Work for the State

Convince me not to apply to the German federal police. I seek to apply to our elite branch, and meet all the requirements.

you'd be a silly doo doo head if you do

Do whatever you want. Be your own.

While embracing socialist ideals, I feel a deep love and commitment to my nation and it's people. That is why I am asking.

Then why would you join an organization based on protecting the state instead of the people?
Most cops think like you, that joining the police will help their communities (which is why ACAB is a dumb movement) when in fact all it does is demonize poor people and get kicks out of breaking up socialist movements

Our federal police also has broken down neo-fascist movements. And, I think the RAF was a bit too radical..

Literally neolib ethics. Kys Stirnerfags

go for it, just know that if you push against the expectations of your fellow cops (give unfavourable testimony, report the abuses of other cops, be outspoken on leftist beliefs) you'll get rough treatment from your comrades

also don't elite units require loyalty tests and the like? you might have to lie to pass those.

Of course I'm not saying that these are reasons to never join the armed forces. If you're willing to put up with it you might become very useful to the left down the line

I have no problem passing these. I love being German and love the German nation. (despite not being fully ethnically German)

A loyalty test is probably going to go further than just loving your nation. Are you willing to do exactly what your government tells you to do, without question or hesitation?

A de-spooked neoliberal is indeed a frightening creature, if there is such a thing.

Yes. However, if there was situation where I had to pick a site, I would go against it, if the other site fits my ideals.

What would you otherwise suggest? "Self sacrifice"? Spooky.

Well, enjoy your career in the Heer then, I guess

The GSG-9 isn't part of the Heer, it's part of the Bundespolizei.

So if they asked you to take out a legitimate leftist group, you'd do it?

You’ll end up committing susicide at thirty over guilt for what you’ll do there.

Sorry I wasn't clear: what I'm saying is that you apparently don't meet the loyalty standards for an elite commando unit (since there are conditions where you would defect) and will probably have to seek employment in an armed force with lower standards, such as the Heer (or any other branch of the Bundeswehr)

They were just retarded LARPers that thought car bombs = communism

If you want to join them, go ahead. Its not like one more body is going a difference. Just remember that you'd be betraying your own class by upholding bourgeois law, protecting private property, yadda yadda yadda

Except that wouldn't happen because it is against our constitution.

That does not change the fact that they were hurting innocent people.

I don't think so.

I think I will pass the loyalty anyway.

Look, we're not trying to be mean to you, really. Patriotism is a normal value to have and in most cases is perfectly consistent with leftist values. We're just pointing out that if you're a leftist and you want to join the police, you'll eventually be forced to make very difficult decisions which will go against your ethics/morals.

Does it have to be law enforcement? You can serve your country and save lives as a fireman or a paramedic without having to choose between your beliefs and your job.

I don't think that you are being mean to me, I am seeking to have my views challanged by solid arguments and suggestions. What would be a difficult suggestion to make for me?

Dew it faggot, you'll be dissapeared tho once they find out you post on here

It's fairly easy to persecute leftist groups on trumped-up charges to make the subsequent police action appear "constitutional."
Or how about technically illegal activities, such as piracy? Will you arrest some computer nerd for hosting a torrent site?

These are all situations that are very possible. Think about them before signing any kind of contract or agreement, but do what you feel you must. Tschuss

That isn't something an elite branch will deal with.
The process you described, I am pretty sure, isn't a thing in Germany. I am open to be proven wrong, I don't have a strong view on this.

Maybe, maybe not. If this nerd just so happened to be a massive figure head for say.. constitutional reform then hot damn they will throw any small charge at the person to try and make it stick. Plus unlike armed forces service this is just straight up class collaboration and you're betraying the working class. You will no longer be a worker once you join, you'll be sectioned away into the police culture. They'll strip you of your loyalties to your class by enforcing a corrupt version of esprit de corps so you remove yourself from the people.

You won't think of them as fellow workers anymore. They're the people who hurt your buddies. They attack your friends without any reason. They're animals. This is what they want you to do, separate you so you have to rely on them as they segregate you into your own class. Until before you know it you've become an attack dog bought to keep the workers in order and without your master you are nothing. There is a reason why the Soldiers defect and the police are shot when the revolution comes and that is because the workers' natural enemy is the policeman.

this has to be a troll thread

Nationalism is a spook and you can serve it if you want but the police are only good by occasional circumstances.
You won't be a communist for long, considering you haven't read any theory