Is China the most successful left wing country?

Is China the most successful left wing country?
Outside of the China's government curbing personal freedoms its a pretty successful socialist state?

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*powers the entire nation off the energy from Mao spinning in his grave*


Yep great leftists


Fuck all this China shilling lately. I'm a ML and the correct ML position is that China is a neoliberal capitalist piece of shit state.

end this meme

I think this thread has shown C U B A to be the most successful socialist state.

Outside of the Cuban government curbing personal freedoms its a pretty successful socialist state?

suicide (nets) arent as common as the media tells you. I wont deny that the country needs to make advancement in the way it threats its laborers.
Thats a strategic choice its either NK or an American military base on their border.
You're defintly right about Great Leap Forward & Cultural Revolution being big mistakes Mao's goverment made luckily(hopefully) China & the rest of the world have realized that destroying your Culture and Heritage wont get you anywhere and hatred of it is just a form of projection.

Are you saying the GLF and the cultural revolution were bad?

If barely reaching socdem levels is successful, yes.

Go chase sparrows ya maoist

Xi is cool but China is a revisionist hellhole and the revisionist block inside the CPC must be purged. I wholeheartedly agree with the Maoist Party of China, they are pretty reasonable and totally correct:

You are clinically retarded. The DPRK is a socialist, and China has been enforcing sanctions against it. They don't even buy their coal anymore. Seriosily, educate yourself.

Cuba's problem is its economic blockade that has put economic strains on the economy.
Its own planned economic policy is also hurting the countries potential.


it was an effort by Mao to secure his own leadership position within the party

We must pledge our eternal allegiance to socialism with Chinese characteristic and accept it as only viable way for socialism

Do you embrace Confuzianism and agricultural socialism them?


Does China have a serious anti-Deng gang? Have they mostly been purged/criminalized?

Mao wasnt a good leader for China, the best thing he did was become a figurehead for the nation after he died.


The problem here is that workers are exploited to the point of suicidal ideation.

You don't think leading the struggle to kick out the imperialists was pretty important?

So should Cuba liberalize to get the blockade lifted, sometime after a diff US Prez? Or keep trying to go it alone? I understand that while a great achievement their self-sufficiency is only holding them back.

How can Cuba get access to the outer world if not through the USA? Venez doesn't seem like the best bet, other S American nations aren't the worlds largest market either.

While you were chasing sparrows I was studying the memes

I like agricultural socialism but Confucianism is too hierarchal for me (right need the (A) flag). China could have industrialized with a normal urbanization path like any other nation, people move to the cities. But no, gotta give these peasants fucking forges then take away their tools so they can melt them down.

Mao is one of the greatest military leaders of all time, kicking out the Kuomintang improved the world.


Fuck off. Bernie Sanders is more socialist than China.

being a great military leader doesn't make you a good political leader or theorist.

I'm pretty sure you know nothing about Maoism or Mao's policies. Sure you can criticize some of his policies but the whole "muh sparrows", "GPCR is just SJWs with guns" is just memes man.

Check . They exist, and they are growing, even in the CPC.

Meme education. Reading even a bourgeois book about China's GLF would help you.

I never heard about Bernie Sanders physically killing billionaires or embracing Marxism.

Even as shitty as the cultural revolution was, unlike the completely incompetent leadership of the KMT, China actually had a functioning economy, not to mention the vast gains in literacy rates.

I did, I read Pikes book "Empires at War: A Short History of Modern Asia Since World War II" just last month. 800 pages covering more socialism than in just China.

You're just accusing me of being uneducated cause you don't have an answer.

how also call it fucking North Korea because it is neither democratic or for the people

Yeah they were gr8 m8

what if China's intentions are actually socialism, but they're just going full accelerationism.

The blockade is getting lifted they voted on it today i believe and they had an overwhelming vote in their favor with only the US and Israel voting against.
I do believe Cuba should liberalize its economic policy and allow more freedom for people to open businesses and let salaries for a part be dictated by the market b however the should not fall in the trap of privatizing essential industry.

his millitary tactic was out surviving the other factions on the battlefield his strategic prowess was nowhere near being called one of the greatest military leaders of all time

Above you made the absurd claim that China should have "urbanized" (what the fuck does that even mean considering the massive industrial development that came with urbanization) and the reason the GLF failed was because of the steel forges in people's backyards. That's retarded and pretty meme-ish and surely not a sincere analysis of the Chinese situation.

Got me there.

The GLFs biggest criticism is the famine and the failed industrialization. You can call it a meme but these are the big points of failure, if you're just gonna handwave them away as memes then you're only lying to yourself.

Whoo hoo! Cuba wins!

The DPRK is a fully democratic country. I recently made a thread about workplace democracy in the DPRK and it got ignored:

I don't know what you mean by "not for the people". They have production for use. In any case to compare North Korea with fucking Israel requires mental gymnastics on a galactic level.

read Durkheim asshole

Building steel forges in backyards wasn't the cause for the food shortage my dude.

Give me the source (that isn't North Korean state propaganda) that proves your assertion. you can't cuz it isn't

So you prefer western imperialist propaganda then?

None of the sources I gave were state propaganda. You are managing the claim. When you believe all the observations by foreign researchers and their offical agenda are wrong, you are the one who needs to prove it.


All the commie cucks in this thread seem to forget that Maoist China was just as if not more brutal than muh suicide nets China, but had shit productivity as well. China is objectively better under Dengism. Deal with it.

And climate change is fake despite the enormous scientific consensus saying its real

Then give me the sources

This but Deng still sucks

Taking the workers from their fields and melting down farm implements? Like, okay, chasing sparrows was bad too, but tell me the cause of the famine if not Mao?

Consensus bought by american big corp money

China embrases Marxism in the same way a CEO might read Das Kapital in order to better understand capitalism and learn how to exploit prols easer.

Mao laid the foundation for guerilla warfare in the 20th century and the Long march has been studied everywhere. It's hard to not call him one of the greatest strategists ever.

Funny you should say that, considering that the DPRK is huge on environmental sustainability. The mainstream doesn't even talk about what I claimed, it doesn't sell. So you are full of shit and negate everything you hear about this because you are 100% ideologically indoctrinated and fully conditioned.
I'm not going to derail this thread. I linked you my post, if you have a problem with it you are invited to make your case against it.

Marxism isn't a system. Marxism is a form of scientific analysis.

Did you forget that 1/10 of his army survived?
From a military standpoint it really isnt that impress, political however how he was able to take over the power within the CCP and cement his role as the future leader of China


Lmao nice job admitting you lost

Did you mom drink when she was pregnant with you? I made a case that the PRC in fact sanctions the DPRK and doesn't support it. In any case, to shut you up, here is a good summary of this extremly loaded and complex questions with sources:


Retard. I'm not that guy but the topic of this thread is "Is China the most successful left wing country?". The question of DPRK being socialist or not is completely off topic. The sources you want are literally right fucking here stop being a fucking dumbass on purpose. Go make an argument in the DPRK thread. Who knows, maybe it will initiate some interesting discussion.

Meh, the post doesn't have sources. I remembered it wrong. So, take this instead:

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Napoleon's entire army was annihilated in Russia, that doesn't mean he wasn't one of the greatest.

TRULY the Stalinist Left are the real vanguard of our times

China supports NORTH KOREA because it's a corrupted fake socialist country the exact same way just like America supports israel cuz they're both crony capitalists

I agree, but that was because of his many other military achievement mainly making France fuck the entire European continent single handily.
No tell me of a military achievement which would substantiate the claim that he was one of the best military strategist ever

You questions "lol source that the DPRK is socialist" is extremly loaded and complex and I neither have the time or the motivation to do it here since it derails the thread and I made another thread where you are welcome to state your case. I gave you a compilation of links you can also look into.

No you're right, but he's certainly one of the most influential strategists of the 20th century.

only a retard thinks they werent

I'll just leave this here.

Literally 50 percent of North korea's economy comes from Chinese aid

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Bub, not even western think tanks believe that that "50%" of their economy comes from China:
Again, one more time: Kill yourself.

Is china left wing?

Their last convention was about how they are going to work to make a liberal keynesian economy for the next 30 years

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also china a shit, don't even try.

Learn 2 historical materialism

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you tried to say that i implied otherwise, you ableist classist dummy dum dum.

You don't have to be rich to go walking in the forest you dumby. Don't be mad because your """""communist party""""" is more exploitative than capitalism with a human face.


Also just because John Hopkins was referenced doesn't mean the source is tainted by being North Korean RT bb.

You were implying otherwise until I corrected you and now you are just using word salad to try and exhaust me from responding to you

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Lmao also I didn't backpedal on Davis, I just said she wasn't a tankie

you can be a marxist-leninist and not be a tankie friend

I only entered in discussion to mock your shit about ableism, ableist.

Here's another post of mine:


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I can't fucking believe the idiot author didn't name it "How Can Western Capitalists Even Compete?"

They do buy their coal, the do tricks like increase their coal intake 4 times then cut if off for a few months to appease the UN.

China isn't going to let DPRK fall, it's all just games out here.

Its the most successful fascist country.

Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist Fully Automated Luxury Communism with Chinese Characteristics with a Human Face for a New Era - Patriotic Democratic Bloc


Okay, so I did some reading on the PRC and I can understand why people claim it is 'socialist;' the majority of the economy is state-owned enterprises and workers' ownership and management is written into law. I just have to ask though, how is this supposed to get China to communism? They have a massive military/party/security apparatus which has to constantly play whack-a-mole with 'corruption' to prevent private capitalism from emerging as the dominant economic form, and they're not even that successful, as the trend of rich Chinese expats buying up property in Canada/Australia/etc. illustrates.

You can say that a genuine workers' revolution could take place within the framework of the existing Party and government structure, transferring power to the proletariat. But this would involve doing away with the coercive/bureaucratic apparatus of the CPC itself, and the (somewhat corrupt) leaders running it and having ultimate authority over how the state is run. But if you remove this, then you're in danger of letting privatization and capitalism emerge. There'd be a civil war against the proletariat and the nascent bourgeoisie which would mean either anarchy, or the return of the authoritarian Party.

And finally, China is so integrated into the capitalist world economy, that a move towards communism would probably be heavily punished by foreign powers. And if the opposite happens and capitalism collapses in the West, what would China do without the massive consumer markets to consume their goods and piles of foreign debt to buy? The economy would collapse from overproduction, prompting a civil war as noted above.

It seems China (and the DPRK, for that matter) have painted themselves into a corner with authoritarian state-managed socialism backed up by force of arms, which works, but cannot be transcended into anything better. Unless you want to be a total revisionist and argue that attempting to bring about communism as Marx understood it is utopian and impossible. In which case I have to ask: why then would anyone prefer 'socialism with Chinese characteristics' over capitalism in the first place?

It's capitalism colored in red

I like how he spins the Chinese government ordering people to get out of their homes to make room for a railroad as "harmony, sharing, cooperation and stability for the greater good". I doubt Trump ordering people to get out so a wall to keep out drug dealers and terrorists could be built would be interpreted the same way.

muh state capitalism

Oh don't worry the state will naturally wither away whenever they're ready communism. But in the meantime the party will be there to industrialize and develop the country, no matter how long it takes :^)

Guess how I know your new



The overall goal was good. But holy shit the mismanagement was terrible. Yes, there was abnormal environmental conditions that contributed to the famine, but it was mostly terrible planning and management. It could have gone a lot better.

the state will of course make sure to be needed indefinitely, even going so far as to sabotage any actual progress towards socialism. ☭TANKIE☭ utopians never learn.

the foxconn logo is blue, not red, so it's not socialism

Ironically the suicide rate there is much lower than many western countries, like 3 or 4 times lower than the us. Suicides occur because there's a shit ton of people working in that area, so they're statistically bound to happen and they get a lot of public attention when they do.

installing the nets really lowered it