans are now trying to squeeze as much out of the UK as possible to pay for the upkeep of the EU after the Brits leave.
The moral here is never forgive debt because you dont know if the people are gonna be absolute cunts to you in future.

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What did development look like in the DDR? I don't know much about their history or relationship with the Soviet Union?

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Got a source with numbers, please?

I mean, the USSR was in really fucking bad shape after WWII and the money and resources to rebuild large parts of it had to come from somewhere…

Because socialist countries were politically repressive surveillance states that, while being highly developed in some areas (advanced sciences for example) and providing for the basic needs of all citizens, lacked the sheer unprecedented prosperity of postwar America.

They weren’t nearly as bad as the propagandists would have you believe, but they were no utopias either. Whether they were better or worse than what came in those countries before and after is debatable, but it’s pretty clear that in terms of both political freedoms and average material prosperity (despite shit like COINTELPRO, racism, and homelessness) the west was superior.

It certainly helped the US that its industry was completely untouched by the war, so it pretty much provided the materials for the rebuilding effort all on its own. Pretty big boon there.

Because ☭TANKIE☭ countries are bad and Western Germany was comparatively better.

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I actually looked into the case of two GDR families who defected on a fucking self made balloon
I don't really understand what compelled them to do such a thing
their life was pretty neat, a suburban house, a car
dude was faking sickness for months while he was making his balloon and no ebil Stasi came for his ass

I say good riddance
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That’s obviously true, I didn’t say that the West was more prosperous by virtue of the superiority of their system. They were more prosperous because they raped most of the world for cheap labour and resources and were untouched by the war.

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Because life in DDR was shitty

How is this question related to communism/left wing politics by the way

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Kek one of the American defectors:
"When I was eight [I was asked who was the best candidate in the upcoming 1936 Presidential election]. Maybe Roosevelt, I answered.[The adults at Free Acres retorted:] "You mean back a man who helped big business weather the Depression and who pushed through the AAA, so hogs are slaughtered, wheat burned, and milk poured into the river to raise prices high while people go hungry?" "But wouldn't Landon be worse?" "If people always choose the lessor of two evils, evil will always be with us""
Victor Grossman. Crossing the River, p.14


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you need to get those inputs by education system from the raw human potential

you got your opportunity to learn and be useful, learn skill that is required by plan
as long as some labor input is not automated, society will benefit from more of said input

so it is your DUTY to learn and be useful
your potential belongs to society as a whole

East Germany was poorer.
it's really that simple and I'm not going to deny it, that's the "reason" the majority of immigration in this world occurs anyway.
reminder that Africans are still drowning in the middle of the mediterranean trying to get to Europe.

so, to summarize:
take your meds.

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And what the fuck millions of people moved into Soviet Union for better life but you never see it in hollywood movies.

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In all seriousness though, fuck Germany, has been nothing but a burden throughout history

There is nothing ironic about 50 billion debt that you can easily pay on your way out of European Union.

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Probably meant that the list of Western bloc defectors is longer than this list:

Also a lot of people who defected from a western country to *another* western country.

Before the commies put up the wall, you could defect to the west by walking. Realizing that you forgot something important at your old home. Fetch it and defect a second time.

You could also get your education for "free" in Commieland, then commute to the west where the wages was higher.

So listing all the *commoners* who defected from the east would warrant a wiki of their own.

but hey at least you're not living off someone else's work, you're feeding yourself through the value you create!

Total Defectors = 388

Because it was a shithole.

Ignore all the deflections ITT.

There are 138 defector son the other list, but as it says, both are incomplete lists.

One person finally had it with revisionism.

Also same reason why Haitians flee to Cuba.

Because it's either live under capitalism or have the Stasi up your ass

Because it wasn't REAL communism!




Hard drugs and power ballands tore down the wall, not President Ronnie.

This. Migration almost always goes in the direction of more material prosperity places. If they shared a border with the DDR, you can bet that the miserable masses of India and Sub-Sahaaran Africa would make the US-Mexico border look like an inpenetrable wall out of a sci-fi novel. Also

How many defected to 🍔burger🍔stan?



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